Saturday, March 26, 2005

Japan Unfit for World Leadership

The last World War should be over for Germany. She has apologised, made reparations and banned items and organizations associated with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Nazism is illegal in Germany. Her President has made a moving statement of remorse in the Knesseton behalf of the German people.

President Horst Koehler said “Germany accepts its guilt for the Holocaust and stands side by side with Israel. The Holocaust was part of Germany's identity and that [Germany] would fight any new anti-Semitism”

By stark contrast, Japan has failed miserably to match her Axis partner’s remorse for her equally brutal WWII atrocities such as the Nanjing Massacre and the comfort women (or sex slaves for Japanese soldiers).

Till today, Japan has never extended a full apology to China or Korea.

Au contraire, she continues to revere her war criminals at the highest official level and attempts frequently to revise her history covering the WWII period, by twisting facts to whitewash her aggression and brutalities.

The UN is now considering expanding the Security Council permanent members to 10 instead of its current 5. Though the new five members will enjoy permanent seats, they will not have veto powers unlike the original 5 (USA, Russia, China, France and Britain).

Some nations have been touted as possible candidates for these permanent seats, among whom are Germany and Japan. While the world in general will not object to Germany (other than the argument that there are too many European nations already), I have no doubt many will not take kindly to the elevation of Japan, principally because of her lack of genuine remorse for her savage atrocities during WWII.

Can a nation that has consistently refused to acknowledge her dark past (like Germany has) be accepted as a leading citizen of the world?


  1. The Japanese swines DON'T deserve a place a seat in the Security Council.

    As a country that had committed genocide against so many of its conquered victims & not only refusing to apologise for that but also refusing to admit such atrocity having been committed is beyond belief.

    And now trying to get a seat in the SC is beyond belief.

    Had the Americans not dropped the atom bomb, the Japs would never have surrendered.

    Had the Japs themselves had the bomb, they would have used it themselves first.

    The actions of these swines are beyond belief.

  2. The Japanese are getting more and more nationalistic even as we blogged here. Nationalism and Japanese had been a bad combination, and many of our parents and older relatives had suffered (some still do till today) from that bad combination.

    Additionally, some older Japs suffer from a bad combination of arrogance, pride, lack of conscience and contempt for their neighbours - all contributing to their refusal to see the evil they had perpetuated during the last War.

    Until they wish to join the world's humanity, Japan must never be accorded the respect and honour of being made a permanent member of the UNSC. The factors in their favour, unfortunately, are US/Australian support and lots of money.

  3. As a Malaysian Chinese, no forgiveness for Japan. Ever.

    They killed my fellow Malaysian Chinese brutally and barbarically.

    I'll never recognise Japan as a part of Asia.

    Unless, unless, I live up to 80.