Sunday, May 29, 2016

Azmin Ali still under Anwar's shadow

Malaysiakini - Does Azmin have vision to unite Pakatan folk?

Comments by MKINI's readers (just extracts):

ZhuGeLiang: A good leader must be able to unite the party and put all differences aside to fight for a common goal - win the next general election (GE).

Not Azmin Ali, though. Based on his records, I find him to be divisive and is only interested in pursuing his own agendas.

My view is that he will destroy the opposition if he remains in charge. Ironically, despite all the criticisms, PM Najib Abdul Razak is a much better leader than Azmin as Umno is firmly behind him.

I don't see much hope for the opposition in the next GE. Instead of helping Pakatan Harapan, Azmin is causing a lot of damage to DAP with his continuous association with PAS.

Don't Worry Be Happy: To step into Anwar's shoe, Azmin still has a lot of miles to fly and most importantly, needs to have his head 'transplanted' with an angelic brain.

Sorry Azmin, you are simply not ready and unsuitable.

The Analyser: The question should really be - can Azmin's philosophy replace Anwar's philosophy? And the answer is highly unlikely because Azmin has no philosophy nor apparently does PKR.

One could even say that Anwar's philosophy was not too wonderful, but to replace it with nothing is worse.

Azmin might well be aggressive and highly ambitious, but is that what Malaysia needs in a leader?

I would rather have a man who left his hormones at home and able to show some sort of insight into the problems of Malaysia, how to solve them and with some vision for the future.

Azmin's time in Selangor has hardly been a bright light in the Malaysian political scene.

Then over at M2Day, there was a completely different article (to above comments) by Umar Mukhtar who dismissed UMNO, PAS, DAP as jokes and wrote that PKR is the sole party to rescue future Malaysians. It was not a bad article in its entirety (the parts on UMNO, PAS and DAP) but I have enormous reservations, nay, total disagreement on his take on PKR and Azmin.

Now, especially with Azmin as its current de facto head (PKR loves de factos, wakakaka) I believe Umar Mukhtar's assertions on Azmin and PKR would have to be deemed as humongous jokes, for a start.

Then Umar wrote: "This is because PKR is a party of the future Malaysia. That was why it was founded. Not because of Anwar was being persecuted by a megalomaniac, it was just sequential to it. Anwar later hijacked it as his personal political vehicle" is patently incorrect, very very incorrect.

The raison d'etre of PKR or of its predecessor KeADILan has always been the freeing of Anwar Ibrahim from incarceration, full stop.

But I grant that many in the party including Anwar himself (only after he was freed by AAB) picked up the idea of an alternative coalition to get Anwar into the PM's seat without involving UMNO (ie. without Anwar getting back into the leadership echelon of UMNO), but this alternative conception arose very much later, indeed much much later after the formation of the party.

But nonetheless, PKR or KeADILan had in its start been a single-purpose party, namely, to free Anwar from jail.

Azmin's lack of vision and lack of big-picture leadership have been why the party is now floundering the moment Anwar has been incarcerated, and this time virtually-totally out of action for Anwar in the last effective phase of his political career.

Alas, Azmin just doesn't have the big-picture vision to be the leader, one as a future potential PM.

Azmin may be the consummate cunning crafty politician willing to sleep with enemies to get his political aims achieved but he has a weakness, a humongous fatal one.

Azmin is unlike Anwar who keeps a steady eye on the big picture of becoming PM regardless of whether it's DAP, PAS or PKR which provides the main thrust for his elevation into the high seat in Putrajaya. Anwar wouldn't care whether, as a hypothetical example, DAP won 70 seats to PAS's 30 and PKR's 13 to put him into Putrajaya.

But Azmin lacks that vision and graciousness of his former mentor and leader, wanting not only to be PM but also (and this is precisely his fatal weakness which put him at odds with DAP, PAS, Amanah, SNAP, whoever) to be head of the largest component party, namely PKR, in whatever coalition he will be part of.

Hence we witnessed his habits of preemptively seizing seats from his supposed allies (PKR announced it would contest in 40 of Sarawak's state seats, with 15 being non-negotiable to any Pakatan member), sabotaging them (PKR contested in 5 Sarawak state seats already allocated to DAP by Pakatan) in what we would termed as his 'promote PKR and suppress DAP' strategy.

He is so very jealous of DAP that this must have consumed him daily, and if a Pakatan were to be able to send him as putative leader to Putrajaya, he would have wanted the winning composition of Pakatan to be one of, say, PKR having 70 seats, DAP 20, PAS or Amanah 23.

Only UMNO can provide him the ketuanan forum to fulfil his pathetic pitiful piffling petty pendek-ish dwarfish vision, but alas, there are more than a few obstacles for him to becoming President of UMNO, wakakaka, though Mahathir might have some plans for him in this regard.

As a MKINI commentator wrote: Azmin needs to have his head 'transplanted' with an angelic brain because he currently has a nasty, mean-spirited and very ungenerous one, unlike Anwar who strangely enough or perhaps because of his big-picture vision the incarcerated PKR leader did have when he was leading Pakatan Rakyat.


  1. About one and a half years before GE13,I commented in many opposition blogs that Anwar should take his blue eyed boy,Azmin,and migrate to Zimbabwe permanently,for the opposition to win GE13.

    Many people who watch the local political scene,with an iota of some brains should have figured it out,that these bapak anak couple are screw ups.Whenever there is a glimpse of life in the opposition corner,either one of this pair will come up with their theatrics and fuck everything up.No politicians are that stupid,unless they have other objectives.Trojans all along this years?Go figure.

  2. Sir

    I think his philosophy goes like this- I get the fu*ks,the money and I dont need to be the boss. The question for Pkr to be around tomolow is no6t for me to think about.


    khong khek khuat



    I am not mark Anthony. I dont need to ask-

    To be or not to be

    Mine is to check A/c balance daily and get the next fu*k?

  3. "PM Najib Abdul Razak is a much better leader than Azmin as Umno is firmly behind him" - one of the imbeciles you quoted.

    Najib has firm UMNO support because Cash is King in UMNO, and Najib has Megatons of Illicit Cash from his hat..

    I don't like Azmin's moves these days, but I have to say he is not even 10% as bad as the Mega Billion Dollar Personal Bank Account Man.

    The fraudulent transactions related to 1MDB have 2 bankers charged and facing trial in Singapore, one of them held without bail because he already tried to suborn a witness to lie on his behalf. BSI Bank's Singapore operations have been ordered to be shut down. Several former BSI senior officers have been fired from their new jobs.

    Switzerland has ordered BSI Bank to be sold off to new owners, and the existing top management must be out within 3 months. Criminal charges to follow.

    Meanwhile Malaysia pretend Dunno...."no crimes committed"..."no further action"...

    All roads lead to the Billion Dollar Personal Bank Account Man.

    1. The Swiss Government banking regulators' administrative punishment of BSI bank for its collusion in the 1MDB fraud is especially severe.

      BSI Bank is a very profitable bank. The 1MDB money-laundering transactions alone apparently generated hundreds of millions of dollars in profit for them.

      If the BSI owners put the bank up for sale in a normal voluntary offer, they could have negotiated a very high price for the Bank. Unfortunately for them, they are now faced with a Regulator-enforced sale, with a fixed deadline.
      They are likely only going to get very low Fire-Sale type of prices from selling this very profitable bank.
      And the existing BSI owners and management are barred from any future role in the bank whatsoever. Basically fired by the Swiss government, and they must sell out 100% of their holding.

      Amazingly, the Malaysian Government still carries on pretending absolutely nothing wrong was done by 1MDB, only acknowledging some business "weaknesses".

      Amazing Bullshit.

      Yes, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.


    Ridhuan Tee is/ was an MCA member.......complete with membership card woi...
    what other surprise are hidden , waiting to be sprung ?

    Perhaps Ktemoc may turn out to be a PKR member ? Or maybe MIC ?... wakakakakaka...

    1. how did he ever become a member of MCA when he was known to say in his news column "Kita Melayu ..."?

    2. Tee Chuan Seng reportedly joined MCA years ago.
      In those days he was a BN-supporter , but had not yet become a "Melayu keyboard warrior".

      He morphed into that quite a number of years later.

  5. The sapu teksi and leg spreading party,PKR,had it's members screwing each others asses.Soon,eventually it will self implode.