Thursday, October 20, 2011

UiTM going for Nobel Prize

Yesterday I posted a depressing (for us Malaysians) Supremacists nowhere in top 400, where I lamented the most embarrassing fact that no Malaysian university had been ranked among the world’s top 400 universities, considering our UM was once one of the most lustrous pearls in Asian academic circle.

By contrast, that puny perspicacious pimple on China’s bottom, Hong Kong, has 2 among the Top 100 and a further 2 in the next 100 Best.

Hong Kong 4 – Malaysia 0.

Malu lah!

But wait wait – Oh Holy Kerbau, today I read the best news ever, c'est vraiment magnifique, ho liao loh, bloody bagus one, absolutely Boleh!

Bernama reports (and picked up by
The Star) that:

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) is aiming to produce the first Malay to win the Nobel Prize, through guidance and advice from renowned Pakistani scientist Prof Dr Atta-ur-Rahman.

Vice-chancellor Datuk Prof Dr Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar said with Dr Atta-ur-Rahman's expertise, the university would be able to achieve the target through scientific research and development.

Obviously it’s heartening news by Bernama, though I cannot help but wonder whether it has been prompted by my lamentations in yesterday’s post? Wakakaka.

But nonetheless, well aspired, Datuk Prof Dr Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar. Your vision certainly justifies your appointment as UiTM’s VC in 2010. Unlike your UM colleague, Prof Ghauth Jasmon who only aims to have UM within the top 100 universities in the world by 2015 and reaching the top 50 by the year 2020, you have boldly go where no Malaysian has gone before, by declaring a quark-ish quartile quantum leap into excellence and world fame for UiTM.

F* those university rankings. Now that’s real thinking out of the box. It’s worthy of Edward de Bono.

That’s the sort of Boleh attitude former PM Dr Mahathir spent billions and billions of ringgit on, as well as set up the Biro TataNegara (BTN), to nurture, nourish and (sometimes or most times) nurse his most favourite people into developing and possessing.

You would have undoubtedly made him proud today with your no-nonsense, no bloody f* around with mere sap sap suoi (trifling) bull like getting into the World’s Top 400 Ranked Universities, as your more conservative colleague at UM is doing – yea man, you sure go straight for the jugular of the ultimate excellence.

An analogy to your amazing aerodonetical aspiration for UiTM would be akin to abandoning the silly study of possible FTL (faster than light speed) technology and instead, jumping into (excuse the science fiction pun) the study of spacetime travel through Schwarzschild wormholes, yup man, to travel beyond ‘Known Space’, perhaps to the Andromeda Galaxy, a staggering 2.5 million light years away, but with worm-hole spacetime travelling technology, a mere teh-tarik (or roti canai) hyperspace jump away, as Malaysia's first cosmonaut would describe it.

But in the meantime, I wonder if we can persuade UiTM to do anything to help our brilliant FTL-thinking UMNO bloggers like papagomo and Dr Novandri Hasan Basri, the UMNO Gelugor Division Chief, who were caught in a collapsing Schwarzschild wormhole of their own making wakakaka.

Hmmm, I wonder which Malaysian university Dr Novandri Hasan Basri graduated from? UiTM?


  1. UITM is setting to high a goal to aim for the noble prize.It need not mean that Malaysians are not capable to achieve such a goal.It should try to elevate the standards of the university first.When its graduates are among the cream of the crop in the country,then it can aim for higher goals.

    No need to have to import such achievers,just to try and concentrate on a student to achieve it's goal.Isn't it better if there are half the student population who are capable at aiming for such a goal,then concentrating on one student.It is good if one can aim at the moon,but getting there there is the biggest obstacle.

  2. Even the French agree that English is the language of knowledge. First we have to fix the education system which after 50 years still has not found a firm foundation to build the minds of the young people of Malaysia. Every year we are into the basics of our education system with non experts having all these wonderful ideas about what is good for Malaysia. Look here we do even have the rquired number of Perpustakans need to produce Nobel Prize Winners. But please be rest assured if you fix the system and pay no attention to the Nobel Prize you will find that we will be producing potential Nobel Prize winners by the dozen.

  3. May be a lot and I do mean lot of prayer will help to make the miracle happen.

  4. This guys epitomizes everything that is wrong abt this country- upper management civil servants who r racist, mediocre and build castles on the clouds. Can't even produce graduates who can think for themselves , talking about the Nobel prize. And instead of wanting the first Malaysian winner , he wants only Malay . This country is doomed in the face of such morons.

  5. kt
    pls help us parents out by putting this on your site.


    We need all the help. TQ

  6. aiya kaytee
    how can u be such a sour grape?
    don't spoilt their "syoik sendiri" dreams la.

  7. About 20 years ago, malaysia also announced that it is going to produce a Nobel Prize winner in the name of a child genius, a Sofiah-something-or-other. She was sent to study in England, and ended up becoming a cheap lollipop-eater and "comfort girl" in hotel rooms.

  8. UNiveristy of UMNO specializing in BULLSHIT.

    UMNO just produced the most amazing BULLSHITER in the world. Mahatir, sorry you are just being bested.


  9. kt

    u are being kind with the pro -umno-nok sundalist
    writers- shitgomo and matindon nonok-dari

    ....wormhole [ what wormhole?]

    they are swimming in a shithole in umm no-nok organ - [isation]

    khong khek khuat