Saturday, October 23, 2021

Whatever happened to the investigation into the corrupt un-halal diseased meat scandal?

Indonesia eyes improving halal products’ market penetration

Nation is 5th-largest exporter globally

Indonesia’s potential as a market for Muslim products should be followed by efforts to improve the nation’s export performance abroad, says Indonesia Vice-President Ma’ruf Amin. – Pixabay pic, October 23, 2021

JAKARTA – Indonesia’s State-Owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir has launched a programme to improve Indonesian halal products’ market penetration through the Islamic Economic Society (MES) in countries such as Russia, Morocco, Sudan, Singapore, South Korea, China and Saudi Arabia.

“To support product development internationally, MES has ventured to open networks in several regions abroad,” Antara news agency quoted Thohir as saying during the launch of the new Islamic Economic Society logo and the commemoration of the 2021 National Santri Day in Jakarta yesterday.

He said currently, he is also trying to open the MES network in Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Thailand, and Brunei – especially through the Indonesian diaspora who live in these countries.

Collaboration between the shariah industry and the government – as well as Islamic boarding schools and its students – is a must at the present time because Covid-19 has had a significant impact on all sectors, the minister said.

Therefore, he believes that the economic balance must be maintained.

“Do not let big businesses get bigger, while small ones get smaller,” he cautioned.

He also thanked the president and vice-president for continuing to formulate excellent policies to ensure economic balance, including emphasising job creation and creating new entrepreneurs.

Earlier, Indonesia Vice-President Ma’ruf Amin had pressed for augmenting the exports of Indonesian halal products to foreign nations – especially Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) members.

“Indonesia’s potential as a market for Muslim products should be followed by efforts to improve the nation’s export performance abroad, especially to OIC countries,” Amin said while opening the online Indonesia Industrial Moslem Exhibition here on Thursday.

Based on data from the Economic Outlook for 2020 released by OIC, Indonesia is the fifth-largest exporter of halal products globally.

“Indonesia is the fifth-largest exporter at 9.3%, after Saudi Arabia (14.5%), Malaysia (13.3%), the UAE (12.3%), and Turkey (10.1%),” Amin said.

In addition, Indonesia is the fourth-largest importer of halal products (8.4%) after the UAE (12.2%), Turkey (12.1%), and Malaysia (11.8%).

“Hence, Indonesia must work harder and strive to dominate the world halal market, especially in OIC countries,” he said. – Bernama, October 23, 2021


kt notes:

Sadly for Malaysia, Indonesia is likely to succeed in dominating the global market which could have been easily ours. We fkc it up recently, late last year, with the horrific revelation that our halal market had been nothing less than a disastrous scandal, an extract of which is reproduced here for your convenient perusal:

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 23 ― A top officer from the country’s federal Islamic agency has reminded Muslims today against producing allegations and comments on the halal meat scandal that do not come with strong backing or evidence.

The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) Deputy Director-General (Operations), Datuk Abdul Aziz Jusoh was reported saying the issue is still under investigation, and any negative comments may adversely affect trust in Malaysia’s halal certification at both domestic and international levels.

“This can indirectly create anxiety among the community and can affect the importers and operators of the country's meat industry who have obtained valid halal certification.

“The Government of Malaysia has established that the importation of meat and meat products is only allowed from abattoir or processing plants approved by the Veterinary Services Department and Jakim,” he was quoted saying in Al Hijrah Online.

I had then penned in Muslims dining on kangaroo, horse and diseased meat:

When the all mighty JAKIM becomes defensive and cringy on a matter of halal-ness, instead of raving, threatening and prowling around hunting preys in aggressive predatory fashion as per its traits, as we observed in the Cadbury, Mc-Halalness, Merry X'mas cakes, etc bullshits, there may possibly be two or three issues, namely:

(a) It is ashamed of its questionable credibility, competency and lack of vigilance, and

(b) mateys, you work this 2nd issue out yourselves, wakakaka.

(c) JAKIM is tokking kok in calling upon Muslims to quieten down as their complaints may adversely affect trust in Malaysia’s halal certification at both domestic and international levels. Mate, JAKIM's halal certification has already been totally eff-ed.

It's just like PAS deputy minister telling Muslims not to make noise about those Islamic preachers who have been sexual predators and paedophiles. You can't hide your eff-ing sins, let alone CRIMES, no matter how Islamic you think you may be.

And to make matters worse FOR HIMSELF, Parti Amanah Salahuddin Ayub, his party's national deputy president and formerly Pakatan Harapan Minister for Agriculture etc, has the eff-ing brazen cheek to demand his PN successor, the agriculture and food industries minister, explain the recent discovery of a syndicate said to have been selling non-halal meat in Malaysia for 40 eff-ing years.

Yes mate, the alleged 'meat cartel' has been selling dodgy meat to Muslims in Malaysia for 40 eff-ing years! And didn't that period cover Salahuddin's tenure as Minister of Agriculture (May 2018 to Feb 2020)? Wakakaka.

Anyway, Salahuddin pompously uttered: “The issue clearly raises questions about the agency’s integrity in developing the national halal industry.”

Too right Dumbo, and he himself too should be answering for it.

But whatever, it's just a bunch of useless suggestions coming from all over bullshitters, that the government (whichever-whoever is unfortunate enough to be in power when the scandal is exposed, wakakaka) needs to take action  against corrupt practices.

Wakakaka, ya lah,
 NST exposed the scandal on 21 Dec, as follows:

KUALA LUMPUR: Senior officers from no fewer than four government agencies are believed to be working hand-in-glove with a cartel specialising in bringing non-certified meat into Malaysia and passing it off as halal-certified products.

kt comments: The cartel is eff-ing BIG, mates, wakakaka, where as many as 4 govt agencies and with their SENIOR officers working very rapat with crooks.

These senior officers, entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that halal standards are upheld, have instead received money, and in some cases even women for sex, as bribes in order to turn a blind eye to the cartel's operations and ensure that the its activities go undetected.

kt comments: what sort of Muslims are these SENIOR govt officers responsible for halal standards? And may I ask again, why is JAKIM being so defensive?

It is understood that the cartel has been in operation for more than 40 years.

It is believed the cartel imports meat from non-halal-certified slaughterhouses in a few countries, such as Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Spain and Mexico.

The only countries that have been certified by the Malaysian authorities for the import of halal meat are Australia, Argentina, Brazil, India, South Africa, Pakistan, Japan, New Zealand and the United States, with imports handled by the Malaysia Islamic Development Department and Veterinary Services Department.

The Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services Department, Customs Department and port police, meanwhile, are in charge of managing the supplies once they enter Malaysian ports.

The cartel's years of operations means it has a solid system to ensure the products — from the slaughterhouses until they leave the ports for the markets — escape official scrutiny.

Sources speaking to the New Straits Times said the process began abroad, where government agency officers entrusted with supervising the quality of the meat at the slaughterhouses would sign off on the products whether or not they met Malaysia's rigorous halal and quality standards.

A source said in some cases, the officers, after being bribed, would sign off on the products even before they arrived at meat processing plants for checks.

"Two agencies are largely responsible for issuing approvals for products from meat processing plants abroad. But the sheer number of meat products from plants of dubious quality entering Malaysia has raised questions about the system's effectiveness."

The source said once the cartel bypassed the first stage of inspections, it faced few problems bringing the products into the country via the country's ports.

The cartel, said the source, had over the years worked to secure "representatives" in government agencies based at the ports.

This, said the source, was made possible only with the involvement of very senior officers from agencies working with the cartel.

Another NST report tells us:

Sources told the New Straits Times that among the stock they bring in are kangaroo meat, horse meat and beef. However, the beef is from animals of poor quality or even diseased, so it is obtained at much lower prices.

Apart from Salahuddin tokking kok, UMNO Youth Chief 
Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki was also tokking kok in suggesting JAKIM recruits more staff, implying JAKIM does not have enough eff-ers who spent time on eff-ing useless pursuits.

The eff-ing real issue is the corruption of staff involved in halal certification process, not their small numbers.

Apart from JAKIM becoming defensive (which sets off the red lights and siren, wakakaka), has any 
officer involved with the halal process, including past and retired ones, being arrested, charged and jailed?

As usual, zilch!

But wait, there is a hope for the guilty, namely, just blame someone, any one from DAP, wakakaka.


So, what is/has been the outcome of such an important investigation? Business as usual?

Imagine, Muslims in our Malaysia eating DISEASED kangaroo meat, horse meat and beef.


  1. The situation with the Halal meat scandal is like Colonel Nathan Jessup's rant in the 1992 film A Few Good Men.
    "You want to know the Truth ? You Can't Handle the Truth !"

    Too many top people would get implicated.

    The authorities would rather Bury the case, maybe arrest and charge a few Ikan Bilis.

  2. As usual, the MACC is nowhere to be found.

    Perhaps the scandal involving muslims only is too embarrassing?