Monday, April 23, 2012

Blokes Bersih-ed By BERSIH

Malaysiakini 'Not for Nasha to decide who leads Bersih'

Bersih gave Nasharudin Mat Isa the f* 'bird' when the PAS bloke went ultra-mullah, perhaps under the effect of solar-powered Lynas-ic radiation, and condemned Ambiga Sreenevasan as unfit to lead the coalition of 84 NGOs just because our sweetie of decent human rights values supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community - and this from a man who, like the solar powered bloke in Gombak Setia, for all their religious credentials had preferred to work with corrupt UMNO rather than with clean DAP. 

When asked for Bersih's reaction to Nasharudin's vote of no confidence in Ambiga, Maria Chin Abdullah (Bersih's steering committee member) asked: “Who is Nasharudin? Who is he?” 

I wish she had less decorum and courtesy, like kaytee, and spiced up her succinct succulent sarcasm with "Who the fuck is Nasharudin? Who the frigging prick is he?" wakakaka.

She reminded everyone, including presumably and especially Anwar Ibrahim who had tried to hijack the previous Bersih 2.0, that “Bersih is a coalition of 84 NGOs and growing, it is not a political organisation. The NGOs will determine who shall lead (it).”

Anwar had then presumptuously announced that if Najib could guarantee free and fair elections, he would ask Ambiga to call off the  9 July 2011 rally, as if he was in charge of Bersih.

Admirable Admiral Ambiga immediately fired a shot across Anwar’s bow and cut him off with this: “With due respect Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, this decision is not yours. Sorry PKR, civil society will lead the assembly.” - from The Malaysian Insider's Bersih rally go-ahead not up to Anwar, says Ambiga 

600 supporters at that launch of Bersih 2 0 went wild with triple overpowering organic orgasms on hearing her sweet smart swatting of the Greatest Man on Earth ….. which immediately doubled, nay, tripled my love for her wakakaka.

[okay lah, kaytee exercised a bit of blogger’s licence by speculating her supporters went into rapt bodily sensations – hey I would have wakakaka]

And sweetie Maria Chin Abdullah has now reinforced Ambiga's firm assertion for politicians to f* keep their hands off Bersih. Bravo.

Nasharudin Mat Isa has joined Anwar Ibrahim as another in that exclusive club 'Blokes Bersih-ed By BERSIH' wakakaka.


  1. WHO the hell is nash !?

  2. Ktemoc hates the word "monster" that even monsterbaby comments was deleted when she commented to the posts with her opinions.
    Who the hell is nash?

  3. Loved your walloping article, thanks KT!

  4. Now who is Ambiga and Marina Chin Abdullah? Politicians, Lawyers, NGO activists or Chief Meddlers.
    All I know they are stooges being made use of Al-Sod supremo.
    Better decide fast.
    Pas has welcomed Ambiga as non-Muslim VP. I think she is waiting for DAP's red carpet.
    Marina Chin? Who wants her??
    Achi Ambiga, you declare yourself non partisan and not interested in politics. Why the inclusion of Mat Savon and Anwar in all your Bersih walkabout?
    Aren't you ashamed of the cheap skits of the two that they were bashed by the police.
    Forgiveable ya since everybody love clowns.
    Brother Nash has every right to question you since PAS is the senior in the Pakatan fold.
    They should be leading since the electoral rolls affect them.
    And do not be disappointed if he brings his people into UMNO. Remember he took part in the recent anti-LGBT demo which UMNO organised in disguise.

    K.T. Please allow the Ball family here. They are itching to join in.
    I cannot stand them using my moniker so many times. I have applied for patent rights to my nick.

  5. Najib and Hishammuddin made a big mistake being dismissive of Bersih 2.0 and resorting to Fascist tactics to suppress it.

    Remember they the derisive "Who is that Indian woman ?" referring to Ambiga ?

    I hope they don't repeat the error.

    Bersih is calling for a free and fair election process, the most critical being the issue of the questionable Electoral rolls.

    There is nothing wrong with Pakatan leaders taking part in and supporting Bersih. They have a vital interest in the electoral process. Heck, BN leaders are invited to join as well !

  6. BN has often jeered at Lim Guan Eng as a Johor DAP import.

    Now they have picked on another Johor import, Teng Chang Yeow to lead Penang BN.....with a straight face.....

  7. Ktee be fair.
    Buttercup do sometimes treat your blog as his playground.

  8. Sawadikup!
    hhhhhhmmmmm an old coward going to participate BERSIH 3 with no fear.
    I will be supporting BERSIH 3 from Bangkok too.

  9. Most of the nicks here are not what they pretend to be.
    There's something about Ktemoc's blog which attracts impostors....

  10. Imposters? One or perhaps only two. What has he proven by his moronic impersonation of others, other than he is immature, uncivilised, vindictive, frustrated and has a dirty filthy mind in the way he used obscenities, wakakaka