Tuesday, March 01, 2005

KTemoc Konsiders starts today!

Today, on 01 March 2005 I commence blogging on my own site. I am fairly new to blogging, having only cut my teeth at BolehTalk in the last 4 months. There, I was provided with the opportunity to learn, understand and practise this art.

I thank Mr X, the founder and owner of BolehTalk who invited me last year to join him there, to enjoy a new hobby. I must now learn to shoulder responsibility for administering my own blogsite, a task that have been until now looked after very well by Mr X. I know I still have a lot to learn. Any tips from anyone on any blogging aspects will be most welcome.

I would like to also thank Dave, another colleague on BolehTalk. His quality articles have provided me with guidance.

I have decided to start a blog of my own for two principal reasons:

(1) I feel that the best way to learn about blogging quickly would be for me to administer the site by myself, and exploit the inevitable mistakes into useful lessons learnt;

(2) As those of you have realized from reading my postings on BolehTalk, I have basically a left leaning political proclivity, though from time to time, I do zip to the centre or even slightly to the right. I feel with my own site I may indulge in my brand of international and domestic affairs without embarrassing or compromising my colleagues at BolehTalk, who have been very patient to me.

I look forward to meaningful discussions, and don’t forget, please continue to support BolehTalk.

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