Monday, April 01, 2019

Kipas Minister told to STFU on Lynas

FMT - No decision on waste, says minister as crack in Cabinet widens over Lynas (extracts)

KUALA LUMPUR: Putrajaya has yet to make a decision requiring rare earths company Lynas Malaysia to send back its waste to Australia, Entrepreneur Development Minister Redzuan Yusof said, as a debate on the future of the Australian firm reveals a crack among Cabinet members.

Redzuan said while the government was clear that it would allow Lynas to continue operating, the issue of waste was a separate matter which needed to be addressed.

“There is no decision collectively by the government to send the waste back to Australia,” he said.

This is despite Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin saying the government has formed a task force to facilitate the sending back of Lynas’ waste to Australia

Why is this fCk-er so obdurate even after Sweetie Yeo Bee Yin has long said that Lynas' waste would be sent back to Australia [though in my personal opinion, Sweetie may find the Australian disowning Lynas and refusing retry to the waste of its Aussie-orginated/exported ore, wakakaka]?

I suspect Kipas Menteri has done so for the same reason he proudly and preemptively proclaimed his ludicrous 'flying KDK-propelled car', to wit, to please his Pribumi Party boss, Mahathir.

Indeed, if we recall, when he first clocked in at his ministry, a porfolio already abolished 10 years ago but recently revived by Mahathir as the PM of Pakatan government, the Kipas Minisuter was reported as saying: "I have yet to find out the true aspirations of the Prime Minister as we are currently in the midst of fine-tuning the blueprint."

Yes, on his very first day at his recently revived ministry, he has the blardy bombastic brazenness to pronounce pompously, that he and his staff were "........ in the midst of fine-tuning the blueprint", wakakaka - what a BS-ter.

But back to my suspicions, namely, that Redzuan, in sucking up to Mahathir, has obdurately and rather rudely dismissed Minister Yeo's earlier official pronouncement on the mandatory expatriation of Lynas waste.

Redzuan arrogantly said that Minister Yeo’s view, that of Lynas shipping out its waste from Malaysia, could be her personal opinion, and added that she should take responsibility for her statement.

Wakakaka, that lil' twerp.

Just then, Sweetie Fuziah Salleh, the very person who has long put her effort, heart and soul into getting rid of Lynas, said: Redzuan Md Yusof tidak perlu menyentuh isu Lynas kerana ia tiada kaitan dengan portfolionya sebagai menteri pembangunan usahawan.

“Saya kira biar menteri dan timbalan (menteri) tenaga, sains, teknologi, alam sekitar dan perubahan iklim yang jawab mengenai sisa buangan radioaktif Lynas.

“Kementerian Perdagangan Antarabangsa dan Industri serta Lembaga Pembangunan Pelaburan Malaysia urus mengenai pelaburan. Tiada benda kaitan dengan menteri pembangunan usahawan.”

In other words, to cut it short, Sweetie Fuziah told Redzuan to STFU as removing radioactive waste from Lynas is in the domain of the Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister, namely, Sweetie Yeo, and has nothing to do with the Entrepreneur Development Ministry.

& that means you Entrepreneur Development Minister


But what makes that fCk-er believe TaiKoe wants Lynas to stay on?

If we recall, some 30 years ago (1979) when then-PM Mahathir allowed Japan's Mitsubishi Chemicals to open a rare-earths refinery in the Malaysian village of Bukit Merah and papan, whose residents were mainly Chinese Malaysians.

The facility was warmly embraced by Mahathir's old government (and cronies) as an advanced foreign investment that would help create jobs in Perak. But of course the old cunning musang did not have that plant situated in Kubang Pasu despite his public confidence it was safe.

Although the plant is gone today, alas, its toxic legacy persists. Yes, the plant has been abandoned, but the locals saw a rise in leukaemia, birth defects, infant deaths, congenital diseases, miscarriages and lead poisoning in the following years.

We couldn't do much about the Mahathir government's approval of Asia Rare Earth (ARE), but shouldn't their (Bukit Merah and Papan's) ill fate serve as a warning to Malaysia to stop the Lynas rare-earths plant in Pahang from continuing?

Papan residents strolling past a row of pre-war shop houses that are now mainly abandoned

In 1985, the residents of Bukit Merah obtained an injunction to stop ARE from operating until it meets safety standards. But it wasn't until 1992 when ARE closed down the factory operations as a result of increasing public pressure that threatened to launch a global boycott on Mitsubishi products

And the Pribumi party minister Redzuan has even the stupidity, insensitivity and callousness to support Lynas, no doubt due to his high sense of bodek-ness.


  1. The Pakatan Harapan government is being made a scapegoat on the Lynas toxic wastes , when Najib is the one who rammed the Lynas factory down our throats.

    1. was it forced to keep Lynas here, when Minister Yeo (DAP) and Fuziah (PKR) want it out and said so?

    2. Lynas is nothing compared to the mutilation of Iraq by the West, Australia inclusive. Radioactive konon..podah! BTW that Bukit Merah episode is different from Lynas.

    3. Lynas received all the necessary government regulatory approvals for operating from the Najib Administration.
      Najib must be held accountable for that , especially how and why the approval was given without a clear solution to the waste issue, both in terms of disposal method and deadline.

      Where we are in April 2019 is essentially a fait accompli, unless Lynas is proven to be violating the (very loose) regulatory terms of its operations.

      The Lynas plant can only be ordered closed through due process under the law, NOT under the want and say so of the Minister Yeo and MP Fuziah.

      That means hard science and hard data to prove Lynas is doing harm or potential harm to the environment and the health of the community through its continued operation.

      Much as I am against Lynas, that is the only way Pakatan Harapan can proceed.

      You can't approve a manufacturing operation, let it run for years, and then suddenly disapprove it without proper evidence and due process of law.

      Booting out Lynas gratuitously will do grave harm to Malaysia's credibility in terms of Rule of Law to international investors.

    4. stop ypour pro Mahathir bullshitting. Minister Yeo has said that UNLESS the waste is removed out of M'sia and sent back to Oz, the Malaysian govt will not RENEW the contract for Lynas. But Redzuan wants that contract continued.

      Contract NOT RENEWED unless the waste is removed, full stop, so also put a fullstop to your pro Mahathir-Redzuan bullshit

    5. what abt the few other projects ceased by mahathir n lge?

    6. Don' talk cock bull...

      There is no "Contract"" with Lynas. There is an operating license, just as every legally operating factory in Malaysia has an operating license. Subject to various terms and conditions, depending on the nature of the operations.

      Normally, operating license renewal is a routine matter, and will not be denied unless the conditions of the license have been breached.

      Malaysia has worked hard over decades to make a reputation as a credible host for foreign manufacturing operations. Capital intensive industries often depreciate their plant and facilities over 20-30 years, and need the assurance that the Government will not suddenly change the rules of the game. That reputation must not be harmed by the Pakatan Government.

      I have done my homework. .."UNLESS the waste is removed out of M'sia and sent back to Oz, the Malaysian govt will not RENEW" is not part of the conditions Lynas operating license. It will be tantamount to the Pakatan Government throwing a curved ball.

      If Lynas has breached the terms and regulations of the license, or fresh evidence of environmental or health damage is unearthed, by all means shut them down.
      Otherwise the Government will be doing Malaysia a great disservice by shutting down Lynas gratuitously. Not so much for that company, but for other investors , current or potential.

      The cancelled Government infrastructure projects , where the Malaysian Government is either the sponsor or payee is a different matter.
      As the direct party, the Government has the right to terminate or downsize a project, but subject to possible exposure to legal compensation.

    7. OK I accept I used the incorrect legal terms though the ministerial thrust against Lynas is the same.

      Renew licence rather than contract wouls be the correct language.

      Sydney Morning Herald has published:

      Malaysia overnight moved to set new conditions on the renewal of licence, including the removal of radioactive residues produced by its controversial $1 billion rare earths processing plant.

  2. Replies
    1. harap is still much better than a bunch of liar, thief n robber.

    2. this i can agree wakaka.

  3. I am still wondering why those Bukit Merah residents did not file for compensation via a class action suit against all those responsible for approving the licenses and operations which causes death, birth defects, leukamia etc?

    Why did not the political parties assist?

  4. Please locate this gigantic centralised plastic recycling industrial zone in Alor Gajah, where Redzuan Yusuf, the Entrepreneur Development Minister is MP. He wants investment and doesn't seem to mind the mountains of waste.

    Minister: Centralised hub for recycling plastic waste in the pipeline
    Published on 02 April 2019

    By Azril Annuar

    KUALA LUMPUR, April 2 — The government plans to establish a centralised waste park to process and recycle plastic waste, Zuraida Kamaruddin said in Parliament today.

    The housing and local government minister said once built, any plastic waste recycling factories outside of the centralised waste park will be deemed illegal.

    “The ministry plans to centralise plastic waste processing or recycling work to make it easier for us to monitor and deal with them. The way forward to manage clean plastic waste imports is to place all these plastic waste factories into a centralised waste park.

    “Any factory outside of this designated area will be considered as an illegal factory,” she said during Question Time in response to Tumpat MP Che Abdullah Mat Nawi (PAS).

    She explained that any approved permit for plastic waste imports must go through her ministry, but added that approved permits (AP) and licensing for the factory sites rests with the local authorities.

    “We issue the AP licence for the import of plastic waste and before issuing it, we will inspect the site first. However, the site approval is the purview of the local councils and local authorities.

  5. This mfer of a lalang engineering graduate claimed to have locus standi to comment on Lynas issue bcoz he is a cabinet member (Entrepreneur Development Minister of kdk flying car!)

    Lagi, the equally blur dpm said the mfer can comment on the Lynas issue because matters pertaining to investments fall under the purview of his ministry.

    Sound so right & on the dot!

    The lynas issue is toxic waste removal. If lynas complied with at requirement then continue operation can be discussed further.

    Which ministry has that jurisdiction?

    As a member of the cabinet, one can farts as much as one like on anything AS LONG AS the discussion is within the cabinet meeting.

    That's the locus standi of the cabinet member.

    Once outside the cabinet meeting, keep yr foaming mouth stitched & groaned deeply - that locus standi ends.

    The blur dpm, as usual can't read too deep into the issue that's beyond what she is willing to understand, just want to showcase her motherly comment of inconsequential!

    1. rare earth is to complement mahathir dun know what car n our flying car. y not u ask lge n wt to protest n demonstrate in putrajaya wearing green if dap r not happy with it?

    2. Suanku is already worst!

      That's WHAT a blur suanku would fart about for his personal vendetta that his pet cat was stepped on by dapters!