Saturday, March 28, 2020

Teen’s COVID-19 death shakes France

MM Online:

‘She just had a cough’: Teen’s COVID-19 death shakes France

France’s latest grim toll from the coronavirus outbreak stood at nearly 1,700 deaths. — AFP pic 

PARIS, March 27 — A week ago, 16-year-old Julie came down with a slight cough. On Wednesday, she became France’s youngest COVID-19 fatality, shaking a nation hit by a spiralling health crisis.

“We’ll never know why,” the girl’s mother Sabine told AFP late Thursday after France’s national health director gave the latest grim toll from the outbreak, now at nearly 1,700 deaths.

For many people, the high school student’s death brought home what experts have warned — the new virus is not a threat only to the elderly or people with underlying medical problems.

“She just had a cough” that anyone might get as winter winds down, Julie’s mother said. Initially, they treated it with cough syrup and steam inhalation treatments.

By last Saturday, however, Julie began feeling tightness in her lungs. “Nothing major, she just had a hard time catching her breath,” Sabine recalled.

Soon after, Julie was having coughing fits, so her mother took her to a doctor.

Diagnosing a respiratory impairment, the doctor called an ambulance, though it was fire-fighters, who often respond to emergency calls in France, who arrived.

Covered head to toe in protective coveralls, masks and gloves, “It was like ‘The Twilight Zone’,” Sabine said, referring to an American science-fiction show from the 1960s.

The responders gave Julie a face mask to wear under an oxygen mask, and brought her to the nearest hospital, at Longjumeau in the Essonne department south of Paris.

She had a scan of her lungs, and was tested for COVID-19. While awaiting the results, Sabine went back home, and later called the hospital for news.

They told her the scan had shown some congestion in the lungs, she said, but “nothing serious.”

‘Has to be a mistake’

Later that night Julie was again fighting for breath, and an ambulance transferred her to the renowned Necker children’s hospital in Paris, where two more coronavirus tests were carried out.

Necker Hospital in Paris, France

By Tuesday, she was admitted to intensive care, and when Sabine visited, she found her daughter anxious, able to talk but exhausted, and complaining that “my heart hurts.”

The latest coronavirus tests proved negative.

“The door to her room opens, the nurses come in without wearing protective gowns, and the doctor gives me a thumbs-up sign telling me that everything is fine,” Sabine said.

It was getting late, so she told her daughter goodnight and went home.

A few hours later, the hospital called: one of the COVID-19 tests was in fact positive, and Julie’s condition had worsened to the point that doctors had to place a tube in her windpipe to keep her breathing.

“We can’t believe it, there has to be a mistake. And why did this result come so much later?” Sabine recalled thinking.

For Julie’s older sister Manon, the diagnosis was also a shock. “From the beginning they told us this virus doesn’t affect young people. We believed it, just like everyone else,” she said.

‘Skin still warm’

Shortly after midnight, the hospital called again, telling Sabine to come quickly.

“At that point, I panicked. Some words, you just know what they mean,” Sabine said.

She and Manon rushed back to Paris, but Julie was dead when they arrived.

“Her skin was still warm,” Sabine said.

There was little time for mourning, and this would be the last time Sabine would see her daughter. Julie’s body had to be isolated immediately and her clothes and other personal items incinerated.

Sabine managed to hold on to her daughter’s baptism necklace and a bracelet.

victim known only as Julie A 

To limit contagion risks, Julie’s casket will remain closed for the funeral which only 10 people will be allowed to attend.

“It’s unbearable,” Sabine said of the non-stop news reports of France’s 16-year-old coronavirus victim. “It’s horrible because I know they’re talking about my daughter.”

“We were supposed to have a normal life.” — AFP

It's what WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus had warned: "Although older people are hardest hit, younger people are not spared. Data from many countries clearly show that people under 50 make up a significant proportion of patients requiring hospitalisation."

"Today I have a message for young people: You are not invincible, this virus could put you in hospital for weeks or even kill you. Even if you don't get sick the choices you make about where you go could be the difference between life and death for someone else."

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

WHO Director-General

Malaysian youngsters, young and middle age men should think twice before throwing caution to the wind and go around playing football, sepak takraw, dancing, jogging, strolling in parks (wakakaka) or having a jolly at the local pub.


  1. The progressive outcome of karma & the foolishness in playing god! The end IS yet to be determine.

    When Covid-19 virus was tagged as Wuhan originated, the 'curators' thought they had successfully designed a silent ILI contagion to only targeting those with DNA haplogroup O-M175 (especially those above 60+ with dormant illness) from mutated coronavirus from bat.

    That coronavirus has now mutated further into forms that kills across race, age & physical health after been released into open.

    AND the initiated 'curators' have NO cures & clues!

    The 2nd wave is coming for those countries who have managed to fight the 1st attack - & the tolls could be inconceivable in human record. Those still under the 1st attack frontline currently would be devastating, especially those medically underdeveloped regions!

    When that time comes, many nations WILL be closing & isolating themselves off to the rest of the world!

    They have NOT watched the series of Jurassic park movie by Steven Spielberg.

  2. Here is a truncated quoted messages intercepted on the DARK WEB in early January 2020 when searching for messages on coronavarus. It is no longer available now!

    *Trade tariff increment threats ARE not working in the growing battles between China and the U.S. for global economic and technological dominance.

    *Need to activate PROJECT DRAGON SEED (DS) to inflict the required scenarios on targeted host.

    *Carriers planted & ready. Expected initial tolls to be those of 60+ with dormant illnesses.

    *Estimated death 100K with controlled medical inputs within two weeks amongst 10 million infected - death rate of ∼1% as projected in the viral simulation outbreak held in NY, October 2019.

    *Hydroxychloroquine can be effective to treat DS valiants 1&2. NOTE - no other existing drugs can stop/hinder the further mutated valiants, ie NO CURE!

    *Incident at Ft Detrick in Frederick, Maryland caused by mishandling of the DS (1&2) vials when transported from Ft Belvoir in Virginia.

    *All treated known infectants shown various unknown asymptomatic outcomes - many ARE still under close medical observations.

    When I saw those messages I thought of ONLY urban legend true & through.

    Then I accidentally linked these messages with George Webb's YouTube on patient R0…


    Now China wants to strictly impose inward visitor quarantine - returning citizen - 14 days, non-citizen - not allow in for the current duration.

    This is to eliminate ANY possibility of the planned 2nd wave that might be in place NOW!

    Insidious outsiders can be identified easily via the current technologies implanted within all the points of entries into the country.

    家贼 is another stories!