Sunday, December 16, 2007

Con-gratulations, dear PM

KL Loo must have given great thoughts to the letter he/she wrote to Malaysiakini; it's titled Congratulations to you, Mr Prime Minister. I am so caught up with his/her summarisation of recent political events that I feel compelled somewhat to share his thoughts with you.


Congratulations to you, our prime minister, for arresting the Hindraf leaders. With one ingenious move you have solved the 50-year plight of the Indian community. I can’t go anywhere now without seeing a smiling Indian face.

Congratulations to you, our prime minister, for passing the
'Abdul Rashid' Bill with such speed. The right man for the right job, I say. Those who criticise you for being sloth-like now have to eat their words! Even though the people who voted for you in 2004 didn’t think you would do something like this, I am sure they are behind you 500 percent!

Congratulations to you, our prime minister, for promoting
Zaki Azmi to the second highest judicial post. The right man for the right job, I say. It is a move that will be most welcomed by Umno. There is nothing more endearing than seeing your old friend sitting on the judge’s bench when you enter the courtroom. Even though the people who voted for you in 2004 didn’t think you would do something like this, I am sure they are behind you 500 percent!

Congratulations to you, our prime minister, for exposing the truth about the opposition. They are bodoh, goblok, monyet, terowong, bocor and wheelchair-bound.

Congratulations to you, our prime minister, for successfully assembling the most complete collection of brilliant minds in our cabinet. We are constantly in awe of the wit and wisdom of the ministers and BN parliamentarians. Their words are a guiding light in the people’s lives.

Congratulations to you, our prime minister, for winning the 2008 general elections too. Heck, even the man who leads the Election Commission said that
no other regime can run this country. With the judiciary, Election Commission, police force, media and your son-above-the-law firmly behind you, you will sail beyond year 2057!

Congratulations to you, our prime minister for having such big ears. But let me dig out your ear wax, wait a minute, mmm, they are gigantic! Prime Minister, can you let me work for The Star, New Straits Times, Utusan Malaysia or Berita Harian? My soul is pretty cheap.


Thanks to KL Loo, I am beginning to appreciate AAB's Islam Hadhari. Con-gratulations once again to our dear prime minister.


  1. Congrats to u MR.PM for asking AG to consider dropping charges on the 31 arrested at Batu caves. How sweet of u. In the first place who gave him the directive I wonder??? Now u r helping ur dear Semi value.
    Sure another gimmic to show how heroic is the impotent MIC in safe guarding Malaysian Indians.
    Is there no way the AG be prosecuted for selective prosecution with most rediculous charges. Lets see how he will defend the case. Too bad I am not a lawyer. I never liked the proffesion because if people like the AG, inhumane , slaves to his masters worst than a dog..oops thats insulting the dog!

    Even places of worship in invaded and people attacked and the victims charged for murder. On top of that even the ill ones not released. Where is humanity gone. Now offering to release... small candy for torture of the victims and family has undergone. It was all preplanned I am sure.An intimidation to show who is the boss.Pantang dicabarlah katakan! It will be intersting to show the world what happpenes when they are charged and have a full hearing.... How would the AG proof his case. Well this is Bolehland. Anything is possible.

  2. can i join in extending congratulations to the PM, promoter of Islam hadhari? What a great religious man to lead this country. and of course, your kind soul in agreeing to release the 31 murderers which include a near deaf, a kidney and a heart patient. And thank you for having a judge who doesnt even believe in doctor certificate and I cant blame her as certificates are easy to come by these days. What a man you are, really.

  3. This is conclusive evidence that the PM interferes in the prosecution/judiciary of the country and all the more reason that these powers be separated.

    There is now a big question mark over the clerances by the AG of the IGP and ACA Heads.

    The PM is interfering and should be sacked by the Agung. There ia precedence in the Anwar case, where DSAI was jailed for `corruption` on account of interference.

    PM has to be sacked and jailed.

  4. yup, he's the most successful PM, even surpassing his predecessors. he's obviously the richest PM in malaysia too.

  5. Pak Lah! Wau! Lu Manyak Pandai OH! Better than A.R. Tompel's chief, Pi- RAM-LEE! HAHAHA! Who is your advisor? Hair fashion icon Samy Velu AH?!! HAHAHA!

    Sorry, Pak Lah! You Tidur Lagi Baiklah for the country, HEAVEN and HELL that is full with your fellow UMNO, MIC and BN SCUMBAGS! Don't wake up! Because when you do once in a while, You make Even Those Who Normally Puke at You To Fart Outright! How outrageous can you be My Beloved Pi M!