Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tiger bit Lim Kit Siang

Thank goodness!

The spirit of my Bhai lives on!

... in his son Ramkarpal Singh Deo, the MP for Bukit Gelugor.

new Tiger of Jelutong

In a TMI news report titled Working with Dr M to remove PM will be a ‘disaster’, Pakatan told we read (extracts):

“The question of working with Dr Mahathir is an unimaginable disaster waiting to happen.

“There can be no doubt that Malaysia needs to be saved. While I agree that Najib ought to go, I cannot agree with the means by which Dr Mahathir proposes to do so,” Ramkarpal said in a statement here.

Asserting pressure on a democratically elected prime minister to step down cannot be democratic and it is high time that Pakatan Rakyat come together at this very critical time against Umno and the Barisan Nasional (BN),” the DAP MP added.

Ramkarpal said that working with Dr Mahathir would mean that PR would just be maintaining the status quo and allow “corruption to continue”.

“I am firmly of the view that saving Malaysia can only mean a new clean, accountable and transparent government."

Pakatan Rakyat must live up to its promise to Malaysians of being that alternative and democratically oust Najib and the BN through the ballot box,” Ramkarpal stressed.

Democratic process, through the ballot box - not bloody conniving 916 or dictatorial bullying.

Of late I have been uncomfortable with a few of the DAP politicians' behaviour.

Take for example YB Lim Kit Siang who I had respected almost as much as I respected and adored my Bhai.

He first disturbed me in April 2014 when he posted on his blog a news article MH370 flew inverted to site of acoustic signals, I was very upset because that unnecessary and totally sensationalizing macabre description of MH370 in its final moments would have only added to the miseries and sufferings of the families of those lost on MH370.

Indeed I was very very upset that Lim KS saw fit to post the naughty piece of sensationalizing and unworthy speculation on his blog. What was he trying to achieve if not further politicization of a terrible tragedy? I believe my concerns for DAP was not unfounded. I don't want my DAP to be that sort of political party.

But what troubled me most of all was when I wrote a comment at Lim KS's blog to refute the sensationalizing, it was not posted for days - I checked the time stamps of other comments to find they were made much much later than mine, which meant only one thing, my comment was withheld and would probably be moderated out.

Was this the DAP I respected and supported?

I additionally wrote an email to Lim KS' blog to clarify that my comment was purely technical and not political, and asked why it had not been posted. Following that, the moderator, whether YB Lim KS himself or just a blog administrator acting on his behalf, published my comment - see my post Long-ish moderation?

Why did it require me writing in an explanatory email before my comment was published? Was it because my comment would have moderated or ameliorated what had been a macabre and unworthy sensationalizing of MH370's final moments?

The next disappointment had been Lim KS's blind support for an air force major who as a 26-year service veteran could not adhere to Armed Forces Council Instructions about making unauthorized media statements to the press.

Unfortunately there has been a fostered incorrect belief that the major was vindictively punished for blowing the whistle on the very delible so-called indelible ink which the Election Commission had purchased for use at polling stations during the general elections.

Firstly we must be clear that there was/is a monumental difference between a military person making a police report on the useless ink and the same person making an unauthorized press statement about the same subject.

The former is an undeniable right of every citizen including a military person, but the latter is not permitted for a serving military officer unless authorized by the armed forces.

Three (3) military personnel on that occasion each made a police report, but only two were charged by the military. WHY?

Because only two made unauthorized statements to the press (the major and a flight sergeant) whereas the third person did not - She was the wife of the air force major, herself also a serving air force personnel.

Did Lim KS know what he was doing, lending blind support to a naught indisciplined officer who was obviously violating Armed forces Council Instructions and in the process (if not charged) making political mockery of military rules and regulations?

Did Lim KS want to encourage behaviour by our military officers to mirror and eventually grow into those who had illegally-unconstitutionally deposed a democratically elected PM of Thailand?

Depressed, I asked myself then, what Faustian pact is the DAP willing to take up just to get into Putrajaya?

Is there no bottomline for its once-vaunted principles, integrity and democratic observances?

And let's not even talk about DAP supporting PKR in the latter's nonsensical Kajang Satay Deformasi or in an earlier period, the notorious deformasi 916! What horrendous shame on the DAP!

Indeed it was the late Bhai who condemned 916 as immoral and unethical. Got that HY?

And I also hope the DAP won't be that shameful again as to beg for a deputy speaker's appointment in the Selangor DUN for supporting PKR in its recent MB tussle - just how the fuck would that extra appointment have help the rakyat? Yes TP, I cringed in great shame.

And that's why when I read Bhai Junior's admonition, indirectly but clearly against Lim KS for advocating working together with Dr Mahathir to unseat Najib, I sighed a sigh of relief that the spirit of Bhai is back with the DAP.

Just to remind you of what Ramkarpakl said:

“There can be no doubt that Malaysia needs to be saved. While I agree that Najib ought to go, I cannot agree with the means by which Dr Mahathir proposes to do so.”

Asserting pressure on a democratically elected prime minister to step down cannot be democratic and it is high time that Pakatan Rakyat come together at this very critical time against Umno and the Barisan Nasional (BN).”.

“I am firmly of the view that saving Malaysia can only mean a new clean, accountable and transparent government. Pakatan Rakyat must live up to its promise to Malaysians of being that alternative and democratically oust Najib and the BN through the ballot box.”

Amen! and have you got that Uncle Lim?


  1. it seem this old idiot can work with anyone for the sake of least the pas idiot can give some religious excuse, i really dun know what this old man trying to achieve, son cm then dad dpm? how lucky we are when mahathir is principled (wakaka) enough to ignore this old idiot.

    having said that, kt, it seem u whack mahathir (or anyone) extensively the moment he (they) start criticizing najib, we know rpk is definitely a sell out (by how much only he know) if reading his latest writes that try to shelter his master, sorry to say this but u r giving me an impression doing the same in yr last 10 to 20 articles.

    1. it seems you didn't read what I have posted - I share the same political conscience as Ramkarpal, to respect due democratic process. It's unethical for Pakatan to get involved in an UMNO power struggle, or to join up with a former draconian PM to unseat a current PM especially when the former had done far worse than the current one

  2. "Asserting pressure on a democratically elected prime minister to step down cannot be democratic".
    Sorry, Bhai, your knowledge and understanding of the Westminster Cabinet system is faulty.
    I'm not taking sides on the pressures on Najib, but it is important to understand what may amount to a betrayal of the Electorate's will, and what is NOT.

    Unpopular or Incompetent or Untrustworthy Prime Ministers can and do get pressured to resign by the public and/or their own party.

    Britain's Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Canada's Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Australia's Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, have all been dropped by their own party or resigned on their own accord due to deep public disapproval of their Prime Minister-ship. The current Australian Prime Minister , Tony Abbott faces a strong threat to his continued position unless he lifts his game.

    1. but never like in a joint BN-Pakatan conspiracy

    2. So... what about thinking out of the box to save M'sia????

      Which is of BIGGER good - a 'democratically' elected spend-drift & incompetent hen-picked PM OR a gungho combination of the opposing elements of diversified political ideology to oust that PM?????

      What's political conscience iff is not for the good of the common people & country????

      u do stretch yr vainglorious self-eclosed understanding of the word CONSCIENCE to its limit!!!!!

    3. out of the pan into the fire

      the disgusting hypocrisy of some Pakatan supporters who crow "democracy", "reformasi", "accountability" and all sorts of "bullshit-sy" is that they are as bad as UMNO, with the implausible unacceptable argument that there is a greater good.

      Bullshit, the only greater good is true democracy - Ramkarpal, NOT Lim KS, has just identified what that is

    4. u r ONLY using this excuse to trying to prolong ahjibgor's last minute of political life, yes??

      Talking about political conscience & disgusting hypocrisy, where is yr answer to the greater good of the country & people vis-a-vis ahjibgor's 40+ % elected government????

      BTW, ahjibgor's political tenure IS not democratically elected. He loses the popular votes, remember?

      Tongue tight??? Lost of words???? Cari lobang ketepian for excuses???

      So, what decency - politically, socially & ethically, can u etch something out for the defense of yr idol???

      u r indeed TRUE to the form of personality-driven rather than issues-driven in yr whatsoever understandings....sad... sigh....

      One more thinggy, now that the deputy has decided to side with the mamak, things r getting clearer. More rats would abandon a fast-sinking ship. So what's the moral here? One only give supports when sailing windward, otherwise tq for all the past goodies!

      Would that apply in yr spurious political conscience & disgusting hypocrisy in umno???

    5. your diatribe and accusations are immature and based on ignorant suspicions. If Najib were to fall within his own party then that's his problem. My main concern is for DAP not to be involved with Dr M who can be considered just as bad if not worse than Najib. Why substitute one for another when they're all bad.

      You claimed I am personal in my political take but really you have been the one so politically biased that you would sleep with the devil to get what you want. That's what Ramkarpal wants us to be aware of

      Our election system is based on Westminster parliamentary model where there is no such thing as a popular vote - popular vote only becomes relevant in a presidential system.

      While it's true that the EC is dodgy that's a separate issue because every party went to the polls knowing the defects and weakness of the current election system so don't cry mammy when one loses, like Anwar did.

    6. shooting everywhere but the eye - that's bull izznt it????

      r we talking about a political maneuver or a crying-out-loud charity drive to save the lost souls?

      so, if u r clear on that, then DONT stand on yr pseudo moral high ground! In politic, there is NO such ethical issue, YES?

      yr 'superficial' main concern is for DAP not to be involved with Dr M who can be considered just as bad if not worse than Najib IS not logic-driven! Again, this is politic, perhaps u SHOULD re-learn Machiavellian &/or Sunzi's theories!

      Whether this move is jumping from pan into fire is PURELY yr ahjibgor talk!

      We wouldnt get any better with the current slippy slope of our nationhood as charted by that hen-picked PM. With him out of the way, there is a strong possibility of renewal & re-strategise.

      So, straight ahead with the ahjobgor's collision course or a branch-out for new possibility? pls do tell....

      I never like that mamak, so it pains me to suggest working with him. But, within umno, he IS the only driven force that could out-pace money politic implemented by that hen-picked, useless entity that u idolized.

      At this juncture of M'sian politic, nothing can shift the foundation of that monetized umno. So, if it takes to work with a devil (dying & knowing), so be it!

      It's a poor excuse to blame the Westminster parliamentary model when u keep preaching political conscience & disgusting hypocrisy. It's just dont jave with yr 'moral' high ground! So, immaturity? so much sounding like that half anmoh!!!

      u claimed I'm politically biased, that's yr right to be bull since u still dont understand such concept as '大我'.

      u r forever, surrounding yr understanding -politically, religiously & ethically - with simpleton silo-vision of me me me! Sad, indeed coming from a person like u!

    7. Hahahahaha! I believe that LKS has just schooled that chao cibai kaytee

      Cibai Kaytee........Read between the lines........Unless you wanna be like Peter O'Hanrahanraha

  3. "old idiot" & "pas idiot"

    But of course HY is a very well read intellectual and a clever person. How can HE be an idiot or "orang yang bodoh"? Got that KT?

    - hasan

    1. Well put hasan ! LOL

    2. i call everyone that work with umno/mahathir as idiot. if pas preserve their stance similar as in the past ie prior to ge13 then I am an idiot that make a wrong accusation. however how sure u r pas would not work with umno for the sake of hmm...whatever?

    3. Hudud you mean, HY? Nope, PAS would not work with UMNO. UMNO is free to support or not to support the private member's bill. No strings attached.

    4. i observe that from time to time this hy would burst in his fairy tale to establish the credential of pas relationship to umno. hy has learned about pas in slices.. and is reflecting pas in fragments of broken mirrors. to know the real pas hy must reconcile himself to the missing bits. there is no compulsion in religion.. thus i agree and support hasan's remarks. any offer of alliance or bounty for the sake of hudud will make that hudud and pas in particular unholy in the eyes of Allah.. got that hy?

    5. to be fair to HY, he actually likes/prefers/trusts PAS more than he does DAP, having chastised me on a number of occasions on such matters. I suspect he has gotten a wee annoyed with Hadi for what he deems to be Hadi's seeming flirtation with UMNO. If I am not incorrect, HY is pro PKR or at least anti DAP, wakakaka.

    6. Nah! HY is still an anwaristas according to Kaytee's standard.

      Have been looking into the history of one controversial figure called Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim.

      According to Kaytee's CIBAI perverted logic, Mannerheim is a rotten figure. Hehehe! Notice how he and Finland switched allegiance from neutral to siding with Hitler then back to the Allies.

      Was Mannerheim and his leaders rotten figures just like Petain and his collaborative figures?

      If Mannerheim got to ally with Hitler, to ward off Stalin, don't you think that LKS's proposal to willingly work with Madhater to tui lam that Jibbo a child play.......

      And the purpose is to SAVE Malaysia

  4. Eventually defeating UMNO at the ballot box is an Ultra-Marathon, which will require many intermediate successes along to way.
    Weakening UMNO by damaging its President and PM to the point he will be forced to quit is a necessary step along the way.
    There is nothing undemocratic about it as long as the critique is done based on valid facts.
    So far, the revelations on the stench at 1MDB are factual, and the questions and doubts raise on the Altantuya murder are valid.

    So what's wrong with that ?

    1. criticizing Najib on 1 MDB is legitimate but it's a bit rich for Dr M to b the one to do so as he has a lot of similar baggage.- case of pot calling the kettle black which means it's not about financial propriety but internal UMNO political agenda

      what facts or evidence are there on the Altantuyaa case? didn't Dr M support Najib into the latter's PM position, way after Altantuyaa was murdered?

      so let's see what a democratic process looks like then

  5. DAP has virtually become a prostitute party.
    Almost anything is OK to meet the ends.

    1. Aiyoh....umno bukan whore ke ? willing to sleep with its arch enemy pas....pkr bukan whore ke ? willing to unity dengan umno + pas behind dap's back.....pas bukan whore ke ? dying to go under the blanket with umno, whom it cursed for so many years as a kafir party......the list here continues. All these parties...almost anything is OK to meet the ends.

  6. one man's principles is another man's foolishness.

    Question is, nobody ever clarifies what their principles are and so hazy and clouded.

    Is it for the good of the majority accepted principles?

    Never ask a politician about principles. They have none but just promises.

  7. as i said before, the bapak penswastaan scored two own goals, now trailing by 1-2 and how is he going to equalize, let him figure out alone. let's see whether his voice masih laku among the division heads. ahjibgor became pm becos he's the umno(baru) president and of course wakil rakyat of pekan. dr mahathir is under pressure, not najib.

    nothing wrong with dap, pkr, pas or umno(baru), ada apa pada nama, the office bearers are the problems. if muhyiddin takes over, what's next, biz as usual no doubt.

  8. I agree with Ram that M has UMNO foremost in mind.

    But what LKS is doing is exactly to "democratically oust Najib and the BN through the ballot box” in the next GE as Ram has wanted. Why would LKS want to remove a very weak N now only to be replaced by someone who might save UMNO from probable defeat in future elections?

    LKS's proposition to team up with M has not only driven away M's supportes but Muhyiddin;s as well as fence sitters in UMNO. To defeat M now and N later is foremost in LKS's mind.