Wednesday, April 26, 2017

'One man, One vote, Once!'

I mentioned I have been reading Rehman Rashid's new book titled Peninsula: A story of Malaysia.

In one of his earlier chapters he wrote on how the Algerians once elected an Islamist government, but apparently whose motto must have been 'One man, One vote, Once!' wakakaka.

That's the reality behind any Islamist government, such as in Iran, where prior to its coming to power it will attempt to convince you to vote for it in a democratic process but where on its winning will see the end or death of that very democratic process.

That's what 'One man, One vote, Once!' means.

Thankfully for the Algerians, its military and secular-ish middle class (plus the repulsive behaviour of ill discipline Islamic younger set who disgusted Algerians with its brutal demand from shop owners for zakat a la gangster-like extortion) acts as a counter to Iranian-style Islamist dominance.

At home PAS is also an Islamist politic party with ambitions to become the ruling government where upon its victory in securing Putrajaya, either by itself or by insincere coalition efforts with naive but avaricious fools like PKR and once the DAP and perhaps in the future with Pribumi, I suspect it will dismiss further democratic process.

Islamist parties like PAS cannot countenance democratic process unless that process is necessary for it to gain majority rule. WTF man, it may lose in a democratic process in the way it can win through that disgusting 'One man, One vote' process, hence its likely preference for 'One man, One vote, Once!'.

Thus once it gains power, it will bring to fruition the very meaning of the sinister saying 'One man, One vote, Once!'.

That may be so with PAS, but what do you think of Mahathir and his new party (forget about his party, it's mainly, principally and effectively about HIM)?


  1. Kim II-sung, Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un, Lee Kuan Yew, Lee Hsien Loong..? One man, One vote, Once? No? It is every where lah.

    1. So lain org buat, ikut juga lah?

      Lee Kuan Yew, Lee Hsien Loong..?

      What a mind?

      The younger Lee has proven himself through & through. Thus his position IS well deserved.

      Yr maruah-less umno father/mother-to-son/daughter legacies many a time is a copy of hand-me-down ler.

      Memang tak tau memikir betulx2!!!

  2. But Azmin loves PAS.Just like groper Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin,Azmin and PAS are in the same situation.They are in a very serious relationship called "bromance".Just like Anwar,these guys might land themselves into jail for un-natural sex.You guys better believe it.

  3. 'what do you think of Mahathir and his new party (forget about his party, it's mainly, principally and effectively about HIM)?'

    Still a clouded mind after such a long hiastu!!!

    It's about getting 'done with' with yr idol ahjibgor ler for a stubborn old man's last few breath before facing his maker's judgement.

    Don't u think all yr other conspiracies about this mamak r just yr silo thinking inspired by the mamak's mischievous pasts?

    Yes, leopard will no change the spot but even in nature there is albino!

    At the end, removing the current bolihland pestilence caused by yr idol SHOULD be of up most priority.

    Then again, yr jumping-from-pan-into-fire theory IS again caused by that same silo thinking.

    Think out of the box lah.