Monday, March 07, 2005

The Globalisation of CIA Interrogation!

We have heard of the globalisation of terrorism. Now we have 'rendition' otherwise known as the globalisation of CIA's interrogation and torture.

Under the CIA’s ‘rendition’, terrorist suspects requiring more 'persuasion' to 'encourage' improved communication are shipped outside the jurisdiction of the American justice system, to American overseas bases like Bagram in Afghanistan or Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, or preferably to client countries such as Egypt, Syria (hello hello! what's going on here?), Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Pakistan, who are not so answerable to American busybodies.

Incidentally all these overseas 'service centres', except for Guantanamo Bay, are in Islamic countries - is there a message somewhere in this?

Hah, globalisation – it has even permeated the arcane art of intelligence gathering.

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