Monday, September 26, 2011

Anwar's Myrmidons mute and meekly spineless?

The Malaysian Insider - DAP leadership to cede office if hudud law part of Pakatan agenda.

Well, Lim Guan Eng has laid the DAP cards openly on the table ...

But I wonder where are those mindless & mute
Myrmidons of the man-man-lai Master?

They’re usually virulently vicious & vociferous, those (non-Muslim) anwaristas! Suddenly they have become mute and meek or mindless (or more likely, spineless).


  1. Kaytee,
    No need so many to whack that fellow. Didn't I whack that fella when PKR play punk with sarawakians seat allocated for DAP. Have you checked around the blogs that I have whacked anwar over several issues? You just have to log on to malaysia chronicle.....You would see the trails of destruction.
    However, you didn't whack Zaid hard enough? Everybody including aspan alias has been whacking. What's with you with Zaid?

  2. Sometimes politicians have to put their money where their mouth is.If they want to be political chickens,then why not become pimps to the real ayams.Always on the lookout for opinion polls before they dare show their faces.These political chickens are pariahs to say the least.Worst than the horny pariah mongrels we see running the streets chasing bitshes on heat.

  3. Personally, I think PAS and DAP have walked right into an UMNO trap because they insist on carrying out the argument via a 20 Kw Public Address system.

    Dumb and Dumber (I'm not sure PAS or DAP is which).

    If they had trashed it out properly like adults and then they came out of the conference room and said - we can't agree and we will quit if Hudud proceeds to be Pakatan platform - I will respect and support them.

  4. Each was looking out over their respective 'shoulders', thus forced to broadcast their stand to their respective constituency but my point (this post) is that, until now, all I have heard have been PAS and/or DAP's errors.

    Unlike the 'sins' of Zaid Ibrahim, no one dares to criticise Anwar for stating publicly he supports the implementation of hudud in Kelantan without even the courtesy/decency of consulting the DAP.

    Doesn't my post title of Mute spineless Myrmidons strike to the heart of truth?

  5. Where do you think PKR got their Chinese from? Mostly, from the 'tai koh kau' MCAlah.

  6. wakakaka, Vinnan, you are observant, and may I add "where do you think PKR got most of their Malay leaders from?" Another wakakaka.

  7. Vinnan,
    As far as the Chinese in PKR goes, your comment is actually inaccurate. Most of the the Chinese members came from a mixture social activists, non-politicians, "street politicians" aka Tian Chua group. The ex-MCA types are a minority within this minority.
    The PKR Chinese members tend to be less experienced and less effective politically. Contrast that to the DAP, where many grass roots members have been fighting (politically speaking) in the trenches for years, even decades.

    I find Ktemoc tarring the whole group as non-Muslim Anwaristas as despicable.

    This standard of this blog is going to the pits.

  8. I stand by my remarks - don't you recall Tan Chua and Eli Wong going to Taiwan on a disgusting frog hunt? What Reformasi or democracy would that be, for PKR to gain power through such disgusting subversion of the ballot box?

    Have you heard Tian Chua or Eli Wong or any Chinese/Indian PKR member ever say anything about the shameful 916 Deformasi or Anwar's recent support of hudud, or Mansor Othman's equally recent assertion of PKR as a Malay Party for Malays?

    That's why I term the non-Muslim members of PKR as mute and spineless, good only for attacking others, but without a mind of their own when their leaders violated their own party principles.

  9. What about Mat Sabu case, why no comment from the DAP Chinese? Why let the DAP Malay and Singh do the talking? DAP Chinese no ball to talk communist kah?

  10. Karpal represents the entire DAP in chiding Mat Sabu. But who represents PKR in chiding Anwar for his 916 and hudud, both of which are in fact against PKR's ideology, where the former (916) is Deformasi (180 degrees in direction from PKR's so-claimed reformasi) and the latter (hudud) against non-Muslim interests? Why are the non-Muslims in PKR quiet about Anwar's support of hudud?

  11. KT, you are talking about PKR Chinese so I think it is perfectly make sense if I refer to DAP Chinese, so do you think the DAP Chinese agree to Karpal? Perhaps you should ask the DAP Chinese to make a stand and declare that they fully support Karpal statement?

    We all should know well how politics is practiced in Malaysia, I don’t see the point you keep hammering PKR, and I also told Helen the same, why target DAP alone?

  12. "Karpal represents the entire DAP in chiding Mat Sabu" - Ktemoc.
    No he doesn't. I know for a fact that many if not most grassroots DAP members agree with Mat Sabu's statement.

    Karpal Singh's statement is political positioning. I don't hold it against him - Karpal is a politician after all.

  13. PKR fighting DAP fighting PAS.
    Very tired of all the politicking.

    The main reason why I remain a loyal BN voter.

  14. Tired --1:40 PM, September 28, 2011
    The main reason why I remain a loyal BN voter.//

    Sorry for you to be sodded by umno (the way anwar was sodded by saiful) all these years.

  15. If Karpal had supported the communists, then I would expect one or more DAP people to chide him; if Mat Sabu believes the coimmunists were correct in attacking a colonial police establishment, then it's up to PAS people, if they disagree with his views, to criticise him. That's internal party process.

    As for another (ally) party's views, it's enough for one DAP representative, protocol-wise either the chairperson or the sec-gen, to voice his/her party's disagreement - Karpal did that on behalf of DAP. There's no necessity for every Tom, Dick and Harriet in DAP to criticise Mat Sabu

  16. Just vote BN...

    PAS, DAP ,PKR should all be sent back to mosquito party status where they belong.

    In a moment of feckless emotional voting, Selangor and Penang voters on March 8, 2008 gave these bunch of misfits and desperadoes the keys to the state governments. Just don't make the same mistake again, ya...

  17. Can't speak for Selangoreans but we Penangites are never emotional, but we can't stand arrogant abuses and blatant corruption - we sent Tunku/Wong Pow Nee's Perikatan out in 1969; we did it again in 2008 wakakaka. It'll take another 30 to 40 years (or the EC or the disintegration of DAP-PKR-PAS alliance) to remove the current Pakatan government.

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  19. Its official.

    Zaid Ibrahim will not join BN, but will be "BN friendly" ....wakakakaka...

  20. //Zaid Ibrahim will not join BN, but will be "BN friendly" //

    Might as well be Saiful-friendly, and deposit his dna inside that stinking arsehole