Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New seditious threat to Muslims - Memo to YAB PM

Most Private Memo


Yang Amat Berhormat Dato' Sri Neroajib Tun Razak,

Assalamu alaikum Dato',

May I humbly and most respectfully draw your kind notice to the delightful news reported by Malaysiakini in its article titled Resort owner remanded over 'Buddhist meditation in surau'.

I must congratulate you, your super-patriotic Home Affairs Minister, the renowned IGP, the Johor CPO and the state religious authority for a unique bright spark in their most lawful and timely apprehending of potential violence, this standing out so magnificently amidst the gloom, doom and terror of a recent series of wanton shooting in Malaysia that we once thought only occur in Philippines and Thailand, but nay, which we have somehow manage to catch up with them. And given our stupendous gold standard Boleh ability, and also thanks to our pandai-bisa-diatur Police, our violence and occurrence of criminal gun-slinging actions will soon exceed our neighbours' hitherto meagre performance.

I am of course referring to the most commendable detention of the 45-year-old Singapore (Malay) owner of a resort in Johor. This alien being had the outrageous al-Qaeda-ish effrontery to allow a group of Buddhists to meditate in a surau at the resort he owns in Tanjung Sedili Besar.

How terribly seditious! We all know how "violent" and "terroristic" a group of meditating Buddhists can be. More than anyone, I should know as my own late mum was one, that was, a meditating Buddhist. And the Dalai Lama is another. I dare not even detail their degree of potential violence which I'm sure you'll understand, me being a filial son and all that. Aiyoyo, apo nak dikato, man!

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the police for taking time off from pursuing mere ordinary criminal gun-slingers to arrest this man who in fact is far far far far far more dangerous than those who shoot to kill. I also congratulate  Kota Tinggi Session Court registrar for approving the remand order of four days, knowing how serious and threatening to the nation the offence has been.

How could we let the resort owner remain free when he could be guilty of injuring or defiling a place of worship with intent to insult the Islamic religion, though he may be a Muslim.

Thank goodness to the authorities' collective swift actions, Malaysia is once again, at least in the case of the resort, free from violence from meditating Buddhists, probably of vintage years ... but nonetheless of the "undesired" kind.

The authorities' brilliant actions would be in the same commendable category as the vigilant MCMC who hauled in the mother of Alvin Tan for interrogation. Never let it be said that Malaysia's watchdogs are sleeping (except in mere violent shooting and murder, and mere corruption by the hundreds of millions, or mere intrusion by armed and murderous Filipino intruders - well, be reasonable lah, we can't also be perfect, can we?).

Mrs Tan should have known better than to have a blogging son, and that by itself is indicative of her guilt. She should at least have moderated her son's blog, and if she or her lawyer claims she doesn't know anything about computer or blogging, well, those are not good enough reasons. Kita mesti jaga standards, our Boleh gold standards.

Besides, the MCMC had an urgent need to check with her whether the bah-kut-teh herbal ingredients were halal or haram?

Insha allah, we shall overcome this new threat of meditating and violent Buddhists, and if it takes a wee while to do so, look at the bright side as it will provide you and your cabinet colleagues new material and plenty of time to frightenalert Malaysian Muslims of the most seditious threat against vulnerable Islam.

Alhamdulillah, we can always return to Malaysian Muslims' old foe, the Christians, much later – treat them as a convenient standby threat for your cabinet colleagues and JA-this-&-that to fall back upon.

With the arrest of that seditious resort owner, and preferably also those seditious Buddhist meditators and where possible, the seditious Dalai Lama, we grateful citizens may sleep peacefully tonight.

And may you enjoy your fiddling without being disturb unnecessarily by seditious elements.

I am, Dato' Sri, yang amat berhormat,
your most respectful and obedient servant,

[related to my 32nd cousin seventeen times removed, Ridhuan Abdullah, who has never tired of reminding me he is a Malay]

Dodgee Dimsum

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  1. As usual, it's the f*cking Chinese who showed the height of insensitivity by chanting their prayers in a Muslim Surau, in the process defiling it.

    1. They asked for a place to pray, and they were shown one by a Muslim

    2. Some Muslims were invited to pray in a church in UK because the priest took pity on them praying in the cold out in the streets....but do you see someone surreptitiously video-recording them and post it on You Tube ? Do you see the whites or Christians up in arms, getting the authorities to remand the priest and declare that these "f*cking' Muslims are defiling the church ?

      That's the trouble with these people who think their god is the real true god/ more superior/more holy. And they dare claim their religion is a religion of peace !

    3. A ‘surau’ is an appointed place for ‘salat’. The temples, synagogues and churches are for other prayers. If one equates ‘surau’ with any religion it is downright ignorance of him/her.

      I can see that the Buddhist devotees have brought in an object of worship into the ‘surau’. Heck, Syed Ahmed Alkaff, you action offends religious sensibilities. Sackcloth and ashes!


    4. "but do you see someone surreptitiously video-recording them and post it on You Tube ? "

      Precisely. That person S.. who posted it in the YouTube should be arrested for sedition too. Let us see how he and SAA wriggle themselves out of it.


    5. wow Hasan: the surau is MORE holy than other religious places of worship? Ketuanan Agama now? ...

  2. do we have a PM? is his name Kutty?

  3. Naji...Naji...Najis10:52 pm, August 13, 2013

    Don't expect anything from Naji.

    His UMNO Presidency is under threat, and he correctly read within less than 1 hour of the GE13 results that he needs to "go ultra" to keep his job.

  4. you forgot to thank the right honourable you tube uploader for doing his sacred duty in preserving the sanctity of his religion by knowing exactly when to appear at precisely the right time and right resort out of thousands of resorts to document the affront that it may be shared to the whole nation. a hero that should be lauded with a divine supernatural ability to smell out exactly where/when and who will be insulting islam next.

  5. The resort owner got arrested for his slip-up in trying to please his customers, i.e. doing his job without malice or ill-intentions.

    On the other hand, you have to admire the Muppet who can spin this episode into an anti-Christian vitriol, to feed her disciples in another round of syiok-sendiri binge.

  6. It looks to me there is another May 13 being engineered, I can feel it in my old bones.

    The same race and religion baiting, the same hatred being instigated , sometimes artificially created events, sometimes from inadvertent mistakes.

    The last time BN/Alliance was this seriously wounded was after the General Elections May 10, 1969.
    The same play book, the same tactics, the same imperatives.....

  7. Do we need a theology professor to tell us that a surau is only associated with Islam and Muslims ? It's not a place where a Buddhist can practice his/her religion. Permission granted is irrelevant.

  8. This latest surau incident shows the true siege mentality of the rumble-rousers!

    Just image if the uploaded youtube is captioned with ' M'sian Muslim tolerance for allowing Buddhists to meditate in surua' instead of the insidious ' surau jadi tokong'!

    That benevolent new caption would propel that Surau at Tanjung Sutera Resort, Tanjung Sedili, Kota Tinggi Johor to be on par with the one in Scotland's St John's Episcopal Church.

    Instead, it becomes a topic of religious supremacy!

    Such thing could only happen with cave-dwellers' mentality, where imagined 'enemy' is everywhere.

    These M'sians r troglodytes to the core. Religion COULDN'T uplift them, instead it has been turned into WMD.

  9. Kaytee,
    I think that we should focus on the DAP succumbing to ROS's decision for seeking reelection. It seems that DAP has become more & more like DAP. It's sad. What's your take?

  10. Kaytee,
    Would you be amazed by this?


    When are you going to do a writeup on this?