Sunday, March 15, 2020

Najib to Lim GE: "I told you so!"


I told you so, Najib says on economic impact of Covid-19

Najib Razak says he has proven Lim Guan Eng wrong on the risks posed by the Covid-19 outbreak 

PETALING JAYA: Najib Razak today hit out at Lim Guan Eng for dismissing a possible economic downturn from the Covid-19 outbreak, days after Putrajaya said it expected the nation’s gross domestic product to drop by between 0.8% and 1.2%.

Lim, the former finance minister, was last month reported to have downplayed an economic downturn sparked by the outbreak, saying the government’s economic stimulus package would help boost economic growth.

He was also reported to have said the nation had faced similar challenges during the SARS outbreak.

Najib said he had slammed Lim’s remarks then, arguing the impact left by Covid-19 was different for that of SARS because of the current global economy.

“I said then that he was underestimating the impact the outbreak had on the economy,” the former prime minister and finance minister said in a Facebook post.

On Friday, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the expected drop in GDP of 0.8% to 1.2% for 2020 represented a decline of between RM10.8 billion and RM17.3 billion.

This translates to a GDP growth of 3.6% to 4.0%, instead of the earlier forecast of 4.8%.

Najib went on to say that the price of crude oil had dropped, and palm oil was being sold at RM2,300 a tonne, while international flights to KLIA had declined by 25%.

“So how is it that the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak is not huge and Malaysia is free of any risk of an economic downturn as he (Lim) had guaranteed? The impact is massive.

“It’s only a former finance minister who does not see this,” he said, adding that Lim “doesn’t know anything”.


  1. cant said lge doesnt know anything, he know to tax us to achieve his kpi. he thot most of the m40 chinese will act like him, a mahathir running dog but no, many of us will vote dap out, even as opposition.

    1. Vote dap out even as opposition? So u prefer Mafulat National or independent candidates?

    2. i am fine if one could do his job well, if the malay can give their vote to anyone other than umno n pas, i dun think its healthy democracy if chinese limit their vote to either dap or mca. that said, i dun support the current backdoor one.

    3. Aside from the power hungry Old Man, I tend to believe people will change for the better as they are older. Meaning whatever negative preconception we had of AI, after what he has gone thru over the years, we should give him a chance to lead. In order AI to lead, PKR DAP n Amanah must steer clear of Old Man lest he lived to 97

    4. Gerakan was once upon a time a respectable alternative either MCA or DAP for the Chinese, but the key word is "was once upon a time".

  2. Najib is an Opportunistic bastard , as usual.
    This is an evolving situation, last week was a different story from this week.
    Yesterday the USA announced a national State of Emergency. New Zealand announced that it is practically cutting itself of from travel from the rest of the world.

    Ah, and we haven't forgotten the Mega Millions of loot seized from your house.

    Najib bears a huge amount of blame for Malaysia's on-going financial predicament.

    1. "Najib bears a huge amount of blame for Malaysia's on-going financial predicament."

      ("Blaming others is a classic personality disorder feature and after believing this for many years, people with a Personality Disorder may not truly feel they are responsible for their behavior — even their criminal behavior. ... They don't factor victims into their crimes in any way.")

  3. Ktemoc acting as propagandist for the Kleptocrat , as usual

    1. I don't blindly hate Najib as venomously as you do, but that doesn't mean I am supporting him

    2. "I don't blindly hate Najib...." Alamak, don't la Ktemoc, make me laugh so hysterically, lolololol

      "....doesn't mean I am supporting him" Alamak, don't la and Rpuki memang hypocrite la, thick skin some more.

      I will put out here your fav quote :

      "The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that's also a hypocrite" wakakakaka

  4. Just making a cursory visit to this rubbish blog - and I see it is still publishing rubbish and hate, yes hate, don't deny it.

    Guanee made those comments when the impact of COV19 was not clear so his job as FM was to try and placate the market, to say the opposite would be "spooking" investors. It was Jibby who was doing that.

    As late as Feb 25, when COV19 was already peakingin China, KT blogged (IMHO stupidly, irresponsibly and ignorantly):

    Why I prefer a new general election

    IMHO the best option will be to dissolve parliament and hold a fresh general election.

    The 1st advantage will be getting rid of 'Old Man of the Sea' Mahathir and his racist Parti Pribumi once and for all, wakakaka, as they will likely be wiped out a la Tanjung Piai. Mahathir with his 1980-1990 mentality has been a horrible millstone around Malaysia's neck.

    The 2nd advantage will be a second chance for the Malaysian voters to vote on facts, clinical assessment without the emotional hatred aroused, fake news from both sides, and rubbery manifesto promised in GE14.

    The 3rd advantage will likely be a less unstable government formed after GE15, whoever the winner may be, and thus more effective and efficient in its output.

    The 4th advantage will likely see, regardless of who is the winner, a return of the more practical GST instead of a dodgy (full-of-loopholes) SST.

    The 5th advantage will likely see post-election a lessening of the current very racial rants and insinuations pumping out of racist political parties.

    So KT, knowing what we know today on the virus would you still recommend a GE?

    People are dying and what KT wants is a return of GST.

  5. More rubbish from KT's blog.

    In 2015 he WHOLE WORLD, including Guanee, was telling Jibby 1MDB was a scam. But he didn't listen. And KT didn't say anything, he just attacked at people he hated, yes hated, don't deny, Toonsie, Guanee, Kit...etc.

    Now the WHOLE WORLD can tell Jibby "WE TOLD YOU SO ABOUT 1MDB", but KT remains silent. He still prefer to retweet Jibby attacking Guanee.

  6. Why KT retweet Jibby who is now in the government, attacking and blaming Guanee, Toonsie, LKS etc who are now powerless?

    Jibby and PN is the government NOW. What is PN going to do to control COV19 now. Focus on today. Don't follow the previous PH govt who keep blaming BN.