Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sex and a potential future for Malaysia

Picture this scenario:

Assume the total Malaysian parliamentary seats remain at 222.

BN wins 100 seats in the election while PR reels in a majority of 122.

BN seats comprise UMNO’s 66 (including those in Sabah), MIC’s 1, PBB’s 25 and PBS’ 8.

PR seats comprise PAS’ 45, DAP’s 45 (including those in Sarawak and Sabah) and PKR’s 32 wakakaka.

PR forms the government.

Immediately PAS demands that Malaysia implements hudud fully.

DAP baulks, with Karpal saying “Over my dead body”.

PKR prevaricates as its 32 plus PAS’ 45 only amount to 77, well short of the majority of 113 (including an extra for the speaker). Someone tears his hair in frustration at the deadlock when all he wanted is to become PM with all the powers and trappings.

Why did I say 'PKR’s 32 seats' when there should be some of its non-Muslim MPs objecting to hudud, just like the DAP members? Hey man, this is a no-brainer as a mere 10 days ago I posted
Anwar's Myrmidons mute and meekly spineless? wakakaka.

Anyway, do you think it’s possible that “Muslim Unity” (sincere or otherwise) will then prevail, with UMNO’s 66, PAS 45 and PKR’s 32 combining up to give the new coalition called the Malaysian Muslim Merger (MMM) a total of 143 and consequently, majority rule?

The Mullahs take over, with the concept of people’s representatives giving way to Allah’s representatives. The Council of Clerics abolishes western-style democracy as un-Islamic and against Malay culture and traditions.

Those nons in PKR immediately undertake circumcisions to further enhance their (already ball-less) reduced weight.

Anwar cries as he realizes again that there's many a slip 'twixt cup and lip in his wish to be PM when he is made Ambassador to Turkey and sent into de facto (wakakaka) exile, while Najib is made Ambassador to France but without diplomatic immunity, where the law there is waiting for him.

The DAP becomes a banned organization under the new theocratic state and its members are sent to work camps in Sarawak and Sabah.

RPK’s assurance that we can always vote out PAS if it implements hudud was met by thousands of whispered squeeky-voiced (ball-less) “I told you so!".

But where's the 'sex' promised in the post's title?

There's none but then, how else could I have attracted your attention! wakakaka.


  1. "Over my dead body"
    Tunggu saja Kapal sink...

  2. If the majority of the people in the country want hudud, they will get hudud.
    If the majority of the people do not want hudud, any party which imposes them will get kicked out.

    The Malaysian Constitution was designed to be Alterable.

    If they can get 2/3 majority in Parliament to agree to the amendment "The Supreme Law of the Federation shall be the Sharia" - there's nothing Karpal Singh can do about it, except maybe hasten his "dead body" status.
    Or maybe join KTemoc in Sydney.

  3. You are far too optimistic about DAP's chances.
    At the rate they are going, DAP will be electable only in Overwhelmingly Chinese constituencies - of which there are less than 15 in the whole country.
    Many of the other seats, DAP will need at least a significant number of Malay support to win. And DAP is doing a piss poor job of winning their trust.

  4. Okay, to make your hyperbole more interesting, I add in more spice.

    Unless DAP is a Malaysian exclusively not for Malay/Muslim Party, they should have at least some Malay/Muslim MP who would cross over just in case the ‘Muslim Unity’ lack numbers to fulfill the two third. In order to ensure this not happen, DAP must remain as one Malaysian exclusively not for Malay/Muslim Party.

    MCA/Gerakan is perfectly right when they stress how crucial not to support DAP because DAP would fail to prevent a Islamic State by reading your fantastic thesis, while MCA/Gerakan is actually having the vital role to halt such possibility when their combine winning seat with Umno could ascertain the status quo remain.

    KT, the likelihood of a unity government is always there if PAS is strong while UMNO is weak and would happen at a time when they need each other to accomplish their selfish goal, you have a point but why put the blame on PKR?

  5. the sex comes with the 72 virgins KT - did you forget that? he he he

  6. It might not happen in the near future, but for sure, in the further future, when the malay-muslim population reaches 80% and all the rich and upper-income chinese have left for better shores and when the nation's coffer is virtually emptied by those 'dear leaders' ( who will also leave for better shores), then the mullahs will step in with their hudud and more, and thus malaysia will acquire a new status in the united nations.....fully and fundamentally islamic and not the presently so-called 'moderate' islamic country.

    Of course by then, nik aziz will not live to see his dream on earth come true during his time, but at least in his islamic heaven, he will be beaming from ear to ear...... and proudly recounting to the 70 virgins how he had fought for such paradise on earth during his time on earth.

  7. KT,has anyone given a thought about Hudud laws and two sets of laws.Hudud laws refer to the Islamic laws, the recent talk of the town.Two set of laws,refer to one favoring the ruling elites and their cronies,and the other for the public.

    Under the two sets of laws we now have,ruling elites and their cronies are immuned from prosecution from the law. Irrespective of whether it is corruption,murder,rape or khalwat.Then what about the deaths,that happened during police interogation,or the witnesses that have been thrown out of windows from the MACC building.

    If the hudud laws applied for Muslims or are for all Malaysians,they only are for people breaking the laws.If there is only one set of Hudud law,and the law is for everyone,from the PM down the ordinary guys on the streets,then isn't it better to have Hudud law than two sets of laws.That is if everyone is equal and no one is immuned from the laws.I am not a supporter of Hudud,but would prefer that the law applies to all Malaysians and not for a selected group.

  8. MCA = 1 by OTK who later = independent !

  9. Hua Yong,
    Kaytee simply doesn't trust Anwar. He is a Zaidista but wait a minute, didn't Zaid support Najib's move & would go on the roadshow on the ISA's repeal? Knowing that ISA would be replaced by 2 anti terrorism act thatare even more deadly

    What have you been smoking? Can I have some?

  10. Kaytee,
    How will PBB get 25? Just eat this!


  11. looes74 ,
    Hehe...ktemoc a bit lazy today, he just lumped all the "Sarawak BN" parties together...

    His mind is wandering a bit these days, after the overdose of Hudud debates..

  12. http://media1-cdn.malaysiakini.com/400/0725176df46ece26a6c878db193ef5b2.jpg

    Beauties without Brains--- are they waiting for the chance to take over Angela Yam's place in old uncle Chua's bed? Money sure can buy everything....

  13. Najib should be made Ambassador to Mongolia but without diplomatic immunity, where the hangman's noose is waiting for him.

  14. looes matey, SUPP is gone. SNAP (unless it joins PR) is also gone, likewise with PRS wakakaka

  15. Loose, in fact I don’t trust any politician. I don’t think KT is a Zaidista (what is that anyway?), he merely rely on his self moral judgment to assess right and wrong. Who is Anwar and how he behaves is not my concern, as long as he shares the same or close by values of mine at present time, I am okay with it. If he turn to the dark side eventually (he did in the past), I will be against him, just like how KT go against Zaid now (is he?).

  16. looes is a typical anwarista, with an "either you're with us or against us" attitude which has been why he has accused me of being a Zaidista wakakaka. I'm not fuss about that nor am I offended by his criticisms - contrary opinions are very welcome ;-)

  17. Kaytee,
    Again! You sure hah! Have you seen my carpetbombing in Malaysia chronicle articles? Unfortunately, you are a Zaidista because never have written one critical article on Zaid Ibrahim
    Just admit it

  18. Kaytee,
    PRS is out of the game. Let see what Audie61 team mates gotta say then. Never say I never warn you hor?

  19. Hua Yong,
    You sure Kaytee has gone after Zaid Ibrahim.....Kaytee is adopting a "wait & see" attitude. But wait a minute, isn't that man man lai attitude Kaytee detest?
    I rest my case

  20. looes, i am not sure, i guess KT would accommodate anyone that go against Anwar and PKR, perhaps he would pick Najib/UMNO and not Anwar/PKR if given a choice. :)