Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Congratulations to Anwar Ibrahim

As I start to write this post, the official results for the Permatang Pauh aren't out yet, and as I couldn't get into Malaysiakini and Star, I've to ask a sweetie for the latest news on the Permatang Pauh's by-election.

Kind sweetie said that Anwar Ibrahim has won with a bigger majority than Dr Wan, between 15,534 to 16,210, though the source of the info has been from PKR.

Looks my original prediction of 10,800 was too low.

In my post Permatang Pauh - simplified mathematics 3 weeks ago, I had predicted Anwar winning with a majority of 10,800.

Mind you, after the Kulim Wonder, where shouts of ‘babi’ and ‘balik China’ were heard, I did wonder whether that majority would possibly be reduced.

A quick check and I understand at this moment the official result is yet to be released. But sweetie told me that there could be a glaring 12,000 votes discrepancy between PKR’s 46,320 voters turnout against the EC's 38,144.

I just can’t access Malaysiakini or Star – very frustrating.

Oh, another kind hearted sweetie (O bless Malaysia with so many sweethearts there) has taken pity on kaytee and just provided the official result, where Anwar has garnered 31,195 votes whilst poor Arif received even less than what Dr Pirdaus had won in the general election, a mere 15,524 compared to Dr Pirdaus’ 16,950.

Considering that in the March general election the total votes for UMNO from the 3 State seats in Permatang Pauh totalled 20,093, there has been a further swing away from the BN.

Congratulations to Anwar Ibrahim on his convincing win. The people of Permatang Pauh has spoken.


  1. Hi,

    The people have spoken. Its time to move on for our beloved country.We must give Anwar a chance to prove himself worthy of the trust the rakyat has given him.

  2. bro KT,

    heheh..frm wat I can see d worst have yet to come,..wat can I say..heheh...neway we'll c wat bro AnWar will do for d rakyat..hopefully he wun go into history as anothr fast exit frm parliament to d lock-up..heheh..wat can I say..(,")

  3. DNA bill passed... If there are no frogs... DSAI will likely be spending the rest of his natural life @ rattan river!

  4. First order of business, Anwar will have to finally 'sumpah' in parliament. Then fight back the DNA bill being tabled and at the same time debate the AUKU revision bill before finally get to be on TV when 'current' PM tables the 2009 budget. The big 'kill' will still be another half a month away. DO you still want to bet his return to UMNO fold?

  5. OTH, it also mean that current Penang government also gaining ground.

  6. DSAI,
    Again Congrats !!!! We pray silently and I know I am not the only one (Malaysian) but the whole nation. Hope this victory and all the supports will give you the strength and motivation to lead us, Malaysian correctly, rightly, sincerely and truthfully !!

    Do what is necessary for the majority but also do not forget the minority.

    Take us to the next level and create a “future” for us !!

    After so many years of Medeka, this is the first real Merdeka for Malaysian and pls pls pls pls pls do NOT do what others have done. Pls do not let the Malaysian down… otherwise there is no difference if Malaysia is govern by foreign esp if our fellow Malaysian cannot do what is Right and Good for the Malaysian.

  7. govt threw everything at him from weekday polling day to saiful and perak exco cases. he came out intact coz of the voters who believed in him. rightly or wrongly, its now uo to Anwar to live up to his words. I respect him coz he has not wavered with his same message regardless of the audience.

  8. Jangan esok negara makin lingkup dengan kekecohan anjuran Anwar. Tu je pun yang dia pandai buat, ajak orang buat kecoh. Habis huru hara merata2 semenjak dia keluar penjara. Tapi yang tu jugak orang sokong.

  9. KayTee,

    Well, it is a relief to read something positive on Anwar for once.

    May be this is a turning point for Malaysian politic as well.

  10. i am happy anwar has just won d election...i wish to see Najib , Badawi and his cronnies lose . totally corrupted

  11. Hi, KTemoc:

    In the midst of all the celebration, it may be impolite to mention this. But then, life has a way of throwing up nasties at us, so it is good to be emotionally prepared just in case "shit happens".

    All this while you have been fretting about frogs jumping. There's a fear that if there is any jumping, it may not be by the frogs but instead the jumper may be the hero of the hour.

    That Evil Corrupt Racist Organization or ECRO for short (see? - it rhymes with scarecrow) upon seeing that it has been checkmated by their adversary who now appears like an unstoppable juggernaut who may well make life hell for them in parliament from now on, may decide to offer him the olive branch and invite him to jump back into bed with them. You, KT, have opined many times before that this is what the hero allegedly dearly wants.

    As has been pointed out, there are no permanent enemies in politics. For example, Ezam after saying so many awful, nasty things about that syaitan party is now happily back in bed with them and all seems to be forgotten and forgiven!

    Of course it is fervently hoped that what I write here will not happen but if it does tragically come to pass, then I'm afraid it will leave all those rakyat who had pinned their hopes on the hero, and especially the DAP and PAS, slacked-jawed, shell-shocked and irreparably heartbroken.

  12. Wahai Raja Petai Kamaruzaman,(Terpaksa saya taip panjang pasal kalau singkatan, buat malu aje untuk yang seorang lagi...haiz....)

    Semenjak keluar penjara bukan dia yang buat kecoh. Yang buat kecoh peleset bangsat yang memerintah negara ni...

    Kalau dia buat kecoh pun ok jugak...sekurang-kurangnya bagi menyalak untuk kita orang tau rupanya orang yang perintah kita 50 tahun mencuri, merompak dan mengkhianat di belakang kita. Sedihnya ada orang macam saudara yang tak endahkan salakan tu...

  13. You are pathetic man! Wakakakakaaaa!

  14. Dear beef stew,

    Your hero is nothing but an ex-con, sodomiser and a trouble-maker. Period.

    Forget about this new dawn or whatever, the status quo will remain the same now and forever.

    Sebelum you taksub sangat dan lupa diri, remember this: PKR + BN = Iblis in sheep's clothing.

  15. Wahai donosepataharam,
    Awak dah malu sudah lah...tak suka? baik balik tanah jawa atau mana pun, its ok. wakakakaka
    - anak melayu/china/india johor

  16. As I said before, our problems won't end with the Permatang Pauh Election, Anyway its was the dirtiest election ever and I am expecting more trouble and uncertainty, within PR itself and BN.

    Tighten your seat belt.

  17. More sandiwara and wayang to come !
    Better buy a packet of cashew nuts and beer . Sit back and enjoy the wayang . Don't expect anything to change .

  18. what now Mr Ktemoc ?

    Your intelligent miscalculative analysis / PHD thesis has failed miserably and your arch villian is now on the way to become PM ! Are you now gonna kneel before him like the rest of the scumbags or are you gonna migrate ( oops you have already migrated long ago... ) what a pre-emptive defence,

    no wonder your blog sucks to high heaven , and most of your readers are small kids

    smartalex , KL

  19. Next is the swearing in. Are they going to make it difficult and delay it so taht he cannot be tehre for the Budget speech?

    But more interestingly the country awaits the cross overs to happen. It has to happen so that this country can be saved. Nothing to moralise over as it is the moral thing to do.

    Malaysia for another day under BN is like Titanic after it had just hit the iceberg.

    Sure, you might be a crew or a passenger. But isn't it also true that it is only the captain who is expected to sink along with the ship and not the rest of the crew and the passengers?

    That is where we are today. Malaysia is just like the Titanic about to sink. Crossovers by BN MPS will not only save them from sure drowning but also all the passengers. In fact it if there was an conscience left in them, ti would be their duty.

  20. This morning I finally decided to fly the Malaysian flag in front of my home. There is hope yet for Malaysia's future.

    The result was humiliating for UMNO. Among the UMNO circles, the blame game has already begun. Who lost Permatang Pauh ?

    There are three areas which stand out.

    a) The disunity in UMNO Permatang Pauh. Many local politicians do not want Arif Shah to become the dominant player here, and simply declined to campaign. The lack of local campaigning support was very obvious on the ground.

    b) Liwat-gate. Local people say the best strategy for UMNO was actually the original one. Treat it as a legal matter between just Anwar and Saiful and deny any BN/UMNO involvement. The issue had limited to modest political advantage if the information was just allowed to spread in a low key manner - enough to plant doubts in some people's minds on Anwar's morals.

    The decision to go Anal in a big way was made in KL - and it backfired. Making it a big political issue actually played into Anwar's hands - which was to argue that it was a political conspiracy against him. Anyone who plays competitive sports will understand that if you play to your opponent's game, you will lose.

    c) Last one, and this is a sensitive one with racial overtones. The absence of ground support from BN subordinate parties Gerakan, MCA and MIC. Some big guns like Ong Ka Ting and Koh Tsu Koon turned up, but the local MCA and Gerakan branches had just melted away. The suspicion is that most of the ordinary members are now actually DAP or PKR sympathisers. No doubt many of them actually voted for Anwar.

    A friend who was a scrutinier at the vote count last night told me in some predominantly Chinese areas, nearly 100% of the votes went to PKR.

  21. Anonymous smartass, KL

    and most of your readers are small kids

    You must be another six year old kid to read this blog and probably a rascal to post this comment that readers here are small kids ! What say you readers !

  22. Here's one article from Malaysians Unplugged written by minda cergas ;
    Its kind of interesting for him to write this:
    1)But imagine for a second that on day 1 as PM, God forbid, Anwar dies of a heart attack, who would succeed him?
    2)So here is the reality… for Anwar to do what he plans to do, he will have to do it via BN.

    Here's the rest !


    So, Anwar’s big hurdle to the PM’s job is that the PKR-PAS-DAP coalition do not yet have a mechanism to elect a leader other then everyone agreeing that is should be Anwar.

    But imagine for a second that on day 1 as PM, God forbid, Anwar dies of a heart attack, who would succeed him?

    Of course the DPM. But will the DPM be from PAS or DAP? So while it its easy for the BR team to agree that Anwar is the leader, who will be his deputy?

    The structure of the coalition is that all three members will have to be represented at the top (maybe thats a good reason for Tunku Aziz to be in DAP).

    REALITY CHECK for Anwar Ibrahim

    For practical reality:

    1. PAS is not in a position to be accepted a “ruling” party. And therefore Anwar is better off with PAS exactly where it is but he will make a sweetheart deal with PAS to ensure that they get all the privileges as if they were in the ruling coalition.

    By the way, if PAS is in the “ruling party” and is not able to propagate its islamic agenda, its own members will go after its Leadership and that is the last thing the PAS Leadership needs.

    2. DAP - any attempts for DAP (at this moment) to be seen as “ruling” will send all of the MALAYS running straight back into UMNO. This will absolutely destabilize the equation.

    The last thing Anwar wants is UMNO regaining strong grass roots malay support especially from urban Malays. Like with PAS, Anwar will have to do a sweetheart deal with DAP.

    3. PKR is fairly neutral but doesn’t not have enough seats on its own to be stable in parliament.

    So here is the reality… for Anwar to do what he plans to do, he will have to do it via BN.

    He will bring PKR into the center as an olive branch to MCA and MIC members. This in essence will checkmate UMNO and will force UMNO to purge itself of the rot if it wants to remain in the coalition.

    The alternative for UMNO is to leave BN and in doing so it will becomes the new opposition….. if UMNO chooses to leave, the choice for all the other parties will now be loyalty to BN or loyalty to UMNO.

    I suspect they will stay in BN as UMNO on its own will no more be relevant. PAS and DAP will be given time and space to be an “effective opposition” in Parliament…

    These are my thought and I think this will give ANWAR the greatest configuration for a stable government.

    -"Minda Cergas"

  23. Rafeedah Bigbuns

    Quote :There's a fear that if there is any jumping, it may not be by the frogs but instead the jumper may be the hero of the hour.

    Here's what others also think : So here is the reality… for Anwar to do what he plans to do, he will have to do it via BN.

    Cheers to you !

  24. If PAS-DAP-PKR succeed to form a federal gov, there will be more chaos than peace because of apparent differences between them. I don't think they will be able to agree on everything because they have their own agenda. Some might say that minor disagreement won't do any harm but it will be the root of later big problems. There will be no unity unless they form only ONE party, not a combination of many parties. But what to expect?

    And the problem with BN is that, they had became arrogant. BN also led by some ineffective and unclean leaders ...

    Both parties (gov and opposition) don't have much value nowadays. There's no one can be trusted ... We're left with no choice but to choose the least damaging party that is ... NONE ...

  25. Anonymous 9:22 AM
    stupidass KL

    I think your intelligence borders on range of dumb to stupidity . Is not that I am defending Kaytee , your comment of "no wonder your blog sucks to high heaven ,"is totally uncalled for .
    Is this your type of democrazy or freedom of speech ? You are showing your true colors as intolerable to others writing dissenting views or views not acceptable to your taste ? We also find Malaysia Today views highly biased but we chose not to post comment rather than telling RPK his blog sucks to high heaven . This shows we are not kids as termed by you but highly matured intelligent people . Its you yourself calling yourself a kid with no brains !

  26. PAS the thorn to a Malaysian Malaysia , here's the latest fom them
    PAS still against show:
    PAS Youth would continue to oppose the Avril Lavigne concert to be held on Aug 29 and would meet the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim), which is a member of the Foreign Artistes Application committee, Sinar Harian reported.

    Federal Territories PAS Youth chief Kamaruzzaman Mohamad said that if the outcome of the meeting was not fruitful, alternative ways would be found to show their displeasure.

    “Although the ministry cancelled it, the Cabinet gave the go-ahead. We are very unhappy about the decision.

    “It's as if it does not respect the sensitivity of the majority of Muslims,” he was quoted as saying.

    Kamaruzzaman added that PAS would send a memorandum and produce leaflets to raise awareness as well as give advice to concert-goers at the stadium on Friday.

    Is this the prelude to the TALIBAN government ? Do we want to vote for them again ? Sorry lah NO MORE !

  27. Forgot to add this :
    “It's as if it does not respect the sensitivity of the majority of Muslims,” he was quoted as saying.

    Nobody ask you to go and watch the show , you can stay at home and suck eggs ! Is your faith so weak that you tak boleh tahan tengok perempuan menyanyi ? Sial dan bodoh betul !

  28. Why is KTemoc, all of a sudden, writing intelligently? Surprise, surprise! Even Matthias Chang, the notorious acolyte of the Mahafiraun, is also beginning to write intelligently and correctly. What has the world come to? Good God! Will Barracks Obambi be the next president of the You Ass Eh?

  29. Hiyall.

    Yep the people have spoken.
    Sad. Very Sad. Achy-breaky heart.
    God help Permatang Pauh.
    God help us all.
    Kudos BN for a free and fair elections.
    As I said in my posting at my ex-Star colleague Chun Wai's blog: Politics is not so much a matter of holding good cards, but playing a poor hand well.
    Bravo Conspiracy Theorist, electrocutioner, Raja Petai Kamaruzaman, Chaptokam, Xiean and Donosopataharam
    I too have the same thoughts.
    I have said earlier the only way he can attain his dream is via UMNO.
    Or else it remains but a dream.
    Raja petai, memang kita akan banyak lagi menyaksikan demo haram dan protes jalanan.
    Tak akan amanlah kita ni selagi dia tak masuk penjara.
    First comment last night was to demand swearing soonest.
    Whoa, to swear on the sodomy case so reluctant, but to swear as MP want expresso.
    He forgot to thank PAS who worked hard on the ground to ensure his victory.
    Raja Petai, kalau harapkan orang PKR menjerit slogan atau memukul orang serahkanlah kepada mereka.
    Lepas ni Hadi lebih berhak bersuara nak jadi PM.
    Tinggallah saudara Anwar dengan labunya.

  30. You must be disappointed KT

  31. My Second Law of Malaysian Politics

    "Those who play longkang politics (gutter politics)are likely to
    fall into the longkang"

    The scales are falling off from the eyes of the common people of Malaysia. Old style propaganda does not work anymore.
    UMNO/BN - you need to reform like the Taiwanese Guomindang (Kuomintang) or you will end up as the political choice of the corrupt, the racists and the foolish!

    Phua Kai Lit

  32. Hola Chaptokam

    Happy you are back from PP, energised and refreshed.
    Let's not waste time dissertating (is there such a word KT?) on minda cergas's theory.
    The reality is after Sept 16 Najib will be still be DPM.
    Come 2010 Najib will be PM.
    You must know Umno politics. It's a matter of progression.
    Take Muhyiddin for example. People talk he's taking on Najib.
    Finally he bowed out.
    If he takes on najib and loses, he will be out in the cold. A nonentity.
    Follow the norm and one day can become DPM.
    Razaleigh rock the boat once and where is he now.
    His contribution to UMNO and the nation forgotten.
    As to our friend Anwar, he may try to use the UMNO vehicle to be No I but will UMNO want him again.
    Not with him hurting them this 10 years.

  33. idzan ismail,

    the only sad and heart-broken malaysians are those from the UMNO/BN factions!!!!

    Yes... very SAD indeed!!! *roll eyes*

  34. That DSAI won a slightly higher majority against most nuetral predictions is a surprise. But before analysing, we need more data from the polling. I can already see Mkini calling it as a historic moment and such, going overboard as usual. Sometimes I wonder if Mkini actually employs PR's speechwriters as their part-time reporters.

    However, as KT said, people have spoken and for good or bad, PP's electorate's wishes must be respected.

    However, I hardly think this is a decisive moment. Firstly the victory itself was just a few % more than Mak Cik Wan Azizah's and coming after the March 8 Tsunami, fuel price increase, runaway inflation and the general depressed mood of the nation, hardly sends a clear message that people want PR to rule the country.

    I don't think DSAI going anywhere either with him the Parliament. This is an non-issue.I remember DSAI saying that he was in no hurry to contest in a by-election. However, when the Sodomy issue cropped up, he suddenly had a revelation and fast-tracked his way to get Mak Cik Wan to vacate her seat.

    Any way the target of Sept 16th is just a pipe dream. We would know that soon enough if DSAI could achieve his goal.

    But what I am worried off is that when DSAI couldn't get the frogs to jump, he will use other (unethical and illegal) means to destabilise the govt and hijack the premiership.

    So we need to put on the seatbeat for the bumpy, messy and untimately costly ride for the nation.

  35. Killer
    But what I am worried off is that when DSAI couldn't get the frogs to jump, he will use other (unethical and illegal) means to destabilise the govt and hijack the premiership.

    If he does that I think he is in for big big trouble , I can forsee that and I happen to know what the incumbent can do !! power in his hands , like I said he shouldn't push his luck too far !! Or don't force people to do what they wouldn't like to do !

  36. Sounds like Ktemoc's blog comments section has become a Psychiatric Recuperation centre for Shell-shocked BN supporters...

    Keep it open...you will need it come September 16

  37. Dear,dear Leez

    I cried when I saw the news last nite. For the future of my kids, grandkids, great grandkids and so on.
    My worries are the instability he will create as voiced by Killer and Chaptokam.
    But I woke up to reality.
    He's not becoming PM.
    BN can afford to have another noise in the House.

  38. Keep it open...you will need it come September 16

    Have you play monopoly ? straight to jail !

  39. PR Anwar may have won the battle but lose the war on foreign investment.

    Simple, the foreign investors does not have confident in Penang PR government. Soon Penang will be the next Kelantan and lets see who will be laughing.

    The Star reported today that Penang has lost a multi-billion ringgit investment by a South Korean company which had planned to open a plant in Batu Kawan but has now opted to go to a neighbouring country.

  40. Psychiatric Recuperation centre for Shell-shocked BN supporters...

    I wonder who's the one who needs psychiatric treatment or a psychiatric recuperation centre for Shell-shocked BN supporters...

    To us Anwar won is just like passing the baton from the left hand to the right hand . It has been known to be an impenetrable fortress for PKR and it does not surprise us a bit .In fact we have predicted he would still win , only the number of votes he would get , my prediction was 10000 votes . He got 15000+ nothing much to shout about ! I thought he was going to win 40000 votes as there were 58000 registered voters and a public holiday declared ! Still no additional MPs .

  41. There will be four more bye-elections coming soon . One for Kulim Bandar Baru , Padang Serai and the two PKR state seats in Perak .

  42. And MCA is right now just watching how the wind blows....keep your eyes peeled.

    Anything, I mean anything may happen in the next few weeks...

  43. I will bet RM 1000.00 that Anwar cannot become PM by Sept 16. Who want to take my bet.

  44. Hi idzan ismail

    Hope you are well fighting a ferocious battle of wits in Susans blog .I think you have passed with honours , not many will come out alive going into the lions den .

  45. xiean

    That Penang lost Samsung's multi-billion dollar investment is not news to me. A friend of mine who holds a senior management position for a MNC and familiar with the regional investment situation wrote to NST back in July about this (see the link below). He mentioned that Samsung had decided way back in June to invest in the Philippines rather than Penang.

    So LGE is trying mislead people with his statement that he is unaware of the decision until now. He has known this since late May when he visited Samsung's HQ. He had waited for the right time before admiting this. Now he blames BN for demanding the scrapping of the 2nd bridge. I seriously think he doesn't have the moral and ethical standards to be the Penang CM.

    But you are right, Penang is heading the Kelantan's way in terms of FDI. My friend told me that Penang has lost a number of new FDI due to LGE's incompetence and some of the big existing ones are preparing to leave. He told me this should happen in matter of months and when this happen, the impact would be so huge that the possibility of the entire Penang's economy to collapse is possible.

    I had been told of the identities of these companies but I am not willing to share as of now. Just watch the news.

    BTW below is the link to my friend's letter.


  46. I am the very "hua hee" over DSAI's victory !!

    Thank you to the people of PP.

  47. Yawn, take a break Killer & Chapto...

    All yr predictions till now have been dead inaccurate. No use trying to keep spinning.

  48. Tahniah kepada semua! Kita semua akan menikmati cerita putar alam dari Anwar lebih dari dulu selepas ini. Semoga kekecohan dan cerita fitnah tuduh menuduh akan lebih hebat!Tahniah!

  49. Grapes taste sour, are they not?

    Aduh...pedih2x, Nway, try again chaps!

    Anwarista thro and thro, and I dont really care what you think or say about it..Sumpaaahhh, I dont care

  50. pro anwar deemed as intelligent? pro gov deemed as stupid?

    what a shallow mind, and probably the stupidest and dumbest thinking ever occured to any human being on earth (specifically Malaysia) ...

  51. Time for me to collect my winnings.

    Looks like my analysis is better as was my forecast about the oil prices. Shoulda followed me.

    You owe Anwar an apology I think.

    BTW, did someone said you are a "33-year old kid"?

  52. Dear chaptokam,killer,Ms Idzan
    and all you other BN supporters:

    Why continue to waste your time
    by continuing to bash Anwar Ibrahim and continuing to engage in unproductive mind games such as denial and self-deception?

    If I were you, I would work hard to replace the incompetent BN leadership such as FIL (and the
    behind-the-scene manipulators and longkang politicians such as SIL) with more respectable ones such as Razaleigh. Otherwise, your beloved UMNO/BN will just go further and further down the drain!

    But my view is that UMNO/BN is way beyond redemption even under new management.

    Phua Kai Lit

  53. I don't know why most of you blames the SIL. AAB doesnt listen to him as much as you guys want to believe. KJ's mistake is that he wants to be perceived to have the power...'berbilang, terbilang, gemilang!'...the biggest schemer and the man who has AAB's absolute trust is Kamal, his only son.