Wednesday, August 20, 2008

UMNO Omertà code to be broken in Permatang Pauh?

(4) Until the Permatang Pauh by-election takes place on 26 August I’ll share with you one or more Penang Hokkien words, both for my personal improvement as well as to be prepared in case Arif Shah and Anwar have a kongsamkok debate in Penang Hokkien ;-)

These are genuine tulin (not tu larn) Hokkien words peculiar to Penang Island.

Today I want to introduce two Penang Hokkien words with almost identical meaning but which in reality stand miles apart in Penang (Chinese) society’s eyes. The two words are ‘shiok’ and ‘song’.

For a full explanation of their similarities and differences please read my post
Lu Bay Song Wah Shiok Ee Aar? one year ago at my other blog ktemoc kongsamkok

So the poo in Permatang Pauh is not only being flung around but it’s getting hotter too – yes, hot steamy poo!

Malaysiakini tells us that Anwar warned 'Najib, remember Port Dickson?'

Apparently he was pissed off with whatever Najib has been saying of him, or could it be the massive multi screening in Permatang Pauh of Saiful Bukhari taking the oath that he (Saiful) was sodomized by Anwar, …

… or has it been Najib’s sarcastic comment in the Star Online news article Not voters’ duty to save PKR candidate, says Najib that it wasn’t the duty of Permatang Pauh voters to ‘save’ Anwar from the sodomy charge.

Najib had said that the sodomy allegation was strictly a private matter yet Anwar was asking voters to save him. The DPM advised voters:

“Your duty is to elect someone to represent and work for you, not to save Anwar.”

Then he added the insulting part: “He chose Saiful, a person whom some would call jambu. We did not interview or hire Saiful, so where is the conspiracy?”

Of course the word ‘jambu’ (cherubic looking) had been a jab at Anwar who has been said to surround himself (perhaps only coincidentally?) with ‘jambu’ looking aides.

Maybe the ‘jambu’ bit had been the last straw for Anwar who now threatened to ‘tell all’ about Najib’s whatever in Port Dickson.

One of the most disappointing things for me as a non-UMNO person has been the reluctance of any of the different camps (current and former UMNO members) to ‘tell all’. I wish they would ;-)

But we know that there is a code within UMNO and former UMNO circles that the one who breaks the silence will have his/her 'bones broken'. It’s probably the UMNO code of Omertà!

That's why, up to now, we haven't heard of any corruption or scandalous issues or involvement of significant magnitude by any of the hostile parties, because no one dares break the silence - this, despite 6 boxes of evidence pertaining to UMNO corruption shuttling between Ezam and Anwar ;-) and the extreme animosities between camps.

I guess everyone's too scared as any revelation would not only invite retaliatory 'tell all' but possibly ominous actions.

Perhaps that could explain why RPK has been the person assigned to do all the dirty work, so that no one could accuse someone of breaking the Omertà code.

Malaysiakini journalist Athi Veeraggan said that Anwar’s threatening outburst reflected on the telling toll of the Permatang Pauh campaign on the de facto leader of the PKR.

Anwar warned Najib: "Enough is enough. Stop the scornful lies on me. Otherwise, I will expose Port Dickson. Najib will run if I were to narrate its tales."

Malaysiakini then reported:

His words brought the 3,000-strong crowd to its feet, sparking shouts of ‘bongkar sekarang’ (expose it now), but the slim and bespectacled de facto leader of the Pakatan Rakyat opposition alliance Anwar held off, declining to give further details.

Yes, Athi Veeraggan has been correct – Anwar must be feeling humongously stressed because he no longer teased the crowd with man man lai.

Besides, there's the code of Omertà.


  1. So what did najis do in Port Dickson? Pray tell, I am dying to know.

  2. oh....then someone else will said...anwar....u better shut-up...or we will reveal the truth about you........then.....eveybody will "play smart"........everybody knows everbody secret.....the rakyat always kena tipu by both sides lah.......

  3. Hi everyone,

    I heard in the grapevine that what he was alleged to have done cost a bomb to a GLC-linked company to send the Mrs to Europe on an expensive shopping spree to help her calm down!

    Remember that that was what I heard, though let the other people expose the juicy parts!

  4. Bros,

    Nuting much cept d so called rumours bout DSN & a singer name Z.Z. turn out to b a conspiracy spin on an event wth mite or mite not be true,..heheh..wat can I say.. to bro AnWar lak,..wat actually happen in Holiday Villa during ur time...(,")


  5. Anonymous said...

    So what did najis do in Port Dickson? Pray tell, I am dying to know.

    TDM got the photos also taken by Shaw Bros of Peace Hill hahaha

  6. Another hokkien word 'tuah phow sian'

  7. what did najis do in Port Dickson?

    Something to do with his dirty dicky/pissy lah! Absolutely no c4 involved

  8. Anonymous

    You really don't know ??
    Ya lah Something to do with his dirty dicky/pissy lah! with Zsa Zsa gabor

  9. What happened in Port Dickson ?
    A bit of R & R.

    Can you imagine having to face Dotty every night ? Aiyoyo...

  10. Yo Ktemoc

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. By now he knows he's losing thousands of votes.
    Fiasco after fiasco in his camp.
    Don't be surprised more bombshells will be dropped not to his favour.
    Conspiracy theorist. I am a lady and proud to be one. You postings last week credited me as he.
    Anyways I agree with you. We want to know what Anwar did at Holiday Villa.
    Najib, the world knows already.
    The so-called other didn't lodge a police report, didn't go to hospital for check-up.
    And did not go to mosque to swear on the Quran.

  11. kittykat

    Can you imagine having to face Dotty every night ? Aiyoyo...

    Wouldn't even want to dream of it .Even if I take a super dose 100mg viagra I think my little brother won't even want to wake up seeing her . If she cares to do a belly dance mmmm maybe a little bit .

  12. Yo Ktemoc

    Ya We want , can I say we demand to know what Anwar did at Holiday Villa.

    Najib, the world knows already.old story , nothing interesting any more !

  13. look people, can we not descend down into disparaging the personal appearances of personalities ;-)

  14. Err ... Ktemoc

    Hasn't Dr M started to tell more and more in his website??

    Must be causing AAB a lot of angst as no one would dare to order the arrest of Dr M! Or fabricate charges against him ;)

    Phua Kai Lit

  15. Hi Ktemoc

    Forgot to add that Dr M's faithful sidekick Matthias Chang is also doling out the dirt:

    Phua Kai Lit

  16. Actually seriously, those so called "privacy guaranteed" escort services that you pay top dollar for, how reliable are they? Is it possible that they would violate the client's trust? I'm guessing no, right? If they did then they will lose all their clients... and I don't think they would be that easy to blackmail into violating their client's trust either, would they?

    I am just asking out of interest, no reason in particular.

  17. Yoo Hoo boys and girls

    I saw on TV just now Ariff Shah speaking Hokkien.
    Wow. I am impressed.
    Saudara Anwar how are you?
    I have told my relatives in Permatang Pauh (around 50) to vote for Ariff.
    Enough to let Anwar lose by a moustache.

  18. "I have told my relatives in Permatang Pauh (around 50) to vote for Ariff.
    Enough to let Anwar lose by a moustache."

    Umm, i think you would need a few more, unless you meant around 50 households of 200 people each, wakaka

  19. Hai int

    We see each other on April 27. Day after poll results okay

  20. Hi Dear Friends (and Dear Political
    Opponents ;-) )

    I just read the latest headlines in Malaysiakini
    and Malaysian Insider.

    In Malaysiakini, Khairy says he and his camp will “bury” Anwar
    My comment: Wishful thinking of the highest order!

    In Malaysian Insider, the report is that AAB took the
    LRT in Serdang to check out the quality of its service
    My comment: The Prime Minister of Malaysia has too much time on his hands?
    No “machai” to do this for him?

    Malaysian politics is getting more and more amusing by the day!

    Phua Kai Lit

  21. Too much alien words that make me blink!

  22. idzan ismail

    Just came back from P Pauh , take my bath and back to P Pauh by 7.30pm , probably back by 12.00 pm will post after 12.30am or later . Lets keep our fingers crossed . As for now no comment , better that way .

  23. Phua Kai Lit, you mean you don't appreciate AAB's posturing for the public and the display of his caring nature??!! :)

  24. idzan ismail,
    I saw on TV just now Ariff speaking hokkkien.

    What 's there to impress you? In Penang Island alot of kampong people,especially in our kampong .indians,as well as malays
    speaks fluent hokkien like a hokkien.
    our malay and indian neighbour speaks to us in hainanese as our parents speaks little malay ,how great.they don't even need to be an MP.

  25. "Otherwise, I will expose Port Dickson."
    Please sir, no more SD...

    "Najib will run if I were to narrate its tales"
    Agreed. He sure will run, .... to the embassy.