Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Recognising Israel?

FMT - Global boycott movement (BDS) schools DAP senator over call to set up embassy in Israel (extracts)

DAP senator Nga Hock Cheh

wonder whether he is related to Nga Kor Ming

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian chapter of a global boycott campaign against Israel has condemned a DAP senator for urging Putrajaya to establish diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, saying his explanation reeks of Zionist propaganda.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Malaysia (BDS Malaysia) said Nga Hock Cheh not only showed his “naivety” of the conflict in Palestine, but also failed his own Christian faith by ignoring that Christians were also victims of Zionist aggression.

“Christian Palestinians are deprived of their human rights as much as their Muslim brethren. Bottom line is that you don’t have to be Muslim or Christian or Buddhist or Hindu to oppose what the Israelis are doing to Palestinians. You only have to be human,” BDS said in a strong reaction to remarks by Nga in the Dewan Negara recently.

Nga, a DAP leader from Perak, had expressed support for a proposal by PKR president Anwar Ibrahim for Malaysia to open an embassy in Palestine.

But he said Malaysia should take it a step further by opening its embassy in Israel and reap economic benefits from the new ties.

“Israel is very small country but it has very advanced technology in various field, especially in agriculture. Thailand has also benefited tremendously from the expertise and existence of Israel,” he told the Dewan Negara on April 24.

“So, we can also import the expertise for our agriculture to help to uplift the standard of living of the rural folks in this country,” he added

Nga, who praised Dr Mahathir Mohamad as someone who is influential at the world stage, said the prime minister could broker peace between the Palestinians and Israelis.

“Peacemakers carry a special blessing in the scriptures, they are called ‘children of God’,” he said, adding that he would fail in his duty “as a senator with Christian faith if I do not alert the House about this”.

It is not wrong to be friendly with any nation including Israel per se, but the Israel we're talking about is an outcast from global society as White Supremacist South Afrika once was, namely, for its state policy of racism.

Now, some of you my dear readers, may ask what about Malaysia, one of the worst racist offenders there is on Earth.

Malaysia has probably got away with it by cloaking its racism and socio-politico-economic apartheid behind the veil of so-called affirmative actions but one which does NOT discriminate between haves and have-nots but rather between Malays and non-Malays.

Malaysia also does not physically separate one race from another in public parks, social centres, beaches, etc, although it sneakily and shamefully does in some schooling (especially at tertiary levels) and senior public positions. One naked bare-face example is that ONLY a Malay can be the Prime Minister - that is Apartheid but not to the extent of South Afrika or Israel because Malaysia does have non-Malay ministers (admittedly in less important ministries). 

The Malay-led authority/government has officially proclaimed the Malays as the 'disadvantaged' - which is ONLY partially right because the group comprises also the very rich, affluent, powerful, land-owning and privileged, even above the economic-financial positions of most non-Malays.

Back to Israel which DAP Senator proposes that Malaysia recognise.

It's not only dedicated staunch (especially evangelistic) Christians like Senator Nga who are inclined towards a friendly relationship with the nation of Israel because of its historical-geographical-religious pedigree, but also some non-Muslim Malaysians. 

One of the reasons that I suspect is that they (the non-Muslim non-Christian Malaysians) do not share BDS' views on Israel's treatment of Christians. They think that 'Christians' would be Americans (North & South), Europeans, Australians, Kiwis, Africans or Asians (eg. Chinese, Indians, South Korean, Filipinos, etc).

If only they have read BDS' message to Senator Nga, to wit: "Nga Hock Cheh not only showed his “naivety” of the conflict in Palestine, but also failed his own Christian faith by ignoring that Christians were also victims of Zionist aggression", implying that some Arabs were also Christians.

Indeed, BDS continued: "Christian Palestinians are deprived of their human rights as much as their Muslim brethren. Bottom line is that you don’t have to be Muslim or Christian or Buddhist or Hindu to oppose what the Israelis are doing to Palestinians. You only have to be human."

BDS itself is naive to think only Muslims, some Christians, Buddhists or Hindus oppose what the Israelis are doing to Palestinians. In reality I would dare say only (and even then, only MOST but not all) Muslims are guaranteed to be against Israel.

Some or even many Hindus, Buddhists and especially Christians are pro Israel or at worst, neutral, chiefly because they fear the Islamists more for their violence (as the Middle-East people once feared the Christian Crusaders and today fear the American brand of far more drastic violence). They associate Palestinians with violence, but being politically myopic, they fail to see the Israelis are equally violent.

last photo above - 17 in one family killed
by Israeli fighter jet attacks

There were MORE Israeli atrocities towards children and civilians that I've blogged on

In Malaysia, most non-Malays non-Muslims dislike Palestinians for no other reason than the Palestinians are Muslims (not true because there are Christian Palestinians, eg. Suiha Arafat, wife of the late Yasser Arafat - Dr Hanan Ashrawi, member of Palestinian Leadership Committee - George Habash, founder of the PFLP and the Arab Nationalist Movement - and more).

And the reason for their anti-Palestinian (incorrectly perceived as ALL being Muslims) is because at home they are anti-Malay (99.9999999% Muslims).

Surrogate object of dislike or even hatred.

The irony is that the Palestinians are ill-treated by the ketuanan Israelis just as the non-Malay Malaysians are marginalised in one way or another by the ketuanan Malays. Even pro Israeli Helen Ang, once my blogging buddy, had once courageously pointed thus out.

Food for thought?

But while it's not wrong to be friendly with Israelis and Israel, it's truly stupid of Senator Nga to propose such a diplomatic tie with the Jewish nation today when (1) the world (except for the USA and cronies and some right-wing nations like BJP-led India) is shunning Israel, and (2) Mahathir is PM.

But the one gem I derive from Senator Nga's proposal is his statement, namely, "he would fail in his duty “as a senator with Christian faith if I do not alert the House about this”, that is, to have ties with his 'Holy Land'.

Yes, he is from the DAP, Hallelujah.


(in Hebrew it means 'We praise God')


  1. DAP's Nga Hock Cheh has my vote.
    Bravo man!

    BDS ultimate, and disguised objective is the dismemberment and destruction of the state of Israel.

    1. FMT - DAP senator says sorry, retracts Israel embassy statement

      You better do too, wakakaka

    2. dap believe in freedom of speech, say sorry is the essence of freedom of speech.

  2. For 10 years after Merdeka, up to 1967, Malaysia actually had diplomatic relations with Israel.

    Tunku kept two principles over this - Malaysia wanted friendly relations with any country that reciprocated that friendship, and Israel had never done anything against Malaysia.

    Tunku also had a great respect for Singapore's David Marshall, a Jew, and anti-Semitism was never part of Tunku's thinking or politics.

    Only after the 1967 war, where Israel occupied territories of other countries did Malaysia break of relations.

    A far cry from today's Malaysian anti-Jewish racist basis for declaring Israel as an enemy.

  3. Seriously? Boycott, Divest and impose Sanctions against Israel?

    I don't have to mention the long list of IT software (ok just one...Waze GPS navigation software originally known as FreeMap Israel which every Grab driver uses), microchips, pharmaceuticals, patents originating from Israel - let's BDS these for a start.

    Why stop there?

    What about the countries VERY friendly to Israel. Other than the big dog USA it's......Australia. How about we BDS Australia too...?

    Indonesia already delayed a trade deal with Australia because of their move to recognize West Jerusalem as Israel's capital; if Malaysia is serious then please do the same, and stop sending government scholarship students there. Sanction imports of dairy products. Stop investing in Australia and similarly reject investments from Australia, like Lendlease in TRX.

    Go on, don't just talk talk talk......DO IT.

    Australia Recognizes West Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

    By Isabella Kwai
    Dec. 15, 2018

    SYDNEY, Australia — Australia announced on Saturday that it now recognizes West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and will move its Tel Aviv embassy once a peace settlement is reached.

    “Australia now recognizes West Jerusalem, being the seat of the Knesset and many of the institutions of government, is the capital of Israel,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australian said on Saturday.

    “It is the right of every country to determine its national capital,” Mr. Morrison said in a speech to the Sydney Institute, a public affairs forum.

    “We look forward to moving our embassy to West Jerusalem when practical, in support of and after final status determination,” he added.

    The announcement makes Australia one of a handful of countries to recognize part of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and represents a change in the country’s long-held policy on the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

    The move follows the lead of President Trump who formally acknowledged the city as Israel’s capital last year and moved the United States embassy there in May.

    But talk of a potential embassy move also angered Indonesia and Malaysia, important regional partners with Muslim-majority populations. A trade deal between Australia and Indonesia was delayed after Indonesian officials said the deal would go forward only if Australia reconsidered its position.

    1. See https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/dec/14/australian-government-to-recognise-jerusalem-as-israels-capital

      Australia has become one of the few countries to formally recognise West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, but says it will not move its embassy from Tel Aviv until a peace settlement is reached.

      The prime minister, Scott Morrison, said the government will also recognise a future state of Palestine with its capital in East Jerusalem after a settlement has been reached on a two-state solution.

      The foreign policy shift on West Jerusalem was announced by Morrison during his speech to the Sydney Institute on Saturday.

      The opposition leader, Bill Shorten, said the government’s decision was a “humiliating backdown” from a rushed byelection announcement and accused the prime minister of putting “his political interest ahead of our national interest”. His comments were echoed by Labor’s foreign affairs spokeswoman, Penny Wong, who described it as a “reckless move” and said Morrison was trying to save face.

      On Saturday evening Wong released a statement describing the move as “all risk and no gain” and tweeted: “Labor does not support unilateral recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and in government would reverse this decision. The status of Jerusalem can only be resolved as part of any peace negotiations and two-state solution.”

  4. Oh no please don't boycott or ban this song Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
    (a Canadian Jew)...


  5. "...that is Apartheid.."

    Anybody can masuk Melayu. A mamak is PM.

    In Tiongkok, the Cintoks practice female infanticide. In Tanah Melayu, nasib baik ada orang Melayu adopt female Chinese baby girls. They grow up as Melayu as any other Malay girl.

    Black people cannot masuk Orang Putih. Black babies adopted by whites are still blacks.

    "...that is Apartheid.."
    Typical Cintok disingenuousness and pukimakness.

    1. anyone can oso masuk cina, irrespective what religion.

    2. Oh ....... don't be lah as if kau is holier than the whole world, jawab lah who were those bapa who violate their daughters in Tanah Melayu? some of them were even 'religious teachers'!

  6. Kaytee may be the ones needing some schooling instead of making some of the idiotic assumptions about the non-Malays who are also not of the Abrahamic faith in supporting the Palestinian cause.

    Unless a non-Malay belongs to any of the Abrahamic religions ie Judaism, Christianity or Islam in taking sides, I would say 99.99999% of the non-Malays couldn't care less who to support or not because it is actually a religious conflict among those forever warring tribes of the Abrahamic faiths.

    Why is Kaytee berating non-believers of the Abrahamic faiths for not supporting the Palestinian cause? And it's just deplorable to use Human Rights as a convenient excuse to seek support for whichever side by blaming the atrocities being committed by either side. That conflict in that area of the world has existed since the day the Abrahamic religions were invented and has dragged on until today.

    Isn't it very clear that the conflict involves each Abrahamic faith trying to claim/wrest their holy lands and annihilate each other? And the countries supporting for or against Israel are also clearly divided along the lines of which Abrahamic faith the majority of their population/leaders belong to?

    Ask any Malaysian Malay/Moslem a simple question. Do you hate the Jews? And the answer will most likely be 99.999999% an unequivocal "Yes" because their religion teaches them so. Why such outward racism against the Jews? What have all the Jews done to harm them? All the major wars in that region have always been the Christians against the Moslems. And so, the outright racism displayed is now blinkered to be Zionists or against Zionism (ie. Jews who wants to have their Kingdom back called Israel).

    Are all Jews (a race) believe in Judaism ( the earliest Abrahamic religion)? Of course not, for they are just like any other race having different faiths. Likewise for the Arabs, the Indians, Chinese etc.

    Palestinians (not a race but national identification like Malaysian) who are mostly Moslems Arabs also have different races, religions/beliefs etc.

    Israelites (also a national identification) who are mostly Judaism Jews also have other races, religions/beliefs etc.

    Whether the Palestinians or Israelites is right based on their religious beliefs (as well as countries supporting them) to their claims on their holy land, how are the non-Malays who are not of the Abrahamic faith to know who is right or wrong according to their fables and stories?

    People who seek conflicts/wars based solely on their religious beliefs should not seek sympathy from others who don't believe in your religious causes.

  7. "Let us accept the fact that states have lifecycles similar to those of human beings who created them. Hardly any Member State of the United Nations has existed within its present borders for longer than five generations. The attempt to freeze human evolution has in the past been a futile responsibility and has probably brought about more violence, rather than if such a process had been controlled peacefully. Restrictions on self-determination threaten not only democracy itself but the state which seeks its legitimation in democracy." ~ Prince Hans-Adam ll

    Forget religious reason. The above is my reason to support the Palestinians' right to exist. Damn you Israel!

    1. Typically zombie!

      Have u ever exercise yr petrified brain for once, let said if what u have been farted about ALSO applies to Israel?

      R u going to damn Palestine?

  8. Let's get off our hypocritical high horse and simply BDS Israel. The world over, including Malaysia, uses the Palestine-Israel conflict for their own selfish political purposes.

    And let's admit that Australia, just like USA and Malaysia, are same-same on this.

    USA has a very strong Jewish lobby with tonnes of money.

    Australia has a general election this month and the parliament majority is razor thin. Even the tiny number of Jewish voters are crucial. The Liberal party recently (October 2018) lost a crucial parliamentary seat in Wentworth, which has 13% Jewish voters, a traditional Liberal stronghold. They suffered a huge psychological and embarrassing defeat. The ruling party poured money into the campaign and threw the kitchen sink announcement about recognising West Jerusalem as the Jewish capital. But they still lost.

    Malaysia? Let's just BDS Israel and stop all this talk. If we are really sincere. Just ban Waze for a start, ha ha...all the Grab drivers will protest or not...open up all electronic devices and throw out everything that has a "Made in Israel" stamp on it. Stop dispensing all medicines and vaccines that have patents held by Jewish people. Etc etc etc. By the way Jibby used Goldman Sachs for 1MDB funding, he didn't BDS the Jewish bank (under the guise of America).

    Australia government suffers Wentworth by-election defeat
    20 October 2018

    Australia's governing coalition has lost its one-seat parliamentary majority after a by-election in Sydney.

    Kerryn Phelps, a local doctor and popular independent candidate, comfortably won the Wentworth seat.

    Australia has had six prime ministers in eight years, and now faces further uncertainty.

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison's ruling Liberal Party had been fighting to hold Wentworth, which was vacated by his predecessor, Malcolm Turnbull.

    The result means the centre-right party will need to rely on independent MPs to survive confidence votes. Two have already vowed not to back Mr Morrison.

    Speaking at the HQ of Liberal candidate Dave Sharma, Mr Morrison said it had been a "tough day" and the result was "not unexpected".

    The defeat of Dave Sharma, the governing Liberal candidate in the Sydney by-election, is an act of retribution by voters furious and frustrated at the ruthless ousting as prime minister of their beloved former MP, Malcolm Turnbull. Scott Morrison has failed his first electoral test as PM and more trouble is brewing.

    .....with an election due next May its longer-term prospects appear increasingly grim.

    Australian govt's majority at stake in by-election amid Jerusalem controversy

    Prime Minister Morrison hopes to hold on to crucial Wentworth constituency where 13 percent of voters are Jewish, proposing to move embassy to Israel’s capital; Although proposal was welcomed by some members of Jewish community, neighboring states warned that Australia is risking its business relationship with entire Islamic world.
    Reuters|Published: 10.20.18 , 09:04

  9. Israel has no right to exist.

    The murderous North Korean regime has the right to exist, and in fact takes no heat at all from the Lefties.

    What a bunch of Bullshit

    1. North Koreans don't kill another race nor steal their land

    2. So...Ah Mok subscribes to the Wife Beater mentality.

      The old mentality goes... A man may physically abuse his wife and/or children within his house with impunity.

      As long as outsiders are not harmed or suffer any other inconvenience , there is no penalty.

    3. poor analogy - besides, asking a man when was the last time he beat his wife is typically pronouncing him guilty before even a charge has been laid, but expected of your dedak-driven underhanded manners