Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Penang's marvellous miraculous changing lights at Grace Residence

From Malaysiakini's Cross controversy: It was not done on purpose, says Jagdeep:

The Penang government was only aware of the lights of a large cross on a condominium building in Jelutong after the issue had been highlighted on social media, said state executive councillor Jagdeep Singh Deo.

Following that, he said the state exco had asked the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) to obtain information about the lighting from a consultant architect.

“Based on the information we received from the consultant architect, the lighting shaped like a cross was not done purposely. It was just a coincidence,” Jagdeep, who is the exco on housing and local government, said in response to a written question on the matter at the Penang Legislative Assembly today.

“The state exco had asked MBPP to discuss with the consultant architect to come up with a proposal to resolve the issue of the cross, as this involves religious sensitivities.

“The consultant architect of the project is in the process of submitting the proposal to MBPP,” Jagdeep said

Jagdeep was responding to PAS' Penaga assemblyperson Yusni Mat Piah, who asked if the state government was aware that the condominium, Grace Residence, had lighting in the shape of a cross.

Like Dr Asri's allegation of Malaysian Muslims being bullied (wakakaka, I still can't get over that gross Kerbau), YB Yusni Mat Piah claimed that the lighted cross is “so large that it threatens sensitivities of Muslims”.

Sensitivities??? Really?

Muslim sensitivities threatened? Islam (in Malaysia) threatened? Muslims bullied?

These are all in coded language or 'dogwhistling' to the Chosen Ones that the Pakatan Harapan government led by the 1990's Man, Mahathir Mohamad, pathetic as it has been trying to fulfil its manifesto promises since it came into federal rule last year, is allegedly anti-Muslim, anti-Islam, anti-Malay, and f* probably controlled by Chinamen such as Mah Ha Thir, Ann War, Mu Hee Din and Ar Se Ming.

blardy Cinapeks 

Dr Asri, once a particular fave of Mahathir, has been reported as having to turn to UMNO because he worries about his perception that "good" Muslims like Muhammad Zamri Vinoth Kalimuthu, disciple of Dr Zakir Naik, has been hauled in by police for interrogation when that sweet Mamak lengchai has done no wrong (other than insult Hinduism which Dr Asri has himself done before, wakakaka).

For more, see FMT's Asri turns to Umno for support in tiff with PH over Islam regarding his (Dr Asri's) misgivings with the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government in the wake of the arrest of a close associate over the weekend.

But let's not ignore the Ustaz's concern that the so-sensitive Muslims under his charge have felt threatened by a lighted cross at the Grace Residence, Penang, bedevilled since it was sold off to the pirating English since 1786.

Let's go back to my January post From mere Cross to King of the World? in which I wrote (all reproduced for convenient context here:

Extracts from Malaysiakini:

There has been intense debate over how the lights of a building under construction in Penang had resembled a cross.

The matter is now under investigation after PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan accused the developer of being involved in a Christianisation agenda since one of its founders was linked to a US-based Christian organisation.

Annie Choo, Regional Director for Nehemiah Project Asia and owner of Nova Plus, is hosting the 2nd Regional Nehemiah Week in Penang, Malaysia.

she is so cute with lovely dimples, wakakaka

He also accused Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow and the developer Nova Mulia Development Sdn Bhd of attempting to sidestep the issue by claiming the lights displayed a Chinese character instead of a cross.

This morning, Deputy Penang Chief Minister P Ramasamy urged developers to be more ethical and not to incite or provoke others.

The article also recalled the amazing open-mindedness and compassion of allahyarhum Datuk Nik Aziz but let us leave that wonderful recollection for another post another time.

Back to our lighted cross, after the hoo-haa by the usual suspect, the developer claimed the lighting was for a Chinese 'Ong' (King) when two horizontal strokes (or lighting) were added to the top and bottom of the lighted 'cross', wakakaka.

add two horizontal strokes and kowtim-ed

from mere 'cross' to 'King of the World'?


But based on DCM II Dr Ramasamy's chiding, in which he was reported to have said:

Dr Ramasamy - DCM Penang II 

"Why invite trouble by putting on a display that might just be used to provoke anger or concern? Developers in Penang must have some ethical and social responsibilities."

"If it is a religious place, say if it is a church compound, putting up or giving it a magnificent display is something acceptable in the country."

"However, if religious symbols are displayed in areas not designated for religious purposes, then there could be a problem."

I have come to believe that Mr Tantawi might have been correct (for once, wakakaka).

Mr Tantawi

I hope the Developer from now on will heed the wise words of Dr Rama and stop its silly onesupmanship, wakakaka again.

Well, obviously the Developer has been 'naughty', reverting the 'Cross into King of the World' cover up BACK into a 'cross', wakakaka and Hallelujah.

Not on purpose, Jagdeep?

But 'tis probably sneaky Hallelujah actions like this that give the threatened, bullied, sensitive, "minority", besieged, ghettoised, marginalised Muslims in Malaysia cause to be concerned. 



  1. I worked it out. Considering the number of windows on the building and the probability that all the lights making up the cross is "on" at the same time is 1 in 1,967,223, or one night in 5,390 years. But then the Christian God works in mysterious ways.

  2. Wakakakaka

    It's not a crucifix/salib and it's just lights forming a small romanised letter 't'.

    And why did the developer alter it to Mandarin character Ong instead of leaving it as it is and says it meant '10' in Mandarin?

    It just shows those who are spooked by religious symbols or are exhilarated by such symbols as having mental problems.

    What's next? Hitler's swastika symbol means Buddhism?

  3. Given the background of Nova Mulia's founder and Managing Director, a high-profile "Born Again" Hallelujah type, I doubt the lighted cross was an unintended accident.

    This is a disservice to the cause of religious freedom and religious tolerance in Malaysia.

    Then again, the shit-stirring by the Taliban party is to be condemned.

    Crusaders vs. Saracens fighting all over again ?

  4. IMHO the Chinese symbol "shàng" will be better and less sensitive than 'ong'.

  5. Ini caranya


    Learn from the Cintoks.

  6. And while on the topic of learning from the Cintoks


    Tanah Melayu should jail anyone who looks like "Tan Ah Teck" but calls himself "Steven".

    1. we r much learned. our law is one way street.

  7. Many Malays with Arabic names and dress like desert dwellers.....I have no objection to that.