Monday, December 10, 2007

Threatening national security with your sneeze!

The bloke who was so obscenely hasty in clearing the IGP and the former head of the ACA was equally swift in objecting to bail for 8 lawyers who were arrested for ‘illegal’ assembly on International Human Rights Day.

However, I believe he hasn’t been so swift in responding to Lim Guan Eng’s demand for him to make public the investigation papers into both (former ACA head) Zulkifli and (IGP) Musa Hassan to prove that a thorough probe was conducted in accordance with the principles of integrity, transparency and accountability.

Best if Lim Guan Eng buys another packet (or perhaps a carton) of kua chee while waiting for Speedy Gonzales.

Malaysiakini tells us that the AG, who was notably absent in the Altantuyaa Shariibuu’s murder case, one of international implications, saw fit to personally descend down to a magistrate court to object bail, not because the 8 accused would abscond from the country or intimidate witnesses, but because he believed they would re-assemble ‘freely’ as they did on a day celebrated by the Free World as one for Human Rights.

Then, our nation’s No 1 Law Officer also objected to bail for lawyer Edmund Bon, charged with obstructing Kuala Lumpur City Hall officers from removing banners (with a Human Rights message) outside the Bar Council Building, because he said the lawyer’s act of defiance would “create the perception that it is okay to defy the authorities”, and will therefore create disorder and threat to the national security.

A bloke who tried to prevent City Hall from removing banners in front of the Bar Council Building a “... threat to national security ...”? How about that bloke who incited Malays to take to the streets with machetes to uohold their Ketuanan Melayu?

If those were the ‘grounds’ for his objections to bail for a small group of peaceful people, it sure as hell reflects on his pathetic, or even absence of, professionalism and intellectual capacity. Even the Sessions Judge, Komathy Suppiah, saw it necessary to reject his idiotic arguments and allow bail for all the accused.

How in the world did he get to be the nations’ No 1 Law Officer?

No, please don’t answer – ‘twas only a rhetorical question, because we all know why.

No wonder the nation is in deep strife when we have sub-mediocre officers like him.

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  1. Equality Before The Laws -
    Human Rights Day - 10th Dec.

    While it's good that no one is above the laws
    It's bad if anyone is suppressed under the laws
    It won't be fair if some can get around the laws
    It's worst when there's flagrant abuse of the laws

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 101207
    Mon. 10th Dec. 2007.

  2. quote:
    because he said the lawyer’s act of defiance would “create the perception that it is okay to defy the authorities”, and will therefore create disorder and threat to the national security.

    but haven't he thought of in the first place, why the arrest? wouldn't the arrest 'create a black mark/shame for malaysia to the world'? it is indeed ridiculous and outrageous the reason edmund was arrested!

  3. He is lame. Malaysia just don't have enough crooked lawyers, hence, he get the job.

    disclaimer: "he" is an imaginary figure, without any relevance to the subject matter of the article above.

    ps: we can't be too safe, can we?

  4. The security apparatus is now a threat.
    Small souls who seek power over others, must first destroy the faith the others have in themselves.

  5. He actually gets laughed at in court:
    "..Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail urged the court to deny them bail as the offences were non-bailable or compoundable. He said the eight had committed a serious offence and urged the court to take a serious view of the case as such illegal assemblies might escalate, resulting in public disorder. "They may argue that it is not a serious offence but the prosecution will prove that their actions may lead to public disorder and more unlawful assemblies," he said. At this juncture, laughter broke out in the courtroom, which was packed mostly with lawyers, ..."

  6. Hindraf says it rightly:
    PETALING JAYA: Umno Youth regrets the statement by the Hindu Rights Action Force which described Umno as its enemy.

    So what does Prof. Emeritikus Khoo Kay Peng say to this after having contributed to it:

    AN MCA leader has ticked off several university lecturers for bringing in their personal views during lectures on inter-racial relationship.

    The whole BN(UMNO) is an enemy now. MCA, MIC (the main partners) have been supping with the UMNO devils.

  7. Gani Patil is a descendant of Gujerati immigrants (patels) so he has to prove harder to be a malay. Naturally he only proves himself to be an idiot.

    As mahathir said of anwar- bad character (common in hindi movies).

  8. Gani Patel was the chief prosecuting hatchet man for the government in many politically motivated cases in the 90's.
    He was Mohtar Abdullah's point man on the Anwar Ibrahim case.

    That's Patel he got the AG job. Needless to say, he's still playing that hatchet man role today.

  9. It was poetic that MoreTar couldn't tar anyone anymore soon after.

    FatTail may likely lose Pedro Branca. And Bolehland will likely display that bad loser streak.

    Tainted people are not easily forgotten even with all the help given by the MSM through obfuscations.

  10. Loads of fun at malaysiakini today. Desperate Dumbo going to pieces. Mengamuk.

  11. Post Bersih memo handover: Arrests ongoing
    KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 11 (ES) - In spite of multiple police checks, roadblocks and traffic jams that stretch for kilometres from the parliament house, the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih) has managed to gain entry into its lobby and hold a press conference around midday today.
    Harakah reporter Muhammad Azamin Muhammad Amin and English Section journalist Saadon Aksah reporting from parliament said the Bersih press conference was successfully concluded.

    Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) executive director and Bersih coordinator Yap Swee Seng had read aloud the Bersih memorandum earlier and then handed it to opposition MPs to be forwarded to the Prime Minister.

  12. Dato’ Dr. Haron Din (he’s a genuine Mr. Nice Guy!) was known to be a quite person and he seldom makes any bold and hard-hitting public statements except those concerning religious issues and concerns. His sudden change could only means one thing. He is obviously sick and tired of all those nonsense thrown by the current ruling government. :-)

    Don’t worry, my dear Dato’ Dr. Haron Din. Here in Ipoh for an example, I can say that more and more people are getting fed up with Barisan Nasional. Their so called great support from the ‘Rakyat’ is dwindling fast and they knew it. I guess this is why that other phony Mr. Nice Guy is panicking at the moment. Poor fella!

  13. The country has the worst AG in the world & this fella led our legal team against S'pore in ICJ. What future do we have? No wonder he is only emPAT TAHIL, only a quarter of a KATI. OBSOLETE MEASUREMENT...