Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Who really cares about Altantuyaa Shariibuu?

I have not been able to blog on this earlier because of continuous travelling associated with bread & butter issue.

The sad saga of Altantuyaa's murder is unlikely to ever see justice because of its grubby over-politicization.

And may I just say both sides of politics have been involved with a common aim, to get Jibby Boy wakakaka.

Yes, both sides of politics meaning UMNO as well as PKR. None of them cares abut the murdered victim who became a convenient tool in their personal political pursuit, which was, has been and still is to replace Jibby, originally as DPM and now, maybe a much weaker case, as PM.

Ask yourself, if not for Jibby Boy's alleged involvement, even preposterously as the very man who ordered her murder, why there have been so much interests in the death of a foreigner, a Mongolian woman, when there have been far more important Malaysians who were murdered or have disappeared, including beautiful Malay and Chinese women.

PKR mourners for Altantuyaa

Why didn't they do same for Preeshena Varshiny
or Nurin Jazlin Jazimin?

Instead of dealing with the tragedy as a straightforward case of a murder of passion, those political interests wanted to see it as a terrible political scandal connected to only one particular politician, our dear Jibby Boy as the alleged murderer, even though the last known and very well recorded behaviour of the deceased model didn't support the salacious allegations of Najib's "frontal and rear" liaison with her, as salaciously told by Perumal Balasubramaniam.

PKR mourners for Altantuyaa

Why didn't they do same for Teoh Beng Hock?

Yes, after RPK's most original earth-shattering statutory declaration (SD), someone must have thought this new form of surat layang was brilliant, where we suddenly have out of the blue the questionable testimonies of private investigator Perumal Balasubramaniam, a man who waxed and waned like a Madagascar chameleon in his so-called courage in exposing Najib, in coincidental cozy coordination with certain politicians who turned him into a (very dodgy) folk hero.

I don't wish to cast aspersion on a dead man but how could I respect a man who was brave for around 4 months in drafting and crafting his 1st SD with the help of a lawyer (Americk Singh Sidhu) ..... 

..... and then (this was where he ruined his credibility) appeared together with Anwar Ibrahim at a press conference (expecting us to believe he wasn't "influenced" by politics and politicians, or as Americk Singh went to extra pains to inform us, that Anwar wasn't involved at all other than being at the press conference), .....

..... only to back-flipped 24 hours later with a 2nd SD and then disappeared into the Indian sub-continent (where his children were schooled at exclusive international schools), .....

..... then to re-emerge from time to time, but always with PKR or pro-PKR people besides him, and to be garlanded by PKR's Sivarasa on his final return just prior to his death.

The tragedy for Altantuyaa was that many people could believe and still do Balasubramaniam's zig-zagging words, of course cherry-picking only the 'zigging' aspects of them and ignoring his 'zagging' say.

Balasubramaniam told us he was told by Razak Baginda who was told by Najib, who was told by Altantuyaa that she liked it in the back ..... all based on only Balasubramaniam's words.

..... so we were all told ... by Balasubramaniam.

Instead we should be asking:

  • who was Altantuyaa's Malaysian lover or husband?
  • who was Altantuyaa harassing to tears here in Malaysia?
  • thus who had the motive to remove her (where 'remove' did not necessarily mean 'murder')?
  • who took Altantuyaa away from Razak Baginda's house?

But WTF, would that have satisfied the political interests of someone in UMNO and someone in PKR?

So we allow ourselves to digress and be distracted from the facts of the case, where we only want Najib named as the murderer or the person who ordered the murder or the husband of the woman who turun padang to personally supervise the demolition of Altanuyaa's corpse ... and we have the bloody nerve to wonder why the Appeals Courts f**ked up our wishful (political) expectations.

And commonsense even tells us, would AAB or KJ have ever allowed Najib to get away with it if the latter was indeed guilty?

The f**king truth was, has been, is and will be: which politician really cares about Altantuyaa Shariibuu?


  1. Altantuya' case is different from other murder cases.

    Even by taking a neutral stand and ignoring the political circus, the comical SDs, the NGO's activities etc, the whole episode is peppered with strange happenings like change of court/ prosecutor, suspicious sms, acquital of Razak and non-appeal, no proof of motive, uncalled key witness....

  2. We care!! Not just to crucify someone but to have justice like for any other victim. Let us drop the Bala "he said, you said" but look at these facts:

    1. Mad woman shouting in front of Baginda's house. Obviously by then, the missus already knows.

    Usually men get rid of the mistress before they arrive at the house. Baginda was forwarning she was coming with her family. So nothing more to hide except beg wife's forgiveness for the sake of children (any maybe hmmm money?)

    Or men will pay them off.

    2. So either Baginda didn't want to pay her or could not pay her since the funds were funneled elsewhere.

    3. So enters PI Bala to "kautim" her. This is fact. Bala cannot resolve problem, then team B comes into the picture.

    4. Team B doesn't know her, will not kill just for domestic dispute. Team B already confess picking her up & last people to see her but case thrown out because of technicalities.

    5. She is dispose & immigration records erased (also fact).

    Therefore, Baginda disposed of her because scared of wife finding out... How does that sound? Because he was upset with the blackmailing on the affair? Sound better?

    Then he pulls strings to finish her since Bala couldn't persuade her. But court has absolved him. Then who the heck was angry or scared of her?

    Common, KTee kia, you need to be a bit chiong hee on this write up lah... Being away, blunts your words... wakakakaka

  3. There are none so blind as those who have eyes but refuse to see
    •who was Altantuyaa's Malaysian lover or husband? Najib
    •who was Altantuyaa harassing to tears here in Malaysia? Najib
    •thus who had the motive to remove her (where 'remove' did not necessarily mean 'murder')? Najib
    •who took Altantuyaa away from Razak Baginda's house? On Najib's orders - his personal UTK bodyguards

  4. Its amazing how a deep dislike for PKR can distort one's thought directions into really unusual channels
    I would say the Court of Appeals judgement actually reinforces the suspicion among many observers that there is deep political interference in the case from the Highest levels of the Malaysian Executive.

    1. of course there's political involvement but who's the murderer? Instead of questioning the acquittal of RB and the AG's non-appeal against that judgement, PKR continues its hunting for Najib a steh alleged murderer

  5. the gaffe guy who know's10:44 pm, August 28, 2013

    Politicians smell each others asses.That is what they all do for a living,or else what other things they have they to do.Shaking their marbles?

  6. If justice cannot be invoked on such a high profile international "murder" so blatantly brushed aside in full view and contempt of public opinion , both domestically and internationally . Then poor TBH is all that crosses my mind,what is the likelihood of his tragic demise getting justice ? Zilch , Nada..! His poor kid gotta grow up with the "fact" pummelled into his psyche, his poor dad unsconciously jumped out of a building and killed himself according to the MACC.

  7. KT, please don't treat this as an academic subject!

  8. Its obvious to me that very serious acts of Obstruction of Justice and Perversion of the Course of Justice have occured in this case.

    I have a strong principle on this subject.
    Politicians come and go - good politicians as well as crooked politicians. Government officials come and go. A country needs an impartial judicial system. If the system simply becomes the plaything of powerful people in the government , then anything goes, and the country no longer has anyone to serve as an umpire.

    Another thing to note. PKR may have orchestrated various theatrics in public surrounding the case - Ktemoc's excoriation of which makes entertaining reading. However, I don't see any of this actually amounts to Obstruction of Justice.

    The people who have actually interfered in the case in a substantive way are "Others".

    1. "Politicians come and go..." We still have sitting politicians from a bygone era..

      "... impartial judicial system..." We had one, a long time ago... you know what happened to it. Some politicians even make remarks that an impartial system is not good for our country's situation...

      "... plaything of powerful people in the government ..." The supposed 3 branches of government is supposed to be the check and balance mechanism, as the founding fathers of most modern nations recognise the human tendency to abuse power whenever they get their hands on it.

      You may wish that our system will go after crooks in high places (like Clinton being tried in 1999 over perjury & obstruction of justice in the Monica Lewinski scandal). Maybe our system will evolve for the better in the future. It may shock you to read that the recent high-profile trial of Bo Xilai in China, the trail and verdict is all scripted by the Communist Party.

  9. Fair write. As of this date, this case is extremely unsatisfactory. I'm adding AG into the mess on this case. He has to resign. How can we get no one accountable is beyond believe.

    1. Maybe you should write about the unsatisfactory handling of the case in your blog, in the interest of non-partisanship. Not the theatrics, but the injustice.