Tuesday, April 21, 2015


C'mon Pak Zahid, you're a jawata

1. Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi must sack IGP Khalid Abu Bakar for the latter making a questionable assessment which absolves both the latter's brother Abdullah Abu Bakar and other protestors who had demanded a Taman Desa church remove its cross. It's a glaring shameless example of conflict of interests on the part of the IGP.

Sack the IGP, Minister!

C'mon Ah Jib Gor, you're a jawata too
& one backed by Queen Hippolyta


2. UMNO President must sack Dr Mahathir from the party for disloyal undermining of the party's reputation and leadership - wakakaka, I like to see this!

Sack the man, Prime Minister!

C'mon DAP, you're a jawata too

3. DAP in Peninsula must either expel PAS from Pakatan or leave Pakatan if PAS refuses to go.

Khalid Samad of PAS has already warned of the new PAS extremism.

DAP must separate from PAS - no f* 'if' or 'but'!

C'mon Baljit, you're a jawata too, a Khalsa warrior

Screw those whining whinging ball-less tok ampus in your party

4. Gerakan must nominate Baljit Singh as a parliamentary candidate in the next general election or awarded by-election or lose its multiracial credentials, becoming nothing more than a uni-ethnic (Chinese) political party.

Since Hsu Dar Ren (Darren Hsu) left Gerakan, Baljit has been the only Gerakan man who impresses me with his political sanity and non-brown-nosing sense.

C'mon YB Pak Wanandi Siang* (wakakaka), you're a jawata too
remember your DAP values!

* if you wanna know why I've named Wanandi Siang, read
Should Chinese Malaysians adopt indigenous surnames?

5. Lim Kit Siang must now, in the words of my late Bhai, Karpal Sing, bertaubat for allowing his once-admired statesman-like values to go manmanlai. I've been deeply disappointed with him and would like him to revert to his high principles.

Repent Uncle and return to 'Damascus'.


  1. If Mahathir was still the PM,he would have sack the IGP without winking an eyelid.This moronic IGP dare only fuck around with people with no backbones (real bolas).No matter what,Mahathir is still the man.

  2. For this cross issue at Taman Medan, Najib strikes again....with his bold silence !

  3. RPK in his latest tirade :

    "Take yesterday’s protest outside the Taman Medan church as one example. First of all it is said that the demonstrators were mainly or all Umno members. So what? Why should they not be allowed to protest just because they are Umno members? Do you mean to say if you are an Umno member then you forfeit the right to protest? Are protests the exclusive right of just Pakatan Rakyat members?"

    This is yet another example of his typical kind of 'logic' that's so serong. Who the heck said that Umno members cannot go on protest ? Why is he going on and on with such a non issue ? When it was reported that the 50 bangangs who came out to so-nastily bully the Christians were all Umno members, with senior leaders included, all of us non-racists know EXACTLY what that meant - that it is not surprising that the usual suspect, like those Reezal Merican mamak umno gang up north in Penang, are out with their usual thug behaviour to cow down the minority and defenceless. But being the RPK that he is, he will divert the whole thing and goes bla bla bla about why Umno cannot protest and why only PR members can protest...bla bla bla. And we go...huh ? who says this special group of monkeys cannot demonstrate, we see them demonstrate at the drop of a hat millions of times before....why, they even surrounded Karpal Singh in his wheelchair, but not to wish him well at all..all Umno members, all fit and walking on two legs too, bearing down on an elderly on his wheelchair ! ALL UMNO MEMBERS !!

    Why can't the kopi shop owner in Manchester keep to his current write on the strife between the Malays in umno, pas and pkr ? At least with such writing, he can keep away from hammering at the non Malays, well...at least for most parts. NOW he's back to his twists and spinning where he tries to drive in his wedge again between the races which are verging on the ludicrous and getting v v tiresome.

    1. No JJ......I would rather suggest RPK to defend Nick Clegg's record in the upcoming election. After all, he has declared himself as Lib Dem member and Lib Dem is heading towards electoral disaster especially over the tuition fee fiasco.


  4. Dewasa ini kita saling merayakan
    Kejayaan yang akhirnya membinasakan
    Apalah gunanya kematangan fikiran
    Bila dijiwa kita masih lagi muda dan mentah
    Ku lihat hijau

    Bumiku yang kian pudar
    Siapa yang melihat
    Di kala kita tersedar
    Mungkinkah terlewat

    Korupsi, oppressi, obsessi diri
    Polussi, depressi di bumi kini

    In view of it is Earth Day, today… to my good friend HY.


  5. this is democrasi..the minority must comply to the majority...no

    1. What did David Starkey say? Plus if that is the case, Fuck Off from UK.....All Muslims since they are the fucking cibai minority. Don't cry father cry mother like Mehdi Cibai Hasan. Fuck you!


      Are you there?


    2. Azmi,
      Hahahahaha! Since you say so.......Hahahaha! Again, don't cry father cry mother



      and guys and gals,
      One good song from spitting image


    3. kaytee,
      By the way, either Jibby MUST sue Tempo (Indonesia) or REsign and fuck off


    4. Breaking News ! Ah Jib Ngor opens his mouth in 2 years ...


    5. JJ,
      I fuck care about Jibby and his wife, Rosie. I am cibaily curiously about the fucking connection with This cibai kaytee and Jibby. Patrick Teoh will makan him if he were me!
      Hehehe........Too much mixing with scots........hahahahaha!


      Why that cibai kaytee is like that cibai peter? Niamah cibai!

    6. "Too much mixing with scots"? Bullshit looes, you don't and aren't able to appreciate scotch, being more of a (over-fermented) toddy kaki - which has been why you swear and curse like a drunken sailor, wakakaka