Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Is Anwar guilty or not?

TMI - House arrest better than jail for Anwar, lawyers’ group tells Putrajaya

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should be released from jail and put under house arrest instead, Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) said today, one year after the opposition leader was sent to the Sungai Buloh Prison. LFL executive director Eric Paulsen said the former parliamentary opposition leader suffered from health issues and limited access to medical treatment, adding that his incarceration tarnished Malaysia's reputation.

"In line with Anwar’s status as 'prisoner of conscience' and international concerns that have been raised, we call upon the authorities to release him on house arrest so that he can spend the rest of his sentence in a minimum security correctional facility and for him to receive the medical treatment that is not available in prison."

If Anwar is innocent then he should be freed, and not placed under house arrest or imprisonment. No if's no but's.

But if he is guilty then he must serve time as society requires it. There are medical facilities available for prisoners.

As for the term 'prisoner of conscience' there are many such people, all named by Amnesty International, not our courts.

The point that bears noticing is that Eric Paulsen of Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) has called for Anwar to serve his term under house arrest instead of in prison, and not for Anwar's total release.

Does this mean that Paulsen recognizes the crime Anwar has committed and being found guilty of? And that he is asking for Anwar to serve his time in a more lenient way?

Why is Anwar different from other prisoners? Why should he be treated differently?

By the by, did Anwar, then DPM, consider in 1994 to allow Lim Guan Eng to serve his time under house arrest instead of in prison?


  1. Many of us consider Anwar Ibrahim as having been convicted by a flawed and prejudiced prosecution and judicial process, designed to "ensure" he was jailed.
    The England Bar and Australian Bar Association have expressed grave concerns about the conduct of Anwar's trial. I do not think they are Anwaristas.

    Eric Paulsen has been a fearless defender of Liberty in this country. He and his band of Civil Rights lawyers are often the only resort available for ordinary people caught up in the jaws of an authoritarian state. They are not politicians, though it is impossible to insulate Civil Rights from Politics.

    The call for Anwar's incarceration to be converted to house arrest is a recognition that, as far as legal process in Malaysia is concerned, Anwar has exhausted all his avenues.

    It is a plea for humanitarian concern for an increasingly frail 69-year old man who is not getting the level of medical he needs. He may not survive his 5-year jail sentence.

    The claimed panel of 17 government specialist doctors treating Anwar has turned out to be a cruel joke. It turns out that all 17 specialists have to sign off on a proposed course of treatment for Anwar - which essentially means he does not get any medical treatment apart from Panadol, perhaps.

    Many of us equally regarded Lim Guan Eng's conviction as unjust and trumped-up, regardless of the fact that he had exhausted all avenues of appeal.

    I have never recognised Lim Guan Eng as a convicted criminal, though technically he was.

    The difference in terms of humanitarian appeal is, however, very clear.
    Lim Guan Eng was a hale and hearty 39-year old man at the time he went to jail, for 18 months , released at 12 months.

    Anwar Ibrahim is 69-years old, has to serve a 5-year sentence. He has a history of needing medical treatment for his back, and is believed to be denied the level of medical care he needs.

    Maybe Ktemoc was a human being with a human heart once upon a time, long ago,
    but I'm not sure about now, especially went it comes to any issue regarding Anwar Ibrahim.

    1. nonetheless, wakakaka, I like/admire your intelligent response, compared to some others, one of whose I've deleted with glee and delight because of its pathetic logic (or lack of) and principally because of its vile obscene abuses, wakakaka

  2. no diff, anwar didn't committed any crime, did he? he cannot be free bec he is a threat, ie house arrest. since u believe a court n ag that can twist fund place in a personal acct as donation, no wonder u cant understand paulsen call. n what is yr basis to allow lge under house arrest? he didn't committed a crime? or as usual u r bias?

  3. Sodomy is a sex crime. In Saudi Arabia (Sunni) and Iran (Shia) sodomy is punishable by death. That’s how Islam looks at sex crime.

    Anwar is not a prisoner of conscience. No way! He had committed a sex crime. Did Anwar get a fair trial? Yes, he did. He was given ample time and all the available provisions under the law to defend himself.

    It was a unanimous guilty verdict by the judges. The maximum jail sentence is 20 years. He was given only 5 years. Is it not a reasonable punishment? It is more than reasonable. Eric Paulsen should tell Anwar that he should be thankful instead of canvassing for a conversion to house arrest!

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  4. Why is Anwar different from other prisoners?Well,other prisoners
    before conviction will try to prove their innocence in court.Likewise,Anwar choose the opposite.He refused to prove his innocence.Go figure.

  5. The mercilessness with which most Malays and Muslims regard Anwar's conviction for Sodomy contrasts heavily with their relaxed unconcern regarding 1MDB and SRC.

    The multi-multi Billions of Ringgit which are likely to have been siphoned off for personal use by top people in power doesn't seem to worry most Malays and Muslims.
    Its mostly Chinese and other non-Malays who have been up in arms about 1MDB, threatening to turn this into another racial/ religious divide.

    This preoccupation with Sex and extremely relaxed attitudes towards corruption and abuse of power among the Majority in this country bodes ill for future governance and transparency in this country.
    We are heading towards Zimbabwe-scale corruption and power abuse, and the Malays are very relaxed about it.
    Those Malays I personally spoke to just roll their eyes when I mention 1MDB. Some just say "Fitnah" without considering that all the official explanations given so far don't add up.

    Very large sums of money are unaccounted for , and they don't care.

    Maybe its because most Malays are simply bad at arithmetics, and spend most of their time thinking about Sex.

    1. Fucker... wakakaka, until Najib is charged and found guilty for the 1MDB and RM2.6 billion and Altantuya issue(s), ALL that issue(s)shall be considered fitnah. Fitnah is equivalent to MURDER! So, what do you want me to do? The best alternative is to tunggu la for GE14. The masses shall know whom to vote!

  6. Pitiful Malaysians, either thick in the skull or thick on the face, worse still many in both....... wakakaka