Sunday, April 30, 2017

12-year old schoolgirl “seductive” and “a temptation"? For which sort of men?

And now a word from my Penang matey Anas Zubedy via The Star Online:

Taking to Twitter, moderation advocate Anas Zubedy urged the Government to do a check on the officer who found the girl’s outfit revealing and “see if he is fit to be around children”.

“It’s a serious situation when adults think of sex when the child is only 12 and wearing a non-revealing outfit,” Anas said.

He said the debate should not be about whether the girl’s outfit was revealing but whether such men should be allowed to be around children.

Anas has struck right at the core with first class priority, namely, whether such men, who think of sex when the child is only 12 and wearing a non-revealing outfit, should be allowed to be around children.

will she be safe in Malaysia? 

We want answers, not just an apology, as well as his disbarment from any activity involving lil' girls no matter at what angle far, far away he may view them as he had considered a 12-year old schoolgirl in a normal dress as “seductive” and “a temptation".


  1. This tournament tried very hard to follow other religious fakes to be a fucking religious fake.This sicko should be brought to the vet to have his tiny nuts neutered.He is more sick that the raper Donald Trump.

  2. Pedophile (potential) at large AND no one wants to say the WORD!

    Political correctness at play?

    Perhaps, more to do with certain faith that like to interpret child marriage as a religious doctrine?

    So many questions & interpretations, with wild arrows targeting NSEW except the bulleye!

    Sure syndrome of teloq-less!!!!

  3. “It’s a serious situation when adults think of sex when the child is only 12 and wearing a non-revealing outfit” ~ Anas Zubedy

    Common lah Anas.. I think you are thinking too much. Perhaps you are suffering from some kind of White Knight Syndrome?  Get your yourself a medical opinion please? Wakakaka..

    It was already 10.00pm. Of course the shops were already closed for mom to buy any slacks for her daughter.

    But I am just wondering - is her daughter going to wear the same dress/outfit for tomorrow's tournament?

    Moreover, are they not staying KL? Where was this MSSKL chess tournament held? Putrajaya?

    By the by, I think that 12 year old girl chess player had made a brilliant (winning) move by deciding not to continue to play chess in the tournament for the following day.

    A smart young and promising chess player indeed?

    Bravo coach Kaushal Kal? You have got national coach material man! I am sure you will break frontiers and steer our chess players to new heights.

    1. adoi, attacking the victim a la "she asked for it"?