Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A bouquet for Anwar Ibrahim


Anwar Ibrahim has come out of 'hiding' to comment on the aborted Bar Council’s forum on ‘Conversion to Islam’.

And let it not be said that kaytee is not fair – I like what I hear from him, yes indeed, even if it’s a case of ‘better late than never’.

In a Malaysiakini news article authored by no less than Steven Gan and Kabilan, titled PKR leader: Action will be taken against errant MP I get to hear some real leadership statements from him.

No, it’s not about hunting down the Kulim Wonder, demagogue Zulkifli Noordin, the PKR MP who incited the storming of forum a la Apcet II, for him to face the music from his party, and who has since then mysteriously disappeared. Some claimed he has been detained by the police though the men in blue have denied that accusation.

Incidentally, Haris Ibrahim has accused Zulkifli Noordin (and Salehuddin Ayub) as 'lying, deceiving and manipulative politicians' for fear-mongering about Article 11. Wow!

Anyway, Anwar Ibrahim said he had argued that the Bar Council forum should be allowed to proceed … though we haven’t heard that until now …

… but never mind ...

He averred: "We have communicated to the Bar Council our views. And PAS had came out with a statement. (Party leader Abdul) Hadi (Awang) had made it quite clear, that we must allow (the forum) ... but it has to be close door."

Above underlining mine

"I have tried to get Muslim leaders to appreciate the fact that we must allow a discussion (on religious issues). If you're not confident (to discuss the matter), then there's something wrong with our belief and faith. You must be confident to express, counter and argue.”

"If you feel that the Muslim representation (at such discussions) is not adequate, not competent (to argue the issues), then you send adequate and competent people there."

Well said!

Anwar also revealed he met with Dr Mehrun Siraj, a renowned International Islamic University law lecturer, who was one of the participants at the Bar Council forum and who had chided the racists shouting within with a stern "Open discussion is the way to discuss the issues between Muslims and non-Muslims. Don’t insult Islam."

Malaysiakini reported Anwar referring to what Dr Mehrun had told him of a woman at the forum providing her views on the contentious issue of conversion while the bigots were raging. Anwar revealed:

"She said something which was startling. Not only non-Muslims but Muslims should have listened (to her). We have lost that chance."


At long last he has dropped his man man lai nonsense and got on to real leadership business. ;-)


  1. ya ya, of course you have to say this, you have to work for your PKR pay masters.

    *random inappropriate sexual rant*


  2. Yo KT

    Somehow the skeptic in me just refuses to get conned by this Piped Piper from Ceruk To'kun.

    That he took a helluva long time to issue the statement shows that probably this was a sort of a compromise statement that the PR folks agreed on, no doubt with a lot of arm-twisting by the Myopic Manipulator Lim Kit Siang and his equally talented son, the Chief Propaganda Oficer of Penang, Guan Eng.

    DSAI never the one why shies away from shooting his mouth off and that he kept that laser-mouth of his tightly shut itself and indication of the intensive and somewhat desperate horse-trading within PR.

    However, I wonder if PAS agree with this statement or they will issue another one completely contradictory to the PM-In-Waiting.

    The damage to this so-called "multi-ethnic and mult-religious" coalition has been incalculable with news been spread around the globe. The damage this will cause DAP especially with the Permatang Pauh also will be heavy
    as they no longer will be allowed to be perched on their moral high horse and accuse MCA and Gerakan being UMNO's pet dogs.

  3. There are 'blacksheeps' in every sheepfold.

    Check them out,gently. If they don't feel like being in the fold,let them go.If they want to remain ,make it clear to them that rules apply.

    The choice is theirs.

  4. Anwar, the trend-setter of Malaysian Political Race. As usual "trend" comes and fades.

  5. Hi everyone,

    The Bar Council had issued a press statement before the forum that they were not questioning the right of any Malaysian to convert to Islam. The forum was an intellectual discourse to identify the problems arising out of one or more members of a family converting and to try and come up with possible solutions to such problems. The human and social problem in such families are real and a cause for concern.

    If one is confident of one's belief, why should one not dare to engage in dialogues and enlighten others of their belief? Thuggish tactics and bulldozing over others in a legal forum do not project a good image of their belief!

    The objectives of the forum are timely and most appropriate. You have such uncouth people who have hijacked their religion for thier own political agenda in disrupting the forum. More people like Dr Mehrun Siraj should stand-up and speak-up,and not to allow a small minority to hijack their religion, lest more people have the wrong perception of the religion.

    If after 51 years of independence Malaysians cannot hold a proper discourse on contentious issues, then when can we do so? If this is so, then mutual respect of one another's beliefs/religions is surely lacking!

  6. The action of those who disrupted the forum was not Islamic.

    If they think that dialog and discussion between Muslims and non-Muslims are disallowed, they should know that the Prophet had many discussions with the Jews of Madinah, after the signing of the Treaty of Madinah.

    If they think that they should take physical action to stop non-Muslims from insulting Islam, they should know that the Quran says:

    "And indeed He has revealed to you in the Book that when you hear Allah's communications disbelieved in and mocked at, do not sit with them until they enter into some other discourse..."

    The verse says "do not sit with them". It does not say "disrupt them".

    Anwar is knowledgeable enough about Islam to know the above. I believe that his remarks were sincere, not political.

    As for those Muslims who protested, they should read the Quran.

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  8. Dear Tan of Tanjung Bungah

    The revealing thing about the whole episode is the public opinion can be seen from the opinion polls conducted by various media organisations. Those catering for Muslim viewership overwhelmingly voted against the public discussion of such sensitive issues while those media generally favoured by non Muslims overwhelmingly voted the other way.
    This shows the deep divide along the religious fault line.

    It clearly indicates that the Muslim do not favour open discussion of this issue. Whether the forum was held with noble objectives was immaterial, as in most cases nowadays perception is everything.

    So as someone who respects the opinion and rights of others, I would steer away from organising such potentially provocative event rather than proceeding ahead with lame and bull-headed reasons of "intellectual discourse" and "open dialogue". You see Bar Council has no moral or legal standing in the process of amending or creating new laws, they are merely the "users", to use a layperson's terminology. They can of course give their opinions as one of the stake holders but they cannot veer into areas where they have no rights to give opinion of, such as the syariah law. The presence of Subashini and other so-called victims also clearly shows what Bar Council is up to and where their sympathies lies.

    However, this is not the first time Bar Council tried to play God and Big Daddy by organising forums on sensitive issues.

    Of course my opinion should not be taken as supporting the thuggish behaviour of the hooligans from PAS and PKR. They should be charged and if found guity, should be penalised severely for the brutalisation of democracy and for their racist utterings.

  9. Kaytee dear,
    Are you sure you didn't touch the marijuana plants last night ?

  10. Dear Killer! Why make a big issue over a simple open forum.It's civilised dont you think.?What if we dont have a lawyers body to help us ordinary laymen?You will help us??
    The trouble with people like you , who fears this and that, and this is wrong and that.Time you wake up after 50 years of slumber.Non muslims have got rights!There must be something this lawyers can do.Dont expect Ah Chong and Samy or others to be well versed in laws of this country.
    You may be lucky and you have never experienced such happenings to you in this area of religion.Stop being selfish and dont disguise with a mask of saying that those protesters should be penalised.
    The crux of the matter is there any wrong to hold a forum?

  11. In fact these issues has been on going and each time the bar council brings up these issues , they are always besieged by these idiotic rioters and protesters . I feel the Bar council should keep on bringing up these issues as we need to tackle a bull by its horns and not sweep everything on this nature under the carpet . Lets face it , sooner or later its bound to happen again .Who knows it might be more explosive next time with people throwing molotov cocktails at the former house of the Bar Council President .
    This ia actually a repeat of the various forums hels in various places to discuss Article 121 last year . I remember in Penang they also gate crash the forum held at the City Bayview Hotel in Penang , also by the same group of people , consisting of so called Muslims NGOs , UMNO and PAS .

    The best option is still STAY AWAY FROM CONVERSION and make that the very last option . Also those who chose to get converted have only themselves to blame for wanting to go in to something which they cannot get out . Just like being duped by those Nigerian Black Money Scams .

  12. "The best option is still STAY AWAY FROM CONVERSION and make that the very last option . Also those who chose to get converted have only themselves to blame for wanting to go in to something which they cannot get out . Just like being duped by those Nigerian Black Money Scams ."

    Yes, I am sure Lina Joy has the alternatives. Non-bumi Malaysian have only themsleves to blame to be born in this country too huh?

  13. anon of 10:01, Lina Joy has been a case involving apostacy, not what the Bar Council's forum was supposed to discuss. I believe the aim of the forum was to examine the legal issues pertaining to allegedly dodgy body snatching (was rights of inheritance a 'motive'?) and equally questionable custody rights of children in split marriages with one spouse (conveniently a 'recent' convertee) being the winner.

    Those legalities, especially secular civil ones, were observed to be ignored or just swept away in the face of aggressive assertive moves by the Islamic authorities.

    The forum was never meant to question Islam and Muslim rights.

    kittykat, it's not a complete seachange but a due given where merits demand ;-)

    Bouquets like marijuana plants do wither away, you know wakakaka!

  14. Actions speak louder than words. the provocation of Zulkifli are the actions that come form their heart and Anwar's very late reaction are words, intended to recover the set back. the fall out form the people. He have been pressured to come out with this fake statements, just add to another one of his many gimmicks.

    Actually the Bar Council forum came out at a right time to expose the true colour of PKR people. They talk one thing and do other and thats are their trademark

    chaptokam; MCA and Gerakan should expose and capitalize those provocation issue during the Permatang Pauh election. Anwar must be stop otherwise there be more nonsenses, even after Sept 16.

  15. Well, a closed forum would have b
    een the preferred choice then but t
    he realities on the ground must be considered also. If there were the machinations behind the scenes that not quite anyone had thought of, prior, the not so favorable 'after effects' could have been expected or could not they. Just goes to show that some sensitivities can be devilishly exploited either way or by whomever.Perchance the ones on top.

    taik besi

  16. Wholeheartedly agree with chaptokan.Stay away from Conversion like a plague!iIt saves us lot, a lot of future problems.
    Hey! Islam is not the ONLY religion in this WORLD! Got it!

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  18. Dear anonymous 9.22am

    I think you are missing the issue here as well as my point.

    I am not arguing about the right of us non Muslims in such gray areas. I am all for finding a solution to the issue. But even a hundred forums such as this will not solve the problem unless we have all the stakeholders on the table ready to discuss with open mind. This 'syok-sendiri" forum is a superficial attempt to solve a complex issue that will not make any progress but on the contrary be counterproductive.

    I am OK for a public forum but if the Muslims are not prepared to discuss or consider the issue should not be discussed openly, then we will be wasting our time in holding similar forums.

    I don't think Bar Council has the credibility in the eyes of the Muslim groups with their less than stellar reputation on being nuetral.

    The govt has the responsibility to sort out this mess and AAB cannot run away from the problem. Being someone with Islamic credentials he is the right person to persuade the relunctant Muslim groups to come to the negotiating table. I don't think Najib or even Dr M has much credibility in the religious matters. So that's why AAB has to do this before he steps down.

    I also agree with chaptokam that staying away from conversions saves a lot of trouble. It is a known fact that for every victim like Subashini, there are several folks who had benefitted materially from their conversion to Islam.

  19. Kaytee dearie,

    Brickbat la not bouquet. Finally. Always after the fact.
    Zappa did ask why the PKR main man was keeping quiet.
    I posted a lengthy comment on the issue in Star Chun Wai's blog yesterday.
    Xiean you talk sense. It's time Permatang Pauh folks know Anwar's leopard stripes.
    Please vote him out to oblivion.
    Kt, where is the AWOL Kulim MP?
    Is he doing an Ezam Act?
    Not suprising suddenly turn-coat and coming out with more Pandora boxes.
    After all his boss is said to be angry with him.
    Example of disarray in PKR, dear voters.

  20. KT, I'll have you know that I had a fit of convulsion after reading this post of yours. Has someone kidnapped the real KT and replaced him with this one? Goddamn anwarista! :)

    Anyway, it's about time he made a stand on this, though I wonder if the delay was caused by market research - trying to gauge the pulse of Malaysian sentiment regarding this issue.

    If he gets into power, I have every intention of holding him to his word on this:

    I promise that under a Pakatan Rakyat government Malaysians will never again be subjected to such gross abuse of executive power as we are again witnessing today. Arbitrary arrest and detention, frivolous investigation and malicious prosecutions shall be a thing of the past.

  21. Ah????? KTemoc praising Anwar??? What has the world come to? Will he next stop calling well-endowed women "cuties"? Will George Bush then convert to Islam, and become a member of the Taleban? :>

  22. "She said something which was startling. Not only non-Muslims but Muslims should have listened (to her). We have lost that chance."

    What? no body record what she said?
    Next time please invite Kelana Jaya MP!

  23. Too Big to be a Cutie - it looks like wonders shall never cease. :)

    Perhaps we will one day see Osama planting a resound kiss on the cheek of Haji Bush.

    I don't seem to take offense at KT calling women cuties though. But that's just me.

  24. ALmost every public protest - violent or otherwise - against initiatives taken by what is perceived as by non Malays or even a mixed Malay & non Malay group, has UMNO's trademark stamped clearly on it.

    So what is UMNO? It is obviously a subversive Malay "nationalistic" group used as a vehicle to enrich a bunch of Malay buinessmen and crooks.

    As Mahathir had the cheek to say, "90% of the country's income tax is paid by non Malays, in particular the Chinese". And UMNO has the audacity and affrontery to say "bathe the keris in non Malays blood". Sh*t!

    At this point in time, it is clear, there's virtually little redeeming value in UMNO. Even I am disappointed with AAB where I used to speak out for him previously.

    If, and when Anwar becomes the PM, I hope he will outlaw UMNO. It is a subversive and seditious outfit which does not exist in the interest of Malaysians but only to grab and plunder and to loot the country's coffers for itself. And teaching the new generation - especially malay school "drop-outs" - to do likewise. Truly, a bunch of pirates without repentance.

    UMNO should be banned and its extreme right members detained in Kamunting. They have sowed the seeds of hatred and division and created havoc and disunity where little existed before. They have hijacked the present leaving nothing for the future generations except for crumbs. They have taken what was a good system and abused it mercilessly, left right and centre. Absolutely no morals!

    The first to be incarcerated and detained in Kamunting should be Mr Mahathir.

  25. Referring to what Dr Mehrun Siraj told Anwar what she had heard from a woman at the forum, something which was startling and which would have enlightened not only non-Muslims but Muslims as well, Anon of 1:47 pm surely must have made the most interesting comment, namely "What? nobody record what she said?
    Next time please invite Kelana Jaya MP!"
    - wakakakakakakakakakakakakaka!

  26. xiean said ; chaptokam; MCA and Gerakan should expose and capitalize those provocation issue

    Well this is definetly an issue which will be brought up . From our feedback on the ground here in P Pauh , looks like Anwar will still win BUT with a greatly reduced majority .People are saying he should win with less than 10000 vote majority right now . Kak Wan won with over 13000 votes . Right now bets are being placed that Anwar will win with a greater majority . This is where he is getting hit .Betting will be his stumbling block .Those people betting that Anwar would not win with a bigger margin will surely vote BN . Let's wait and see whether this prediction holds true .

    Coming back to the conversion thing , as killer said ; It is a known fact that for every victim like Subashini, there are several folks who had benefitted materially from their conversion to Islam.
    Absolutely correct , the number of Chinese convertees are negligible , however the problems are with people like Subashini who are Indians . They have openly said it , don't call us Mamaks , we want to be callec Bumiputras . Ya that their goal , get converted to Islam , become a Bumiputra and enjoy the fruits of heaven as as killer said there are several folks who had benefitted materially from their conversion to Islam all in the family . The problem only arises when they have family disputes like the Mamak guy now converted wants a few more wives , that the problem with them .Imagine a Hindu Bangla comes to Malaysia illegally , elopes and marries a Malay girl , becomes a Mamak and very soon Bumi status with Citizenship . These are the real rip offs and bastards . Anything in regards to these assholes , the sooner they get sodomised the better !!!

  27. Anonymous 10:01 AM said...Yes, I am sure Lina Joy has the alternatives. Non-bumi Malaysian have only themsleves to blame to be born in this country too huh?

    There are several issues here 1) non muslim converting to Islam . 2) Muslim converting out of Islam to other religion .
    Anonymous 10:01 we are talking of issue 1 . Issue 2 you Muslims go and resolve it yourselves as we have no locus standi on this and do not wish to be dragged into this .Maybe Lina Joy should once and for all renounce her citizenship and migrate to live with her husband and forget this country .
    What has my comment got to do with with us blaming ourselves being born here ? What are you trying to imply ? Don't put words in my mouth , I know what you are trying to get at .

  28. Hindu Bangla? I suppose they do exist, but perhaps you mean a Hindu Bengali from the Indian State of Bengal, ie. the ethnic kinfolk of the predominantly Muslim Bangla in Bangladesh

  29. Hehe Chaptokam,
    What have MCA and Gerakan got to say about UMNO's offer to PAS for a Uber-Malay power block ?

    They just have to accept it, right ?

  30. Crankshaft 1:30 PM
    If he gets into power, I have every intention of holding him to his word on this:

    Hi Crankshaft how do you intend to hold him to his word ? When he gets into power , do you still seriously think he will stand by all the things he said ? When he is in power do you still think he is same old Anwar that you crankshaft know of ? All politicians will promise you anything under the sky , including their mothers , literally meaning not actual on this .When they get it they conveniently say oh Did I say that ? when did I say that , Oh I forgot about that , or I am looking into it !

    Crankshaft , holding on to Anwar is like holding on to an eel . If you have not done that, try it at the wet market . You will know how slippery it is .!!

  31. KT
    Never heard of Hindu Bangla ? Of course they do exists ! I don't mean a Hindu Beengali . Bengalis or Bai or Singh have their own religion and they can come from Punjab or Bengal .You get muslims in India too and there are hindus in Bangladesh too !
    Aiyo Kaytee , you have been living in Australia too long , better come come and see some of your ex !

    Do you know the local Malay girls gets crazy with those Bangla and Nepalese ? They have the caucasian look and the bollywood features .

  32. kittykat46 4:06 PM

    Kitty we have options , but seriously do you think I should disclose it all here ? Its better people like you , I know you are very knowledgeable on all these judging from your comments between yourself , menyalak-er and witsO to say it . This will give us good feedback , but of course we take things as it goes along or a step at a time with the focus on fire prevention rather than waiting for the fire to happen .Right now is when there's a fire everyone shouts fire! fire ! and then with the analysis , who started the fire !and the blame game !

  33. kittykat46 (09:47:57) :

    UITM ? The den of mediocrity ?
    No Thanks, they can keep their 10%.
    Very sad to see after 50 years of Merdeka, we still have such Apartheid institutions.

    You know, I can sort of logically understand why the UMNOputras would want to cynically perpetuate such a situation, but the MCA and MIC lapdogs who partake in supporting this regime really make me sick.

    The silence from MCA has been deafening.

    Kitty , I hope you don't mind me replying to your postin in Susan Loone here to avoid the Ravi creep !
    MCA is not silent on this matter , sometimes it is better to silent on this matter . The reason is MCA has their own colleges which I think you are aware , namely the TAR college offering a wide range of courses and catering to mostly Chinese students and also UTAR , the University offering twinning with other foreign University . We have a lot of campuses throughout the country with roughly 10000 students or more per year . I am not sure abt the figure but its def. more. We do not wish to insist they (UiTM) to open up to non Bumis and likewise we do not wish that they require us to do same .UTAR and TAR graduates are very much sought after in the private sector as they have very good command of English and Mandarin . I do not wish to comment in regards to UiTM graduates .

    Well do you still insists ?

    Further I sense this is a political spin by the Selangor MB to offset the Bar Council Forum Issue which has created some negative points for PKR.

  34. TAR graduates are well accepted by employers in the private sector, but they were (and still are to a certain extent) discriminated in terms of starting pay and job assignments because "Degree Not Recognised by the Government" - after 30 years.

    As usual the Lap Dogs just quietly accepted the situation for decades.

    I must admit, like most people, I thought the situation was hopeless and impossible to change, so we may as well accept it. Personally, I know my parents scraped and saved every sen they could for their whole working life to send me and my brother to university overseas.

    Then came the tsunami of March 8. I don't know how much change is possible, but I'm convinced it can be done - and PR is the way forward.
    MCA and Lap-Dog existence is definitely NOT the way forward.

    I'm supporting Anwar Ibrahim for Permatang Pauh, and I know a lot of my friends think likewise.

  35. chaptokam,

    kaytee thinks he also knows what a Hindu Bangla is, but as I said "I suppose they do exist" which implies they would be the minority in a Muslim Nation like Bangladesh.

    The Bangladeshis or, as we call them, Bangla and the Bengali over in India are of the same ethnic stock, with only nationality (and to a lesser degree, religion) separating them into Bengalis and Bangladeshis.

    If you are talking about Caucasian looking Indians (the Northern Indians like sweeties Aishwarya Rai and Kareena Kapoor, etc), you probably mean Punjabis which unfortunately many Malaysians including Perak MB Nizar have mistakenly referred to as Bengalis.

    Punjabis have been pissed off for being mistaken as Bengalis. BTW, not all Punjabis are Sikhs, and thus unturbaned. Some Punjabis are actually in Pakistan, and generally Muslims.

    But in the subcontinent Punjabis live in the Western North (India and Pakistan) whilst Bengalis exist in the East, in Indian Bengal and neighbouring Bangladesh (where by nationality they are known as Bangladeshis).

    The former is Caucasian looking whilst the latter (Bengalis) are in general smaller and darker, like southern Indians such as Tamils, Telegus, etc.

    The most famous Bengali, I suppose, would be Rabindranath Tagore.

    If I am incorrect in my assumptions, please let me know ;-)

  36. Yo KT

    As an Indian I can vouch for the accuracy of your comments. Certainly you did not commit gaffe like our Perak MB.

    Bengal was split into 2 along religious lines at the time of Indian independence. The Hindu West Bengal remained in Indian while the Muslim Eastern part was absorbed into Pakistan and later became an independent nation in 1971.

    As for Punjab, it is a region actually. They are united by ethnic, cultural and linguistic ties. Punjab has been split into Pakistan and India. Most (around 70%) of the people in the Indian Punjab are Sikhs. But there are also many Hindus and Jains there as well. While a vast majority of Punjabis of Pakistan are Muslims (perhaps more than 98%).

  37. Hi everyone,

    UTAR and TARC are open for admission to all Malaysians and even to foreigners as well. Admittedly, Chinese Malaysians predominates these 2 institutions. Similarly AIMST is open to all.

    But UITM's admission policy is totally different. In this world without borders, by being so insular, is it good for their all-round developments? It is not intellectually stimulating either!
    The 'jaguh kampong' and the 'katak di bawah tempurung' tag would remain and be even more entrenched. A little competition, when open to other Malaysians and even some foreign students would make UITM more competitive, the undergrads. better prepared and developed for the present world. Why the fear to compete with others? Aparthied-type institutions should not be for the 21st century. In a world that's evolving so fast, such institutions are being further and further left behind. Are their grads. marketable?

    So, is the govt doing such undergrads a favour for making UITM being so exclusive and insular!

  38. KT, it's a common mistake in Malaysia to refer to Punjabis as Bengalis as you correctly stated. Punjabis come from the northwestern region of Punjab. The turbanned Punjabi belongs to the Sikh religion, followers of Guru Nanak. There are also Hindu Punjabis. On the other hand, Bengalis hail from the eastern part of India.

    On Anwar's recent comments, there has never been any doubt of Anwar's ability to say the right things to the right people at the right time. But i'll put my hands up. Didn't expect him to come out with his statement. Let's hope he is being forthright on this.

  39. What a good informative lesson on Punjabis , Bangladeshis and Bengalis .btw thanks to everyone on this .

  40. Kitty ,
    There are many TAR colleges graduates who made it good . I have personally known of quite a few who are CEOs and MDs of their own listed companies .

    In terms of discrimination in starting pay and job assignments because "Degree Not Recognised by the Government" - after 30 years. That MIGHT be true in gomen sectors but definetly not true in private sector .

    Currently there are well over 10000 local graduates still without a job as most of them failed the required prerequisite of oral and written English . So your guess is as good as mine where these graduates are from .
    I like to go back on the issue on the starting pay , Normally fresh graduates be it from any college or uni without experience are normally not paid that much . What they do is get a job , get the experience , then go job hopping to the highest bidder . Use to be what you have ie deg , msc or double deg or phd , later it turned out to be who you know which is still the norm now .

    Personally, I know my parents scraped and saved every sen they could for their whole working life to send me and my brother to university overseas. Kitty , your parents are not the only parents who did that . My parents did that for me and when I returned I had to do that for my brother . Degrees are not everything in life , its just a stepping stone . Everything finally is still your own goodself . I studied electrical and electronics engineering . Today I am doing something so different that I don't even utilise one percent of what I studied for .

    Your political beliefs are entirely yours , no one can take it away from you .

    Cheerio and lets hope Lee Chong Wei can bring back the GOLD .

  41. If you are non-Malay like me or liberal Malay who have expected a fair leadership in Malaysia, it's time to forget it at least for another 10 or 20 years.

    Come on, just look at what is happening around.

    Politicians and ignorant Muslims are fighting against non-Muslims for their rights that the latter never question.

    UiTM students come out in thousands to fight for their Bumiputra rights. Remember they are the results and products of BN’s 50 years rule.

    Can we expect true “Malaysia for all Malaysian” leaders from this herd?

    Yesterday, my wife and I had a discussion. We decided and told our children to pursue their studies overseas and settle down there. Malaysia is deteriorating from its colorful life. Though knowing we have a lot of Malay Muslim loving friends, we find little choice as too hard to reason out with a majority who has lost their eardrums.

    I'm full of doubts; can Anwar make it with his promise to liberalize Malaysia?