Saturday, December 22, 2007

Re-name Dataran Merdeka

Malaysiakini reported that the Abolish the ISA Movement (GMI) has postponed its planned ISA vigil at Dataran Merdeka.

GMI had planned the vigil to protest the government’s detention without trial of Malaysian citizens under the Internal Security Act. This has been due to the Dang Wangi district police chief ACP Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman
issuing a stern warning to GMI and the public to stay away from Dataran Merdeka because he wouldn't issue any permit for the event.

We know that in recent months the police had dispersed protestors who participated in assemblies, forcefully and even with the use of water cannons and tear gas. The men in blue had also arrested many taking part in these rallies.

It seems that in recent times, the only opposition rally that emerged reasonably unscathed (except for a contained fracas which didn’t affect the main body) had been Bersih which marched all the way to the Palace to hand over a petition to the King, with the police handling the protestors with reasonable restraint. There was even an uninterrupted press conference with Bersih leaders after the petition was handed over.

By stark contrast, the police suppression of the Hindraf rally, even though it was just marching to the embassy (or rather High Commission) of a foreign country, was fiercely suppressed.

Put a question mark against those different treatments for the two rallies by police, or more correctly, by their political master(s).

GMI president Syed Ibrahim stressed that the planned but now postponed event, like previous GMI events, would have been entirely peaceful, posing no threat to public order and national security.

He scoffed at the police refusal to issue the permit, stating: “It has rather been the actions and deliberate provocation by the police which have caused (peaceful) gatherings to end in chaos.”

But sometimes I feel for the police because, as I mentioned earlier, it’s their political master(s) who set the policy, tone and probably the instructions for their over-the-top SS-type heavy-handed actions.

Look - our dear wonderful PM AAB, who is also the offending Internal Security Minister, has deliberately shut out a significant segment of the Malaysian public by his refusal to take heed of what protestors in peaceful rallies have been unhappy and complaining about, even though this Bapak Islam Hadhari has claimed he possesses Big Ears to listen to our dissatisfaction.

Instead he has buried his head in sycophantic sand while, with rapt attention, poured over a petition of support handed over by a mushroomed-overnight Damai, which claimed to represent nearly 400 NGOs and 1.5 million people.

And those up-to-now-unheard-of-and-unnamed but amazing NGOs, all 395 of them, must have all this while been representing the mute, comatose and very dead, because until post Hindraf we haven’t heard a single peep, squeak or sokong from them. As for the 1.5 million people ... well ...

Dataran Merdeka means ‘Independence (or Freedom) Place’, but it has become a blasphemy that this public Square continues to have a name with the word ‘Merdeka’. Until the Malaysian people, of whatever creed, political persuasion or religious beliefs, can enter and assemble peacefully there, the place should be re-named.

Since we are for all intents and purposes living in a police state, let’s call it Dataran ‘Sembilan Belas Lapan Puluh Empat’ (1984) after the Orwellian model, until we may enjoy true democracy once again.

It's clear that Dataran 1984 is off limits to those who believe in democracy!


  1. did u see the Buletin Utama over TV 3 today?

    UMNO Youth leader has ordered Gerakan President Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon to explain the actions of his Youth Vice Chairman Paranjothy who issued a statement yesterday saying that UMNO is a racist party after giving some examples.

    Dont u think that UMNO Youth should deal with Gerakan Youth. I mean where is the protocol? How can a Youth leader from one party question the President of another component party ?

    Can Gerakan Youth Chairman question the President of UMNO and demand an explanation ?

    Kurang Ajar Right ?

  2. if gerakan has the balls, show UMNO the third finger. bet, UMNO wont dare to ask gerakan to leave BN just like they embarass the poor PPP chief. Guess, numbers do matter in politics.

  3. 'Dataran Kim Jong-il' has a nice ring to it.

    The official English name would be "The Great Square for the People's Unquestioning Adulation of Our Great and Beloved Almighty and Infallible Leader Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of the Perfumed Presence and the Large but Lovely Ears."

  4. I forgot to add that we could then use the Dataran KJ-ill to parade all 1.5 mil DAMAI-SS members and do mass drills with cute little schoolkids waving placards of Dear Leader Badawi's radiant countenance.

  5. ....Our Great and Beloved Almighty and Infallible Leader Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of the Perfumed Presence and the Large but Lovely Ears Who Loves Applying Skin-Whitening Products To Make Himself Appear Fair To His Suckled People And Is Infuriated Because Strret Protests Are Forcing Him TO Cancel His Planned Holidays Abroad With His Loving Jean

  6. lets name it dataran permit bcos malaysia is now known as malaysia berpermit!

  7. ha ha ha ha...agree with ghostline and anon....ha ha ha ha...

  8. KTemoc,

    So for those who believe in democracy and people who claimed to be "Like-minded" and "Champions of civil liberty", should name Dataran Merdeka "Animal Farm", isn't it, after Orwell's book of the same title?

    Merry Christmas everyone.............


  9. Dataran Merdeka - Animal Farm - Kebun Haiwan?

  10. This blog hasn't been updated for some time. Where's this KT dude?

    Has he gone under ISA? Hope the Hindraf vigil guys remember to light some candles for him :)

  11. See kaytee, you are being missed. Not bad eh?

  12. Hi KT,
    Lots of folks missing you here....returning from your vacation anytime soon?

  13. Hai Kaytee, are you ok, or are u under the weather. We need u soon..

  14. Ha! He miss all the action. Now got to say MIA.