Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dr M - even Devil will follow Anwar Ibrahim

In Malaysiakini news Sworn in, Anwar is Opposition Leader we get confirmation that Anwar Ibrahim has been officially sworn in as a MP where he assumes the position of opposition leader.

It has been a long road for him and I have to take my hat off for his persistence, perseverance and popularity.

In a Western style democracy practicing a 2-party system, the opposition leader heads the alternative cabinet known as the shadow cabinet. Each member of the shadow cabinet monitors and challenges his opposite number in government.

Currently there is no shadow cabinet other than proposed by Ong Kian Ming and Oon Yeoh in one of their regular Malaysiakini articles, yet 16 September 2008 is only a mere 18 days away!

Meanwhile, Dr Mahathir like Clint Eastwood, is still 'unforgiving' of his once much loved protégé, whom he perceived as having treacherously betrayed his love and trust when the latter tried to sabo him in 1998. Anwar's sidekick then, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, had proposed an UMNO discussion on cronyism and nepotism, with the ulterior motive of ousting Dr M from the UMNO No 1 position.

Instead wily Dr Mahathir turned the table against Anwar and Zahidi when he showed lists of UMNO cronies who had benefited from government share allocations and privatizations. The lists included Anwar and Zahid - see Pollie Poo in Permatang Pauh.

Dr Mahathir in Star Online sneered that the PKR adviser could “convince even the devil to follow him”.

In that sense Dr Mahathir has been correct and lest you think he’s biased (which of course he is, given his perception of Brutus), he has not been alone in that assessment of Anwar. Even RPK, a man close to Anwar, has written of the PKR cult where many fanatical PKR acolytes would even consider Anwar’s fart as sweet smelling, so what more with a mere matter of 'following him'.

But as my good mate, famous blogger Susan Loone, had posted in her Anwar, can I drive you to Putrajaya? that “History teaches us that rebels who assume power often become worse than the dictators they overthrow.”

A good example has been Robert Mugabe, once his people's heroic and resolute leader of the Zimbabe's African freedom fighters who defeated the white Rhodesian racist regime. What has he degenerated into today?

It’s the old sad story of ‘power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

The difference between Robert Mugabe and Anwar Ibrahim is that no one then knew that the former would turn into such a draconian dictator, whilst many Malaysians knew of, and still remembers Anwar Ibrahim’s conduct and performance as an UMNO minister (in several capacities). And let the bells in Indian temples ring forever to remind us of that!

Susan asked: “Would Anwar risk the chance of losing it all by gong back on his election promises after fighting so hard to install himself as leader of the Opposition pack, with a view to the PM’s seat?” and would “…his foes would actually make good their promises to reveal truths about Anwar’s corrupt practices when he was formerly deputy prime minister and finance minister.”

Susan believes that PAS and the DAP can play an important role in checking Anwar Ibrahim should he show signs of regressing into his former UMNO self, stating that leaders of the two parties “… are not going to sit on their laurels if Anwar or PKR goes astray”.

… unless of course, as kaytee has always predicted and still believe may yet happen, Anwar returns to UMNO – you know, that old unity clarion call of ‘demi bangsa, agama dan negara’, or rather when it suits him.

However, we may be leaping - pun not intended ;-) – too far ahead. Let’s wait for 16 September 2008.


  1. All the poo thrown at borrow Stock Analysts language...the market has already discounted the information.

    I'm off to lunch in...Permatang Pauh. Things are back to normal in this little town, but there is a quiet satisfaction that they have sent a message to Putrajaya...and they have sent their man on the road there as well. The rest is up to him, and Pakatan Rakyat.

    Talk about lunch...the sweetie who runs my usual Hokkien Mee stall there was wearing a PKR badge....nice to meet another Anwarista...kakakakak

  2. Kattee

    MMust tip your hat for being consistant.

    Keep it up.


  3. I took my kids to Anwar's ceramah last Friday August 22, in spite of my wife's misgivings. I wanted them to show them a view of politics.
    Anwar's most moving words "Anak Melayu anak kita, Anak Cina anak kita, Anak India anak kita".

    Is Anwar for real ? I don't know, but he's miles better than the current BUMNO goons.

    Its my intention to send my children to university overseas, but also my hope that they come home to help build this nation's future.
    Like many non-Malays, I have had my doubts on this counry for a long, long time but since March 8, and now P 44 August 26, a ray of hope now exists.

  4. Yup, Ktemoc.

    Yours truly here is also wary of Anwar. But, in my humble opinion, he is the "lesser evil" compared to FIL-SIL. Also, as Dr Toh said, the popular and ever-growing movement for change is worthy of support even if you don't support Anwar

    Dr M talks nonsense in his attack on intellectuals in his recent posting on his website. Here's why:

    1. He himself is an intellectual.
    2. Not all intellectuals are against the BN regime e.g. isn't Rais Yatim an intellectual?
    What about the intellectual who conveniently popped up to denounce Anwar just before the March 8 election? (Not a peep from him
    this time :-) ).
    Some intellectuals are pro-regime out of political conviction. Others are "intellectual hired guns" who are handsomely rewarded by the regime for their pronouncements in support of the regime. Others oppose the regime (at some degree of risk to themselves) because they are patriots who genuinely love their country and deplore the path this country is taking under the BN regime.
    4. Dr M declares that intellectuals are naive for supporting wily Anwar. No Siree, this certainly does not apply to Dr Toh.
    5. Look at where Dr M's "hard-nosed" politics has led us. He got rid of all his capable political rivals such as Musa Hitam and Razaleigh. What do we have left?
    The FIL! And who put Fil in power in the first place? And who created this undemocratic system in UMNO such that it is very difficult to remove incompetent and unpopular leaders?
    Who started to corrupt and debase our political institutions to further his hard-nosed politics?

    There's an excellent book on intellectuals by Lewis Coser called "Men of Ideas". It has chapters on intellectuals in power, intellectuals as dissidents etc. I hope Dr M gets to read this book.

    Lastly, although my social democratic friends may throw up their hands in horror at my saying so, I do have some degree of respect for Dr M (e.g. his defying economic orthodoxy in his handling of the economic crisis of the late 1990s). My verdict on Dr M is this: What he has done for the country is 30% good but 70% bad! (Apologies to the Chinese Communist Party and their verdict on Mao).

    Phua Kai Lit

  5. Latest news is Nalla Karupan, Ktemoc's favourite ex-MIC, ex-PKR person is missing...
    Will we see another SD from him ?
    Will ACA arrest Anwar and charge him ?

    The alleged case is more than 10 years old. Companies are not obliged to keep transactional documents more than 7 years - good luck to the ACA to dig up anything.

    Stay tuned....

  6. Hi kittykat

    Here is Phua's "Third Law of Malaysian Politics" namely:

    "The tendency of people to disappear into thin air in Malaysia is directly proportional to the seriousness of their politically-related declarations --except for those who swear on Holy Texts"

    Phua Kai Lit
    degree of

  7. The sad part about you, kittykat, is you have an anwarista-ish propensity to attribute to people all sorts of associations that you in your own world believe in, but which change just as fast as your de facto leader's stand - wakakaka.

    You had previously accused me of being a DAP die-hard supporter, then a BN spinmeister, a MCA stooge, an UMNO paid writer,and now you provide me with "my" favourite ex-MIC ex-PKR bloke.

    Only in one accusation have you been spot on - one guess? wakakaka

  8. kittykat46

    When I look at people enthralled by The Pied Piper of Permatang Pauh, it reminds me of some of my female friends (of the platonic kinds obviously).

    Some of these ladies, when they arrive at a certain age, tend to get really desperate to find a match and get married.

    And this desparation gets more frantic as the years pass by. They would want someone to believe in, and as they grow older, they will settle for anyone. It doesnt matter if the guy is the worst womaniser in the planet. No amount of logic or persuasion would make them to see the guy's true character. Anything positive that the guy says will be latched on as indication of his noble values and character while completely ignoring his negative actions and past history.

    I have seen countless ladies fall into this syndrome and then emerge from the reltionship bitter, spritually drained and destroyed, not to mention wiser and with a negative bank account and a long line of Ah Longs on their tails.

    The puzzling thing is that most of these ladies are otherwise highly intelligent and balanced people.

    I guess people who fall for DSAI are of the similar variety. They want someone to believe in. It doesnt matter if he is a serial sodomist who is competely amoral and unethical human being.

    Kittykat46, I did catch his ceramah over the internet (since I was away from the country at that time)and was shocked by the almost vulgar and coarse language that he employed despite the presence of ladies and kids. The kind of accusations that he made was totally without substance or logic and I certain shudder at the thought of having him as my PM.

    No doubt Dr M has a selective memory and Pak Lah can be too forgiving. Both none of our PMs had ever displayed the traits of a snake oil salesman like DSAI. Anwar certainly looked like someone who is vindictive and would do anything to attain power.

    I am surprised you chose to highlight the part when he spoke about Malay, Chinese and Indian kids. But much of his speech in PP was to portray himself as a defender of Malays and at no point he spoke about NEP.

  9. Killer

    In short MPs in PR has yet to be tested. They may have traits and thinking of UMNO when they taste power again. Even in PAP, there were some MPs went astray or do not perform well to be the next generation of leaders.They were replaced before the next election. But in Malaysian context, it is the faithful one with large grass root followers.

  10. Why is TDM so critical of Anwar and against UMNO?
    He had his chance but look where it's heading now.He is no more a member and he should shut his mouth.This guy thinks and talk like a learned man, but really he spews venom like a viper.He still thinks he still owns this country and we belong to him.
    Why is he fighting and against whom? Is it for his family ?For his survival to divert his wrong doings.Is he a great man?NOPE any office peon can better him.
    We are today a mess he spawned for 22 years and can we believe his credibility today?
    Just go to his blogs and see the accolades those idiots waxed into it.Reading them makes our hairs stand on ends.Perhaps he is still feeling great with praises but on another side there are people cursing him day and night when his name is mentioned.
    Don't blame stupid bodohwi! for he is just following what TDM left on those umnoputeras.
    Therefore TDM is nothing great.
    Say as what , Anwar was right along to work with IMF and look at Thailand, India, and KOREA. They bit the bullets and their economy and currency is anytime way ahead of us.Oh !everyone was heaping praises for TDM on salvaging Malaysia.Look today !we are nowhere to them.Was that a great feat where we are still today.
    Better we ignore this old fool and let him ride into the sunset and also remind him that karma will knock on his door anytime soon.

  11. Those people who believe in the Devil, oops, Anwar need to understand that Malaysia is no the UK or the US to practice a neat 2-Party system.

    The Malaysian context is far too complex with wide and deep religious and ethnic divide and a far more complex political spectrum.

    Just look at PR, the differences among them are so huge that it is impossible for them to be sitting on the same table and talk the same language. The only thing that unites them is their burning desire to capture power from BN. Once they get that, they will no longer have any common objectives and then end up fighting among themselves.

    DAP is now playing the playing the role of chief cheerleader as it is contend to get the scraps of power unlike DSAI who wants the PM post and the global exposure that it provides. PAS meanwhile wants nothing more or less than an Islamic Republic.

    Those people who believed DAP stands for democratic and ethical governance and human rights ( I was once), should re-read LKS' blog posts after March 8. He has turned into an One-Eyed Jack who only sees his opponents' faults but never his or his party's.

    Look also at the behaviour of PR's governments performance. Many people hoped for a corruption-free administration but what we have now is the same as before, only with different people and party.

    Not just PKR people are involved but DAP and PAS people are also being accused of illegal and unethical practices.

  12. Say as what , Anwar was right along to work with IMF and look at Thailand, India, and KOREA. They bit the bullets and their economy and currency is anytime way ahead of us.Oh !everyone was heaping praises for TDM on salvaging Malaysia.Look today !we are nowhere to them.Was that a great feat where we are still today.


    Dear anonymous, are you sure you are not a comedian by profession ?

    Thailand and India are doing better than Malaysia ? Please provide your economic argument and not another "mamak stall" talk.

  13. Actually, killer, India and Thailand have gone much further in freeing up their economy than Malaysia. They started from a much lower base, but they are catching up very fast.

    Thailand's economy is more dynamic than Malaysia's. Still behind us in per capita GDP, but they are moving FAST. Its only their political troubles which are holding them back, but the Thai economy is less government dependent, therefore less impacted by politics than Malaysia's.

    That, by they way, is not "mamak stall" talk.

    If you wish to know my background, you can click on my Id link. I choose to blog anonymously, but people who know me in real life would be very surprised who kittykat46 really is...but maybe not so surprising these days.

    Anwar Ibrahim and PKR has got a lot of very smart professional people supporting them these days...not bad for a snake-oil salesman, eh ?

  14. Kittykat, all this while I thought you were a girl. My apologies. In my defence, i guess one can be misled by perception rather than reality. ;)

  15. "That, by they way, is not "mamak stall" talk."

    What are we really discussing here? Are we discussing:
    a) Whether right now India/Thailand have economies with better prospects than Malaysia? Or are we discussing
    b) the merits of the IMF prescription to handling the 1997 financial crisis?

    Because (a) and (b) are surely separate matters. Enough time has gone by that Malaysia *could* have become much stronger, economically speaking, if liberalization was pursued once the 1997 hell was overcome.

    And FWIW, I quote LKS, December 1997:
    "...the DAP had declared our support for Mahathir's position against Malaysia seeking aid from the IMF, as it would not only be a national and international shame, but would expose Malaysians to very harsh and burdensome IMF policies and conditions whose primary purpose would be to ensure that the IMF loans are paid back in full in disregard of the sufferings caused to the ordinary people."

  16. has anyone heard the malay phrase "musang berbulu ayam"?? I believe most (or in exact word - every) politician will act the same to entice people to trust them especially during election ... they will go all out to sweep people off their feet so that they can win ... (winning by whatever cost) ...

    the very skilled politician of course will designate himself to be a very likeable (or loveable) so that people will believe and eventually 'make out' with him/her ...

    so i think the question 'is he/she for real?' could be easily explained here ...

  17. by saying that ... i also would like to tell that the devil usually works the same way to entice people to go inside their unescapable cage - once in, never will go out ...

    so, who's the devil??

    the devil and the musang berbulu ayam are practically the same person ...

  18. kittykat46

    Good to know that you hold a senior manager position in Engineering. I don't like to advertise either, it would be sufficient to stay that I work as a Regional Director for Asia Pacific for a Fortune 100 company based somewhere in Malaysia. My responsibilities include the wider business management (which also means economics).

    As such I think it is a joke to make a such a sweeping and baseless statement to say that Thailand's and India's economies and currencies are way ahead of us.

    To say that they are ahead of us in terms of freeing up their economies is plain wrong and misleading. Perhaps you might have read a few articles but I have the opportunities to live and analyse their countries. So I do know what I am talking about.

    I would encourage you to read a several good books and many more articles (tips : avoid American "news" magazines, they are superficial) before you even begin to debate the issue.

  19. Now the bloggers are shouting fouls and questioning the government ordering the black out of MT.

    To me I say serve them right, MT were preaching free speech but doing other wise.They deleted comments which is not to their liking and against their view.

  20. Killer, your observation about desperate women clinging on to their last great hope (Anwar) is a killer! Brilliant. :)

    From my own experience as a consumer with a housing loan to pay, etc, it's clear who handled the economic crisis of 97 better.

    Anwar in his desire to asslick his backers in IMF (who had their own agenda), pawned the livelihood of the people of Malaysia. All in the name of his so-called free market reforms bullshit. Anwar didn't care what happened to Malaysian consumers and businesses as long he looked good in the eyes of the foreign press and its leaders.

    At that time, I was cursing Dr M for his feud against Soros and all those currency controls which went against current market wisdom. Dr M proved that great leadership is not about taking the popular route, it's about doing the right thing. Dr M has his faults of course but he was a strong leader.

    Now with this subprime mess, the west is currently bailing out giant corporations like Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, etc. So what happened to the supposedly free market?

  21. At present cross-Straits relations between China and Taiwan have seen some momentum of improvement and development.

    Meanwhile, the US Department of Defense said on Wednesday Washington will sell 60 anti-ship missiles to Taipei in a $90 million deal, drawing an end to what analysts said had been an arms sale freeze between the two sides.

    The harpoon air launch missiles made by McDonnell Douglas Corp can sink ocean-going warships. It is reported that Washington is still sitting on a $12 billion package of additional weaponry sought by Taiwan.

    I hope that the weaponry purchased by Taiwan will be used in the future against US.

    KT sorry to side track the tropic. I just want to point out the another hypocrisy of the US

  22. zappa

    You are spot on about Anwar and IMF and I concur fully.

    You see I was never fully convinced by Dr M even when I was younger. But the defining moment that I was finally bowled over was during the economic crisis when I was in awe of that man.

    While I was skeptical about his action on Anwar, but I was completely won over my his strong and steady stewardship during the crisis that in my view one of the greatest display of leadership I have ever read or seen in the anywhere in the world history.

    I can feel the strain on his shoulder by the political and economic problems, yet he never ever cracked under pressure and steered us out of that painful period stronger and better than any other country. I can truly say that he is no doubt the greatest Malaysian ever. Compared to him, people like Clinton and Obama are just merely kids.

    As for IMF, had we went begging to them, we would have sold every big companies we had at dirt cheap to big foreign predators.

    Look at the way Thai, Indon and Korean companies crushed by IMF's policies.

    You are right about the sub-prime crisis too. Now that the West is faced with the same problems, no one is talking about "letting the market forces dictate the fate of the economy" or allow these companies fail. No one is also talking about poor economic management either but rather blame the leadership of the companies rather than the politicians.

    It is not just we were treated badly during the economic crisis, the Japanese too were subjected to the same pressure when their economy hit the rock in the 90s. Of course the Japs rejected the IMF's advice.

  23. Dear KT, have you read about this bloke 'jebatmustdie' recent posting? 'Kill with a borrowed knife'... say you?

  24. xiean you are dead right, MT were preaching free speech but doing other wise.They deleted comments which is not to their liking and against their view.

    Only the ones that RPK wrote under No Holds Barred or The Corridors of Power are the exceptional articles that I also read . Some of it are very good , very factual and gives very good insight of what is happening in this gomen . Some are meant purely for spin ! And some are pure bullshit! However this is not serious enough to warrant a blockage ! But.... The commentators are over board posting slanderous , vulgarites and profanites at the DPM and also at the PM , calling them all sorts of names . Photos are also posted with all sorts of superimpose figures , caricatures , name calling and making a mockery of the blog and shaming the country in the eyes of the world . I won't be surprised these blog are all financed or have received aid from some unscrupulous governments out to undermine this country and making these blogs their stooges . Two typical cases where some bloggers posted the Malaysian flag upside down as a protest , which I strongly object as even though if you are very angry with the gomen why take it out of our Malaysian flag which represnts the country ! Another was the blogger penarik becha superimposing the police emblem with a dog replacing the harimau ! The problem lies in the blog's administrator , they have become opposition or Anwaristas cultists where any pro gomen comments are deleted after you post them or they attack you until you just decide not to post . For that Malaysia Today deserves to be block as they have condone these people . MT is today nothing more than a political porn site and if they can block you porn (the mirror site of you tube) I don't see why they should not do it , perhaps they should also block their new website . FYI I have stop posting there for quite a while only good for reading .

  25. Mahathir may have got the credit for Malaysia's defence of the 1997 crisis, but lets not forget, in the first place, one of the Primary root causes of the crisis was Mahathir's own economic policies.

    Malaysia made itself vulnerable. The economy's resources had been heavily committed to projects that generated little economic returns.

    Look at the Twin Towers...its basically a sunk cost today, so it doesn't create any more new problems to the economy, but tell much Return on Invested Capital does it provide ?

  26. Zappa, killer,

    To each his own!

    I'm more inclined towards what kittykat46 has written.

    Suffice to say that I'm also in the position to know as I run my own X-countries business. My experiences with the mamak's handling of the 97 economic crisis was differences!

    For everything U said about the mamak, I disagreed. Especially the part about the 97 economic crisis.

    Tons of writings has been presented by many. Yet from what I inferred from yr praises about the mamak, U obviously has not read those from Prof. Jomo Sundram!

    As a renowned M'sian of social economic skills, he has both the insights when the 97 M'sian economics were unfolded & the knowledge to do justification to analyse the causalities.

    Do read his writings on those chapters of 'mamak-nomics'!

    If I can say anything then the mamak was lucky because of the 'second wind'. U will know what it means if U r a runner nerd.


  27. Killer,
    I'm also responsible for my functional area in my employer's operations in Thailand. The two operations combined as South-East Asia Ops. are worth more than two Billion Ringgit.

    Let me share with you my experience. In the last 3 years, both Malaysia and Thailand operations have had major expansions. Getting approval for the additional Thailand factory through the Ministry of Industry was a breeze.
    In Malaysia's case, the size of the expansion required approval under the Industrial Coordination Act by MITI. It was stuck for months and months. It was embarassing trying to explain to Head Office in the end we used an expensive Consultant to smooth things through.

    Don't ask me how the Consultant "settled" matters with MITI.

    Just a little comparison between Thailand and Malaysia's government.

  28. Malaysia Today blocked ?
    I'm still happily reading Malaysia Today using a Streamyx account.
    No problem, plenty of ways around the block....

    For non-technical people, just switch to the alternate domain name which RPK has started up.
    If they block THAT domain, another one will sprout out.
    If they throw RPK in jail, other people will take over.

    This is Malaysia's "V" moment....

  29. gwlnet

    Perhaps you could offer specifics on where did Dr M went wrong instead of making another sweeping statement.

    Take note that even IMF, World Bank, ADB and almost every notable international economists and economic journalists agreed that Dr M's medicine was far more effective. Those who criticised him during the crisis was forced to eat his word. In fact some of his strategies were adapted by Western countries recently.

    I admit I didn't read Jomo's article about the crisis though I did read some of his books on Political Economy and Industrial developments,etc. He is good I agree.

    But I also recall that Jomo is one of the supporters of Anwar who was very critical of Dr M after he sacked and jailed Anwar. So I don't expect Jomo's analysis of dr M to be objective, despite my respect for the economist. I also recall that despite his age, Jomo did not even register as a voter until 1999(when he was in late 40s) and when he was not allowed to vote, he wanted to sue the govt....

  30. Kittykat46

    I am sorry but your argument is flawed as it is not about economics but rather red-tape. I know all abour red-tapes too and I admit in some areas we could learn a thing or two from the Thais. But try living in Thailand for a while and it will be teach you to be less critical of Malaysia, be it red tape or corruption.

    I also do not believe you need a consultant to help you with approval or as you implied "changing of money".

  31. Chaptokam

    I agree....MT is just a political pornographical website. But porno is less harmful as it is only for self-gratification and not to destroy others.

    I tried reading once in a while but the comments and posts were unbelievably racist, seditious and vulgar that I stopped visiting.

    RPK is a master manipulator who spins mega lies and sells them as gospel truth. That idiot has not even a shread of morality or responsibility.

    Although I think it is a wrong move, I would support the govt's crackdown on the bloggers who flout their rights a little too far.

  32. Killer ,
    WISE UP! You may be a regional director in a fortune 500 co. so is it a big deal if you are an economist?In this blog everone can give his dues and you dont have to tell others and impose you are right and others are flawed.
    Should we base your economic findings your feelings or gut truth.?You see your expressions can be flawed too if you narrowed it one way.I have many economists under my employment and they can yak on theories but its usually the smart one with no papers quality that excell with ideas.To me i have travelled extensively to India and Thailand and have hired people there.Can tell you its not Mamak talk .

  33. Dear Kaytee

    Killer, Zappa, Chap all.

    A very thought-provoking and mature arguments by you guys. That's why I love this site.
    Though people label Kaytee as Anwar basher, I am still addicted to him because I share his views.
    He's not racist nor vulgar.
    Just read postings from Susan's blog, they made your hair stands on end.
    Those who disagree, get a trashing.
    As to RPK, I have already stated that his accusations border on the delusional.
    I read it for amusement and take it with a pinch of salt.
    Selamat Berpuasa.
    Happy Merdeka.

  34. Idzan Ismail,
    I think we should get into blogs with an open mind.Enjoy the write ups and sometimes we get those unnerving ones but overlook it.Yes! take it with a pinch of salt.They are better than the media because we always get the notion that government wants to brain wash us into submission.
    The country is varied, so listen to the views.We learn a thing or two.

  35. Both are the in the same boat, the only comparison between Dr M and Anwar, the former was the guru and the latter the student. Because of power the student take on the guru and the rest is histoty.

    During the 1997 crisis, Anwar going for IMF and increase of the interest rate , intention is to kill Dr M and his cronies. And Dr M closed our economy and reduced of the interest rate was to save his sons and his cronies. Billions of Potronas money were used for the bail out.

    ABB now have to carry the baby and been blame of those two former PM and DPM mismanagement. And the irony, those two now conveniently twist and slam ABB for policies they made while they are in power.

    To add to ABB woes, hardcore supporters of Dr M and Anwar are still inside UMNO and sabotaging his efforts.

    Obviously ABB is trying his best to clean and dismantle the rubbishes created by the former PM and DPM, while Anwar will follow his guru foot step if he ever come into power, thats what he have learnt from his guru.

  36. killer said: "Take note that even IMF, World Bank, ADB and almost every notable international economists and economic journalists agreed that Dr M's medicine was far more effective ..."

    He is right as far as the World Bank has been concerned. The former World Bank president James D Wolfensohn (Good Lord, no, not his successor, Anwar's good friend, Paul who had to leave in disgrace for favouring his gf) said so.

    I am not sure whether the IMF admitted that Dr M's strategy was superior to what it had proposed, but the IMF has (or 'had') such a bullying notoriety that it was (rightfully) accused of forcing needy nations into adopting a one-size-fits-all structure/policy which have been found in many instances to be far too harsh and damaging to the countries which sought its help.

  37. Haha Ktemoc, James D Wolfensohn, highly respected international banker is also Anwar's good friend.

    The IMF has never denied that its role is as Lender of Last Resort. Countries which have come to the end of the line - those who have no more possibility to borrow from banks local or international, borrow from other countries etc.
    They are the Ah Long of international finance.

    I have no doubt that the IMF path would have been very painful for Malaysia.
    My point to the Mahathir fan-boys is that he created a big chunk of Malaysia's crisis-triggering problems in the first place.

    And in the intervening 10 years, Malaysia has squandered the safety window which the currency controls bought us. We are stuck in 1st gear. South Korea is cruising at 5th gear. Thailand, maybe 3rd gear.

    See how many Korean brand cars are on the road ? Even in Australia, mate.

    Thailand has a multi-billion dollar automotive component parts export industry, and a multi-billion dollar Car and Light Trucks export industry.

    On your next visit to Thailand, try to visit the Industrial Park at Laem Chabang, in Chonburi. Mitsubishi has a massive assembly plant there, surrounded by dozens of supporting industries comprising component manufacturers - tyres, seats, bumpers, shock absorbers, windscreens, radiators etc. etc.

    The complex is bigger than the entire Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone, bigger than Proton City.

  38. Dear KT

    Let's not quibble over this.
    Tun M is by far a greater intellectual mind and economist than Anwar.
    From what I know, it is always Daim whom he seek opinion in terms of our economy.
    And the brains in EPU, Bank Negara etc.
    Never Anwar.

  39. Hi Xiean 12:24 pm

    1. AAB has been holding power for
    4 years already. And you are saying that his troubles are
    due to Dr M and Dr M's legacy?

    Then AAB is either a very slow learner (*wink*) or a very poor performer or both.

    Try this argument with your boss:
    "Boss, my department is not performing well financially because my predecessor who left 4 years ago handed me a big mess
    to clean up! It's not my fault."

    2. AAB also won the 2004 GE by a landslide mainly because most people were glad to see heavy-handed Dr M go into retirement and were willing to give AAB a chance.

    What happened? AAB squandered all this goodwill and support in the next 4 years. Also, he allowed his SIL to gain too much power and influence. The SIL's arrogance and Machiavellian ways has turned off a lot of people and contributed to the regime's unpopularity. Has AAB learned? His SIL is still very much in evidence.

  40. John Lee, definitely no Anwarista has written a very good piece here.

    "Anwar our best and only chance for justice and equality for everyone"

  41. Dear All

    Forgot to sign my message
    addressed to Xiean above.

    P.S. Those of you who despise Anwar with all your heart and soul, try this "thought experiment" honestly: If Anwar is totally out of the picture and not the leader of PR, and if someone else such as Lim Guan Eng or Azimin Ali is the leader, would you give your support to PR?
    If you still oppose an Anwar-less PR, then your opposition to PR is motivated by something more than just intense dislike of Anwar!

    Phua Kai Lit

  42. Killer,

    U want the beef? I would prefer that U read Prof. Jomo Sundram write-ups on the said subjects.

    "Take note that even IMF, World Bank, ADB and almost every notable international economists and economic journalists agreed that Dr M's medicine was far more effective."

    This is just one school of thought!

    I said the mamak is lucky! Just imagine if the luck is not on his side than WHAT?

    An action that turns out RIGHT for that particular interval because of LUCK, do not means that that action is correct.

    To paraphrase Prof. Jomo Sundram; Mahathir's currency curtailment came in at the tail-end of the 97 financial crisis. By then most of the damages were at the bottom & like everything else the only way was up!

    So Malaysia rode out of the crisis because of timing & yes, luck. Not because the mamak did something to protect his children & cronies!

    In fact there r arguments that the IMF's solutions were tough but necessary for that time. It helped to put a break to the financial stampedes that running around Asia, due to the weak financial foundations.

    Just imagine if S Korea, Thailand & Indonesia did not adopt IMF's proposals, at great pains, would that crisis broke so quick?

    “Look at the way Thai, Indon and Korean companies crushed by IMF's policies.”

    As a regional director(?) of a GLC(?) U should have very well-educated in the Darwinian art of survival of the fittest, & yet U don’t seem to understand that only by eliminating the weak can then the new/strong substitutes be formed.

    Now take a look again at the survival & the new companies that come out of this financial carnage in Thailand, Indonesia and S Korea. If U still think that these companies in these countries are still worst off then those ‘protected’ companies in M’sia, then I say yr R Directorship is properly owning through U know-who!

    The situation stands now S Korea, Thailand & Indonesia are not doing any worst. In fact they r much much better as the outcomes of that crisis & IMF solution! Anon6:32 & Kittykat46 have explained well as those r the facts from the ground!

    Of course we can say all these r hind-sight now! This is academic, BUT it is a possibility. If it happened Then What, Malaysia? Mahathir the saviour?

    I dislike yr argument about Prof Jomo been a friend of DSAI, so his comments were biased. This is low.

    I can easily say that yr praises about the mamak is because U r his crony.


    Argue intelligently. Don’t do like umno in PP. Treat the publics(readers) like kids, by making ‘sweeping & un-substantiated’ jerks + making personal attacks. By doing so, U only prove the saying of better keeping one’s mouth shut, than open it & let the whole world know U r a fool!


  43. Hi Phau,

    So you are saying AAB flob. Please entertain us which area AAB have failed.

    AAB did not have the full support from his party..yes..but fail the country is debatable???

  44. Hi Xiean

    Just go to Dr M's website and read his views on AAB.

    According to Dr M,
    AAB = destroyer of UMNO and BN

    Phua Kai Lit

  45. Phua Kai Lit
    I am a DAP supporter (tho' not a member) - I voted DAP in last election. I like DAP because of its socialism and meritocracy-based policies, plus the integrity of its leaders - doesn't mean I like each and every DAP member ;-) tho' I have a lot of respect for Uncle Lim, Karpal and Lim GE, the last being principally because of his courageous principled stand for a young Malay girl who was statutorily raped - GE went to prison for her, and not for some self-interest motivated intra party fight for power wakakaka.

    I'm prepared to support a number of PKR people like Eli Wong, and I like Din Merican. My good matey Susan Loone was once a PKR candidate (she went into PKR by virtue of her membership in PRM) and is known to be very much partial towards PKR.

    But Zulkifli Nordin, the MP for Kulim-Bandar Baru, is as far as I'm concerned, unfit to be a MP for his thuggish bullying misconduct - I am waiting to see whether Anwar takes disciplinary action against him - if Anwar doesn't (or, if the disciplinary acton is just a light tap on Zulkifli's wrist), well ..... then you can make you own conclusion as to your leader's integrity and honest commitment to his avowed multi-ethnic Malaysia.

    Oh, by the by, I am also becoming fond of Pak Haji Nik Aziz tho' at times I've been a bit pissed off by his attitude towards women, only wanting them to be dressed up like sacks of ubi kayu ;-)

    Any other questions? wakakaka

  46. glwnet

    I wish and hope you would keep this debate intellectual and there is no need to resort to insults and name callings. Otherwise this blog will resemble our post March 8Parliament.

    Coming back to the topic...of course on the hindsight everyone is a wiseman....Of course Jomo can claim Dr M was lucky and so on, but the fact is that we did not suffer as much as others and that we recovered without the hand-outs and resorting the painful measures is a testament of Dr M's policies.

    Let me cut and paste some intresting paragraphs from articles from the web about what World Bank and IMF leaders admitted about capital controls. I am also including the link for you to read the full article. There are tons of such articles, just "google it".


    Malaysia's apparent success in using capital controls to stabilize the economy during the Asian financial crisis has forced new thinking in international financial institutions about the use of controls as policy instruments, the World Bank admitted on Wednesday.

    ''Five years ago the conventional wisdom was that controls are always bad. If you impose them, there will be capital flight. Now, there is a little bit of doubt about that position,'' said William Dillinger, one of the authors of the Bank's ''World Development Report 1999-2000'', released recently.


    Ignoring warnings from the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and private international bankers, the Malaysian government of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad imposed controls on capital movements more than 12 months ago.

    At the time, Malaysian officials blamed money speculators for the crash of the ringit, which sank in the midst of a panic by investors scared by the financial meltdown in Asia and Russia. The control measures meant to combat this panic included a decree preventing foreign investors from pulling their money out of the stock market for one year.

    Experts predicted immenent economic collapse, but this did not happen. Experts predicted a flight of capital when the controls were lifted on September 1, but this didn't happen either.

    A report on the region issued by the Asian Development Bank last week instead predicted a 2 percent growth in the Malaysian economy this year, up from an earlier estimate of 0.7 percent, while Malaysia itself reported a 4.1 percent annualized growth in the April-June quarter.

    In an endorsement of Malaysian financial policy, the influential benchmark index provider Morgan Stanley Capital International announced that it would reverse a decision made one year ago and re-admit Malaysia to its indexes next February.


    Perhaps the most surprising endorsement of capital controls came from the International Monetary Fund, which had stridently opposed the action last year. IMF Board members ''broadly agreed that the regime of capital controls - which was intended by the authorities to be temporary - had produced more positive results than many observers had initially expected'', according to a summary of a July board meeting released September 8.


  47. Rumour has it..(I am reliably informed...hahahaha),

    as of August 27th, every BN MP, Cabinet Ministers not exempted, has a 24-hour Special Branch tail on their arse, reporting on where they and who they meet.

    This regime is certainly very confident of its grip on power.

    Legal Disclaimer. I do not support frogs.....Katakatakatakatak...

  48. Hi Ktemoc

    I guess there is "harsh reality" versus "theory/wishful thinking".

    Harsh reality #1
    Anwar (whom you despise very much)
    is now the de facto leader of the
    Opposition in Parliament. He also
    commands considerable political
    support from much of the ordinary
    Harsh reality #2
    FIL-SIL regime is riddled with
    corruption and incompetence and
    ruining the country. It is also
    repressive and abusing political
    institutions such as the police,
    the law and the mass media.

    So, how do we who are patriotic Malaysian Chinese (or concerned ex-Malaysians) work for a better Malaysia?

    My approach would be to work for a replacement of the FIL-SIL regime by a PR regime. Then, civil society and the NGOs (together with the ideological parties such as DAP and PAS) should monitor the actions of Anwar and the PKR guys closely to keep them on the straight and narrow. Civil society and the bloggers should continue to scrutinise and criticise the actions of a PR govt (like what they are doing to the BN govt today).

    I know that you are very critical of the "katak strategy" as a means of regime change. But "Harsh Reality #3" is that regime change via katak strategy does occur.

    What do you feel about the following scenario? i.e. the BN regime falls because kataks lompat to the PR. BUT AFTER A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME, THE PR GOVT CALLS FOR A SNAP ELECTION AND WINS A LANDSLIDE VICTORY. Would this then
    give the PR govt moral authority to govern in your eyes?

    Phua Kai Lit

  49. Hi kittykat 3:15 pm

    Ha! Ha! The FIL-SIL regime
    does not even trust its own
    Ministers and BN MPs. (The "dishing out gula-gula" strategy is not working?)

    Are the tadpoles beginning to
    metamorphosise into frogs and
    showing signs of wanting to jump? :-)

    I feel sorry for these police and Special Branch chaps who are assigned to tail the BN Ministers and BN MPs and who are reporting back to their masters on the 4th Floor. But hey, every cloud has a silver lining right? At least it protects our Ministers and BN lawmakers from the ruffians and criminals who are contributing to rising crime rates in Malaysia!

    Phua Kai Lit

  50. kittykat46

    Yes I have been to Laem Chabang and it is true that Thailand has a huge car and light truck industry. So what ? What are you trying to say here ?

    Malaysia decided to forge ahead with our own car industry so Thailand benefitted. But their success in car industry is not an indication that they are ahead of us in economy or other fields.

    In every key economic indices Malaysia leads Thailand and that also includes GDP per capita.

    Let's look at GDP per capita, in 2007 Thailand's was $7900 while Malaysia was almost double at $ 13,315.

    And look at the real GDP growth (economic growth in plain English). Thailand's growth since 2005 was around 4.5 to 5.1 % while Malaysia achieved between 5.2 to 7.1% growth.

    So Kitty/glwnet, please do talk with data and not make sweeping generalisation without facts.

  51. Another juicy story.

    A former MCA Penang MP, a personal family friend, told my Dad over a cup of coffee at Gurney Drive last night "MCA has absolutely no intention of becoming an Opposition Party"

    I think it is an accurate reflection of the leadership thinking, especially after Tsunami 2, Permatang Pauh, August 26. An estimated 80% of the Chinese votes there went for Anwar Ibrahim.

    Consider the statement carefully.

    It was NOT a declaration of loyalty to UMNO or BN.

  52. ... and by the way, didn't Thailand - which some insinuate is a booming economy because it went down the path that Anwar wanted Malaysia to take - recently employ capital controls of their own?

    Actually that's a partially ;-) genuine question, I would like to know if Thailand's capital controls can really be considered similar to Malaysia's 1997 controls. I'm no econs expect. Unlike some others here who have glowing CVs, my greatest accolade was being assistant head prefect in high school.

  53. Killer,
    I tend to go look deeper at secondary data, which indicates the "health" of the economy or a company rather than pure economic growth rates or GDP

    Thailand 1.4%
    Malaysia 3.2%

    Public Debt (how much money the Government owes / total GDP)
    Thailand 37.9%
    Malaysia 41.6%

    Industrial Production Growth (2007)
    Thailand 5.4%
    Malaysia 3.2%

    GNI Index (A measurement of income imbalance in the population)
    Thailand 42
    Malaysia 46 - among the worst in South-East Asia, comparable to Philipines

    The absolute GDP numbers tell me (obviously) Thailand is still a poorer country than Malaysia, but it is also a more dynamic and more equitable economy than Malaysia. And I've seen it with my own eyes.

  54. kittykat

    I don't think that the story about BN MPs being monitored by SB is true or has any merit. All SB need to monitor (that if they are really being tasked to that)is to keep track of key PR figures like LKS, DSAI, Azmin and others.

    The simple truth, despite the hype surrounding the so-called Tsunami 2is that it changed NOTHING. Anwar also said that he had no intention of becoming an MP until they lined up the sodomy allegation.

    The reason he prefer to be a non-MP was that it gave him the freedom to travel the world and be on the paycheck of various organizations. But being a MP and the leader of the Opposition means he has to stay back in Malaysia and attend the mundane matters of the Parliamentary debates. Imagine him lecturing in Washington when budget is being tabled. He will be skinned alive. He also knew that his international responsibility allowed him to travel widely and conduct covert meetings with would-be BN frogs.

  55. Hi killer and kittykat

    Very nice discussion/debate!

    We are moving beyond
    character assasination and name-calling to serious debate.

    I think we have agreed on the
    following positions i.e.
    Ktemoc and the BN supporters: "Anwar is the
    Devil Incarnate"
    PR supporters: "Anwar is no
    angel but there is no alternative"

    Shall we leave it at that and pay attention to killer and kittykat's
    "debate of the century"?

    Phua Kai Lit

  56. Phua Kai Lit

    Think is so easy for kataks to jump over ? Ever heard of undated resignation letters where you resign as MP or ADUN but no date ? The date will be filled in the moment you do a high jump !

    This practise has been in force the very moment you are elected whether as an ADUN or MP .

    So even if they metamorphorsise to frogs , they still David Copperfield to make the letters disappear !

  57. Come on.

    Don't be naive.

    Put on your hat of political savvy and bloody think.

    There is a price to pay by revealing a shadow cabinet too soon.

    What if it is not to the satisfaction of the people and dampens support for PR, before September 16?

    Furthermore, how can you reveal a cabinet yet when those who will be crossing over are not known yet? Only when we know who crosses over, can we include them in a proper proposed cabinet.

    Taking all this in mind, if it was up to me, it would be wiser for me to hold back from revealing any 'shadow' cabinet for the time being, if my intention is not remain in opposition for long but to take over the federal government soon.

    So again, KTemoc, your articles will have more value if you look at both sides of the coin.

    That's what we call critical thinking.

    Don't just write like a biased kid.

  58. kittykat

    What killer said "I don't think that the story about BN MPs being monitored by SB is true or has any merit." is quite accurate . I for one know quite a bit but its best I do not divulge too much . However maybe this is as much as I can say .
    At present the SB has a special intelligence unit in Jalan Perak where its main responsibilities is to monitor all selected incoming and outgoing handphone calls . This is best describe in an example where the wanted JI and Bali bomber who has been in hiding . All it needed for the Indonesian police to trace him was just a few seconds of activating his handphone . Just to switch it on , that was what was needed , and they could locate his exact position .Similarly during TDMs watch , the SB was allocated RM 300 million to purchase all the necessary equipment from the US to monitor all selective calls . Anwars calls at that time before he was arrested was monitored 24hrs daily .Practically TDM knew every move he made , who he called , who called him , where he was , what he was planning !
    Lately there was an additional allocation of another 140 million ringgit to upgrade their systems to monitor all selective emails and others . There was a write up by RPK on this , that the contract had to do with a Singaporean company whereby one of its princple guy was an Isreali .By selective monitoring , it includes all the people in the executive branch , the judiciary branch , the parliamentarians , all those in the need to be monitored and can monitor 10000 selected lines at any one time . The military has their own ie military intelligence .
    As such they need not monitor you physically , If they do its more like for physical protection .
    So its still best to meet personally and talk .

  59. Killer,
    It's simple , no matter how you based your facts on write ups with graphs , can we really believe it?Can we really believe what those economists want us to believe.
    Look TDM was plain lucky!Tell us , why we are still in a mess? Just because a few foreign autos are sold does not mean malaysia's GDP has to be swallowed by us.The trouble with economists is that they shoot in the dark.They think it is this and that, or suspect this and that.It is pure thoughts.
    A gdp report is easily manupilated for fools to see.
    Credit should be given to gwlnet and kittykat46 for their points.Nobody is on Anwar's side as you envisaged but we also have our doubts on TDM.
    Hey its a free world so each of us are different and we have our ways to forward each own ideas.

  60. kittykat

    Arguing about the secondary data is akin to saying " Even though Singapore is richer, Indonesia has lower % deaths from car accident ". As in this case, using the secondary data without the primary data is meaningless.

    Let me illustrate it. Take Industrial Production Growth %. For 2007, the countries on the top of the list were like Angola, Cambodia, Egypt, Equatorial Guniea, Laos, etc. Heck even Bangladesh were ahead of Singapore and most other developed countries.

    Thailand on the paper has the lowest unemployment rate in the world but tell this to any Thai and he will laugh at your face.

    As for Gini co-efficient, it is meaningless to look at that too without considering the country's wealth. Obviously a country could have higher Gini co-efficient but still better off. India for example has a better Gini co-eff than the US. So kittykat, would this mean you would rather live in India than the US ??

  61. Killer,

    Now U understood what’s ad hominem! Or do U?

    Pls lah – the act of c&p is pioneered & mastered by a lot of the unemployable graduates, churned out by the bolihland uni!

    What’s the use of collecting news cuttings WITHOUT really understand their contents? For that, one should also collect a diversity of articles, NOT just those to yr liking!

    U can also google a tons of articles about the fallacies in the mamak’s handling of the 97 financial crisis vis-à-vis M’sia. So what takes?

    Btw how come all those articles were sourced outside M’sia? M’sia has NO capable economists? Wasn’t U mentioned that- “…(tips : avoid American "news" magazines, they are superficial) before you even begin to debate the issue.”? What takes? See local NO UP? Or could it be the same culture of GLCs to trust ‘flight-in’ foreign consultants than the home-grown experts?

    Believe me – in the case of M’sia’s 97 financial crisis I will have more fate in the analysis of economist like Prof Jomo than any foreigners. Simply because this home-grown expert has the necessary reputation & ‘right-in-the-thick-of-the-incidents’ experience that outsiders do not have.

    U asked for the beef & when it’s presented U twisted & said U want it well done! Be a sport – ok?

    “…but the fact is that we did not suffer as much as others and that we recovered without the hand-outs and resorting the painful measures is a testament of Dr M's policies.”

    No – we do sufferred a lot of transient losses that cannot be quantified. Transient losses? Just two here;

    1) The mamak used public (petronas) money to help his children first & foremost, then his cronies, at the expense of the Joe M’sians. So the country lost!
    2) The currency curtailment looks good superficially but it bred a lot of inefficiencies into our industries. Of course the key ideals were to protect crony’s & umno’s funding sources. The side effects awere; cheap foreign labours for one. Most of the companies, esp GLCs,addicted to look for domestic handouts, instead of going oversea to look for new jobs/incomes. Industrial-wise complacency that made few local companies thought out of the box to face the new challenges


  62. Yo chaptokam

    I am surprised....You do seems to know quite a bit. And I can vouch from my experience that what you mentioned was true.

    But let's not go beyond this since there are a lot of PR folks are lurking here and we should not tip these guys off on SB's methods,capabilities and techniques.....

  63. gwlnet

    There are plenty of sources to support my argument about TDM's policies being supported by many notable economists. I could easily find hundreds of articles in the web....In fact you are welcome to verify this yourself.

    You are talking about the opinion of one economist (Jomo) against many of world's most noted economists. And BTW did I tell you that Jomo was a member of PKR at one point of time and then left in disgust later ?

    He probably wrote that article when he was entralled by that sodomist i guess...

  64. prince principles, I've never heard of such a spin - wakakaka - the Opposition in a so-called '2-party' system not having a shadow cabinet because it's waiting (hoping) for frogs - wakakakakakakakakaka

    ... and then you stated "What if it is not to the satisfaction of the people and dampens support for PR, before September 16?"

    wakakaka - if there was to be frogs, do you think what people think of the shadow cabinet composition will stop the katak-fication?

    wakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakakkakakakakakakakakakakakaka - I have never been disappointed by the anwaristas' B-cube spin ;-)

    You should be retitled 'prince of spin' wakakakakakkakakakakakakaaaa

  65. Killer

    U obviously DO NOT understand what ad hominem means!

    What a waste for a R director!


  66. Just side track a bit....
    The American CIA and DIA has multi-billion dollar signals interception organisations, and plenty of cutting edge equipment which is not for sale to anyone else.

    Al Qaeda defeated much of their mobile phone tracking efforts by using single-use pre-paid mobile phone lines. You use one line once, and never use it again. Even when you force registration of new mobile phone lines, each phone is a drop in the ocean of a millions of users.

    They only managed to catch a few dumb ones who turned on their satellite phones, which are far fewer in number and more easily traceable.

    Don't forget, Anwar Ibrahim supposedly has access to CIA support and advice....they 've got the A-Team..kakakakak...Malaysia's Special Branch is a jaguh kampung only-lah

  67. Killer'
    Like i said its a free country and to each his points.TAKE IT WITH A PINCH OF SALT!
    Or you need us bloggers to shaft it to yours?You have proven your points we accept!BUT IS HARD TO LET GO MAN!

  68. Hi Phau,

    Not fair lah, you push to Dr M. Every body knows why Dr M hate his hand pick successor and I do not want to argue with that unreasonable man.

  69. "And BTW did I tell you that Jomo was a member of PKR at one point of time and then left..."

    Can someone kindly confirm if this is correct? I know he was in PRM, and of course PRM did later merge into KeADILan, but it never seemed to me like Jomo went along with that.

  70. kittykat
    Don't forget, Anwar Ibrahim supposedly has access to CIA support and advice....they 've got the A-Team.

    Who doesn't know about that .That was why all these while people were calling Anwar an American stooge or agent or whatever . The American Embassy in Malaysia is practically a center for eavesdropping for this region , and collection of sensitve material . Their equipment I am sure are all up to date .They got the A-Team but yet couldn't stop 911 from happening . kakakakakak

    Anyway you don't need a A-Team to monitor Malaysia , there's nothing much in Malaysia for the Americans to be particulary interested and in simple folks like Malaysians .A jaguh kampong is good enough after all Malaysia has proven some of its Jaguh Kampong boys can be world beaters .kakaka
    And your statement that Anwar has access to CIA also proves beyond reasonable doubt that he's a CIA agent !Perhaps they might even have the evidence that Anwar is actually a gay .
    Well since you mentioned that you were a senior mgr in one of the companies in Penang , I too worked for a high tech company in Penang for roughly 15 years before I decided to quit . I spent two years in the US and have security clearance to some of their technological superior avionics used in their cruise missiles . I am also aware that even as far back as in the eighties they were already having spy satellites up in space able to even photograph bicycle wheels and car number plates . You can counter check with Hughes Aerospace located in Topanga , Woodland Hills, Los Angeles .
    So kitty cheerio .

  71. Chaptokam,
    The satellite you mentioned is called KH-11, and it was manufactured by Lockheed, Sunnyvale, California, not Hughes Aerospace.

  72. kitty . I didn't say the satellite was manufactured by Hughes Aerospace but I agree theres a misunderstanding here , What I wanted to say was I was there at Hughes Aerospace , not manufactured by HA .

  73. in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

    i think most hard core PKR supporters have purposely gouged their own eyes out. Thats why every thing DSAI says sounds so good.

    i dislike BN as much as the next guy, to give a man a demegogue status is scary.

    the crazy promises he has made, the sweet speeches he has made. damn, almost gave me cavities.

    i have one question for DSAI. What's the rush dude?

    your party have not even begun proving itself to be a worthy alternative to BN in the states that you all have taken, and you wanna be PM by 9162008.

    Talk about biting off more than you can chew.

    its sheer insanity. with each coming day, all i see is a country tearing itself apart, despite all this talk of a "new dawn".

    i am saddened by your impatience.

    I have more respect for LGE for trying to bring development and aid to penang and proving to the people there the his administration will e better one.