Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Siapa Raja?

Unilaterally converting children into being Muslims is both robbing the cradle and one's erstwhile partner (spouse).

The great religion of Islam does not condone such shameful acts. Everything must be done in accordance with the rules Allah swt bestows upon us and not those of his mortal clerics.

The Malaysian government wants to stop unilateral conversion, to wit, basically forced conversions by stealth and kidnapping.

But the Perak Mufti, a man who once sent bullshit agitation (incitement) and then blamed his seditious act on a woman, wants the government to postpone legislation which will stop the shameful unilateral conversion.

Raja Sherina - scapegoat-ed 

Naturally some members of the public protested at the mufti's attempt at foot dragging, and preposterously the House Speaker asserted that those protesters can't and ought not do that.

The Speaker wants the public to keep their noses out of law making.

Doesn't the Speaker know the source of power of parliament comes from those people? Doesn't he know he owes his job to the public?

What an idiot?


  1. Of course,the speaker is an idiot.But,he has prove that he is more than an idiot.He is a moron.Which man needs to be told that a butt and pussy are miles apart?Of course,the speaker.

  2. When I was playing the ponies,back in the good old days,I remember a good racehorse by the name of Siapa Rajah.I think it was owned by the late Chong Kok Lim.

  3. Kaytee,are you on your yearly pilgrimage to the "hermit kingdom",or simply abducted as you were visiting friends and relatives in Malaysia?

  4. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/379365
    Najib: Opposition doesn't want Malays, Islam to develop

    Your buddy / paymaster Najib is shit-stirring using the Race/Religion Card , as usual...