Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Paradise or Pakatan Lost!

Malaysiakini - Hadi dodges poser on who to vote for Pmtg Pauh reported:

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has refused to answer questions on who to vote for in the Permatang Pauh by-election at a public forum today.

I could have told you what was on his mind because it's f* clear as a full moon!

At the same time, Permatang Pauh's division's ulama affairs chief Badrul Abdul Rahman claimed that voting for candidates who oppose hudud is "haram" (forbidden in Islam) and a "sin".

UPDATE: Malaysiakini reported that PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is in agreement with a Permatang Pauh PAS division official who said it was 'haram' to vote for a candidate that is against the implementation of hudud.

What next from PAS? A flood in Permatang Pauh if a candidate who is not for hudud is elected?

Meanwhile, according to the Malay Mail Online, Pak Haji Hadi Awang claimed PKR, DAP only rejecting hudud for fear of losing votes where he said "... opposition politicians who disagreed with the implementation of the Islamic penal code were prioritising success in elections over the safety of the country."

pick your choice of following:

(a) cakap ta'serupa bikin
(b) Melayu mudah lupa
(c) pandai chong

“Many in Pakatan Rakyat don’t agree with hudud for fear of losing voters

“The problem is, it’s not only about election but also about safety and security. We want our country to be safe, we’re not just fighting to be leaders”

I wonder what the Qatif girl in Saudi Arabia ...

she was a Shiite rape victim and was sentenced to be flogged, with the sentence increased when she appealed, with threats of further increases if she continued her appeal

her Sunni rapists received very mild sentences when the syariah-hudud penalty for rape was capital punishment

it had to be the secular West who had to step in to help her

... or Mukhtaran Bibi (Mai) in Pakistan ...

gang raped in Pakistan, a land of syariah-hudud and denied justice until, once again, the secular West stepped in and threatened Pakistan's rulers

 * for more about Qatif girl and Mukhtaran Bibi, read my 2014 post Doctors in Kelantan may need a 'hand' or two.

... would say about Pak Haji's claim about hudud providing safety and security for Malaysia.

I suspect the two brutalized sweeties would have said "Bollocks!"

As for national security, just look at the Middle East! Saudi is sponsoring and financing the ISIL who is screwing, killing and rampaging through the Levantine countries and Iraq. SNAFU in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Egypt, Sudan, Somalia and Libya are totally screwed. As for Iran ... whoa! And nearer at home, look at Southern Philippines.

Anyway, Uncle Lim KS better wake up to the realization that Pakatan has lost PAS (or PAS has abandoned Pakatan) and the coalition is now destroyed from within. It's Paradise Lost.


  1. to kt, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. lost something sure gain something one.

    ro rpk, democracy is still 1000 times better than absolute monarchy.

    to lks, we all know what the difference wrt save whatever la, but only a idiot would believe mahathir want to save malaysia, n yes, u r that idiot.

  2. the holy book is a gift to the people. the following verses reveal "but when there come unto you from me a guidance, than whosoever follows my guidance, will not go astray nor fall into misery. but whosoever turns away from my message, verily for him is a life narrowed down...". my question is whose life is being narrowed down? ai or hadi? certainly not hadi's life. whom should one follow then? ai or hadi?