Sunday, March 29, 2020

Lim KHAT Siang - not a snake, but a scorpion?


Matthias Chang: I Tried To Warn Mahathir About Kit Siang And Guan Eng

Lawyer and author of the Future Fast Forward Trilogy, Matthias Chang, took a swipe at Lim Kit Siang today, calling on the people to tell the DAP supremo uno to “shut up.”

In a fiery, no holds barred signature write-up, the one-time political secretary to fourth Malaysian premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said people should bombard the senior Lim and tell him to “stay at home and to indulge in self-serving political masturbation.”

“Tun M was blinded by Kit Siang’s false subservience and Kow Tows. Tun M fell for it. I had told Tun M, Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng are arrogant scumbags.

“Not a snake, but the scorpion in Tun M’s pocket. Tun did not listen.

“Karma is in play now.”

Wakakaka. I was quite tempted to declare Matthias message to Lim KHAT Siang, to wit, “stay at home and to indulge in self-serving political masturbation” as the BEST political statement thus far for 2020, but I resisted though Old Nick was whispering incessantly in my ear.

Mind, my agreement with Matthias' take on the Lims does NOT meant I support Mahathir. Jeeeeez, that will be the day, wakakaka.

admittedly the MOST rotten of this lot of political Machiavelli's is still Mahathir

he remains Supreme in devious dirty deceptions

OK, Lim KHAT Siang may be the scorpion, but Mamak is still the Kerala Kruel King Cobra. As for Chye-Chye, he is just arrogantly dumb.



  1. KT considers jailbirds like Sirul and Xavier Justo "unsavoury". He criticizes Toonsie for associating with them.

    "Don't listen to these ex-cons"....

    But Matthias Chang is also an ex-con.....why KT listens to "Matthias' take on the Lims"?

    Must be HATRED for the Lims and Toonsie, ha ha ha...

    In May 2018 KT blogged:

    Unsavoury company!
    Star Online - Former Petrosaudi exec Xavier Justo meets Dr Mahathir (extracts):

    PETALING JAYA: Swiss national Xavier Andre Justo, a former Petrosaudi International official met Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on Sunday (May 20).

    He posted a photograph of himself with Dr Mahathir on Facebook and expressed his awe at meeting the Prime Minister.

    Justo was a convicted blackmailer but has since been 'royally' pardoned by HM the King of Thailand.

    Sirul and now Justo! Hmmm, most unsavoury company. I wonder why the new PM (Toonsie) even wants to stand next to this ex convict?

  2. Jailbird / Ex-con / unsavoury character Matthias Chang was jailed in 2015 under SOSMA and before that in 2010 for contempt of court...but LKS was so understanding...he blogged in 2010 in support of Matthias:

    "In Sympathy with Matthias Chang"

    Why now this Matthias so cruel to LKS?

  3. how subservient n arrogant cause problem to mahathir? can tis stupid elaborate further? i oso can say mc habitually licking mahathir ball n talking without brain blinded the old idiot. what la this kind of stupid woman style hysterical swearing oso kena publish?

  4. This Matthias Chang is an arse and ball-licker.

  5. Mathias no need to twist.. What's your angle to suddenly speak of the Lims?

  6. This was the Mathias Chang during the Madey's first era as PM yang bukan main lagi then...this worse-than-a-scorpian licker of Madey's balls took the Mamak to all kinds of blind one incredible mad moment, he made Madey dressed up in a yellow robe ala the Emperor of China, seated in a Chinese style chair throne, accepting tea cups from kneeling Chinese paying homage...if only that era had cosplay, one would be tempted to think this was just a joke, but alas, it was a sick cruel "joke" played on the Chinese citizens/ This lowest than the lowest MC is now somehow spurned by his old master and like a woman scorned ( again, no offence to women !), his wrath knows no bound, foaming like a rabid dog for hours on end...his spittle could easily fill up a room..urgh !!!