Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Muhyiddin Doctrine

The Malaysian Insider - Muhyiddin: Guan Eng’s denial of sexual harassment by son ‘not enough’.

Muhyiddin Yassin has introduced a new legislative doctrine, of course only for DAP people, namely:


... while the irresponsible accusers get away scot free, with Rais Yatim's department pathetically acting dunno.

In Malaysiakini Muhyiddin was reported saying:

“Don’t blame anybody. However, it is the tendency of the opposition and Pakatan. When their have their own problems, they start to blame Umno.”

“However, if there is a fault, we have to find out what is the main cause.”

This man is either a moron or deliberately acting dunno that it had been UMNO bloggers like Papagomo and UMNO Gelugor’s Division Chairperson, Dr Novandri Hasan Basri, who fabricated the irresponsible shameful lies about Lim Guan Eng’s son. And don't forget too, our dear Oxford-graduate Khairy Jamaluddin had joined in with his pathetic tweet.

If we don't blame UMNO people, who then do we blame?

As for calling on Lim GE to report, who to report to, knowing full well that the police and Rais Yatim's department will act dunno too, though they were pretty f* fast in taking action against non-BN people like Prof Abdul Aziz Bari.

Such is sheer evidence of UMNO's insistent incessant incredulous attack on the DAP, reflected by Muhyiddin's shameful sickening statement, knowing that the police and media regulator will keep mum and take no action.

Mind you, a couple of Chinese bloggers also (independently) believe in the Muhyiddin Doctrine whenever DAP people, especially their principal target Lim Guan Eng, are involved.


  1. hey, what is this man good for? he is fucking up the education system big time. during his days in Johor, his fvaourite past time is to grab lands from others until his administration was sued by stamford.
    you can be rest assured that this country will go to the dogs when a man as inept as him be the PM. God forbids.
    Oh About Rais. He swore he wont go back to UMNO. And these UMNO wunderkids love to swear, some even on the you know what.
    You believe dunnos like him? He doesnt even believe his own thesis that gave him his PHD.
    Thats the kin dog low morals in UMNO. and the laws of UMNO is BULLSHIT.

  2. Ask Muarians what happened to the mangrove land near the old bridge and what happened to the JKR quarters along Jalan Bakri. He stole all of them and more. The stealing got so bad Mamakthir had to pluck Moohidden out of Johor and gave him a Federal post so as to stop an open rebellion in Johor UMNO.

  3. //He stole all of them and more//

    Look at what happened to crooks and thieves

  4. vinnan

    by the same twisted logic of MU, he should allow himself to be investigated by the police for the alleged land grabs. mere denial is not enough.

    by the way, am told MU's mother....and wife....and he should allow police to investigate and mere denial is not good enough. Sorry, i wont stoop as low as him. Thats the differentiating factor aint it, between a UMNOman and a decent human being.

    mark my words.the backlash will be strong and he will tell the world that he is being misquoted!

  5. Ktemoc,

    I'm curious to know of your take on Guan Eng's comment on Johor. LGE quipped that a Singaporean is likely to be kidnapped in Johor and that such a thing would never happen in Penang. Yes, those words were recorded on tape.

    Care to comment?

  6. Dont' worry, a Gaddafi-moment is coming very soon to these kleptocrats.

  7. zappa,

    fair game. go after LGE if he breaks the law.

    its bloody cheapskate and immoral to go after a 16 year old boy when we all know the real target is his father.

    by the way, whats the serious crime rate in Johor compared to Penang? If its much higher accept the fact that the cops are not doing its job well. Rectified it and make the place safer. Is that too much to ask?

    And if it is the reverse, then LGE should work with the cops to improve the security. Some times the truth hurts aint it?

    Lets stop stooping so low as to spread lies on young children.

  8. Anonymous 5:16

    Dude, are u saying its ok to badmouth Malaysia to Singaporeans?

  9. zappa,

    ambiga is going to australia to give talks on shambles and failings of EC. So, is she badmouthing the country?

    Like i said, if LGE is wrong. Lambast him. No man is perfect anyway. But dont connect the dots to this shameful act against his son.

    I am all for better security. Not only in Johor but the entire country.Lets stop politicising PDRM. Lets allow space for the cops to do the job effectively. thats all I ask for.

  10. Muhyiddin was never a smart ass and will never be.This guy as long as he keeps his mouth shut,nobody will bother about him.Besides Najib has his men watching over him 24/7,knowing that he is Mr Brutus in his admistration.

    But as soon as he opens his mouth,he is going to make a fool of himself.Can't this man think first before he speaks.But he cannot be blamed for mooing like a cow.

  11. All it takes is for those involved to appologised especially Khairy,because he is the most senior Umno men to have attacked LGE's son.Then the matter would have gone to rest.Why have this stupid first class clown act drag on with no end in sight.

  12. In today's The Malaysian Insider, it is reported that DS Najib said politicians should leave family members out of politics and that the ideal in a modern democracy is to concentrate on policy matters, further adding: "You can debate the differences in policies in terms of weaknesses of implementation but you leave aside family, or the exploitation of family matters for your own political gain."

    Now, isn't that a very public stinging slap to the face of a low-class, no standard Moodeen? The full report can be read by clicking here.

    We can say that by comparison, DS Najib in this particular instance has comported himself in an admirable statemanly way.

  13. Hahahaha....Najib was being self-serving , as usual. He was just protecting Rosie and her Hermes Birkin bag.

    He couldn't care shit about Lim Guan Eng's son

  14. Pukimak DAP babi mampus1:42 pm, October 24, 2011

    All the pro-DAP people seem to be ignoring one of their own people's role in this.

    Susan Loone can clear this up.

    She showed her "source" the photo of Anya Corke. The response was not: "There was no girl molested".

    It was: "This is not the girl".

    This is all over the internet and Susan Loone is keeping quiet.

  15. Pukimak DAP babi mampus1:47 pm, October 24, 2011

    "As for calling on Lim GE to report, who to report to, knowing full well that the police and Rais Yatim's department will act dunno too, though they were pretty f* fast in taking action against non-BN people like Prof Abdul Aziz Bari."

    Lame lame lame. DAP has made police reports in the past. This has never prevented the DAP from making police reports.

    UMNO is playing this up because they know this will eventually blow up in LGE's face. Like the Johor issue.

  16. Pukimak DAP babi mampus1:53 pm, October 24, 2011

    "As for calling on Lim GE to report, who to report to, knowing full well that the police and Rais Yatim's department will act dunno too, though they were pretty f* fast in taking action against non-BN people like Prof Abdul Aziz Bari."

    Nice try. Look at

    "DAP lodges police report against Khairy"

  17. Moo..should go for a check-up with a psychiatrist to see what is wrong with his head.

  18. The truth as usual is somewhere in between.
    As I mentioned before, I did my own checking, not trusting either UMNO cyber-troopers or DAP equivalents.

    No, LGE's son did not commit the sexual harrasment as claimed.

    Yes, LGE's son has a history of behavioural and disciplinary problems, and the school in question was glad to be rid of him.

  19. some idiot heard from someone who heard from someone that Rosmah supervised an explosion. Months later, the same dude says its probably not possible... that he was pressured to make a report... where was the outrage then that family members should not be dragged into the gutter?

    And haven't we received emails of pictures of the sons of the political elite out partying with girlfriends. C'mon where was the outrage?

    Anwar comes out of hiding from the Turkish embassy then says he has strong alibi. He doesn't present any of his alibi witnesses (including wifey) but cries out that its all a conspiracy.

    It's always someone else's fault. It's getting ridiculous...

    And ambiga goin off to Oz to speak to students doesnt constitute badmouthing. She's raising awareness to students overseas. Saying that Singaporeans will be kidnapped in Johor is not the same thing, dude. Especially when its said to Singaporeans. After that, don't want to admit even though caught on tape. That's pretty pathetic. Sorry, most politicians are snakes. Whether BN or PR, makes no difference.

  20. wah KT important woh... the troopers are here already.

  21. //the troopers are here already.//

    I heard these troopers are paid RM50 for each posting they made.
    10 postings a day can get them RM15,000 a month tax-free! Wow, how can I join?

  22. I heard (tho' not yet substantiated) Lim GE apologised to HRH not because he did anything deserving of an apology but he did so to prevent accusations of him (more so a Chinese CM) being rude to HRH, especially when HRH showed his dissatisfaction with the alleged comment on crime rates in Johor.

    Can anyone wakakaka throw more light on this?

  23. Pukimak DAP babi mampus1:10 pm, October 25, 2011

    Aiyoyo - point about police report demolished.

    Double aiyoyo - point about Susan Loone without response.

    Only reponse - must be troopers - triple aiyoyo...

  24. HRH sure lah angry when you tell the hidden truth !