Thursday, May 26, 2016

Azmin Ali - Pakatan's saviour or problem?

In an article Has Pakatan Harapan lost its self-belief? by Hare Kari, Agenda Daily, as obtained from RPK's blog (post is Azmin to be brought down before 2018) I left a comment saying:

The best sentence in Hare Kare's article above is:

"Azmin like Hadi is a classic example of a charlatan politician who runs with the hare and hound to serve their own bigoted political self-interests at the expense of their respective parties and the rakyat"

... though the idiom applicable to Azmin Ali should correctly be "... runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds", but Hare Kari's article is not completely without merits as that sentence encapsulates the problem of Pakatan Rakyat as well as Pakatan Harapan, namely, an Azmin Ali who so wants to be this (MB) and that (PM) that while he is already married to DAP and Amanah, he still woos PAS and is likely to flirt with UMNO (via Mahathir).

But it's okay as a Muslim can legally marry 4, wakakaka.

Of late, I view with great regret and particular disgust an Azmin Ali virtually destroying Pakatan Harapan (PH) by a number of unilateral decisions/actions, but which in reality are not new to PKR's character under Azmin Ali.

Indeed, prior to recent events I had also written about PKR making media statements as if those policy statements or seat allocations were determined by Pakatan after consultations among its members, but which were actually unilaterally announced (by PKR), sort of preemptive strikes (by stealth, sneakiness and shameless slyness), and which would invariably invoke parties like DAP to scream "WTF" the next morning when they read of PKR's unilateral decisions in the newspaper, wakakaka.

Note the following PKR recent unilateral decisions:

  • Despite the pompous fanfare about PH having drawn out a consultative agreement where no single party makes unilateral announcement to the surprise and shock of the other coalition members, PKR nonetheless went ahead to announce in Sarawak well ahead of the state elections that it would be contesting in 40 seats, in which 15 seats were NOT negotiable. Not negotiable by a member of a so-called coalition virtually meant 'suck my dick and like it or f**k off.'
  • He woos PAS by himself, inviting the Islamic Party to be part of PH, even knowing his Pakatan Harapan (PH) partners are hostile to PAS, and vice versa in what can be said to be in a currently irreversible state of enmity 
  • Though Baru Bian sent 5 PKR candidates to stand in seats in the Sarawak state elections already allocated to the DAP by PH's top leadership, it was said Azmin Ali was the decision maker, or at least the provocateur of Baru Bian's decision
  • He made promises to PAS, such as for PAS to stand back from the Sg Besar by-election to make way for PKR, with a quid pro quo promise to PAS of PH not standing in Sabak Bernam in GE-14 to make way for PAS. Wow, just who the f**k was he to unilaterally give Sabak Bernam away to PAS?
  • etc etc etc

Today RPK has a new post titled Azmin Ali's Triple-A rating. Please read it yourself and decide on its plausibility, but essentially RPK reminds us of the warning he gave more than 15 months back. The following are extracts from his new post to rekindle in our minds what he had told us before:

Malaysia Today was implying (or maybe even alleging) that Azmin had sold out Anwar and was attempting to replace Anwar with Mahathir as the new de facto Opposition Leader. But that would never happen because Azmin would bend over backwards for Anwar if need be (figure of speech of course and not literally) — or so they thought.

Today, that assumption has changed. And it changed not because Malaysia Today revealed 15 months ago about what Azmin discussed with Mahathir in London. It changed because Azmin himself has proven that Mahathir and not Anwar is his boss.

But then Azmin cannot help himself. That was the promise Azmin made to be able to become the Selangor Menteri Besar — that he would dump Anwar and not serve Anwar any longer. But whom did Azmin make this promise to? To who did Azmin promise that if he were appointed the Selangor Menteri Besar he would no longer serve Anwar or pledge loyalty to Anwar but would dump Anwar?

Yes, a most interesting question, don’t you think so? And I am sure some of you already suspect who that person is. Nevertheless, I am not going to mention his name just yet although I cannot promise you that some time in the future I will reveal who that person is. Suffice to say that Azmin got the job as Selangor Menteri Besar on the agreement that he must turn his back on Anwar.

And Azmin delivered his promise, although only 18 months later, by ousting Anwar as the de facto Opposition Leader and by not getting Mahathir to agree to a pardon for Anwar and by supporting Mahathir as the new de facto Opposition Leader to replace Anwar.

Anwar plus his four political strategists in the photograph above now know that Azmin has sold them out.

In short, without resorting to adverse descriptions such Et tu Azmin!, backstabbing, sellout, coup d'etat in PKR, etc, RPK is saying that Azmin has cleverly deposed of Anwar from the PKR No 1 leadership post, de facto of course, and even gaining the MB position in Selangor as part of his power grab.

I left a comment at one of RPK's posts but can't remember which. Essentially I commented on Azmin Ali's appointment to the Selangor MB post as follows (words to the effect):

Does anyone imagine for an instant that Azmin wasn't involved in the manoeuvrings behind the scene to undermine Wan Azizah from being appointed MB and by default to promote his own suitability.

Does anyone imagine for an instant that when Azmin was summoned before HRH and informed he was approved by HRH as the new MB to replace Khalid Ibrahim, poor innocent naive and clueless Azmin would gape at HRH with wide open eyes and utter surprise, and then stutter: "Paaaateeeeek Tuanku? Ampun Tuanku, patek sangat terkejut. Menjunjung Tuanku, Ampun Tuanku. Dirgahayu Tuanku, Ampun Tuanku".


Anyway, I'll leave it at that, and see what Rafizi Ramli will do next instead of beating around the PKR bush about corruption in PKR Selangor involving 'money & women', that is, if he has the balls like the state DAP who not only sacked Loh Chee Heng, their own ADUN in Selangor, for misuse of public funds allocated to his constituency of Teluk Datuk, Banting but also reported his misdeeds to MACC.

Then, where relevant only, I'll blog another post if I am able to detect links between Rafizi's recent noisy shouts about the above-mention issue of corruption involving 'money & women' and the current PKR internal power struggles, wakakaka.

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  1. Wakil2 rakyat & juga bekas2 bergaduh kerana ingin berbakti kepada rakyat. Bravo!

  2. I have fought my share of conflicts and territorial battles in my past...

    If we leave aside political value judgements for the moment, I can actually sympathise with the PAS position.
    From their viewpoint, I've been contesting elections in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar for the last 59 years. There have been good years and bad years, never winning, good years just being a matter of narrowing the loss to BN.
    Now a less-than 1 year-old newbie wants to elbow their way in, and telling me to stay out.

    My response would be "Fuck You, this is my turf", and it is perfectly understandable.

    My prediction BN will easily win Kuala Kangsar, win with a bigger majority than 2013 in Sungai Besar.
    PAS will lose Chinese votes, but will retain its core support.
    Amanah will lose its deposit.

    A lot of Chinese will vote BN this time.

    Mind you, this is not Penang or Klang Valley, where most Chinese are very Hard-Core Pro-DAP.
    Small-town Malaysia is a very different world from Georgetown, Kuala Lumpur or Subang Jaya. Those of who you who have spouses from the "other side" , either city guy and small-town girl, or the other way round, will know how attitudes, habits, values and viewpoints can be very different.

    Historically, they are very comfortable with MCA. The Chinese flirted with DAP and PAS in 2013, and many now feel it is time to get back to "normal".

  3. My advice to the Chinese in Kuala Kangsar and Sungai Besar to stay at home and play Mahjong or Hand-phone games on June 18.

    BN - don't forget the 1MDB Mega billions are still missing, repayment guaranteed by you and your descendants.
    Unlike the Sarawak elections, remember this one is for Parliament.

    PAS is basically just a BN-friendly party nowadays.

    Aminah - can't even get into 1st gear.

    PKR - Azmin is in a hurry to be PM, by whatever means and arrangements necessary.

    DAP - Lim Guan Eng is looking more and more slippery these days.

    The Mahjong table looks very inviting....