Friday, October 29, 2021

6th richest leader in the world with a fortune of US$45 billion (RM188 billion)

A random (translated from Chinese to English) extract from FB:

(Kuala Lumpur, 27th) Microsoft's MSN website last week released a list of global leaders wealth. Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir ranked the 6th richest leader in the world with a fortune of US$45 billion (approximately RM188 billion).

Later, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who was also the former prime minister, issued a statement today ridiculing Mahathir whether he must deny the news on the MSN website or sue the MSN website.

He said that the MSN website has a high level of influence and "reminded" Mahathir that he must beware of "malicious" actions by foreign media. 
"Or you can ask to set up a special investigation team to investigate his wealth, especially wealth abroad, in order to restore his reputation."

Najib pointed out in a Facebook post that MSN is the 40th most viewed website in the world and second in the news category.

"However, Tun Dr Mahathir did not deny this article. It may be the end of the month. Tun (Mahathir) has run out of mobile data this month?”

Najib said that during Mahathir’s tenure as the seventh prime minister, the Pakatan Harapan government withdrew the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) police report on the loss of 33 billion ringgit (currently valued at over 100 billion ringgit) of the Bank of China’s foreign exchange funds, and reported the case. Cases classified as no further action (NFA).

"Even if such a huge national fund disappeared, a penny has not been returned, and the Royal Commission of Inquiry has completed (the investigation report), and no one has been held accountable or prosecuted."

Najib also quoted a report from the Malaysiakini website that Mahathir’s good friend, former Treasurer Tun Diam, also admitted in response to the Pandora document that he does own a company that does business in 14 countries around the world. Bank.

"According to Diam, some of the trustees mentioned in the Malaysiakini report are his children and are related to the Swiss bank ICB Banking Group."

Najib went on to say that most of Mahathir's children are billionaires or millionaires. "So I am afraid that many people will believe this'malicious' MSN report."

"Tun needs to deny MSN's report or file a lawsuit against MSN, or request the establishment of a special investigation team to investigate his wealth, especially wealth abroad, in order to restore Tun's reputation."


  1. So Jibby only discover this "fact" today that Toonsie was corrupt?

    Why didn't he make polis/MACC report when he became DPM and PM since back in 2004 - 2018? For 14 years Jibby kept quiet?

    So now if want to investigate Toonsie all the "evidence" from the 80s, 90s are gone, destroyed, witnesses passed on, memories no longer reliable. How to investigate or prosecute?

    But of course Jibby is still free to make Polis/MACC report. Or write a book like Tommy Thomas. For sure Toonsie won't sue. He has never sued for defamation. So what is Jibby waiting for?

    But 1MDB evidence still available, the jewelry and Birkin bags are still in Bank Negara, many witnesses still lining up ready to testify, so poor Jibby must face the music.

  2. Back in 2016 , an MSN article named Najib as the actual person referred to as Malaysian Official 1 as the key decision maker and benefactor in the US Department of Justice investigation papers into the Multi Billion Dollar 1MDB Mega scandal.

    Najib at the time denounced MSN as a Pack of Lies.. now he wants to quote MSN....Macam Mana Bossku ?

    1. Najib was being sarcastic, turning the tale back onto Mahathir

  3. Where is Azam Baki who sits on the Board of Governors (BOG) of the International Anti-Corruption Academy?

    I am still puzzling how the IACA appointed Azam into the BOG? What was the criteria used?

    It really doesen't say much of the IACA for this appointment

  4. Malaysia oh Malaysia…where are we heading?
    Sadly, voters are still electing the same morons.