Sunday, April 30, 2017

Questions on Selangor exco

It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.
- David Allan Coe

True political coalition in Malaysia very seldom survive, especially when the component or member parties have disparate political ideologies and aims like theocratic PAS and socialist-democratic DAP in Pakatan Rakyat (PR), while its 3rd and weakest member, PKR, is a typically sly camouflaged in-between, brazenly claiming on occasions it is multiracial but generally behaving like a ketuanan party when it suits its interests (see Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality?).

But then, PKR has been a splinter group of ketuanan UMNO, and as they say, the buah bangsat ... ooops I mean ... langsat doesn't fall far from the langsat tree.

Thus there could not have been any substantial foundation for PR or PH to ensure its cooperative health, working amity and political longevity.

And please don't point to Barisan Nasional (BN) as a true political coalition because its numero uno UMNO is the real and only party within while the rest have been mere sub-branches of UMNO, wakakaka.

BN exists since 1973 but only because UMNO has been riding roughshod over the other so-called coalition members like MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc. The latter exist as only yes-men (or yes-women), though from time to time UMNO allows each of them to cock-a-doodle-do for political survival.

Currently we see PAS and PKR behaving like wanton sluts, saying this and then saying that. Even PAS spiritual leader Hashim Jasin has not been above this, saying:

“If DAP, Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) or any party for that matter is prepared to adhere to our condition, there is no reason for us to refuse (to collaborate). We can give our cooperation, we are still open to it."

“The condition is that we must follow Islam, what Allah wants us to do (as caliphs)."

Caliphs? So PAS is emulating Mahathir in claiming (once again) Malaysia is an Islamic State. Read Lim Kit Siang's 929 & 617 Declarations in which Mahathir declared Malaysia as a fundamentalist Islamic State.

PAS' erstwhile dream of securing 60 plus federal seats, which it had haboured in the earlier halcyon days of PR, was contingent on the 30 to 35% Chinese support in each of those constituency but which it can now kiss goodbye. But it seems Pak Hashim Jasin still want to give that dream one last jolly good try. Who knows, Lim Kit Siang may bite, wakakaka.

All the above brings us to why PAS and PKR are now wanking each other's ding-a-ling, wakakaka.

PAS Youth and its corp of ulama want a clean separation from PKR but the older and more politically astute leadership know there's still something to be gained politically in a dodgy alliance with the kaki-buka-kang-kang party, apart from imbibing from the luscious gravy trough.

And indeed vice versa, which has been why PKR VP Shaharuddin Badaruddin, by attending the PAS muktamar recently, pulled the rug rudely from under Saifuddin Nasution's feet after the party sec-gen had demanded PAS ADUNs leave the exco in Selangor for PAS publicly announcing its intention to separate from PKR.

PAS bullshits it won't leave the exco because it must fulfil the rakyat's mandate in continuing to serve them, but hasn't PAS already betrayed the people's mandate for PAS to serve together with DAP and PKR? Hasn't its hubristic separation with DAP precisely a  non-fulfilment of and a betrayal of its 2013 election manifesto?

Hadn't your non support of Wan Azizah as MB to replace Khalid Ibrahim been exactly that too, when you refused to act cooperatively with the rest of PR?

So puhleeeze lah, PAS, don't talk cock with your double standard bullshit 'people's mandate'.

Mind, Saifuddin Nasution had preempted HRH Selangor's royal prerogative to sack exco members in calling for PAS exco members to f**k off, though traditionally the constitutional monarch would and should merely dhoby-mark the ruling government's political intention/policies.

As we learn: The role of the heads of state are largely ceremonial other than the power to appoint the chief minister or menteri besar (according to the state constitution) and to withhold consent to dissolve the state legislature. The heads of state are required by convention to give their approval or assent to every legislation passed by the state legislature.

But as RPK said, in Malaysia the Malay monarchs, because aware of their exalted sacred cow status among Malays, now have minds of their own and in recent years asserted themselves as an unheard-of unprecedented 4th branch of the government in each state, in addition to traditional 3 branches of the executive, legislative and judiciary.

under Mahathir 

To reiterate, there is no such thing as a 4th branch of a democratic government but in Malaysia there uniquely is, maybe not de jure but certainly de facto.

HRH Selangor's rejection of Wan Azizah as the PR anointed MB has been an example of his break with parliamentary convention.

I suspect this recent royal claw-back-to-power was under the leadership of a royal who sadly passed away not too long ago, and was probably a long-awaited fightback to the dictates of the erstwhile royal dentist (wakakaka) in de-fang-ing them. Only at times like this, we remember Mahathir's amazing bulldozing ways, wakakaka, in which he emulated the actions of Indira Gandhi in emasculating the maharajahs in India.

Anyway, let's get into the (halal) meat of it, where we have in the Selangor DUN the following composition of ADUNs from biggest to smallest number of ADUNs:

DAP - 15
PKR - 13
PAS - 13 (down from 15, wakakaka)
UMNO - 12
Amanah - 2
Independent - 1

Leaving out DAP's Hannah Yeoh as House Speaker, we then have 14 DAP, 13 PKR and 2 Amanah, giving us 29 ADUNs in the Assembly, a simple majority to form government.

PAS 13 plus UMNO 12 equals 25. which is still short of the 29 to form the Selangor government even if independent Khalid Ibrahim joins in. 

If Azmin Ali advises HRH to remove PAS from the exco, and assuming HRH okays that, PH can still rule. So why is Azmin still dragging his feet?

Is he worried HRH may ignore constitutional convention and say no?

Is he worried DAP may seize his MB position? Surely he is stupid to imagine so when we know that no Chinese or Indian can be MB of a Malay sultanate state.

There was a time when I had wet dreams that either or both HRH Selangor and Perak, being both educated modern rulers, would come in from the left field and  declare that all Selangoreans or Perakians are equal citizens of their respective states and therefore the State Constitution(s) would be amended to allow non-Malays to be MB.

And as Prof Bari once said, there is no necessity for the MB to be a Muslim to advise HRH on Islamic issues as HRH himself is the head of Islam in his own state where he already has a MAIS-type organization to advise him on such matters. Aiyah, alasan alasan saje!

Maybe kaytee has build a bridge too far for current times. But I believe that one day in the near future, it will probably be the state of Johor which will be the first in Peninsula Malaysia to have a non-Malay MB.

Then why is Azmin Ali hesitating in what would and should be a logical step to break cleanly with PAS?

Is it his strategic considerations? Perhaps Azmin believes PKR has more to gain in the long term from sleeping with PAS, but alas, he can only hope PAS will be as sluttish as he is.

If HRH calls for a new election, the biggest winner will be (wakakaka) MCA, Gerakan and perhaps even MIC, as they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Oh, let's not forget Pribumi, wakakaka.

But who will be the biggest loser in a new election in Selangor - DAP? PKR? PAS? UMNO?


  1. Well,first of all,we all know that Azmin is of no MB material.That was the reason he was thrown to the curbside by his maestro Anwar.And Khalid became the MB.It is by default that Azmin became MB.And he knows that.An unsecured man has no sense of directions and therefore cannot decide or made decisions.That is why Azmin if flipflopping from day to day,because he knows that his days are numbered.

    1. i know in the eyes of dap fanboy, only chinese can be capable mb, at least they know how to lower the no swimming pool property price wakaka.

      if wat dap could do with their 15 adun is to corner each pkr mb to survive on pas mercy, this only shown how stupid n naïve is dap.

  2. I agree that PAS is a theocratic party. But PAS has been upfront and consistent in its main mission i.e. to strengthen Islam in this country.

    If KT is right - if ALL the Nons in this country are against PAS, then despite the two having different ideologies, PAS and UMNO should forge a partnership for the sake of strengthening Islam in the country.

    In the likely event that most of the Malays/Muslims want Islam to be strengthened in this country, pray tell which party if not PAS and UMNO to move towards it?

    What reasons should the Malays/Muslims give for them to stay divided, weak, powerless, and to give the Nons the advantage of ruling this country?

    PAS can cooperate with UMNO/BN as this will be in accordance with PAS' Constitution which states that “Joining and cooperating with bodies, associations or organisations that are not inconsistent with the purpose or against PAS when it is necessary and appropriate and not conflicting with the national law.”

    For GE14, in Selangor, I can see that PR or PH, which KT rightly said that it does not have a strong foundation, is indeed already cracking. It will collapse in GE14.

    I can foresee UMNO and PAS will co-operate politically, and will form a coalition government in Selangor after GE14. Both UMNO and PAS have got solid foundations - Islam and Malays are not separable.

    1. 'PAS has been upfront and consistent in its main mission i.e. to strengthen Islam in this country'.

      takdak kerja lain hanya nak tambah hukuman.

    2. there are some people in this world who like to punish people kau kau, either for syiok-ness (we call them sadists) or for power domination

      I reckon the warden who beat Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gadaffi until the poor boy had to amputate both his legs and then died could be a sadist though to eb fair, police are still investigating the case. But what riles me even as we try to be fair and allow the police to do their work has been Madrasah Tahfiz Al-Jauhar (MTAJ) ardently defending that warden, a former convict, even before the police have completed their investigation.

      It reminds me of hasan defending the chess tournament director and blaming the 12-year old schoolgirl.

      Now, I have always suspected PAS for bullshitting right through their haji caps, such as Allah swt sending the floods to kelantan because Malaysians object to UUD335 but not sending the storm to Kedah to punish PAS kau kau.

      PAS like to tambah hukuman to intimidate the rakyat into obeying them without questioning the logic of the PAS bullying, a la JAWI hounding innocent Nik Raina.

      Allah swt will punish people who misuses his good Name to bully, oppress and exploit innocent people. Watch out PAS, you have already two warnings in Kelantan and Kedah (your Islamic brethren in Aceh had several)

    3. alquran is evergreen & this is one of the verses;

      Sahih International: So woe to those who write the "scripture" with their own hands, then say, "This is from Allah ," in order to exchange it for a small price. Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they earn. (AQ 2.79)

      in today's world, i wonder who those people are.

  3. umno (baru) still cannot makan the emperor's party i.e. parti pesaka bumiputera bersatu (pbb). sampai sekarang umno (baru) tak boleh masuk sarawak wor. siapa lagi power?