Friday, October 21, 2011

How abolishment of PPSMI will affect you, by masterwordsmith

From the blog of masterwordsmith.


Dear Students, Parents and Malaysians,


You would have heard by now that the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in English (better known as PPSMI) will be abolished in January 2012. The Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia (PAGE) has been in the forefront to champion the cause to maintain the policy for those who wish their children to learn these two (2) subjects in its lingua franca that is English.

Here is how the abolishment of this policy is going to affect you.


For more of this important message ... read his post at masterwordsmith - unplugged.


  1. wow, that was FTL speed!

  2. Critics of PPSMI often state that Japan, France, Germany, South Korea, China have all developed major technologies and industries using their own languages.
    That is a true fact as far as it goes, but that is just a statement, and does not help our children in Malaysia.

    Malaysia has no significant capability to publish Scientific and Mathematical texts in Bahasa, very limited capacity to translate foreign texts into Bahasa.
    Is there a Bahasa Malaysia equivalent of Nature, Scientific American, New Scientist or Discovery ? In case you don't know, these are respected internationally distributed science magazines.

    At primary school level, it doesn't matter. I agree children should learn science and maths in the language they are most comfortable with.
    At secondary school level, you want to introduce your children to the rich world of scientific and engineering knowledge out there. Easily 70-80% of what is published internationally either printed or on-line is written in English.
    Yes, Japanese, Germans, French and Koreans write science in English when they want to address an international audience.

    I know I'm out-of-line with my Party's stated policy on this, but I'm really sick of the politicisation of this matter.
    Its about our next generation's education, not the next general elections !!!

  3. First of all this potato head,good for nothing of an Education Minister should be chased out with a broomstick.Not only has our education standards but also UM's standards gone to the dogs.And what does this potato head do.He kept on shaking his legs and bolas,sitting on his airchair.

  4. I have the feeling that PPSMI was abolished due to the inability of the teachers to present their lessons competently in English, and not due to the poor standard of English among the urban students.

    Those teachers who tried to explain their maths and Science lessons using English more often than not would find their rural students blinking away like stars. It is a case of "chicken and duck talk'.

  5. We are not equipped for the learning of English or Bahasa malaysia. How many book shops and Perpustakaan do we have outside the Federal Territory.Even those in the FT are poor at best. We do not have publications in english forget about Bahasa Malaysia. Try to buy a novel in English or Bahasa malysia outside KL. All we have in our bookshops are workbooks, workbooks and more workbooks.

    But I must add that the policy is at least right in one aspect. You will notice the every bookshop has an elaborate Stationery Department. At least we Malaysians one day may become good writers.

    PS In comparison to our High Income Status our books are even more expensive.

  6. good lah , i can give more & charge MORE tuition glasses in inkilis !!

    International schools are lagi laku now !