Thursday, August 29, 2013

Penang CM caught in a knot in Tandas

Tanda Putera should be retitled Tandas Pordah for its utterly irresponsible fabrications which are likely to incite racial ill-will.

But nonetheless, if we respect freedom of expression, we should allow its screening.

Yes, freedom of expression (speech, gathering, etc) should be accompanied by sound and mature responsibilities, and though the film maker obviously lacks that, her film including and especially fabricated bullshit about May 13 events aimed to put the Chinese and their alleged-fabricated involvement in the worst possible light in Malay eyes, has alas been approved by the Malaysian Censor Board ...

... which is hardly surprising as she is just another UMNO apparatchik like the mob at Utusan. I wonder whether pathetic she could get a director's job outside Malaysia, wakakaka!

TMI reported that:

The DAP has railed against the controversial film with the MCA joining in to express concerns with the scenes and dialogue that are said to be racially sensitive.

The DAP, especially, has been highly critical of the movie, pointing out that it can stoke racial tension by pinning the 1969 racial riots on the Chinese.

The party has been particularly irked by a purported scene in the movie, which has been linked to a young Lim Kit Siang urinating at a flagpole outside the house of former Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Harun Idris.

Kit Siang, who is DAP adviser, denied that such an incident had taken place.

Indeed, how could Lim KS be peeing in KL when he was in Sabah during 13 May 1969, a situation verified by Tamrin Baba, son of former DPM Ghaffar Baba (of UMNO) ... unless he possessed a humongously long cock, wakakaka.

Bapak Lim KS in 1969? wakakaka

I'd make a better film director than that paid moron

And that's the shameless disgusting extent of the film maker's utter irresponsibility - no, not about Lim KS's huge cock wakakaka but Lim KS's alleged urinating at a flagpost in the Selangor MB's house. Typical!

But Lim GE has been wrong in advising Penang's cinema not to screen the Tandas bullshit. F**k, let that Tandas bullshit be shown.

The film maker (director) Shuhaimi Baba has been equally wrong in threatening Penang cinemas of losing their licence if they do not screen the film. F**k - Mana freedom of expression?

And just who the f**k is she to threaten cinema operators?

But hey, did I say she's a typical UMNO apparatchik, where threatening and bullying a la Ahmad Zahid would be the order of their pathetic lives and day?

Tandas - wakakaka!


  1. Suhaimi will be remembered as a great historian !

    1. as was Hitler in his Mein Kampf


    3. What smoke was u guy partake?


      If ever there is such an effort, it would be those tandas over-stayers for trying hard to pass 'motion'

      Hitler would rather be roasted then be put on the same hall!!!!

  2. Indeed I agree with you that it is not right for LGE to advise cinema operators not to screen this one.
    Perhaps he should in a sarcastic manner tell FINAS to insist on putting up "ini cerita dongeng" imprints in various parts of the movie, like what ASTRO did for the Pope Francis documentary. Well, not in those words but something like "this is a fictitious portrayal blah blah blah" in the 3 main languages and English. This would be fair.

  3. Tandas
    The pipe to urination
    Along the stinking smell
    Once it stays too long

    Films on history
    It must be facts all the way
    There is no room for creative manipulation
    Unless it is favoured the ruling elites

    Stroking the racial elements
    Is this the way to go celebrate our freedom?
    The back stabbing of the other races?
    Like what happened to Tunku in his own words?

    Malaysians maybe should see the film
    Watch how low the Amno elites can go
    The greed of power and don't care attitude
    The foxes running wild in our perception

    1. Suhaimi's show and tell
      of lies all public funded
      Her May 13's road to Hell
      leaves credibility astounded

    2. Public funding she took
      Took the wrong turn to hell
      May 13 trying to change history
      Of a time we knew in history records

      The Black Day will not change
      The nation has to live and remember
      No matter what the ruling elites want to project
      The history of the 'bad moon rising'

      p/s BJs I think is blow jobs

  4. RM 5 million of the rakyat's tax money to produce a propaganda film to viciously and unfairly incriminate and insult 30% of the rakyat ! Luckily unlike those days, we now have access to the true story of what happened on May 13 1969. Truly Tandas Pordah.....thanks to this blogger, we now refer to this Nazi sh*t piece of Umno propaganda with its proper name !

  5. Feedback from most of the Chinese when asked about the film "Tandas Pordah":

    1. We know Lim Kit Siang was in Sabah on that fateful day. He was never in KL on that day. The story of urinating at the flagpole was a made-up lie to put the blame on the Chinese

    2. We know that the real culprit is UMNO.....that Harun guy gathered a big group of Malays all dressed in black with headbands armed with parangs and there were chantings and prayers before they went amok slaughtering the innocent Chinese who were most unfortunate to be in their paths.

    3. We know that a small group of Chinese retaliated the next day/s, rampaging on innocent Malay bystanders, to avenge the thousands of death of the Chinese.

    4. We know that curfew were imposed the following few days and the army were called in the man the streets.

    5. We know that the reports in the media then were blacked out, with false reports of the number of deaths suffered by the Chinese community emerging the following week. The thousands of deaths were reported as 65 initially , then amended to 100 plus years later.

    6. We know that the some Chinese made plans to emigrate after that incident. Many sold their business and homes, and their children continue their education overseas, with the parents starting afresh in new countries.

    7. We know the Umno people are now on a rampage after the GE13 and this film is just a continuation of Utusan " Apa Lagi Cina Mau?"

    8. We know that history is written by the victors and there is nothing much we can do about it but we can continue to tell the truth to all our children and to reveal the truth through alternative media.

    9. We know this is what INJUSTICE is.....first they kill the innocents and then BLAME the innocents for all these killings. Nothing could be worse than this. We Chinese will NEVER forget and forgive such injustice.

    1. My uncle had a British expatriate friend whose wife, a British trained nurse, was doing charity work at a KL hospital. She told my uncle that the most disturbing scene to her was the stack of bodies of Chinese children caught at the start of the riot as they left afternoon school in the immediate area and hacked to death. She cried as to how people could kill little children who were so innocent.

      Those politicians responsible for inciting the rioters to such depths of unbridled racial hatred were utterly evil.

  6. Lim GE was naive to have blurted out the 'advice' without thinking of the reactions - he provided the aspirants the opportunity to ratchet up their score cards in the coming party elections.

  7. the gaffe guy who know's7:35 am, August 30, 2013

    Somebody told me that Suhaimi was paid by her Umno masters to do BJ's.

    1. I know BS wakakaka but what's BJ?

    2. Blow job???????

    3. From her!!!??????

      Wakakaka indeed...


  8. I'm not one who follows anyone or any party blindly.
    Lim Guan Eng's attempt to block Tanda Putra from being shown in Penang is wrong.

  9. An excerpt from Dr Kua Kia Soong's article...."we can only go by their reviews of the film, viz. that the Chinese are portrayed as the aggressors in the aftermath of the 1969 general election; that the Chinese had gone to Malay kampungs shouting arrogant and insensitive slogans; a scene of Chinese youth urinating on a flagpole at the Mentri Besar’s residence; Chinese youth vandalizing campaign materials; a Chinese crowd shouting “Malays go and die”; A Chinese crowd disallowing two Malay youth on motorbikes to pass through, claiming that Selangor belonged to them; that the communists had a hand in orchestrating the mayhem; that foreign correspondents at the time fielded unreliable despatches… all blood racing stuff to arouse Malay emotions."

    Tandas Porrrdahhhh......

    1. Some Chinese did go to Kampung Baru and acted in a biadap manner in their election victory, BUT they were not DAP people. According to Dr Kua, they were GERAKAN people wakakaka.

  10. Written by Temenggong, ....a long-standing commentator in M2D ( reposted here....with liberty ) :

    "May 13 Is Premeditated...

    There is no need to keep guessing who and what caused May 13. Days before that fateful day, Malays had been gathering in KL and parangs were stocked in Harun's residence. It was pre-meditated. The elections and losses were just a trigger for the pent up sentiments, for the loss of Singapore, of communists in the jungles, socialists in the unions and increasing chinese in parliament.

    After merdeka the Malays soon found out that things was not like they believed it would be, that 153 was no help at all. They wanted the status quo changed unilaterally and radically, much away from the 153 provisions. They wanted the whole cake. Harun pulled the trigger. Tunku was the fall guy. Razak stage-managed the fallout and new socio-political order. By 1971 BN was formed with Gerkan and PPP in, and the opposition, the Chinese and Indians compromised forever.

    Thereafter began the exodus, today amounting to 1.1 million ex-Malaysians. This then became the land of milk and honey for the Malays, a spending spree and rampaging in glee where the party never ended for the sons of the soil. Apologists from all sides walked the day. Until Hindraf cut the knot in 2007, changed the equations and new status quo reigned with chameleons in every walk of life. Everything that they hastily cobbled and counted on; the civil service, uniformed services, compromised judiciary, Election Commission, regulations, permits, license restrictions, shariah, diluted education system, etc - was found to be ho help at all.

    Rather the Malays weakened themselves over 40 years, and we now have a wayang kulit propped up eye-wash economy, overrun by foreign workers, and where the Malay family unit is a wreck and nearly everyone a blithely lying conman or showman. The fall in character and integrity was the real disaster. We now have a proven formula of how to wreck a people and a nation. " ( written by temenggong, December 28, 2012 10:31:57 )

  11. If Tandas Pordah fails to do well in the cinemas, there are lots of avenues to yet rouse the Malays to greater heights of Ketuanan......

    1. National TVs
    2. Astro
    3. Free CDs
    4. Open Air Viewings in Padangs every weekend
    5. BTN courses
    6. Every Hari Raya Open House Celebrations
    7. Suraus
    8. Malay Community Centres
    9. Hospital Reception Areas
    10.All Tour Buses ( Compulsory)
    12.Long-Distance Trains
    13.MAS, Air-Asia ( Compulsory)
    14.Libraries ( earphones provided)
    15.Army and Police Centres/Pondoks
    16 Parliament ( showing is compulsory before every sitting)

    1. You missed out one - subject for study in colleges & universities. From creative licence to become a history subject.

  12. In this open letter to the director of Tandas Putra, the writer gave a very good summary after sitting through this creative film :

    Had the first good laugh of the day when he wrote that the film director depicted Harun Idris fainting dead away when the mobs he gathered to slaughter the Chinese did not heed his "pleading" to drop the parangs and went ahead to amok. LOL. And the Tunku happily tendered his resignation ? Is there any PM in the world who would HAPPILY resign when your deputy spring a coup on you ? Another LOL. And of course that urinating scene.....even that gemuk director admitted herself this is just her creative license and she has the right of freedom of expression. And the government civil servant who was interviewed after viewing the film recently at GSC Mid Valley said this film is not racial at all and is based on historical facts. Perhaps this film depicting historical facts ought to be a subject matter in the school curriculum and be made a compulsory subject.

    1. "... and she has the right of freedom of expression ..."

      Yet she threatened cinema operators for loss of licence in any attempt to express their rights not to screen her bullshit

    2. How could the term exercising freedom of expression using CREATIVE licence be compatible with Historical Facts ? Betul betul tandas porrdahhh !

  13. Tandas porahh this LGE. He abused his power through local authorities. The word used in the "directive" was diarahkan and when under pressure says its advisory. Lying through his teeth. Now every local council and state government can say films like new village and namawee film can diarahkan not to be screened and says its an advisory.

    LGE siege mentality must be cordoned off as it fueled hatred. It has resulted in pushing Malaysia being extremely polarized. He calls people racist but support the grand racist policy of segregating us by race. He is hypersensitive and push for one sided agenda. Like this tanda Putra. On what reason does he want to ban? He has not seen it. There's a huge story about sacrifise. He doesn't want people to recognise tun Ismail and tun Razak effort and instead harping on selective race issue. Some of the abominable things happen which are critical of some Chinese behavior that should be criticised. But because he's conflicted to protect father and party he deviated the issue. His practice of selective racism stinks to high heaven. He has never calls for banning those film against unity, Malays or Islam. When it suits him he always say people need to know the truth. Many of Kia Kia song allegation happened. Its the truth. Suddenly he says we must focus on unity. Kepala otak this LGE. Conning people all the time with his selective racist narration. Get all the Chinese to support DAP brand of racism.

    1. CBMF,

      It's obvious that yr selective Alzheimer is progressing! Soon, u could drop the selective & be artistic creative, just like that BJ director.

      So LGE, for been a political animal, has acted impulsively in word used to condemn Tandas Pordah. What about that liberally indulged 'creative license' director, or u? What's yr take? Be selective again?

      CB, u should rewrite like this - 'Tandas Pordah's siege mentality must be cordoned off as it fueled hatred. It has resulted in pushing Malaysia being extremely polarized.' Otherwise, yr hypocrisy trace would be to glaring to hide, yes?

      One more - 'CBMF, calls people racist but support the grand racist policy of segregating us by race. He is hypersensitive and push for one sided agenda.'

      Wasn't u who wrote selective display of words for the SK Seri Pristana's showerroom as canteen for non Muslin pupils, as an non issue? Whereas, it's an established fact that, almost all canteen facilities r been disbanded during Ramadhan, so to respect the sensitivity of the Muslims. So who's hypersentive - u or LGE?

      Then again, for someone who keep using the phrase 'siege mentality' & yet can't see the meaning of it. WHAT can one expect. Simply put - it's just like cant see the tree for the forest. Or maybe the forest for the tree. Take yr pick, CB.

      Iff tandas pordah is a huge story about sacrifise, then that BJ director has done injustice to the two main characters. Do check the other comments all over the blogsphere to verify this. I'm not here to babysit u!

      She obviously got the public fund, via her BJ kabel connections, to showcase her spurious talent in directorship ability. What a waste of public money! Just imagine the alternative outcome of the use of that fund by say Reza Mohd or Namewee!

      This is a gem, coming from a MF - 'Some of the abominable things happen which are critical of some Chinese behavior that should be criticised.'

      Now, why not try yr hypocritical best to write/show some of the abominable things happen which are critical of some Malay behavior that should be criticised.'???

      Be selective or Alzheimer set in again?

      'Conning people all the time with his selective racist narration.' - suit u to the dot, no?

      BTW, truth to be told, it's people like u that get all the Chinese to support DAP 'brand of racism.' as oppose to umno's.


  14. If a blogger posts stories that are untrue, action can be taken via the courts to penalise him, as happened to RPK and other bloggers.

    Same for newspapers as the cases against Utusan have shown.

    So if a government sponsored film includes untruths with real events and masquerades as history, can similar action be taken?

  15. freedom of expression? can I call this moron "BAB..."

    1. In their BTN courses and Felda Scheme community halls, the Malay audience will be told NO creative licence is exercised, that all in the film are well-researched historical facts, heheheh.

  16. The Real Story of May 13.....

    See the true colour of Tun Razak.....plotting behind his boss with the Mamak king waiting in the wing. Behind every massacre, there's always the power-thirsty devils with their army of similar feather demons.

  17. Nasri opined that Tandas Pordah is well researched ?

    Read this MI comment from one Tristan :

    "Nazri's opinion is just that. An opinion of a politician looking for political dividends in the upcoming UMNO elections. And opinion is not truth. The truth about May 13th does not merely reside in anecdotal accounts of those in today's UMNO Baru but in a complex tapestry of police records, eye witness accounts, news reports by local and foreign journalists and in the vivid memories of those who lived through those days including the memoirs of the then deposed Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman . The birth of multiracial Gerakan in Penang and the tremendous energies it unleashed across all major cities, the coming together of stalwarts like Dr Tan Chee Khoon, V. David, Syed Hussain Alatas, Lim Chong Eu et al, new inroads by a young and vociferous DAP in urban areas, the many failings of an aging Alliance including its many scandals highlighted by the Seenivasagam brothers, the funeral procession of a young chinese man (which the Tunku wanted to stop), intrigues within UMNO ... all contributed to the unprecedented victory and the exuberance that followed. The three co-conspirators in UMNO, Mahathir, Harun and Razak took advantage of the unexpected gains of the oppostion and executed their dastardly plan to kill a few birds with one stone - unseat the Tunku, vilify the opposition, declare an emergency and set the scene for national domination. They had the means and the motive, they had everything to gain."

    All Chinese in Malaysia are of the above view, except for some like Malay-wanna-be Rid One Tee and that Kong Kali Kong Malay kok sucker.

  18. Bravo Mr Lim Guan Eng.....

    "The controversial film Tanda Putera is a sheer waste of funds on a project that distorts history, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said.

    The movie is pure rubbish and depicts a really sorry attempt to change history to serve the agenda of a select few,” he said.

    Lim said the movie was used as a tool to "malign and demonise" the entire Chinese community.

    Some scenes were also outright lies and this was admitted by the director herself. Framing up an entire community which had suffered the most during the May 13 riot and for an offence it did not commit is ultimate indignity".

  19. May 13 was NOT a racial riot.....

  20. What a marvellous the end Tandas Putra looks like a washout in the commercial arena.

    At the cinema in my neighbourhood, I'm told a gigantic crowd of...20....turned up to watch the movie on a Saturday night, normally peak attendance for cinemas.

    The Pontianak C-grade movie showing in the next hall drew a much bigger audience...


    Sivakumar has got it right on the Petrol and Diesel price increase.
    Of course I know that subsidies are overall bad for the economy, encourage wastage yadda, yadda, yadda.

    What upsets me is the Najib administration has done nothing to dismantle or reduce the corrupt Patronage economy which siphons off billions and billions of ringgit every year into the pockets of UMNOputras and other cronies.

    Its only the ordinary people who have to bear the pain of economic hard times.

  22. It's nothing more than mischievious fascist (Nazi) propaganda.

    All Malaysians of goodwill should strongly condemn and totally boycott such socially irresponsible propaganda.

    Phua Kai Lit

  23. ellesse

    who is fueling hatred here? you are nothing but another piece of shit in the same vein as that baba. a misspelling i guess and an "i" is more appropriate.

  24. I heard Ktemoc has given up blogging ?

  25. So now they have conceded that the urinating incident is a blatant lie all along.

    (Another victory today for the truth : Papagomo order to pay half a million for defamation)