Sunday, October 09, 2011

To ABU or not to ABU?

There have been lots of promotion on the political mantra ABU (Anyone But UMNO). I believe this is dangerous not only for proper democratic process (thinking) but also limiting our carefully considered choices of good parliamentary candidates.

Just don't f* expect me to act like mindless Myrmidons!

Okay, there’s no denying UMNO is generally detested as an organization for its overtly racist propaganda, polemics and policies and its sheer sleazy sickening levels of corruption. But that does not mean everyone in UMNO is to be detested, like, for example, Ku Li.

In the next Selangor State Election, if I am a voter in the Gombak Setia constituency, I will in fact be thinking twice, nay, more times than just that, before I would even consider voting for Dr Hasan Mohamed Ali, the pro PAS-UMNO unity bloke who has, for non Muslims, a very intrusive islamic-inclined intent. Likewise with those PAS-PKR pollies obsessed with shafting hudud down our secular throats.

It doesn’t mean I will go ABH (Anyone But Hasan) but certainly I'd be regarding him as last on my list of preferred candidates. I’ll be looking very carefully and with great interests at the credentials of his opponents.

What about Mansur Othman then, the PKR bloke who is Deputy Chief Minister I of Penang, and who shamefully played on Malay fears (just like UMNO) by urging the state Malays to vote for PKR to ensure they have a significant representative voice in the Penang government …

… and in that process, declared very directly and effectively that PKR is a Malay party (not unlike its UMNO daddy), and thus not the multi-ethnic organization it claims to be, just in the same way as reformasi (political reforms) has never been its true ideology …

… and shame on those mute PKR non-Malay pollies like Tian Chua, Eli Wong & Sivarasa Rasiah, and their non-Malay PKR supporters for acting dunno about such a publicly voiced radical (nay, diametrically opposite) PKR policy. What's then the difference between them and those MCA/Gerakan/MIC sycophants like Liow ('my beloved PM') Tiong LIE, Koh TK and those must-I-come gang?

However, I’m prepared, just this once, to give the benefit of the doubt to Mansur, that he was pathetically posturing politically to pre-empt DAP’s spread into the heartland, but let me say, he was cutting it too f* thinly for our patience and acceptance.

But Dr Hasan Mohamed Ali? No way Jose, unless UMNO’s candidate is the absolute pits, more unacceptable that Hasan is.

So, f* ABU because in some cases, the BAU (stench) in Pakatan may be far too much to bear (to ABU), unless Pakatan takes precautions to UBA-h candidates like Hasan Ali and a few others.

I presume we have minds of our own, don't we? I certainly hope so.


  1. I'm voting for UMNO in GE13.

  2. KT,with GE13th just around the corner,Pakatan Rakyat has become something more like a 'lembak' or back-boneless creature.With all the big wartalk,until just a few months ago,it looks like Pakatan Rakyat has peaked to soon.And the GE is still months away.

    Just look at the recent votes in Parliament,on certain issues that would have scored them bronie points.Their MP's were MIA,nowhere to be seen.So when it comes to action,these guys are all NATO.So what is the difference between these PR guys and BN and its cronies.All sleeping pariah mongrels,running loose on the streets,chasing bitches on heat.

  3. bruno,
    You wouldn't happen to be a registered voter, are you ?

  4. Anon,1:03 AM,October 10,2011

    I am just commenting,on the actions of the politicians,on what they do or say.My vote will not automatically go to PR,just because I opposed Umno and its cronies.If PR wants to be a formidable alternative to BN,then it has to prove it is worth it's salt to the electorate.

  5. KT, I agree with you, there shld not be any blanket ABU. Some leeway based on voter discretion to account for some a#@holes.

    Politicians can be like fruits - firm and look nice b4 ripe, but once up there, they change colour and you don't know if they've rot inside!

    Generally I think corruptions and scandals will still exist to a certain degree regardless of who is in power.

    For now, my immediate consideration is education. If BN do not allow PPSMI, I'll vote PR. And likewise if PR is in power.

  6. Lets face it, the majority of voters gave unquestioning support to BN for decades, Election after Election after Election.

    Its not like BN's corruption, racism and abuse of power have not been highlighted before. The Internet has been widely available in Malaysia since the 1990's. Aliran has been around for decades.

    Put it simply, most people willingly overlooked BN's faults.

    I'm not asking people to ignore PR's faults. There are plenty.

    I'm saying, this country can never ever take the first step towards healing, which is to remove the cancer which is UMNO/BN, without giving PR a chance, room to maneuver, room to breath.

    After all, you put up with BN's stench for decades didn't you ?

  7. The number of Malays I know who trust DAP can be counted on the fingers of one hand, with don't get too excited about "DAP’s spread into the heartland"

  8. Wah, DAP learning very fast how to be corrupt

  9. Penangites must unite in GE 13 to kick Lim Guan Eng back to Melaka.

    He's in process of selling Penang out to his developer cronies

  10. You guys still want another Kancil-only car-park ?

  11. actually, that silly car park was built by the former BN government, not the current PR one

  12. Come on, Ktemoc, there are limits how far you can spin.

    That car park didn't exist on March 8, 2008. Any Air Itam resident can tell you that.

    Maybe somebody had already drafted the architectural design at that time, we don't know. But DAP/PR obviously failed its due dilligence function when the actual construction started.

  13. Mana ada CAT

    KT's biasness is showing. There are many things Guan Eng did wrong in Penang.
    Since I am an ABBA fan, for me it's Anyone But Bontoti Anwar.

  14. OC Phang-- to phangsai or not to phangsai?

  15. My dear Buttercup,

    From The Star

    Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who is chairman of the car park's implementing agency Penang Development Corporation (PDC), claimed that it was approved by the previous Barisan Nasional administration.

    “I didn't want to say all this earlier as I didn't want to give the impression that we are passing the blame. But now, we're being blamed for approving it. We have proof dated back to 2007,” Lim told reporters after a talk at the Penang Skill Development Centre here yesterday.

    He said the four-storey car park had been approved by the previous state government and funded by the Tourism Ministry under the Ninth Malaysia Plan to upgrade the Penang Hill funicular train.

    Of course the same article also reported the Gerakan-BN side of the story.

    I'm biased in that I'm more inclined to believe DAP rather than Gerakan wakakaka.