Friday, August 16, 2013

Zaid's 'mediocre' too kind a word?

It's debatable whether Tunku or Abdul Razak was the best PM we had.

It's believed that Ku Li would be the best PM we never have.

And I believe Zaid Ibrahim will be the best PM we should have.

Recently, in the midst of increasing social unrest due to outrageous political, racial and religious brouhaha, some suspected to have been staged, Zaid made a number of high class statesman speeches, unlike some who should know better and act better and more responsibly but instead who thrive on being batu api and divisive agitators, of course for their own political interests.

Two days ago he stated in the Malay Mail Online that UMNO's Race policy has bred ‘mediocre’ Malays.

I wonder whether he remembers a certain 'someone' (wakakaka) said recently that meritocracy (besides the concept of Bangsa Malaysia) was not suitable for Malaysian society.

Thus this 'someone' was actually promoting Mediocrity over Meritocracy. In fact, that 'someone' said when Chinese talked about meritocracy, it's racist.

Anyway, let's examine whether Zaid has been correct in alluding to UMNO's race policy as breeding mediocre Malays, who I shall be fair, should only apply to UMNO apparatchiks and not Malays in general.

The incredible edible delible ink

The EC leadership couldn't even save their two miserable lives if that had depended on decent plausible reason for the so-called indelible ink becoming easily delible, preferably in the first instant the explanation was required.

The excuses provided were (in succeeding order as each preceding one was easily knocked off the perch of credibility for sheer moronic implausibility):

  • EC staff didn't shake the ink bottle well enough
  • silver nitrate in ink reduced on advice of Health Ministry as it might cause kidney damage and cancer - New Health Minister S Subramaniam retorted PORDAH to EC
  • ink deliberately made more delible to allow Muslims to perform ablution prior to prayers (the apparatchiks' standard resort to 'agama' to save their skins (why then bother to claim ink was indelible or event to use it?)
  • ink had edible oil (why was it there then?)
  • some bastards deliberately rubbing off the ink, wakakaka - surely this one is the best or perhaps worst, BS that was.

Weren't those two EC clowns mediocre? That would have been too kind to them.

The 'Siapa Raja' RoS

Examine the 'siapa raja' mentality of RoS Director-General, a mere public servant.

The Malay Mail Online reported on 26 July 2013:

The DAP could face a permanent ban as the Registrar of Societies (RoS) has said it will reject the opposition party’s application to form a new party if it is deregistered.

RoS director-general Datuk Abdul Rahman Othman was quoted by The Star as saying that the party should not “harbour false hopes” of forming a new party since the body had shun applications to register new parties for the past five years.

“They can apply. But the right to approve it is with the RoS. We did not even entertain 29 applications to set up new parties submitted over the last five years,” he said.

Hello, I didn't realize that the RoS DG is a Law unto himself, where he can approve or disapprove registration of societies without any accountability?

As a mere public servant, he should explain to the public why he "did not even entertain 29 applications to set up new parties submitted over the last five years"? Apa ni, makan buta gaji, syiok sendiri kah?

And he should explain why and on what grounds he has pre-empted any possible re-registration by DAP? Siapa raja kah?

takut kan?

And since then, everyone knew he would continue to harass the DAP (unlike the ready registration of his precious UMNO Baru in 1988), and even then, on nebulous grounds brought up by unknown complainants and one so-called Father Augustus Chen, a phantom who the RoS DG has the brazenness to rely on in his illegal directive to DAP.

This man is truly an arrogant unaccountable public servant who believes he can do what he wishes or what his UMNO bosses wish.

Incidentally, Khairy Jamaluddin for all his Oxon airs should be fair and brave in admitting the DAP, for all its party procedural correctness, faces a losing case with a local shameless unconscionable Attila the Hun, thus the party's best and pain-saving bet in the long run would be to just re-hold the CEC elections to close a pure case of political harassments.

Mediocre would be too high a praise for this sickening UMNO apparatchik.

The Adorna case

After 10 years of legalised fraudulent pilfering, on 10 January 2010, the Adorna judgement by Justice Eusoff Chin was finally overturned.

The website of the Malaysian Bar's reported:

A five-member bench of the Federal Court today unanimously ruled that the previous Federal Court had misconstrued the provisions of section 340(3) of the National Land Code, 1965 ("NLC") in its decision of Adorna Properties Sdn Bhd v Boonsom Boonyanit 2000 ("Adorna Properties") because the principle of deferred and not immediate indefeasibility applies to the NLC. [...]

Delivering the main judgment of the apex court, Chief Judge of Malaya, Tan Sri Arifin Zakaria said the Court has to depart from Tun Eusoff Chin's four-page judgement in Adorna Properties as it is erroneous.

It's not just f* erroneous; it has been f* shameless and immoral.

In delivering his supporting judgment, Chief Justice Tun Zaki Azmi described the error committed in Adorna Properties as "obvious and blatant". He added that it is a well known fact that some unscrupulous people have taken advantage of this error by falsely transferring titles to themselves.

Indeed the "error was obvious and blatant".

It led to a decade of fraudulent cheating that subsequent courts had to abide by Eusoff Chin's judgement in the original ruling on the infamous Adorna case.

The judicial ruling deserves a place in the Hall of Shame for endorsing duplicitous scams for almost ten infamous years. Legitimate owners of properties in Malaysia were rendered unprotected and helpless by the unjust nonsense.

I bet Madame Boonsom Boonyanit who unjustly lost her Adorna property because of Eusoff Chin’a ruling must have cursed him and the Malaysian courts before she passed away, and I hope her curses work. Alas, the poor lady passed away and never ever was to know that it took almost 10 long years before a modicum of justice would reassert itself in BolehLand.

And those who had legally endorsed her loss of property through an obvious case of fraud deserved/deserve every curse in her damnation. It just beggars belief that a Malaysian court ruling had not only caused such blatant injustice but perpetuated and abetted the same shameful fraudulent practice.

The injustice of the Adorna case ruling was so flagrant that (now-retired) Justice Gopal Sri Ram, once sitting in the Court of Appeals, did what the catchphrase in Star Trek claims (paraphrased): Go where no judge has gone before by boldly ignoring legal precedence.

Though criticised by many, Justice Gopal's amazing defiance of stare decisis (legal precedence) to rule in favour of the Au brothers in 2007 was eventually vindicated when the Federal Court sat early this year to overturn Eusoff Chin’s ruling of infamy.

The Chief Judge of Malaya, Tan Sri Arifin bin Zakaria, acknowledged in his 2010 judgment that, "It is therefore highly regrettable that it has taken some time, before this contentious issue is put to rest"

Believe it or not, Eusoff Chin was once the Chief Justice of Malaysia. Was he just mediocre? Bloody f* no, he was worse.

This was what a lawyer said of him, as published on the website of the Malaysian Bar:

At the forefront of the attack was retired senior lawyer Lim Kean Chye, 88, who described the Federal Court's 2000 decision on the Adorna Properties Sdn Bhd v Boonsom Boonyanit as "stupid".

"To put it in a nutshell, the case made a laughing stock of our judiciary," the octogenarian ex-lawyer told a forum - entitled 'Property Rights Under the Malaysian Constitution' - at the three-day 14th Malaysian Law Conference, which kicked off today at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

The case had destroyed much of the credibility that the judiciary had enjoyed among foreign investors in the protection of the rights of property owners, said the feisty Lim, who had founded the defunct Malayan Democratic Union and had once been detained in British Singapore.

The name of Eusoff Chin has in recent weeks been resurrected following the emergence of the infamous Lingam tape.

we Malaysians are by nature very friendly & sociable  lah

In the eight-minute video clip released by opposition party PKR, senior lawyer VK Lingam was seen talking, purportedly to a senior judge, of securing the appointment of ‘friendly’ judges from Chin's camp.

In 2000, then-CJ Chin had controversially overruled the Court of Appeal and awarded a piece of land to Adorna Properties despite it being fraudulently gotten from Boonsom - the registered landowner - through forgery.

At the heart of the trial was whether Adorna case was to be categorised under clauses (2) or (3) of Section 340 of the National Land Code.

Lim said that “plain English” dictates that neither clause can be mistaken for the other.

"Section 340 (2) says you have no title if you bought from a forger. That's the end of it.

“But if A buys from a forger, and sells to B - an innocent man - sub-section (3) protects you. The second buyer (B) is protected," said Lim.

He argued that the Adorna decision - which involved a buyer getting the property directly from a forger - should be come under sub-section 2 of the land code instead of sub-section 3.

In his hard-hitting speech, Lim alluded to Lewis Carroll's book ‘Through the Looking Glass’ to press home his point. He quoted Carroll from the book:

"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, "it means just what I choose it to mean."

"The question is," said Alice," whether you can make words mean so many different things."

"The question is," Humpty Dumpty said, "which is to be the master - that's all."

Lim continued: "The former judge (NS) Chan has said it ... he said of another court ... they're stupid, they don't understand the English language.”

The ex-lawyer also took the opportunity to lambast the judges, many of whom have ruled according to Chin's judgment in the Boonsom case.

Legal expert Teo Keang Sood later pointed out in the forum how several court decisions had followed the precedent set by Chin in 2000, including in Ismail Mohmad & Anor v Ismail Husin, in Liew Yok Yin v AGS Harta Sdn Bhd and Mok Yong Chuan v Mok Yong Kong & Anor.

Judges ‘obey the boss’

According to Lim, the judges had failed to realise the true spirit and intentions behind the principlestare decisis and instead followed blindly the precedent dictated by peer or higher courts.

"To them, stare decisis means 'obey the boss' even though you are of the same rank but you're slightly older and appointed earlier than you.

"Stare decisis doesn't mean that. Stare decisis came about out of respect - you like the judgment written by a judge or by three or four judges, (which are) full of learning and of wisdom, and full of justice.

"But if that court doesn't deserve your respect, how does the principle of stare decisis apply? To me, it's very clear. If there is an injustice, you don't follow it," said Lim.

Do you have a "bright future"?

On the matter of stare decisis, remember the bowler who when hauled before the court on a confessed charge of statutory rape, was discharged by the judge because "His Amazing Worship" believed the bowler had a "bright future"?

Statutory rape versus "bright future" of rapist, and in BolehLand, of course statutory rape lost.

So Noor Afizal Azizan was allowed scot-free after bonking a 13-year old girl, thanks to the Malaysian Court of Appeal who (amazingly again) considered many factors such as, believe it or not, consensual sex.

Hellooooooooo, yang 'Amazing' arif, the victim was sub-16, in fact only 13. What kind of judgement had it been, when judges didn't understand what was 'statutory rape'.

The law states clearly that a person below the age of 16 is deemed unable to make an informed decision and/or appreciate the possible consequences of the decision.

Thus, consensual sex is totally irrelevant in statutory rape!

Thus, non-coercion is totally irrelevant in statutory rape!

Thus, any adult who had sex with a girl below the age of 16 has committed statutory rape, regardless of consent by the victim or that there was no force or coercion!

The Malaysian Insider (TMI) reported in its news article Rapists freed by courts match medical definition of paedophiles that the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases (ICD) categorizes paedophilia as ‘a sexual preference for children boys or girls or both usually of pre-pubertal or early pubertal age’, ...

... while the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) used by mental health professionals globally states 'paedophilia is the sexual attraction to pubescent or pre-pubescents aged 13 or younger and the subject must be 16 or older with the child at least five years younger'.

TMI states the slimy maggot fitted the medical profiles of paedophiles and that international research of paedophilia as a sexual disorder suggests that paedophiles start offending at a young age.

I was totally gob-smacked by the judge's explanation where he had dared, in a case of statutory rape, to use the excuse that Noor Afizal did not use force and that it was consensual sex.

Were these new laws no one other than the judge was aware of?

Apparently not, as his colleague in Penang has done the same thing to another maggot Chuah Guan Jiu who too bonked a sub-16 year old girl but was released on good behaviour bond, probably in classic stare decisis or worse, in not wanting to offend the more senior judge by making him look bad?


In my post Malaysian Laws like Spider Webs? I pointed out that an unemployed Malay man in Johor was jailed for FIVE YEARS for stealing less than a dozen cans of beer. He was charged under Section 380 of the Penal Code for theft, which carries a maximum 10 years’ jail or fine upon conviction.

For stealing 11 cans of beer, he was sentenced to 50% of the max jail term.

Those two arseholes, Noor Afizal and Chuah Guan Jiu were charged under Section 376(1) of the Penal Code where they could face up to 20 years' jail and whipping.

For raping little girls, did they get any fraction of the max sentence or whipping?

The moral of the story we obtain must be that under Malaysian law, it's (criminally) safer to rape little girls than steal a few cans of beer.

Mediocre would hardly be the word for those judges - it would have been too kind. Mafulat would have been more appropriate.

However, I am please to say one of the two maggots, Chuah Guan Jiu, was subsequently jailed for 5.5 years after public outcry over the stupid court ruling and an appeal by the prosecutor. He deserved it.

But what about the bloke with the "bright future"? Surely what's good for the goose (Chuah Guan Jiu) should be good for the gander (Noor Afizal).


  1. Malaysian discovers malaria vaccine. Another is top minister in Rudd's cabinet. Nearly a sizeable amount in Spore cabinet and recently housing minister (from Malaysian roots) comes up with 10 year plan to build HDB for singles and affordable. Another goes to Oz to start a blog... wakakaka...

    OK-lah, balik China, India & mana pun jua OK. OK la, so what mediocre? Sub-par, below adverage... same2 lah. Once remarked on RPK's blog (many2-2 moons ago) that country is facing Malay dilemma and he response its an Chinese slit-eyed view. OK-la RPK is king. Today, Zan Azlee says what is wrong in si-dunia orang... Then RPK writes the last few days that becos of fight for Malay supremacy in UMNO, now indirectly Malaysian dilemma.

    Ellese ask us to go to his blog. Read his posting (by the way, nothing left to say the last week, no new posting?) and comments there.. all we can say.... listen, listen, think, think... siapa kebelakangan? Tembak Cina, India, orang Melayu juga jadi mangsa bro..

    Mungkin pendapat penjajah British betul, kami suka senang-lenang (macam or like mediocre). Tunku best in the world... orang jolly tapi tahu and cinta sama bangsa dan Malaysia. Dll, no comment. Kuli, gentleman. Tun, wounded tiger and RPK says, watch out. Zaid... sobsobsob... the PM we never had... like that fellow, eeerh siapa? Oooh Tun Ismail...

  2. Now anybody can be a judge.... to borrow the Air Asia catch phrase.

  3. One of the most important characteristics a future PM needs to have is the ability and inclination to build a strong team and convince a large following to support his policies.
    Zaid Ibrahim has been worse than useless in his respect, in UMNO , in PKR and in Kita, the party he himself started, which booted him out.

    If he ever makes it there, Zaid Ibrahim would be the worst PM in Malaysia's history, and that says volumes.

  4. your words are stabbing too deep. the rapist are mere boys, why mete out harsh punishment when they are really in love with each other. and we're in 21st century internet age, stop acting kolot! and beers can lead to domestic violence.

    1. Bonking little girls of 13 years old is just not decent/humane or not. That's why there's a law in place known as statutory rape, faham ? And the other chap, the 40 years old manager who raped the little girl in the car.... and to rub salt in the wound, he married her to escape punishment ! Apa ini ? Would you let your little daughter who is just 13 or so to marry her rapist ? And later, will he rape yet another under age and get a third wife....what's the term for this behaviour....serial rapist- bigamist ?

  5. Again you're being selective and inconsistent. One of the main beneficiary of the melayu race policy is Zaid himself. He built up his firm to be the biggest firm using Umno connections. Just ask any lawyers and check lah his clients at that time. When he is super rich he then demonized those who follow his footsteps. Mediocre betul this Zaid kan?

    You should not be selective. If you condemn those in Umno for enriching themselves through the race policy don't lah make the same person a hero purposely forgetting his evil act. A same act must have similar value. It cannot be a right action if you like the person but wrong if you hate him. How can the same action be mediocre and heroic depending who you like?

    1. benefiting from the NEP and at the same time making something out of oneself (improving, progressing, advancing) is not a sin, which n fact has been the very purpose of the NEP. But enjoying the benefits of the NEP without improving or worse, making a fool out of oneself is a sin

    2. Dear Ellese the Hypocrite,

      Zaid have benefited from NEP, I am proud that NEP serve it purpose. Of course with people like Hasan Ali, is a wasted investment.

      When NEP is given out, we do not know who will be Zaid Ibrahim, Hasan Ali, Zulkifli Noordin or Ellese.

      But I am surely know that Ellese the beemer lover whom is not qualify for NEP anymore with his present financial status. Ellese should surrender all the fringe benefits to others whom are more deserving and less financial status as Ellese. We just can't help the rich become richer. Can we?

      Ellese stop being a hypocrite and surrender your privilege as below:

      1. 7% discount for housing.
      2. RM200,000 investment in ASB.
      3. Self sponsor all your own children to higher learning, if their scores are less than brilliant.
      4. All approve permit (AP) that you have in hand.

      Ellese, I have nothing against you. It just that there are plenty of bumiputera whom is more deserving than you which have lower financial status.


    3. Dear racist wave,

      Again there is deep bitterness and anger for not being able to counter any of my points. As a result you time and again choose to write senseless personal attack full of deceits and lies. Most know who I am already. You also know that I didn't even take scholarship out of empathy of my non Malay friends. I took up a loan and paid every penny of it. The only scholarship I took was the one granted to me by the foreign university I attended.

      Now go and check the checquered history of zaid. you know Zaid took full well of the scholarship of which some other deserving non Malays are more entitled. Go check his result. Go check how he got enriched through UMNO. If you are enamoured of what he did, you have absolutely no ground to go against me. Its again a typical hatred rhetoric to bring disrepute to my name without basis.

      Unlike most pr blogger you know I defend my name. I earn my living by repute. People know me of my ability and value proposition. So stop lying.

    4. CBMF,

      What a show! U defend yr name (or just yr tag)?

      Don't just pick & choose, played the selective game that u so often accused others. Wave33 had put a list out, be a sporting f**k & clear the list. Otherwise, u r, once again, talking cock!

      BTW, since u r so damn sure about Zaid's so called checquered history, do like what Wave33 had done on u - list out the details for all to check lah.

      I'm very sure that Zaid would treat u like brother-at-arm & squeeze every penny (balls) out of u.

      Be a sport, after all u do defend yr name. Or is it cock talking once again?

      BTW, someone has listed 4 types of people in this world in one of KT's early blog. I'm putting my money on sub-human 2 to fit yr personality to the every last dot. Now, go & check on the mirror!!!!!!!

    5. Dear anon CBMF

      You again displayed ramblings which absolutely have no point and relevance to what is being discussed. I am not surprised as its a reflection of your deficient cognitive capacity, but you should try not to be proud of displaying your ignorance/stupidity to the world. I've met many people like you who are simply frustrated in not being able to respond to my contrarion opinion. Thus most who are like you, have no choice but to use foul and vulgar words to rebut. You know I reply in kind and will only lead to your further embarrassment. Remember the last time?. You justified your under siege racist mindset with stupid reasons. At the end its you who are embarrassed. Now everyone knows you're racist.

      I suggest you take a step back. Be rational and look in the mirror. I pray you realise your follies. Godspeed.

    6. CBMF,

      So, u r indeed a MF hypocrite!

      '..not being able to respond to my contrarion opinion' - Now, who's that?

      Wave33 challenged u & I counted yr 'chronic' tag of 'I-defend-my-name' with REALISTIC emphasis with pointers.

      Where r the 'reply in kind'?

      '..deficient cognitive capacity'???? Now, another bombastic term (to show of? ) apply to who?

      Best of ALL - 'Remember the last time?. You justified your under siege racist mindset with stupid reasons. At the end its you who are embarrassed. Now everyone knows you're racist.'

      As I recalled, & let the commentators here be the judge, who has done what.

      Dont divert the attention & 'displayed ramblings which absolutely have no point and relevance to what is being discussed'

      Oop, but u r VERY good at that & be selective, too.

      That also explain it's best to use yr own words against u. Otherwise, the cognitive insolvent will set in as u type the next alphabet, wakakakaka.

      BTW, u keep using siege racist mindset (siege mentality) - do u REALLY understand the term, or not. Let me show u a simple case of 'siege racist mindset' - look no further than the surau jadi tokong incident!!!!

      Some people - jadi mirror- cracker pun nak claimed hero! Terusx2 bodoh sombong.

      No comprende???

    7. Dear CBMF,

      I had replied earlier but somehow it was not published. So ill still try to write nicely.

      Since this is KT's blog, I'll try not to reply in kind yet to your imbecile write. If you dare and so wish please go to my blog which doesn't practice censorship. I've taken in all types of blind unthinking pr supporters including all the red bean armies lah and adding another one is not an issue to me.

      You seem not to understand what defending repute is. Thus you hide behind the name Anon and happily criticize people for values you don't believe in. Just like in our previous discussion you accuse many of racism but you defend to the hilt unconscionable racism of your kind. Similarly here, you have been accused of otak kosong, racist, hypocrite etc but you have not taken any steps to defend your name. Yet you want me to defend my name which in any event I've already did.

      Again I pray to god that you be given the light of truth and honour and not hide behind the cloak of deceit. Show you that being a racist and hypocrite is wrong under any moral judgement. Perhaps you're an atheist but i pray to god that you at least be like most atheist I met who have a moral compass. Try it. You will see how it elevates the spiritual self rather than engulf yourself in the glum dark hatred propagated by your misguided truth/ intentional falsehood.

    8. CBMF,

      'If you dare and so wish please go to my blog which doesn't practice censorship'

      Like demiinegara & sat'd sites, u r all hypocrites to the core. 'Doesn't practice censorship' is only a tag for u to display on yr window shop. The moment u/yr choirboys lost the arguments, more often than not, the scissor starts to play!

      That's what a hypocrite did best. As a anonymous host, u claimed everything under the internet for the 'lost' of reputing comments, no?

      That's one main reason why ALL these sites see only limited choirboy showings & with dwindling readership? These hosts/choirboys r cave-dwellers, who could only argue with a mentality of aeroplane-as-bird simplicity. Especially so, when the song they sung is of the same keys & tunes, with zilch new insights.

      'Thus you hide behind the name Anon and happily criticize people for values you don't believe in.' Wakakaka....oop..

      How much better is Ellese A, open its identity to the world than the anon I'm tagged with? How much have u allow others to criticize the values that u uphold blindly, ye?

      So, continue living in under yr tempurung, & hold up yr spurious jaguh kampong of transparency. U need that illusion to stay one-up!

      'you have been accused of otak kosong, racist, hypocrite etc but you have not taken any steps to defend your name. Yet you want me to defend my name which in any event I've already did.'

      Once again - where's the beef? U have NOT done any logical counter-arguments to prove yr empty claims. Is yr cognitive insolvency now turns into selective Alzheimer, just like that water-walking mamak?

      Shame is spell as S-H-A-M-E. Comprehende??????

      All sites r biased to certain extence, especially when the site host is involved. Thus, my intention of challenge every which way yr hypocrisy shows, outside yr control, under neutral sites!

      DON"T preach to me. I don't need yr false god. Talk is cheap for u, as a PENGHIANAT ISLAM. WHY, Islam? Just an example, u localised the universal teaching of Islam, in the use of Allah semantic, to vent yr siege mentality of ketuanan. No?

      Now, back to the drawing board for how to portray a racist and hypocrite behind the cloak of baddly woven deceits. U will face more target snapper!

    9. You lied. Go to my blog. I don't censor. Never have. Many gave up coz I replied in kind.

      The lie reflects one of your many deficient trait. Your heart is too dark to receive any light. May god bless you and open your heart to goodness.

    10. CBMF,

      Sound desperado ye? Run out of new tricks to garner yr 'name?

      So it has come to a circular argument of only yrs vs mine! The tin kosing is now truly kosong, thus the thundering denial.

      BTW, the Egyptians of the Nile r brave enough to face up their current tolls of their own doing. But r u? Or u have lost yr balls just like in many previous occasions, when yr deceits were been exposed.

      One more thing, & do etched this reminder into that thick skull of yrs - I wouldn't promote yr site by responding to yr troglodytic rants. I expect the site to die soon either when u run out of choirboys supporting yr mindless/pittance monologue &/or all yr old tricks expired due to endless repeats.

      Lastly, don't used yr god to do yr dirty works. I'm game to face my judgement with my maker when the time comes.

      So, be prepared to face yrs - whoever yr maker is!

    11. May god have mercy on your lost and sinful soul.

  6. keywords: shameless, immoral, mafulat
    conclusion: double standard, no standard, no future

  7. We have missed the boat is no use crying over spilt milk. We just have to bite the bullet and face the future which is rusing at us at double the speed.

  8. There r 4 types of people in this world.

    1. Educated & guided with goodheart

    2. Educated & tinted with evil intention

    3. Not educated & yet complemented with good nature

    4. Not educated & ignoramus with everything

    Out of the four, the most despicable & lowest of the lowest, shines the category 2 sub-human.

    History is full of people like this, typically more so in bolihland, recently! & yet those scams, whom u had written about, come even lower!

    In most of the cases that u mentioned, these 'people of power' do not deserved to be there in the 1st place. They were there simply bcoz of misguided uplifting process, designed for a group of people, whose minds r still trapped within a feudalistic, troglodyte thinking. It's made worst by a constant siege mentality & genetically coded, sometime I wonder, inferiority complex.

    Nothing can help them to advance. Eventually hp6 knowledge brings out their own destruction, to their race, religion.

    The only bitterness is along the way, these scams, cost thousands of collateral damages, in the form of if-I-dont-get-it-so-must-u!!!!! Grrr

  9. KT,


    Me think & belief you are wrong, very wrong in your assessment. They "best" PM we would have had shld be Tunku Aziz of TI - what an honest n upright guy he is!

    The only other person who would be a better PM than TA has to be "Reeduan Tea". Why? This ex-china-apek who converted and amazingly also "masuk" melayu will prove to the world that our country does not discriminate based on skin color! It will show we allow the "best qualified" person to lead our country.

  10. those boys are in love and consensual. and the girls have reached puberty. don't you understand most religious permit marriage just right after puberty. minus religion, we're living in information age, the girls know and understand what are they doing. words are dead, and when the laws are flaw in such context the judge should stand to exercise justice. do you really enjoy seeing their futures destroyed because of such injustices. and you can't compare with stealing beers, it's not that the thief is stealing milk powder to feed his child. it's beer you are referring, vice activites!

  11. A person who is good at 'eating' money sometimes present oneself as a mediocre worker.

  12. Ever wonder why we practically LOST EVERY international case involve third party? And EVERY PIRATIZATION CONTRACT will suck the rakyat dry?

  13. when chinese talks it is baling batu sorok tangan or gangstericracy, taikocracy, discrimanacy( through cartel, manipulation of price, goods and market) . It is full of yelow shiiit.

  14. Being mediocre is a known thing but lately we see a revelation that more and more people have upgraded themselves to chiak sai IN PUBLIC with no guilt and regret