Monday, April 24, 2017

Disband JAIS

JAIS has been notorious and oppressive for a number of issues including the NST reported incident some years ago of a JAIS officer in Gombak demanding a blowjob from a woman victim caught for alleged khalwat.

But JAIS has recently been criticised by the Appelate Court for illegally appropriating 26 acres of land belonging to a Chinese owned company UAE whose lawyer accused JAIS of racial oppression.

Why are we funding a useless department which acted illegally and racially? Non Muslim tax money should be considered haram in any funding of the JAN organizations and thus not touched on Islamic organization budgeting.

And what has Selangor MB Azmin Ali have to say about his state government paying part of the cost the Appelate Court has awarded to UAE for JAIS illegal act? The PAS exco in charge of state religious portfolio should be sacked kau kau.


  1. Jais is a useless religious department set up for cronies.Those officers are useless unemployable garbage,like rodents and a pain in the ass for the community.Jais should be disbanded,and the existing officers sacked and not be compensated in severance pay.Good riddance to bad garbage.

  2. Isn't it good to know that the rule of law still exists in our country.. matey?

    1. Oh yeh?

      Let's do a hypothetical test. Assuming on Friday you went to the mosque. There were no more parking space. Would you double park or even treble park?

      Ahah, likely you would. Why? It's good to know........

      Assuming you were the law enforcer and you were there next to all the double parked and treble parked cars. What would you do? It's good to know!

      I rest my case.

    2. Hasan's assertion is not without merit as he corrected pointed out the Appeals Court ruled for justice. Peter's argument is also correct in many instances.

      Don't conflate court action for police 'act dunno' wakakaka

  3. Our religious gurus and their Malay Muslim politicians,should bring their mamas and wives to Indonesia to learn from the Indonesians.Religious tolerance is one where the Indonesians have excelled,while their Malaysian Muslim counterparts have gone way backwards,to become like countries Somalia and Zimbabwe.

    These religious gurus and their Malay Muslim politicians should be breast feed by their mamas or wives while they learn religious tolerance from their Indonesian Muslim counterparts.

    In the eighties,when Malaysia was among the five emerging economic tigers,Indonesia was way lagging behind.Vietnam and worse still Myanmar was nowhere in sight.Now,Indonesia is in front of Malaysia,while Malaysia is on par with Vietnam and Myanmar.

    Go to you-tube and watch one of Indonesia's top country and western singers,Tantowi Yahya.Many of his shows are telecast live by TVRI.He mostly end his shows by saying "God Bless You".One of his fellow singers Baby Adis sang "Anyway" which included "God Is Great" many times in the song.Other Malay artists in the program have used words like "God" and "Lord".Yet no religious police went to raid TVRI or their homes.

    Up till the eighties,these would have been no big deal in Malaysia.Even eating dinners and drinking beers in Chinese kopitems would have been no problem.I have brought many Malay friends,some in the police force to nightclubs,and they drank liquor like thirsty horses.

    While race and religions have being brought up during election campaigns in the past,they stopped after the elections are over.But today,race and religion is an everyday affair or "hot potato".These all happened after Anwar joined Umno.Have anyone forgotten who put Malay headmasters in Chinese schools?Leading to Op's Lalang?And what happened to the standards of English and our education standards?And this guy is PM in waiting?Go figure.