Thursday, April 23, 2015

Idleness is evil

In TMI's Urban poverty, socio-economic disparity breeding intolerance in Taman Medan, say experts we are told by those experts that poverty and socio-economic divide have been the culprits contributing to the recent racial tension in Taman Medan.

Mateys, I came from a very poor family in a village where many of its sectors were suffering from the so-called poverty and economic divide. We (my family and neighbours) were so poor that I and other kids in my kampung used to wear hand down clothes, and sometimes ate only nasi kosong with a tablespoon of haram lard and tau-eu (soya sauce) - we considered ourselves the luckier ones.

But I don't recall we (the people in my village from those poor families) went about blaming the "others" or demand, as an example, churches dismantled their crosses.

The poorer members of my village worked hard being hawkers, pasar malam vendors, free lance labourers, unlicensed tradesmen (wakakaka, kaytee at a bloody young age used to make bricks under the tutelage of an expert brick-maker, deliver newspapers, jaga kereta wakakaka, and sell my mum's herbs such as daun kadok, pandan, limau perut, serai, ete at the Sunday market).

Look, when villagers were working their backs off to earn a living, they won't have the f* time to go around protesting or bullying other races.

I see the Taman Medan fracas as purely politico-religious driven and made worse in an already tinder-dry socio-politico-religious environment. Blaming Chinese traders for unfairly raising prices and such like racist bullshit sure as hell didn't help.


  1. These experts would encourage more bullies.

  2. Mr Temoc, I couldn't agree with you more regarding the simplistic view postulated by some smart fellas explaining the Taman Medan incident. Isn't this nonsense similar to the oft-mentioned reason that explained the tragic May 13 incident? I put it this way: The Taman Medan incident is a clear case of the strong bullying the weak.

  3. islam seen in this light is nothing but seeds of perversion of monotheism similar to the is. a spurious, dogmatic and ridiculous activity in futility, thus continues backwards in time. if we are serious of one malaysia we should be building mosques and churches side by side and sharing the same car parks. please get real bn and all the cabinet ministers. stop this fanatical religious despotism and islamic imperialism now before you are incapable to combat the problem.

  4. We have incidents like this because those trouble makers are linked to the Umno.But in this case the main culprit is the big bro of the tweeter happy IGP.And immediately he declared that this fucking incident is not seditious.Anyway whether these trouble makers are linked to Umno or the IGP,they have a get out of jail free pass.I say if these dudes have nothing to do,go and shiok senderi themselves,instead of giving problems to law abiding citizens,who want to practice their faith.

  5. The person who needs to be fired, first and foremost is Najib.

    Najib talks moderation, but talk is cheap.
    Najib is effectively an extremist, because he nurtures and protects the extremists in and around his party.

  6. "The Taman Medan church “cross-gate” affair did not happen out of spontaneity. It was the fruitiion of seeds planted by racist ideas rooted in statements, calls and questions asked in the past by certain parties. These seeds of racism and hatred had been taking root for some time. "

    Read more here....