Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Malaysian Insider banned in Malaysia

Just in case you in Malaysia aren't aware:

The Malaysian Insider turns eight today but has been blocked by several Internet providers following a ban for "national security" reasons by Malaysia's Internet regulators.

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) enforcement chief Zulkarnain Mohd Yasin confirmed the ban in a text message.

"We will issue a statement," he told The Malaysian Insider.

However, sources said MCMC had ordered Internet Service Providers to block The Malaysian Insider for "national security" reasons.

It had wanted this as the nature of the offence might affect national stability, public order and harmony, and economic stability.

Several readers alerted The Malaysian Insider when they discovered they were unable to access the news portal as it had been "banned" by MCMC.

Some readers using Celcom and Unifi, both provided by state-controlled firms, complained about the block.

They were greeted with a note that said the news portal had flouted Malaysian laws.

However, no notice was sent to The Malaysian Insider about flouting any laws.

"This is an unpleasant surprise. MCMC has replied to my query and said they will issue a statement," editor and chief executive Jahabar Sadiq said today. – February 25, 2016.


  1. mahathir will do worst, he would ban the whole internet if given a second chance.

    1. hy... if it is for national security reasons, i will support it.

    2. Please say something to the point, something relevant, everyone can shout "Poison will kill you", something irrelevant to thread here ...... Did MI publish something endangering the security of the country?

    3. unknown, of course u r right. but how tmi is diff from harakah?

  2. Go to an unblock website example:

    Type in the web address of Malaysian Insider

    Go. It's unblocked.

    Simple as ABC. Why MCMC bother to block any site when anyone can unblock it simply.????????

  3. If you are lazy to google, click below link.

  4. Malaysia Insider's bosses have been buying stolen documents from Justo in the past,and as cronies of Anwar,they are considered a threat to the "security" of the Umno/BN gomen.It is just a matter of time before their bosses are thrown into Sungei Buloh to join Anwar.What really surprised me is why it is taking the IGP taking so long?Maybe he is to busy twittering?

  5. Kaytee,I just went to Malaysian Insider and got access.The site is not blocked as suggested.But,there are messages left on the board that the site is banned.Maybe,as RPK said in his latest post,the civil service is kadang kabut?

    1. Kadang kabut? Hahaha. Wtf is that, uncle?

    2. be nice matey, at least bruno is trying to use bahasa ;-)

  6. There are articles like MCMC confirms TMI ban,Lift TMI ban,PKR tells commission blah,blah and blah.

  7. TMI was blocked because it posted a 'leaked' story from an Operations Review Panel member that MACC has sufficient evidence to charge Najib.

    Now the ORP head and one other member has denied this claim, plus also denied the earlier MACC press statement about the ORP request.

    Another round of curious happenings to arouse public interest in the never ending circus ...

  8. We may be coming to a very dark night of Ops Lallang II. Najib has learnt well from Mahathir.

    Ironically, the MACC Oversight Committee was a Najib initiative. Set up after the public outcry over Teoh Beng Hock's murder and accusations that MACC had become a rogue agency with zero accountability over its behaviour and modus operandi. Appointed from respected members of the Malaysian community, many of whom have legal training, but it is only an oversight committee, with no power to order MACC to take any action.

    Wednesday's MACC briefing to the oversight committee was the first time any civilians outside the MACC hierarchy and the Attorney General Pandi have been officially presented with the evidence of the Investigation into RM 2.6 Billion ringgit Donations and the separate SRC transfers into somebody's credit-card account.
    Not counting true/untrue leaks publicised in the Wall Street Journal and Sarawak Report.

    Some committee members obviously felt the evidence presented is sufficient to charge Mohammad Najib, and told The Malaysian Insider that, which they published.

    Najib and his supporters went into convulsive spasms when they read that.

    But, to be fair, that is not the official position of the committee itself. All they did was ask MACC to continue the investigation and ask Pandi to invoke official Mutual Legal Assistance requests with foreign governments for necessary financial transaction data held by foreign banks.
    I suspect THOSE DATA in Singapore, Switzerland, London, may really kill Najib, that is why Pandi is so firmly NYET against that.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, Pandi exceeded his constitutional authority to order MACC to shut down its investigation and close the files.

    Blocking TMI is not going to do Najib and Company any good. It simply reinforces the view that they are trying to hide and block the case against Najib using brute force.

    The weird thing now is if somehow Najib was actually lily-white innocent (wakakakakakakakakaka, yeah I believe that, wakakakakaka again), he and his sidekicks inept actions have made themselves look very guilty indeed, even before any arrests have been made.

    Anyway Malaysia's MCMC blocking efforts are amateurish.
    These guys are really half-past-six even when their boss is fighting a life-or-death struggle to remain in power and stay out of jail.

    There are dozens of free Proxy servers around the world which can provide a workaround service. They would need to have the equivalent of China's "Internet Great Wall" to block most offending pathways to the outside world. Even China doesn't get 100% control.

  9. The ban seems to be lifted now, with lead story "Police to question TMI editor over report on MACC panel"

  10. This blocking makes Najib look as guilty as sin.

    Ktemoc still stupidly supporting this criminal.