Friday, August 22, 2008

The influence of the 'Oath' in Permatang Pauh

In the Malaysiakini news article VIP hospital patient says 'Back Anwar' Pak Haji Nik Aziz, even as he lies in a hospital bed, has called on voters for the Permatang Pauh by-election not to believe the sodomy allegations against Anwar Ibrahim, and to support the PKR de facto leader in the polls.

You know, I have come to be fond of Pak Haji because of his steadfast loyalty to Pakatan (unlike the other Pak Haji), though I wonder why Pak Haji Nik has an obsession with women being less than wrapped up like a potato sack?

Like the Indonesian former president, Gus Dur, Pak Haji believes in the innocence of Anwar. He said: "I am convinced Anwar is a victim of political conspiracy. I also hold to my opinion that the recent oath taken by his accuser is questionable and doubtful."

"Even though he has been humiliated and persecuted in the worst manner 10 years ago, I see his enemies are inhuman and never satisfied with their evil treatment of him. Using the same methods, they have once again accused him of that deed that I am too disgusted to state."

Now, tell me whether this is true! I vaguely heard that in 1998 or so, a PAS and a DAP MP were the first two to raise (with the PM then) the sodomy allegation against Anwar Ibrahim, but Dr Mahathir rejected it.

Of course this was before the Anwar faction in UMNO attempted (in vain) to compromise Dr M through insinuated cronyism-nepotism, and Anwar was a rising unstoppable star in UMNO, the PM designate, the heir apparent, the Crown Prince on the eve of his coronation.

I actually heard but couldn’t and can’t confirm that those two persons were Pak Haji himself and Karpal Singh – if I am incorrect, I apologize unreservedly to those two gentlemen.

But if true, then what an ironical seachange it has been - yes indeed, politics sure make strange bedfellows (no pun intended).

It seems that the sodomy allegations/accusations have been shadowing Anwar Ibrahim for the last decade.

I am afraid even if he wins the by-election in Permatang Pauh, and he should, the accusations will continue to dodge dog his footsteps.

I know that the allegations don’t mean anything among the Chinese, who couldn’t care less about his private sexual life. But alas, the conservative and more senior members of the Malay community may!

… which explains why the video clip of Saiful Bukhari Azlan taking an oath
that he was sodomized, has been playing virtually non stop at the UMNO ops room centre in Permatang Pauh.

You know that old story, to keep throwing poo and surely some will eventually stick!

And in the Star Online news item Anwar asked to explained the S-I-L rubbed this in, as to be expected of an aggressive bloke like him.

He asked Anwar to explain why a mere party unpaid volunteer like Saiful, who was described by PKR officials as nothing more than a coffee boy (and I recall my matey kittykat asserting this to me as well), was taken along by Anwar on the de facto leader’s overseas trip?

Then KJ defended Saiful’s oath taking the Quran, that it shouldn’t be questioned as it was a sumpah laknat (swearing in the face of divine retribution). Those who made such an oath do so at their own peril as any lies would result in several of their generations being cursed.

I wonder how much effect the oath taking issue will raise doubts among the voters in the heartland as to Anwar's innocence.

I did a bit of research on the taking of oath by the Qu’ran, and these are what I have obtained:

(1) Scholars, looking at the fact that the Qur’an is also an attribute of Allah, considered an oath taken by the Qur’an to be valid.

Imam al-Haskafi (Allah have mercy on him), said in his Durr: “Kamal (ibn al-Humam, the great Hanafi Mujtahid) said: “Let it be known that the taking of an oath by the Qur’an is something that has become customary, thus it would be considered a valid oath.”

Allama Ibn Abidin (Allah have mercy on him) explained the above by stating: “This is based on the fact that the Qur’an is the Speech of Allah, thus it will be considered to be one of His attributes.” (Radd al-Muhtar ala al-Durr al-Mukhtar, 3/712)

Of course there are other scholars like Gus Dur who disagreed. And he has a PhD from Iraq.

(2) Swearing in the Quran as taught by Surah An-Nur is to swear 4 times in Allah's names, with the fifth invoking the curse of Allah if they tell a lie. However, the surah specifically states that this kind of swearing is only when a husband is accusing his wife of adultery but can't find 4 witnesses; the oath is also used by the wife to defend herself.

Does this mean that the oath is a substitute for the 4 required witnesses?

But as I mentioned, even with a win and a seat in parliament, Anwar has to live with this accusation for the rest of his life … unless of course he becomes PM … or …

… now this has nothing at all to do with legality or law, but it’s about perception of morality through the eyes of the religious kampong people in the heartland, and in politics, perceptions are everything …

… he takes the oath to neutralize Saiful’s declaration to Allah (swt).


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  2. ktemoc,
    If i can recall many years ago , we had this guy who works for an international giant tobacco co.His job was to avail himself with real professional doctors to convince any government of the day that smoking is GOOD for HEALTH.They were the real pros and could counter anything evil on smoking.They were armed to the teeth with datas, write ups anything good on smokingThose anti smokers were smoked out by this guys.To cut the story short, we have noticed you fit the bill of these pros.
    You havent let loose anything on Anwar.You are still finding something real bad .As for that sodomy thing, let it go gracefully,for we never will know who is telling the truth.Everyday people swear on this and that and should we care.?Look those are adults and Saiful has so many unanswered question.Why not use your talent to decipher the accuser for once.
    You lead us reader on your inclinations on Anwar, but hate his guts by all means but be fair in what you write.
    Should we say that you have been paid by BN to destroy a man?Must we have this impression of you? But your constant harassment of him can be stressful reading at times.

  3. Many people vote against BN not for Anwar. See the difference. Besides, if you have two leaders who sodomize, you might as well choose the less evil - and the one who doesn't use c4 to destroy evidence is definitely the less evil one.

  4. Ktemoc;

    the PAS leader that you mentioned is not Pak Haji but Mat Sabu. Anwar during UMNO days used to call Mat Sabu AlKhalwati . In return ,Mat Sabu called him Anwar Aljuburi.

    In politics, I am sure there are always people calling names to famous politician like Anwar & Mat Sabu, even though it can be far from truth or half-truth.

    However, I am perplexed if normal people who are said to be very close to Anwar like Ezam, Nalla, Saiful & Azizan are saying bad things about Anwar. I wonder why and common sense said 'something is not right' and maybe there is some truth to their allegations.

    If there is truth in their allegations, I am sure any Malaysian be it Malay, Chinese and Indian will not favor an hypocrite to be a leader of the nation.God Forbid.

  5. Swearing on the Quran is only the practised of those UMNO scums who follow the weird religious sect called "Islam Hadhari".

    What do you expect from scums like these?

  6. In the six years Anwar was incarcerated in a prison full of men there was not a whisper of sodomy. Now they are baying for his blood (DNA)-do you still want him to sumpah? Please update yourself by reading Malaysiakini's interview with Ramlang Porigi (the card carrying UMNO fella from Penanti) a pembantu hal ehwal agama who supervised SB's oath swearing ceremony at the FT mosque.

  7. The validity of Saiful's oath, as to whether it is recognised by Islamic scholars is a separate issue and up for debate... among Islamic scholars, of course.

    For the rest of us, only the gist of Saiful's oath is relevant. And there are only two possibilities. He's either telling a truth or a lie. The only ones who can confirm this are Saiful, Anwar and God. So unless you are God, how can you be 100% sure?

    Malaysiakini also reports that Anwar is threatening to sue a Deputy Minister for RM10million for claims that Anwar tried to seduce his wife. It'll be interesting to see where this goes...

  8. dear kaytee,
    your comments on karpal singh is vouched by a certain Dr Adam Mahmood Nazrin whose letter appeared in rocky's bru.

  9. is that you KJ? Hey man, how's it goin? I didn't know you also can hack into someone's blog account and write nasty stuff.
    Thanks, really appreciate it and all.

  10. zappa : If I can remember someone also posted a comment that he can vouched that Karpal did indeed accuse Anwar of sodomy because he was there attending the disclosure at the Federal Hotel .

    Reproduce part of Dr Adam Mahmood letter :

    Karpal as a politician should be contemptible not only to Dr Mahathir but to the rest of the Malaysian society who have some degree of moral belief and sense of fair play.

    Karpal has managed to hide his racist and opportunistic political approach by riding on his so-called courage of being vocal and not mincing his words in criticising the BN Government.

    A good example is his expose of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for sexual transgressions sometime during the first quarter of 1998 at a DAP convention held in Federal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

    At that time, Ummi Hafilda Ali and Azizan Abu Bakar, the two main witnesses in the Anwar’s sodomy trial, had given their sworn affidavits of Anwar’s sexual misdemeanour.

    Karpal had stood before the DAP audience and said to the effect hat he had proof of the Deputy Prime Minister’s sexual misdeeds and challenged the Prime Minister (Dr Mahathir) to take action against his deputy.

    It may sound unbelievable but I’m sure some DAP leaders or those who had since left the party would be more than prepared to come forward to verify this.

    This revelation was made some five months before accusations of Anwar being a sodomite was made public or taken up by Dr Mahathir himself.

    However, when Anwar was finally charged in court for sodomy based on the affidavits of Ummi Hafilda and Azizan, what did Karpal do?

    He came forward to offer himself as one of Anwar’s defence lawyer. Of course it can be argued that in any system of justice, a person who is accused of any crime deserves to be defended, if not for his innocence, at least for leniency.

  11. rox
    which article are you refering to ?

  12. to me swearing in no matter how you do it is between yourself and the almighty . In the case of Chinese they can swear in front of the temple and cutting the head of a white cockeral . It has nothing to do with religion , more like if I am innocent the bad karma will be reaped by the accuser . This was what probably happen to Langkawi suffering for seven generations after Mahsuri was executed .

  13. Don't play2 with swearing and never know how big the burden..

    What about Najib here?

    Najib, welcome to the Club!Swearing Club!

  14. Hi everyone,

    People of different faiths do swear in mosques, temples, etc, to deny allegations or solve disputes.

    By so swearing are we to conclude that they're really not guilty! Are we certain that they're not lying without even blinking their eyelids!!

    There are god-fearing and those who claim to be god-fearing people. There are even those who claim they are of certain faith, but in reality, either knows next to nothing of that faith or, worse still, a non-believer, and only making use of that faith for their own selfish agenda.

    So, do we put much weight in such swearing in holy places of worship?

  15. tan, tanjong bungah

    I wouldn't want to try my luck swearing in front of a temple like I mention above .do we put much weight in such swearing in holy places of worship?

    The retribution can be immediate like if you swear and say that if you tell a lie may you be ...... you be surprised it happens ! Ask any friend of yours with knowledge of these and they will tell you .
    On are we certain that they're not lying without even blinking their eyelids!!Its between them and god !

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  17. Hi everyone,

    I agree that such swearing is between them (the persons involved in accusations, counter-accusations and denials, etc) and God. I believe that there'd be retributions, immediate or otherwise. Would those, who're not god-fearing or those who use their faith for their own personal agendas, believe in such retributions?

    But, what we have currently on-going is that they are trying to involve the rakyat for their polical agenda! Hence, depending on whether they belong to the group of people I mentioned in the preceding para., are we able to distinguish between the false and the true from such swearing ceremonies? That is why I mentioned that how much weight can the bystanders place on such ceremonies.

  18. I just want you to know that the above person who calls herself/himself "rox" is impersonating me. As from today, I'll cease posting with the nickname rox in black. I'll be authenticated with my blogger's identity "rox" in blue.

    KT. Please delete the post not written by me to discourage people from impersonating others. Thank you.

  19. wa , I thought my chaptokam had imposters in Susan's blog until she had to ban those imposters . A couple of them trying to create problems for me . Here also got ? wa lan !

  20. Hi everyone,

    Did you see on prime time TV3 news tonight how the former MB of Perak makes a joke of swearing that he's not involved in the BPR's nabbing of the 2 Perak Exco members? He held up his right hand and with a cynical laugh swore that he was not involved, obviously making a mockery of the 'swearing' in front of pressmen! This is done at a press conference and not at a holy place.

    This swearing here and there, and almost daily now, is making light of the seriousness of such oaths, a blatant disregard of their beliefs in God.

  21. These UMNO bastards not only make fun of their belief, they are even prepared to allege that their wifes have been fucked by Anwar.

    They are prepared to do anything to save their skin and to quander the wealth of the country. They even prepared to kill or commit murder - remember Mongolia girl.