Saturday, March 12, 2005

Les États-Unis - singes capitulards bouffeurs de fromages?

Title translated: "The USA - cheese-eating surrender monkeys?"

Well, we have been noticing a second term President Bush behaving more presidential and statesman-like. Now he has adopted the European option in dealing with Iran. Rather than threaten Iran, the USA will instead motivate the Gulf state with economic incentives (eg. membership of WTO, sorely needed spare parts for aircraft, etc) to abandon any nuclear weapons programme. If Tehran continues to be still ‘anti-social’, old Dubya will then, get this, take the case to the UN Security Council – Oh Hallelujah!

However, the ayatollahs must not see this as a sign of American weakness but rather as a preparation of the legitimacy of any action the USA may take against a recalcitrant Iran. If Iran refuses to adhere to world expectation, and America then strikes, there may be a genuine coalition against Tehran, with proper UNSC resolution and full UN support.

Is Bush’s cheese-eating-surrender monkeying an acknowledgement that France and Germany have been right all along? How much has Condoleezza Rice contributed to Bush’s sensitive new age image?

But wait, there’s more! Rice has now avoided calling the Hezbollah a terrorist organization, after witnessing popular Lebanese support for it, resulting in the reappointment of pro-Syrian Omar Karami as prime minister.

There leaves only one more item to resolve – will ‘freedom fries’ in the USA now be sensibly reverted to its traditional name, ‘French fries’?

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