Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The butler didn't do it, the MB did.

Though we have already known of it, the split within the PKR camp has been made obvious and official by the party president in the Malay Mail Online news titled Dr Wan Azizah: Olive branch to PAS from Azmin, not Pakatan which reported:

I'm the de jure boss; I'm the de facto boss
The Pakatan Harapan presidential council today denied extending an olive branch to PAS to join the opposition bloc.

PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said it was her deputy Datuk Seri Azmin Ali’s own initiative to reach out to PAS.

“It wasn't our invitation, it was the MB’s invitation,” she told reporters, referring to Azmin, who is also Selangor mentri besar.

She was responding to PAS vice-president Datuk Mohd Amar Abdullah, who had reportedly rejected Azmin’s offer to work with Pakatan Harapan and had in turn offered PKR to join the “third force” that was formed between PAS and Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia.

Azmin had in a recent statement called on PAS to join forces with PKR, DAP and Amanah, following the opposition’s poor performance in Sarawak, to “move forward to face GE14 as a team.”

Note her angry sarcasm in her statement that “It wasn't our [meaning PKR's] invitation, it was the MB’s invitation”. I think she has had enough of her deputy doing things without her consent or worse, her knowledge.

Well well well, we've heard of "The butler did it" and now we hear of "The MB did it." Wakakaka.

No one, not even Wan Azizah the reluctant politician likes being treated like a mushroom, being kept in the dark and fed with bullshit.

It would seem Azmin has been sidelining his party president Dr Wan Azizah by speaking out without consulting her or, in the recent Sarawak Pakatan seat agreement, insubordinately defying her word of honour as the president of PKR in an agreement with the DAP.

In a post last month titled Bad-Blood Brothers, I wrote:

Another Malaysiakini report tells us:

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali was alleged to have authorised Sarawak state chief Baru Bian to issue appointment letters to the candidates of the five contentious seats. This is according to a party source.

This was against the decision of party presidential council, which only authorised 35 candidates to stand in the May 7 state election.

This may see three-cornered fights in five state seats - Mambong, Simanggang, Ngemah, Murum and Mulu - where DAP will field candidates.

"Azmin gave the impression to the state PKR that he could push it at the central level to allow three-cornered fights with DAP in Sarawak," said the source.

He then claimed both Azmin and party vice-president Tian Chua instigated Sarawak PKR to take a hardline stand with the excuse that this would force the party and DAP to re-open negotiations. [...]

The source, however said the party president, who signed the appointment letter for 35 candidates, had turned down the request for three-cornered fights.

"The only one person authorised by the party to sign the appointment letters was Wan Azizah," said the PKR leader.

"She had dealt with the recent developments nicely, she had put her feet down and made it clear that she would honour what has been agreed," he said.

Now I wonder too about the rebellious intent of the PKR recalcitrant 5 in Penang?

We read the news about the intra-Pakatan sabotage in Sarawak that it had been BOTH Azmin and Tian Chua who had egged Baru Bian to contest in the 5 seats already allocated to DAP in a high level Pakatan pre-election agreement. This tells us that Tian Chua has taken sides with Azmin Ali.

But why should we be surprised by Tian Chua's allegiance as we know that he has been desperately fighting for his own as well as the PKR Chinese section's relevance in a Pakatan coalition since Anwar Ibrahim's de facto days. It's probable that suppressing the DAP's growth in Pakatan prominence would be one of his principal objectives - you know, the PKR's strategy of promoting itself and suppressing DAP, wakakaka.

Azmin Ali's wooing of PAS minus his president's knowledge is also not surprising as Zaid Ibrahim has recently warned DAP of Azmin being highly 'flexible', meaning he (Azmin) would happily lie down in bed a la menage a trois with both PAS and UMNO in a happy Malay Unity pact. Tian Chua can play 'MCA', wakakaka!

Now, we wait to see what lies ahead for PKR in its current internal schism.

But I have to say I fear for the gentle-mannered Dr Wan. I assess Azmin Ali and new henchman Tian Chua will eat her alive, even without sauce or sambal belacan.


  1. DAP leaders should ponder seriously whether they prefer to bed PAS or breakaway rebels from PAS,rather than the useless ass licking PKR.At least with PAS,we know that they are only obsessed with "hudud".And "hudud" law cannot be pass with just their whims and fancies.

    PKR is full of Umno clones and trojans.Backstabbing and sabotaging are their fortes.It is time for the DAP to show the PKR the revolving doors.

  2. God has a way of spoiling the best laid plans of men.
    The Sarawak state elections were orchestrated to be a triumph for Najib. Now events are directly leading to 2 potentially very difficult elections for BN/UMNO.

    In GE13, BN won Sungai Besar with a majority of 399 and Kuala Kangsar by 1,039 votes

    Leaving aside personalities for the moment, 3-cornered fights between BN, PAS and Aminah in the upcoming Buy-Elections in Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar would be disastrous.It would only benefit UMNO.

    It is clear that Aminah is facing a political dead-end. The actual number of paid-up members miniscule. The anticipated exodus of PAS members did not materialise.
    Maybe things will change if they have another year , but the elections have to be held in about 2 months.

    So, PAS, PKR and Aminah have some jaw-jaw to do.
    Azmin was right to reach out to PAS.

    They need to talk - and if DAP has nothing positive to contribute, they should shut up.

    1. PAS had significant support in those two constituencies in 2013 because of DAP-encouraged Chinese voters for PAS. Courtesy of a Mahathir-regime EC, the voters in those two constituencies each has 20+% Chinese. Are you so silly as to expect those Chinese to still support PAS? Yes, They may not support BN as well. So the mahjung tables will be laid out in numbers on polling day. Will PAS then win?

    2. and Azmin Ali is pampering to PAS because he fears for his own position as MB in Selangor

  3. I forget who was it who said a country has no permanent allies and no permanent enemies, only permanent interests.
    Similarly , political parties cannot afford permanent enemies or permanent allies for that matter.

    Time for them to talk.
    If the Sarawak election results are not sufficient to shake these parties out of the self-indulgent smugness, I don't know what will.

    The Chinese work very hard for their money, mainly for the benefit of the next generation.
    If the Chinese don't understand that Najib has saddled their children and grandchildren with 1MDB's multi-multi billion dollar liabilities, and still support Najib, they deserved to be fucked in the arse by UMNO/Najib.

    As I already said, Sarawak voters got the government they deserve....the Iban and Bidayuhs who have no access to electricity and running water I can understand their support for BN handouts, but the Chinese in the cities and towns supporting BN.....well I told those I know among them ,they must have water in their brains...

    1. I don't disagree with you on the kiasu attitude of some Sarawakian Chinese (soem because others still voted for DAP)

      apart from being seduced by Adnan's many promises, which I doubt will be fulfilled (even if Adenan has sincerity) because he has declared himself as a one-term CM, therefore effectively a political lame duck, the Sarawakian Chinese have been provincial in their dislike if not hatred for anyone Peninsula, and the DAP has been perceived as Peninsula. Thus Adenan played the right cards in appealing to th3ir dislike for perceived Peninsula parties, even if the DAP chapter of Sarawak has been and still is wholly local

      I've no sympathy for such provincial (territorial) Sarawakians when I think of peninsula-based soldiers and airmen who gave their lives and blood during the Indonesian Konfrontasi and Emergency for the security of Sarawak

  4. PKR leaders and members know who the Umno trojans and backstabbers are in their party.But they got no balls to do anything about it.So,they prefer to sit on their hands,warming their sad asses.That is the reason the PR self imploded.

    Wan Azizah got to show that she is the boss of PKR,and not just a puppet.She got to throw the traitor Azmin under the rolling steamroller.That is how people got rid of rats.

  5. It is a predictable vulnerability! Dr Wan Azizah is never known for her courageous intelligence and resistance to subordination or in opposing or correcting Azmin or Anwar himself. The place of a virtuous Islamic wife is at home, so that she would be eaten alive by snakes.