Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Vengeance is mine, saith Azmin Ali

From TMI's Sacking of Penang PKR duo in line with collective responsibility, says law expert the most interesting nugget (of gold) to appear has been the following revelation:

Azmin was said to have refused to accept Aziz and Razak Ismail, both former PKR members, as members of the local councils.

If verified, then it's not Lim GE who has been politically immature but Azmin Ali, wakakaka.

Tony Pua, now what are you going to do, after all your Chicken Little act for PKR vis-a-vis the rancid Kajang Satay fiasco?

Wakakaka again.

But with an 'ally' like PKR, DAP sure doesn't need enemies.


  1. It is time for the DAP to look for new spouses.A divorce from the insatiable spouse PKR is inevitable.Who wants a spouse which opens its legs to any Tom,James and their Dicky anyway?DAP?

    Anyway why bother with the opposition coalition?The opposition is not going to be a thorn in Umno/BN's backside anytime soon.Not in the next 2-3 GE's.Najib is now more solid than a rock.1MDB had backfired so badly that the opposition is screaming and wailing that Najib is worse than a dictator.

    Six or nine months before the news that some guys and gal were buying stolen documents from some "kwailoh" came out,I was already saying that the 1MDB attacks were going to backfire and the shit is going to hit the opposition's faces.Using 1MDB was a fuckup from the very start.

    Why I said that using 1MDB to attack Najib was a fuckup from the very start?Well,whenever Rafizi or Tony Pua open their mouths and screamed 1MDB,it was always SR said this and SR said that.The reason that they always used SR as the main source,is because they know that some of the allegations about 1MDB are gravy added.Instead of opening their foul mouths,the pair should have go fuck each other over and over.

  2. Azmin will not have the marbles to take on Guan Eng.He knows that DAP will still be the Penang gomen with or without the PKR.

    But,the PKR will be out of the Selangor gomen without the DAP.After what Azmin had gone through "hell and fury like a spouse scorned",will one think that he would even think of jeopardizing his MB'ship.By picking a fight with Guan Eng and the DAP?Go figure.

    1. He can always go back to the mothership and earn a seat in the starship enterprise.

  3. Well as the Selangor MB, Azmin has full power to sack any 2 or even more DAP councilors for whatever reason. Does he has the balls to do it?
    Then when the Selangor Umno move a motion of no confidence against Azmin, DAP can then go abstain according to their own conscience. Then we can call it even.