Saturday, April 14, 2012

Queen's English?

Recently some of you have debated on what's and who has been using Queen's English, in which case you may wish to visit my other blog Ktemoc Kongsamkok to read my new post titled Foreign spices add flavour to Queen's English wakakaka.


  1. Wakakaka....this article would rightfully place the snobs in their places. One of the most delightful posting by KT.

    What a fucking joke is this Tanah Melayu although his condescending air could not mask his racist stance.

  2. One guy who is a Tanah Sendiri and calls himself Tanah Melayu is actually a crackhead high on weeds.Blowing his miny tiny horn about his or her's fluency in the Queen's English.

    We have many successful professionals who have PHD's,MBA's BLAH BLAH BLAH from prestigious universities abroad who speak fluent English.But being able to converse in fluent English do not mean that you are speaking Queen's English,because you are not.

    Queen's English and fluent English are world's apart.It is time Tanah Melayu wake up from his sweetdreams and realised that a kerbau is different from a lembu.

  3. QE : Excuse me, are you ALL talking about my mother's tongue !?
    BI : Hey, you all talk2 my mothers ah !?

    # QE : I beg your pardon !?
    BI : I back your badan !?

    # QE : Teacher, please may I go to the toilet ?
    BI : Cikgu, I go tandas can ah ?

    # QE : Miss, may I see those handbags please ?
    BI : hey, see the handbags can ah ?

    # QE : Darling, what would you prefer, tea or coffee ?
    BI : Oi ...tee or kopi ?

    # QE : Mother, sorry I'll be late for dinner .
    BI : Mom, I late , you eat first lah .

    # QE : Please don't @#$%^&*&^%$#@ !
    BI : hey , dun f me ah !

  4. Great balls of fire.
    This is good.
    I want some more.

  5. This Tanah Melayu guy got fucked deep deep from his every comment but he don't seem to mind as he is hoping his comments may influence some of us to support the corrupt BN. He is so worried that a change of government may not provide them the clutches and wheelchairs they depend so much for a comfort living. Forcing them to compete on a level playing field most of them would be out of jobs.

  6. aiya , leave him alone lah : he's me-layu withering dry !
    pity him PLEASE, ok ??