Monday, February 29, 2016

Another Malaysian father-in-law story

TMI - After fallout with DAP, wooing Chinese voters near impossible for PAS, says analyst

As-salamu alaykum, I'm Ah Beng

PAS leaders were busy during the recent Lunar New Year joining in the celebrations with Chinese locals, with party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang tossing yee sang in Perak, while one leader in Selangor dressed up as a Chinese deity and Johor leaders wore red.

The Islamist party was engaging directly with non-Muslims, especially the Chinese, in order to shore up its voter base ahead of the next general election, said a political analyst.

Mohamad Hisomuddin Bakar 
[the executive director of independent think tank Ilham Centre] believed that PAS had realised that the Chinese vote was the reason it won many of the seats contested in the past two elections in 2008 and 2013.

Two corrections to above extract from TMI, to wit:

(a) as I had posted in my blog and written to Malaysiakini which published my letter as an article titled 'Chinese deity' costume saga: Emperor booby-trapped? the costume donned by Mohd Khairuddin Othman of PAS, the state assemblyperson for Paya Jaras, Selangor, was NOT that of a Chinese deity, but merely a period costume for Chinese emperors of yore, and

(b) the statement '... PAS had realised that the Chinese vote was the reason it won many of the seats contested in the past two elections in 2008 and 2013' would in my opinion be grammatically incorrect.

Instead of saying 'had realised' it should more correctly be 'HAS realised', wakakaka, because that realisation is only recent.

If PAS 'had realised' the full extent of Chinese support for the Islamic Party in the last two general (and state) elections, it wouldn't have been so arrogant in its ferocious push for hudud which frankly, justified or not, frightened the shits out of the non-Muslim Chinese, who I would say constitute 99.9999% of the Chinese community, wakakaka.

As-salamu alaykum, I'm Ah Seng 

And that could have been why the former Erdogens in PAS, the non-ulama, realizing the party's ulama's politically impetuous or arrogant self-destructing policy declaration, have had a fierce disagreement with the party clerics, resulting in their split and the formation of a new Islamic Party, PAN or Amanah.

The political reality of the split is it has had nothing to do with any DAP scheming or manoeuvring, much as anti-DAP forces have been propounding, but the PAS-Erdogens'-now-Amanah's political survival and expansion.

Now that GE-14 is approaching, PAS (minus its Erdogens) 'has realised', yes, finally realised its political faux pas in scaring away its erstwhile Chinese supporters.

The stats by IIham has in turn been frightening for PAS. IIham stated that with Chinese support principally for Pakatan Rakyat (and with PAS benefitting from/by association with that now-dead coalition):

  • Chinese vote for PAS increased from 59.3% in the 2008 general election to 73.4% in the 13th general election, mainly because of the community's support for Pakatan Rakyat
  • eg. in the Bukit Gantang parliamentary constituency in Perak, where PAS lost to Umno's candidate in 10 ballot boxes used by Malay voters, strong support from the Chinese through just three boxes helped PAS to victory there
  • same scenario played out in Selangor. The Chinese votes for PAS increased rose from 42.9% in the 2008 polls to 70.2% in the 2013 polls
  • that allowed PAS to increase its state seats from 8 to 15 in the Selangor legislative assembly. PAS was also able to maintain the Kota Raja, Hulu Langat, Sepang and Shah Alam parliamentary seats in Selangor because of the Chinese

Let's review the above first dot-point, which is Chinese vote for PAS increasing from 59.3% in GE-12 to 73.4% in GE-13.

wonder what was it, namely Chinese support for PAS in GE-11 in 2004?

Recall how AAB won by a humongous landslide which if I may remind everyone was chiefly due to Chinese support from their relief and ecstasy over an exit-ing Mahathir, wakakaka.

It was reported that the BN under AAB won 198 parliamentary seats to the combined opposition parties' 20 seats, with one independent. That was why it was considered a landslide.

In fact it was the largest majority that BN had achieved since the 1978 elections (Mahathir, eat your heart out, wakakaka). In detail, UMNO won 109 seats, a gain of 32, MCA won 31 seats, a gain of two, and MIC won nine seats, a gain of two, all without the presence (phew) of the wannabe emperor, wakakaka.

And guess who brought BN down to less than 2/3 majority in 2008? Wakakaka, and he'll do it again in GE-14. Pakatan should therefore pray to Allah (swt), Jehovah and Jesus, Buddha and Kuanyin, Thnee Kong, Lord Krishna-Siva-Brahma, and all deities for his long life ;-)

By the by, in 2004 PAS retained only 7 of its 27 parliamentary seats, yes, losing a humongous and very painful 20 federal seats.

PAS' state losses were Terengganu state, 17 seats in Kelantan (though still holding a slim majority of 24 there), 7 seats in Kedah, 2 seats in Perlis.

It had then held no seat in Selangor.

Anyway, so Pak Haji Hadi, now realising the Chinese may have some use afterall, wakakaka, had even tossed the yee sang but only after he had tossed the Erdogens out of PAS, wakakaka.

Besides, political analysts have informed us on a number of occasions that around 60 or more parliamentary seats have mixed constituencies that Mahathir had liked in his PM-days, where the Chinese voters could hold the balance in their election outcomes, wakakaka (thanks to the EC).

PAS had (has? wakakaka) been eyeing these constituencies for a fair while as they could well be the key to federal majority rule. Maybe that had (probably) been the Erdogens' argument to belay the hudud push and maybe now Amanah will inherit that aspiration.

a tip on yee sang tossing, datuk
don't want for someone to show you the gangnam style 

Hey hey, recently PAS informed Chinese that Pak Haji's daughter-in-law is a Chinese (or at least was until she converted into a Muslim-Malay like 'kita Melayu' RTA, wakakaka).

The honorific for father-in-law in Penang Hokkien is 'Ng-Knwa' (for a d-i-l, whilst for a s-i-l it's 'Tneo-Lang'), but will the erstwhile Chinese support of 74.3% (in GE-13) return to 'Ng-Knwa' and his PAS?

But alas, being a spoilsport of sorts, kaytee has to remind everyone that on 22 January this year
 the Pak Haji, so-called esteemed Islamic leader and touted 'Ng-Knwa', wakakaka, had flabbergasted everyone (except his PAS minions) by saying, as reported by FMT, DAP and Singapore support TPPA as ”Chinese control trade”.

Gasp gulp omigosh, the Chinese control trade? They support TPPA? I thought it was UMNO which wants the TPPA?

FMT reported: In a three-minute video posted on his Facebook today, Hadi accused DAP and Singapore of supporting the trade pact because a single race dominates commerce.

“DAP agrees to it, Singapore agrees to it. Why? Because the Chinese control trade in Malaysia.”

[kt comment: actually DAP agreeing to the TPPA is pure grade bullshit. Penang DCM II Dr Ramasamy had said: "The DAP has made it clear on many occasions that it would oppose the TPPA because of its negative implications on the people."]

He urged PAS’ party members to come out in support of tomorrow’s anti-TPPA rally. “It is the Bumiputeras who are tired of the TPPA.”

For more, see my post Hadi Awang - his true character.

Aiyah, never mind lah as he's a 'Ng-Knwa' wakakaka.

As-salamu alaykum, I'm Ah Sai 

But more interestingly, will the 70.2% Chinese support for PAS in Selangor (in 2013) be maintained to allow the party to hold on to its 15 state seats?

You be the judge! Azmin Ali already has, wakakaka!

dei azmin cucu, beri 'tok ruang sikit didepan 


  1. When the Aminah team split from PAS they didn't have a sou.
    Poorer than a churchmouse.
    Not surprising, because PAS itself is not a rich party, dependent on small trickles of ordinary public support (no big time "donors" like Najib and his "Arabs" and DAP with their Developer Towkays).

    Aminah had no funds whatsoever to organise talks, roadshows etc. Guess who provided "seed money" ? DAP.

    What else was discussed and agreed upon behind closed doors between Aminah and DAP ? Its anybody's guess, but there is a deep mistrust for Aminah among the Malays, that will not go away until they can demonstrate independence from DAP.

    1. even if DAP had provided funds to assist Amanah it doesn't mean DAP was responsible for the split. The Erdogens knew/know that to be more than a provincial political party they need to embrace all Malaysians, not just Malay-Muslims, and in doing so, consider their hopes and fears.

  2. Kind of disrespectful of Ktemoc to dub the either Lion or the Lion Dancer Ah Sai ,is it not ?

    In Hokkien it means Ah Shit.

    Nowadays, Ah Sai is on the Registration Department list of forbidden baby names unless the parents can show it is really not meant to be what it sounds like.

    1. Monster, obviously you have not the slightest clue at all about Penang Hokkien or you'd have known what 'sai' means. Because of our ignorance you all-too-readily-&-too-eagerly took it to mean shit (sai in 4th tone).

      By expressing your opinion on a subject which you have no knowledge on, you have been the one to show gross disrespect

    2. Ktemoc is the one who is either disrespectful or ignoramus.

      Chinese Lion 狮 . Pinyin is shī.
      Correct Hokkien pronunciation is Sha'i, Not Sai.
      The 'h' is not stressed but NOT silent.

      Ah Sai means Ah Shit.

    3. Monster, stop trying to wriggle out of your mistake by more bullshitting, wakakaka

  3. Was the Yee Sang tossing the Hadi partook in Halal ?

    My colleague, frankly said of the Yee Sang when we explained we couldn't be sure it was Halal, "As long as No Pork, I'm OK". The guy works as a Sales Manager, often has meals with Chinese clients, so its difficult to be too picky about "Halal" ness.

    But I'm sure Hadi should have stricter standards...

    Making sure No-pork is easy, but Yee Sang has such a complex variety of ingredients, I bet it is not easy for anyone to ensure it is Halal....

    Maybe, like Bill Clinton, who smoked marijuana, but did not inhale, Hadi Tossed the Yee Sang, but did not swallow.....kakakakaka.

  4. KT tak habis2 dengan dia punya hudud. di malaysia DAH LAMA DAH ada hudud.

    1. ni bukan ai tak habis dengan isu hudud tetapi hakikat sejarah politik & polisi PAS

    2. be fair la anhea. kenapa tak hentam dap kerana tak mau hudud. bukankah ini juga sejarah politik & polisi dap?
      bila orang bukan islam minum arak atau lelaki & perempuan berdua2an kena tangkap di malaysia?

    3. kalau rakyat Malaysia 100% beragama Islam, memang wajarlah untuk hudud menjadi sebahagian sistem undang2 negara ini

      tetapi seperti yg diketahui, ada bahagian rakyat yg beragama bukan Islam. Justru ini, hudud bukan sesuai untuk mereka bahkan nilai2 sosial-agama mereka berlainan dari yg diajar olih Islam - contoh - minum arak, khalwat, aurat, makanan halal dsb-nya. Bagaimana pula pihak kuasa (mahkamah syariah) akan memutus atau mengambil tindakan dengan kes khalwat yg melibat seorang muslim dengan pasangan yg bukan?

      Kebetulan undang2 negera kita bersekular. Maka, adalah wajarnya yg bukan beragama Islam hendak teruskan dengan hanya undang2 ini. Inilah sebenarnya yg menyebab DAP maupun MCA, MIC, Gerakan tidak menyokong pelaksanaan hudud.

      maaf taraf bahasa saya yg tidak fasih, wakakaka

    4. i dun think chinese would reject pas bec of hudud, more likely due to hadi flirting with najib umno, in fact not flirting, anyone can see how hadi wan to be part of najib umno. hadi now spin n twist better than anwar n lge.

      but i think dap might suffer the same fate, dap win not on chinese vote alone.

    5. as hadi has said... putrajaya is not a priority.. that statement has got all pas members support and Allah's blessing. the chinese they don't want islam.. they want putrajaya by hook or crook.. they will use pkr and amanah and tdm and any tom dick and harry to get there.. but of course that is chinese la.. every malay knows that.

    6. the real truth is that chinese just want their 3 bowls of rice without harassment, interference or intimidation. by suggesting they are power crazy (when virtually every chinese knows that no chinese can ever dream or hope of becoming PM, DPM, Finance Minister, Home and Defence Ministers) you've perpetrated another adverse myth against the chinese, the punching bag for unmoputras.

      in the past the evil myth had been that ALL chinese were all communists, either openly or undercover, or potential cadres

      here's a previous post of mine which tells the true story of another myth about Chinese Malaysians and how the umnoputras villified them -

    7. You maybe right KT. In GE14, if PAS just focus on Kelantan and ask its members NOT to vote in other states, you don't underestimate the "old stock" Malays/UMNO and the "old stock" Chinese and Indians (MCA/MIC), and also Wanita UMNO. BN will get back Selangor and 55:45 chances in favour of BN for Penang.

    8. my estimate: BN's chances (if in collaboration with PAS, and PKR still allied with DAP & Amanah) will be 35:65

      if in collaboration with PAS and PKR vs DAP and Amanah 45:55

      In Penang BN's chances against DAP and PKR & Amanah 20:80 (no hoper)

      if BN + PKR vs DAP + Amanah 40:60 (quite safe for DAP and Amanah)

      I'm basing my assessment on MCA and Gerakan and MIC being all ineffectual

    9. addendum - 1st set of assessment is for Selangor

  5. I was curious that Najib and his lawyers did not file a lawsuit against the WSJ.Even if they went to court and lost,it will still gave some face to Jibby and his team.

    I did some checking.Under the freedom of press act in the US,the anti libel laws says that the media cannot be sued,even if they know that what they print is not true.That is the reason the US of A is known as the land of the free.Go figure.

    The only way Najib can win if he sues the WSJ in courts outside the US.The main problem is what can compel the WSJ to show up,if the case is held outside the US.Go figure again.

    1. True and Not True.

      It is true that newspapers have strong constitutional protections in the US. To win a libel case you would have to prove deliberate malice i.e. the information is false , and the newspaper knew it was false, yet deliberately published the news.

      If the information is false , but they can argue they published it originally in the belief it is true, they get away with it. "Fair comment" applies especially to public figures, and Najib is certainly one.

      There is real benefit for Najib to sue WSJ , even if the chances of winning any damages is very slim.

      For the benefit of Najib's public reputation, it is to show that what WSJ published is false, or without substantiation.

      Not suing WSJ implies Najib knows that what they published is true, or large parts of it are true.

      Najib has no idea just how much or how little real evidence WSJ actually holds. That is the poker game that is being plaid by both sides.

      If Najib is really innocent, such calculations should be irrelevant.
      You are innocent of all the accusations , right ?
      What WSJ published is untrue , right ?
      What else is there to calculate and recalculate?
      Sue the pants off WSJ !

      "Berani Kerana Benar" is a very strongly principle here.
      "Takut Kerana Salah" is its mirror image.

    2. 'Under the freedom of press act in the US,the anti libel laws says that the media cannot be sued'

      very true but when critics of najib asked 'bila dia mau saman wsj', there was no response nor explanation given.

    3. my response to yours 7.53pm feb 29 as follows;

      1. bahasa (language) adalah alat komunikasi. masalah tidak akan timbul sekiranya kita memahami antara satu sama lain melainkan communication breakdown.

      2. below is an excerpt from the fed. constitution wrt hudud;
      State Islamic laws and Syariah courts
      State Syariah Courts' jurisdiction for Islamic offences
      States have legislative power over Islamic matters listed in item 1 of the State List which amongst other things includes the power to:

      make Islamic laws and personal and family law of Muslims. create and punish offences against precepts of Islam ("Islamic offences") which are committed by Muslims, EXCEPT IN REGARD TO CRIMINAL LAW and other matters which fall under the Federal list.
      create Syariah courts with jurisdiction over:
      Muslims only,,,,so, a) no issue with 100% muslim population b) an offense such as minum arak which is not a crime under the federal law has become one under the hudud. in the case of khalwat where the partner is a non-muslim, he or she is bebas. (non-muslims tak pernah bising pun) c) masalah sekarang ialah apabila mencuri (already a crime against the state) hendak digubal kedalam undang2 hudud dimana jika disabitkan kesalahan, tangan pesalah akan dipotong. hukuman ini melangkaui (exceeding) kuasa yg diberi kepada mahkamah syariah i.e. max 3-year jail term, max rm5,000 fine & max 6 whips dan juga bertentangan dengan article 8 on equality. orang islam mencuri akan hilang tangan manakala bukan islam tangannya remains intact.

      3. if you asked me about exsiting hudud offenses, i would say they should be repealed for they (offenses and punishments) are not prescribed in alquran and stick to family law is the best.

      4. yes, malaysia ia a secular (capitalist) state.

      5. islam, hudud, allah & what have you have become political parties' toys. they like to play2. the rakyat are still trying to survive.

    4. In 13th Century Europe, there was no such thing as a secular state. The Church was the State.
      There was no such thing as secular thought. To argue on reason separate from Christian faith was blasphemy, punishable by death.

      The growth of European science and technology required the separation of faith and reason, the separation of Religion from government.
      The greatest thinker who laid that foundation was Saint Thomas Aquinas.

      He was a theologian , not a scientist, yet his philosophical contribution to the growth of modern science was immense.

      Ironically, his strongest influence on this subject came from Islam, a Muslim Abū al-Walīd Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad ibn Muḥammad ibn Rushd or Averroes.

      Averroes promoted the existence of philosophy and reason, separate from Religion

      What an irony.
      The Europeans learnt from Islam the separation of Religion and Government, the separation of faith and reason.

      Today it is often Muslims who condemn the separation of Religion and Government, the separation of Faith from Secular Knowledge.

  6. Interesting that DAP has gone completely silent on the latest developments with Zaid Ibrahim, Mahathir, Muhyiddin, PKR, Amanah trying to sort out a common movement to oppose Najib.

    Looks like both DAP and PAS will boycott the March 27 meeting, for different reasons.
    PAS Hadi because he is continuing to cozy up to Najib.
    DAP, who knows why ?

    1. I read a day or two ago that Anthony Loke said that Muhyiddin and Mahathir were NATO (no action talk only) and thus it would be pointless for DAP to join in Mahathir's protest rally - interpreting that, I woudl say Loke meant that even if the rally succeeds in ousting Najib, Mahathir & his group taking over are unlikely to change the status quo for UMNO's rule when it'll be "UMNO business" as usual

    2. kena sepak dari jawatan deputy pm, keluar statement & bila jawatan timbalan presiden digantung, lagi statement, berapa banyak statement wor!. below is part of his statement made after the suspension;

      'Mungkin ramai yang tidak mengetahui bahawa pada peringkat awalnya, beberapa pemimpin utama UMNO datang menemui saya mengadu hal mengenai pelbagai skandal yang menyelubungi Najib dan isterinya'.

      'Apabila saya mula bersuara, orang-orang yang sebelumnya datang menemui saya mula menjauhkan diri daripada saya. Hari ini, orang-orang inilah yang paling lantang mengecam saya'

      mengapa dia tidak dedahkan nama2 pemimpin utama itu? dia ada berani ka?

      'Saya akan terus bersuara untuk menegakkan kebenaran dan menuntut reformasi institusi (institutional reform) yang lebih menyeluruh'

      suara dah tak laku pak din oi, tindakan is the only way. again ada berani ka?

    Mahathir, Kit Siang meet on 'national issues'

    ???....I can't recall these two arch-foes ever met on a friendly or cooperative basis.
    Remember Ops Lallang.....Lim Guan Eng's jailing....The world is truly going upside down.

    What's next ?

    Mahathir visits Anwar Ibrahim in prison ?
    Muhyiddin does a Lion Dance ?