Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Severe Sever the ethnic & religion umbilical cords

Mariam Mohktar wrote a piece in Malaysiakini titled Hindraf-Pakatan marriage of convenience? where she asked:

Should we wait another 54 years before we are given another golden opportunity to show unity and vote for change?

As we approach the final lap in the race towards Putrajaya, Pakatan Rakyat and Hindraf are having a lover’s tiff. Hindraf appears to be doing all the wooing whilst Pakatan is playing hard to get.

Mariam seems to have forgotten that Hindraf in the person of the Great Uthayakumar went around badmouthing and threatening Pakatan, demanding 15 federal seats and a larger batch of State seats from the coalition.

Mariam seems to have forgotten that Hindraf demanded these seats from Pakatan instead of BN, telling us Hindraf has been anti Pakatan rather than anti BN.

So, it’s nonsense to say Hindraf has been doing all the wooing, though it’s correct to say that Pakatan has had enough of the Hindraf threats to now justifiably ignore the Great Uthayakumar.

I don’t support political parties based on ethnicity or religion (sorry PAS), because such organizations marginalize (deliberately or unwittingly) the ‘nons’, whether the ‘nons’ are Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc or religion-wise, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus etc.

A recent classic example has been seen in PAS non-Muslim supporters now threatening to leave PAS because of Pak Haji Nik Aziz's arrogant intention to implement hudud in Kelantan regardless of the consequences to the adhesiveness of Pakatan.

Quite frankly, the worst in this regard have been PAS and UMNO, both of which, whenever the situations suit their political interests, would swing from being religious parties to being ethnic nationalists. The former couldn't make up its mind, allowing their true colours to emerge from time to time, while the latter has unscrupulously exploited the theme of the day.

Once upon a time, during the struggle for independence from colonial Britain, perhaps such ethnic-based organizations had their roles in bringing various ethnic groups together for a common cause, and subsequently to fuse their followers into a Malayan society. But their use-by dates are definitely over.

There shouldn’t be any more Hindraf, MIC, MCA, UMNO, PAS anymore. Much as I have been disappointed with Gerakan at least it has the option of being the multi-ethnic organization it used to be. Likewise with PKR, DAP, PPP, PSM, PRM and wakakaka PCM.


  1. So desperate ya this PKR to be courting Hindraf - the bane of the Malays and Muslims.
    Hindraf is a pariah party which even Indian's cant accept.
    This will end up in a messy and nasty divorce.
    PKR is pushing itself farther than the hearts and minds of average Malaysians.

  2. Ktemoc,
    First of all your English-Manglish? is atrocious. Its SEVER, meaning to cut off, not severe.

    Sever the ethnic umbilical cords....good advice TO DAP.

  3. You're absolutely correct - it's Manglish, fortuituosly for me, an indirect indication of my Malaysianness which will infuriate someone wakakaka ;-) [I always see a half glass as half full hehehe]

    My spelling has always been atrocious, earning me during my school days some severe (wakakaka) belting by my teacher

  4. Haha, KT, don't sweat the small stuff. It's only typo.
    But the big issue is you only think UMNO/BN is a racist party when the DAP is the mother of all racism.
    There is one rule for LGE and the same skin tone and another for the darker skins.
    I agree with Mana ada CAT totally.

  5. Manglish or not, one have to admit not many today( esp among the priviledged graduates) would be able to write as well as this blogger here, not least his admirable feats of alliteration, haha

    One mis-spelling after hundreds of articles and now KT is 'atrocious' with his Manglish? WA-KA-KA-KA.
    Stop the bitching already.

    Btw, is DAP truly the mother of all racism? The last i heard, MCA was complaining that DAP has ditched the chinese in favour of the malays and giving all the favoured contracts to the 'darker skin tone'?

    Just love the internet, as all lies, even the smallest ones, will be immediately demolished unlike those Goebbel-esqe days when MSM rules the day.

  6. Buttercup needs to read the book " When Religion_Becomes Evil - Five Warning Signs" by Charles Kimball (2.8 mb). Then he will not be so cocky as he is now.


    Do Malays still see DAP as a Chinaman party ?
    Can ANY political party in Malaysia cast off the Racial branding ?
    Lets face it, at a practical level (as opposed to Ideals, stated principles etc.) every party in Malaysia has "racial umbilical cords".

    Penang is one of the most urbanised states in Malaysia. Urban Malays probably share more daily living concerns in common with other urban dwellers rather than traditional race-based issues.

    If PR can't break the divide in Penang, its unlikely anyone can succeeed anywhere.

  8. Anon at 10:49 wrote :

    ".... needs to read the book " When Religion_Becomes Evil - Five Warning Signs" by Charles Kimball (2.8 mb). Then he will not be so cocky as he is now."

    If ONLY the problem is merely too much religion ! I'm afraid the rot is much much deeper than that.

    Decades of BTN with its attendance race superiority delusion fueled by chest-thumping cries of Towering Malays during those halcyon days prior to the advent of internet have given birth to a segment of malaysians with blinkered views coupled with denial syndrome and a chip on the shoulder to boot.

    No amount of reading will set these people right ! The rot has gone to the core.....

  9. Wow...just the few commentators in Ktemoc's blog are reflecting the big debate out there in Malaysian society about the role of race and religion in society.

    Debate is good....there is really no right and wrong here...just don't stop the debate or "get physical" because "my race has more rights than yours" or "my religion is the only way"

  10. Senator Ah Koon is boasting about the "great sacrifice" he is going to make for BN. Just what is the "great sacrifice" he is boasting?

    A. Taking the place of the cow Najib is going to sembelih on Hari Raya Korban in November

    B. Bending over for Saiful to take him from behind

    C. Resigning from Gerakan and then joining PKR

    D. Persuading Najib to let him contest in Putrajaya, the safest parliamentary seat in the sntire country

  11. Ah Koon should just fall on his sword *sepuku. I will be cheering him on...


    Ah Koon's "self-sacrifice"---- paying RM300 to members of the public to attend a launch of its branch office in Tawau

  13. I will be voting for BN in GE13 if PAS supports the Himpun rally.

    I'll have to pinch my nose to vote for the likes of Ah Koon or Chua Soi Lek, but it looks like a lesser evil than these Taliban mullahs.

  14. Penang Tourism Board should come out with a cautionary advisory to women tourists: Penang is not safe for lady tourists. A 16-year old molestor is on the prowl.
    KT, you not writing about the son of your idol allegedly molesting a class-mate?
    It is said she's being paid RM200K to shut her mouth.
    Are you becoming another Din Merican who is ignoring all the bad news about PKR leaders.
    But I salute you in that you did not delete anti-PKR comments like that old fat Din who made a din like empty vessels making the most noise.
    It's been making the rounds in the cyber-world.

  15. My dear Buttercup, actually I wasn't aware as I haven't read Malaysian news for the last couple of days. Apart from that, the news about LGE's son came from UMNO blogs, and that would also answer your question, as I don't read UMNO blogs save one, Dato's Ariff's (Sakmongol AK47)

    In insinuating Penang's under threat from a 16-yr old molester, you're just as bad as those UMNO bloggers - semua desperados lah, bagitu takut Guan Eng sampai perlu resort to guttersnipe smearing of his son in order to damage him vicariously. Alamak, semua UMNO bloggers (save Sakmongol) ta'boleh dipercayai lah wakakaka.

    If that boy is a molester, make a police report lor.

  16. FYI, it was Malaysia Kini who first exposed the news. Your SYT Helen Ang included.
    The UMNO bloggers picked it up much later. Not a word though from MSM including Utusan.
    You are like other GE worshippers who think that sacred family can do no evil.
    They are not God lor, KT.
    How to report? The girl and family have been paid RM200K to shut up.
    This is the issue - LGE is not bribe free. Not so much the son's molesting.

  17. No, my dear Buttercup, the allegations or fabrications were not from MKINI but from, according to The Malaysian Insider, the blog of Bukit Gelugor Umno division chairman Dr Novandri Hasan Basri.

    As for Helen Ang, what can I say? She has, what Star War fans would say, gone over to the dark side of the Force, and has now become the current flavour for UMNO (Rocky Bru & Co).

    Much as I miss her I have to respect her decision, though I admit I am deeply disappointed that an intelligent well-read sweetheart like her, a formidable writer, would succumb to using pathetically puerile phrases like "Kong Kali Kong" :(

    As for Lim GE or his family, there's no such stuff as reformasi-type teflon-ization for them wakakaka, but we must judge them on evidence and not by syiok sendiri type of allegations.

  18. So you knew all along and conveniently chose to ignore it, like the other DAP standard-bearers.
    I understand, knowing where you are coming from.
    If it is Najib's son, you all will be jumping with glee. It will not be gutter-sniping.
    Yeahlah, how can moral upstanding species like LKS progeny have an immoral son, yes KT.

  19. I'm no fan of Lim Guan Eng, but I respect the truth.
    I checked out the information with old friends who teach in SMK Heng Ee, and the nasty stories being spread about LGE's son are NOT true.

    Does Dr. Novandri still practice any medicine ? I wonder...

  20. Novandri Hasan Basri in action

  21. Hel*n Ang ?
    She's become a super-b*tch, a purveyor of lies, of the same mould as Jocelyn T*n.

  22. Pukimak DAP Die Die Die11:25 pm, October 22, 2011

    All the pro-DAP people seem to be ignoring one of their own people's role in this.

    Susan Loone can clear this up.

    She showed the school the photo of Anya Corke. The response was not: "There was no girl molested".

    It was: "This is not the girl".

    This is all over the internet and Susan Loone is keeping quiet.