Friday, April 27, 2012

Bersih wins war before battle is fought

The Election Commission (EC) is supposed to be an impartial body, its members appointed by the Agong after consultation with the Rulers. Theoretically it reports directly to HM but after Dr Mahathir has emasculated the royals in 1992, we can safely assume the PM would be the power behind the Throne.

Who do I support, Dr Mahathir or the Royals? Well, it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other.

Wikipedia tells or confirms to us our suspicions, that:

Members of the [Election] Commission are appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King), who must consult with the Conference of Rulers and appoint a Commission which has the confidence of the public.

… has the confidence of the public? Wakakaka, don’t make my toes laugh ler!

Although the Constitution does not expressly require consultation with the Prime Minister in this regard, it has been argued that under Article 40 of the Constitution, the King cannot act on his own discretion unless explicitly stated; in all other cases, he must acquiesce to the advice of the Prime Minister, and as such the appointments to the Commission are made with the advice of the Prime Minister. Members of the Commission retire at the age of 65.

If HM must acquiesce to the PM's say so, then effectively the Chairperson of the EC may be also expected to acquiesce to the advice of the Prime Minister, and did we ever doubt that?

There has never been any doubt about the political allegiance of the Chairperson of the Election Commission (EC) and his deputy, but what has far far far exceeded this known fact has been the unbelievable revelation, that of their political memberships in UMNO. The former is a registered member of UMNO Ampang Division while his No 2 man is with UMNO Pasir Mas - read Malaysiakini's EC chief, deputy are 'registered Umno members'

So, with the known membership in UMNO of the EC two top persons, the question of ‘acquiescing’ is no longer relevant because you can rest assure they would be fully and pro-actively supporting their UMNO party chairperson, Najib Razak the PM, and f* the impartiality, neutrality or integrity required of their jobs for which the public has paid them to perform.

And to prove that Dr Mahathir knew what he was talking about when he accused “Melayu mudah lupa”, the EC Chairperson Abdul Aziz Yusof and Deputy Chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar 'couldn’t remember' their UMNO membership when asked.

Memang Melayu berdua ni mudah lupalah wakakaka.

Precisely because concerned Malaysians are aware of the absence of impartiality and integrity in EC top executives, and now proven beyond any doubt, sweetie Ambiga Sreenevasan took it upon her good self to provide the leadership and organization to lead the Bersih protest movement to appeal to both King and country to restore clean and fair elections in Malaysia.

Bersih 2.0 was a resounding success, and as I mentioned in my post yesterday frightened the shit out of UMNO, principally because it was a Malaysian movement, not a Malay or Chinese or Hindraf-ish Indian rally, but a Malaysian one.

In typical moronic imbecility, UMNO thought it could prevent Bersih's 3rd rally from taking place by blockading Dataran Merdeka, the birthplace of our nation, little realizing by its infantile and idiotic actions, it has already conceded the war to Bersih.

Thanks to headlines such as (Malaysiakini'sPolice get court order, Dataran off-limits for 4 days, Bersih 3.0 'now a security issue', says KL mayor and DBKL moves in to enforce Dataran lockdown, every Malaysian will now be more attentive to the actions and messages of Bersih, regardless of whether the protest rally occupies Dataran Merdeka.

Bersih has already achieved its aim, winning the war even before the battle has started.

And if the blue dressed thugs were to be so foolish as to resort to their Brown Shirt type actions, the reputation of Bersih will even move several notches up.

Poor poor Najib, who has been your advisor? You should not sack your cousin but that moronic advisor for helping Bersih more than the movement ever dreamed of achieving.

Yes, Bersih has won more than just a moral victory. How do I know? Just turn around to the person next to or behind you and ask with whom would his/her support and sympathy be.


  1. Najib is a good man who wants to move Malaysia to a higher level.

    He is being held back by mentally retarded advisors.
    Add to that unremitting, irresponsible and hostile politicking by Opposition parties as well as Opposition proxies disguised as NGO's.

    Why is it that Bersih cannot accept the offer of Merdeka Stadium as the venue ? They did insist previously it HAD to be Merdeka Stadium.
    What has changed ?

  2. What win, dear KT. The court has barred public and protestorsv from Dataran Merdeka tomorrow. Ambiga should behave lawyerly and heed the advice. Unless she wants a ride on the Black Maria.

  3. its not about BN nor its about PKR.

    and this will ultimately contribute to your Demise, Barisan Najis!

  4. aiyoh, what is ktemoc going on about man

    the King ?

    The King ALSO has an UMNO membership number lah, blardi doongo!!!

  5. JOM428 for BETTER future of ALL of us !!

  6. The area around Dataran has already filled up with rakyat from suppertime 427. For once, Malaysians are early for their date with destiny! Let's go!

  7. If you read Utusan's berita kini you get this :
    "Orang Ramai Tidak Peduli Bersih 3.0 12:27am"

    "300 berhimpun di Jalan Tun Sambanthan 11:20am"

    They think the readers will believe this?

    How pathetic...

  8. "If you read Utusan's berita kini you get this :
    "Orang Ramai Tidak Peduli Bersih 3.0 12:27am"

    Orang Ramai Tidak Peduli Semua Crap itu di tulis Utusan Meloya. Podah lah Awang Yang Tak Selamat...pergi 'bisik bisik'dalam telinga sendiri lah. Kita langsung tidak peduli dah.

  9. How sad that such a large number of emotional Malay youths have allowed themselves to hoodwinked and used by the Indian woman of Brahmin caste to advance her own personal interests.

  10. Yesterday, all i saw were Malaysians, not indians, chinese or malays; and not once did it crossed my mind that Ambiga is that 'Indian woman of Brahmin caste' when she turned around to wave to us, smiling encouragingly.

    And the cops ( the ordinary polis, not the FRU attack ants ) were very civil and quite friendly, one even nodding and smiling at us.

    It was very obvious the hoolingans in uniforms (FRUs) attacked with their 'air pedas' and batons on cue, as planned, with their tv crew and camera men just conveniently around at that exact point in time to shoot that required footage/photo to paint a negative picture of the demonstrators, although later that day, there was an unfortunate incident of the overturned police's car.

    It was truly an amazing sight, an exhilarating experience, 200,000 -300,000 malaysians from all walks of life, young and not so young, from all races, moving steadily and chanting in intervals, all of us so very determined that the rot in our country be stopped.

  11. Indian woman of Brahmin caste?? Haha. Even the Indians spit on her for organizing this dirty demo.
    A stupid lawyer being made use of by that wanna-be and never can be PM fella.
    From yesterday, those who believe in Bersih have changed their minds.
    Thank you Anwar for making the people see you once again for what you are - a ring-leader who pays money to hooligans to create a riot.

  12. The trouble with these mindless UMNO supporters, like their counterpart 'twin' mindless PR ( especially PKR )supporters, is their overwhelming tendency to arrogantly speak on behalf of the so-called silent majority.....aiya, this is the resort of the totally bankrupt in intellectual honesty and integrity.

    Buttercup said.."From yesterday, those who believe in Bersih have changed their minds". Hahaha...quite a joker this butter man. Changed minds? Not on your life....the march will go on til this totally corrupt and evil regime is finally kicked out.

    Padan muka lah Ah Jib Kor....he who so craves for international limelight and his government mocked and jeered worldwide by the Bersih demos all over the world. Malu lah.